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Reviewed: 10/06/02 | Updated: 10/06/02

Is it worth buying? Find out here.

Any Need for Speed fan will realize something is missing from this game? SPEED. Running at 30fps isnt all that fast, and with constant frame drops, is it worth the money?

The races range from medium to long. The tracks themselves look very nice but don't really look amazing. And speaking of races, there are so many of them that will make you busy for a while.
With today's technology with graphics, this looks like an old game. The PS2 counterpart looks and plays better. So what happened? Bad porting my opinion. Looks like they wanted to rush the game so it could come out on both platforms. So I believe once the PS2 version was complete, they did a quick port without checking back and fixing the bugs.
One of the main bugs would be the framerate. 60fps on PS2 and only 30fps on GC? Now whats going on here? Although the frame rate is not the best, nonetheless the game still is fun.
The AI well can be a little tricky at times, especially with the cops chasing you because it seems like they always try to take you out hard. But it is also easy to escape them. They give up too easily.
So overall the game is quite good, except for the small issues with the framerate and graphics. Lots of races, nice cars and tracks makes the game even more fun. But better get some friends for this game. You might not want to play alone all the time. My suggestion is to rent first before you buy. And here's why:

-=Presentation=- 7
The menus are done nicely but everything is crammed together and might look a little tricky.
-=Graphics=- 6
The car models are nice, but thats about the only thing. The textures are very basic and the game obviously does not take advantage the the Gamecube's capabilities.
-=Sound=- 9
The engine sounds are pretty basic, but there is one killer soundtrack with the game that makes it more fun.
-=Gameplay=- 6
The steering is very tight and its hard to turn on some sharp corner's and not to mention the frame rate is average with a few drops here and there.

Overall this is a good multiplayer game with lots of races and secrets to open up. But is it worth the buy? Well if your a hardcore NFS fan, then sure whynot. But for everyone else, I think its a rental game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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