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"I was expecting much better"

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 is a disappointment to the NFS legacy. Need fo Speed has always been known to be fun, have great cars, challenging but not ridiculous, and being easy to control. Need For speed: Hot Pursuit is the complete opposite. It is repetitive, frustrating, and disappointing. It is made to look awesome but isn't. Inadequate racing without brakes.
Control: Dismal. In some cars the slightest touch to the joystick will turn the whole car around. In others, you have to hold it down and it will only turn a little. Even going 10 miles an hour, your car is out of control and all over the road.

Frustrating: The races are ridiculously difficult. Everyone is better than you are and the cops are indestructible. A cop car can just barely hit you and send you flying into the wall. Yet when you are going at top speed and you ram one it barely has any affect. All that happens is your car gets smashed and you lose the race. And the cops rarely even go after all of the other racers. Even if you manage to make some money, the cars are ridiculously expensive.

Sound: No good. Very boring. Doesn't tie in with the game at all. Sounds like they just threw it all in there without thinking. They are bearable, but not without sacrifice. I actually played this game with the sound off because it was giving me a headache.

Storyline: As with most racing games, there wasn't a storyline. But not even a great storyline could've saved this game.

Graphics: The cars look good but you can only look at about five because the rest are impossible to get. The environments are bland and they all look more or less the same. The graphics are just nice. That's really it.

Re-playability: Horrible the first time, even worse after that. The game is bad, so after the first time around you don't even think about wanting to play it again.

Buy or rent: Neither, save your money. I bought it and I wish I never had.

Is it Fun?: Only if you like losing every race you enter and ramming into trees. They built it up saying that being chased by cops while trying to win a race in an awesome car would be fun. It is more like being chased by indestructible vehicles while failing to win a race against 11 other perfect drivers in an out of control car with a nice paint job.

Overall: The cars look great but stink in reality, the idea of being in pursuit while racing is exciting, yet the cops are ridiculously hard to get away from due to the bad controls. The other cars in the race all drive perfectly and can get away from anything. This game is a repetitive, impossible, boring and over-rated.

Sound- Meh.
Frustration- I think I'm gonna be sick.
Storyline- None to speak of
Control- Might as well unplug the controller for all the good it will do you.
Fun Factor- Makes me want to cry.
Difficult?- Not so much difficult as ridiculously impossible.
Graphics- Okay but could've used more background detail.
Re-playability- If you don't want to play it the first time, the second time is terrible.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/11/07

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