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The many theories of time are indefinably going to be pondered about for all of time. What we can understand is how one can successfully fly through time and gap the many barriers that hold us on earth. Well TS2 is about to take every physical understanding of time we have, place it in a bottle, and smash it on your head. But you say oh no that sounds oh so terrible! Well you will like it, and you will unleash TS2 over and over again. Oh, why did I fall into the portal of love that Free Radical presented me with? I am such a fool!

Sometimes I just want to take some aliens from all these B- movies, shove them in a gas chamber and fill it with laughing gas. Then I would watch them with a huge grin on my face from the opposite side of the mirror I would install. Or I can alternately pick up Time Splitters 2 then blast em’ up with the insane weapons featured in either single, or multiplayer modes. I can’t promise that you won’t have more fun filling your friends with bullets. Now I don’t know what kind of mind set you have about shooting games or the Time Splitters series, but I came in with a positive attitude, even though Time Splitters (1) wasn’t the hit it could have been TS2 improves in far too many areas to hold it against Eidos for publishing this time.

What do w e find familiar about TS2? I know there is something…oh yeah…it must be…Free Radical. Although Free Radical might not be as far up on their game as the people who made some of the more recent better FPS games such as Unreal Championship, and Halo, they still remain as a company with style and flair. I know you have most likely heard it time and time again but Free Radical are a group of mostly talented individuals that fled from Rare awhile ago, in other words they are drop outs. The best people from rare might not have even abandoned it but that, I will never know…

The game play is fast and feels a lot better than the original title, which…wasn’t too original in the first place. The biggest downside I think might be the fact that you cannot jump. It might also hurt that you do not have an available crosshair without holding down the left trigger button. The right trigger works as both the primary, and secondary weapons, and the Z button works only as the primary. However weird that seems it all works out in the end. I was quite reluctant at first since the C-stick is used for the aiming control. So anyways, if there were any modifications I would make it would be to first add a jump button, and then throw in a few close-range weapons.

The premise of the game is to drift back into time, and make sure that in the future, humanity would be alive and kicking in well health. It is quite unfortunate that this interesting premise only spanned 10 levels. What is fortunate, however, is that the ten levels that are available are very good. They all are either set in the far-far future, or the past, I found few levels to be even close to modern times. It is great that you can go back in the time and all but might you get tired from all of the warping? I think not! In every level (or so it seems) you are always a new character. Although only half the characters have that certain mark of a hero that you would be expecting, it is still an exciting experience throughout the game!

Try as it might TS2 is a testament to what gaming has become to this very age. Free Radical has evolved as a company over the years, and although they are not quite at the greatness that they could have reached, they still have gotten to some kind of achievement that without notice launches them miles ahead of the competition. Although the game is not quite ‘free’ it turns out it is in fact very ‘radical’. It is just so awesome that they got the certain feel of a bond game without the hot licensing the series has been subject to.

The graphics shine like there is no tomorrow. This game is such a titanic achievement on the Cube that it will be spoken of for centuries, time upon time we will return. The only poor thing I found where a few clipping objects lying about the ground. Although they were kind of square looking most of the game has a very curvy look to it. Especially that Jungle Queen…Most of the characters also look very polished and for the time of release possibly the best graphics for gamecube.

Anyways I would like to share my story which no one really wants to hear. So there was goldeneye, which was the ground-breaking shooter that redefined what made N64 games great. It didn’t just do that, it also showed us that we need to experience some games or we will miss out on a whole consoles power! Now when Time Splitters 2 was announced I immediately came to my senses and checked the release date, then I marked it on all of my calendars. Well, unfortunately I came to the conclusion that I would be on a car ride all the way across the country on the release date. Well being the hardcore goldeneye nut I am, I reserved the game online at a destination half-way to my stop and arrived to pick it up. Now that is the spirit of a hardcore gamer, at its finest!

The music is so well done, and produced in such a high fashion that it kept me playing time after time. The many great songs that have been thrown in here are just simply amazing. Did I mention the sound is good? Also the effects from the weapons and stuff are also top-of the line quality. This game is just that good.

The game kept me up many a nights with its sparkling visuals, and superior taste that only Free Radical could seem to package into their games, but the lack of the jumping certainly brought it down in my opinion. There is a great amount of replay here, and the game will last you for about a month. Well, since you cannot resist, you are going to enjoy this game, and without a doubt it will be the coolest FPS to ever grace your next-generation consoles.

The map-maker is amazingly cool. I have made the best of the best maps on there. It was a very cool experience that really reflected off the appearance that TS2 was an amazing game. It was just such an experience to behold. You can place guns, lights, layers, and levels all over the map. It Is just such a cool concept to take in, that you will treasure forever. You can make your map, and then show off to your friends.

Overall, the game is very cool. Like I always say there is no experience like a Time Splitters experience. The map maker is also a very nice addition to the gaming experience. What it loses in atmospheric presence, it breaks it down into the simple logic that games are supposed to entertain. If you honestly think there is nothing better than goldeneye, then well… you are sure right, but this is a great game that you need to pick up right now…

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/22/04

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