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"Boring At First, But Heats Up Quickly"

When I first played this game, I thought it was terribly boring. After playing it with two other friends and building some awesome multiplayer maps, I realized the true potential that this game held. This is my first review so I will try to make it an excessively good one. I decided to review this game simply because it has been out for a while and I have had a good deal of time playing the game in which I could decide the quality of this game. Read on and you will perceive my opinion of this game.

Sound: Well, the sound is nearly perfect. The one mistake: there is no sound to your footsteps and when you kill an enemy, you cannot hear him or her dropping his or her gun.

Graphics: The characters are kind of bulky, but the graphics are fine in displaying the character design.

Single Player Mode:
Easy: Boring
Normal: Fun
Hard: Absolutely Ridiculous

Multiplayer: There are times when I have played this game by myself on multiplayer and enjoyed it. The bots are an excellent addition to any game and I feel that they really help to set this multiplayer experience above the rest. There are just so many cool features included: for example: you can select your weapons, level, modes, bots, difficulties, teams, etc. This does not include the fact that there are an immense amount of characters, levels, cheats, and weapon (not plural for a reason) to bring you hours of entertainment.

Gameplay: The story mode on easy is somewhat boring, normal mode is fun until the Robot Factory (second to last level), and the hard mode just stinks. You will probably give yourself a heart attack just trying to beat the Robot Factory on Hard. Multiplayer is superb....that's that. Map-making can be fun, if you are good at level design and even if you know your gaming logic; it is best for multiplayer maps when you have one to three friends with you.

I was very pleased with the selection of possible weapons and found that they were implemented into the game very intuitively and eloquently. At times however, it is disappointing because most guns are available only in one level (each time period and location have different guns).

Multiplayer more than makes up for this mistake by combining all of these great weapons for availability in any location!

Story: The story rambles and I don't get much out of it. The whole thing is about going after some crystals because these alien guys known as the "Timesplitters" (i think) stole them and are transcending time and space to hide the crystals (what are the crystals for exactly? I don't know!). They also have something against humans and really want to destroy our past, present, and future. Anyways, your goal is to stop them and you will go to places like Prohibition times Chicago, 1980's Siberia, 2100's Planet-X, etc. It was really great because it provided the developers with the chance to create a diverse selection of weapons, characters, and locales. For example, you can either defeat your foes with a crossbow from the past or blast them with the reflecting "Sci-Fi Gun" (hahah great name). (It is really fun to shoot a lot of crossbow bolts into your enemies to see them walk around with them stuck into their backs and stuff)

Mapmaker: This thing is really bad if you have no clue how to use it, and absolutely AWESOME if you are the opposite. You can create YOUR OWN single player missions although the possible variation of objectives you can create are dull and severely limited (sometimes I create single player missions where all your objectives have only to do with defeating specific foes). Multiplayer can be great! I made a game once where it was just a really long sloping hallway of capture the flag. One team is made up of like 10 bots and the other are all human. Your goal is to reach the other side and come back with the flag alive. This can be very difficult if you created the map correctly. If you put the time into it, you might just be able to create a masterpiece. I know I did.

Well, although the story and sound are not perfect, the game itself and its awesome multiplayer and replayability more than make up for its vices.

That is why I give this game a 10/10 or for all of you math freaks, a "1." Are you happy? are? Good. :-)

Honestly, I payed $50 online to order this game and it was worth every penny.
If you go to Price Club, you can get this game with Matrix Reloaded and Defender for $30! So just go out there and buy it! If you don't have your copy, I don't see what you are waiting for!!! Go! Right now!

Shout outs to Tygue and Justin, the guys that I created that awesome multiplayer map "Boogaboog" with.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/17/04

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