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"Greatest Racing Game For The Gamecube"

Let's start off by going back to the first Hot Pursuit, for the PS1. This game was difficult for several reasons.First off, tournaments were to long and it was to hard to even win the tournaments. Next, all the cars were way too expensive. Also, the cop modes were lacking.

When I first got this game, I figured it would be the same as the first one, just with more updated graphics. I couldn't of been more wrong. No, not about the updated graphics, but the gaming experience. First off,lets talk about the controls. Like most racing games the controls are simple to learn and use. A is go, B is reverse, the analog stick is used for turning, the R and L is to change between views, Z is to teleport to the right way, and lastly start is start. It shows all this before every race.After I learned the controls I went to tournament mode and saw over 40 different races. As you get higher in the races the difficulty increases. You get money after each race, so you don't have to worry that you might mess up on a race in a long tournament and then lose. I'd also like to mention the tracks now. On the first Hot Pursuit, the tracks had no side trails ''shortcuts''. However, on Hot Pursuit 2 there is over three trails on each level, though some of them aren't really shortcuts, more like ''long cuts''. As for the amount of tracks on HP2 there's about ten tracks, but after being mirrored and reversed, that leaves a total of 30 different possibilites. Now lets talk about the things that drive on the tracks....... if you guessed cars, then you are RIGHT! The cars are beautiful on this game. I don't know exactly how many polygons are in each one, but it must be ALOT!! There's over 25 cars on this game, with most cars having 3 colors to choose from, with some cars even returning from the first one (yes the McClarrin F1 is back, in fact there's two different forms!!). On the last game, their was almost no point in getting the fastest cars, because they were to hard to control, on this game it's ALOT easier. Don't get me wrong, it's no walk in the park driving a McClarrin F1 at 200mph without crashing, but it is possible with much practice. There is two ways to unlock cars. First, you get them by earning money in tournament and hot pursuit matches. Second, is to unlock them in tournament mode when you race with them. I'd also like to add not to invite your freind over to race right after you get this game because you only start off the game with two cars and one track!!!!
Now's it time to talk about the hot pursuit mode aka cop mode. This is one of the greatest improvements from the first game. On the last game half the time you could just stop in front of them and they'd be pulled over, and the other half the time they'd just back up and drive away. I always found this very frustrating. I'm glad they redo it completly. Now, instead of trying to surround them, they have a little life bar over their car saying how much life they have and each time you ram their car their life bar goes down till it's gone and then they are pulled over. Also, on the last game you couldn't earn money in hot pursuit and in this game not only can you earn money but there is also a whole set of matches you can do , that has about as many races as the main championship races. Also you can even earn bronze, silver, and gold medals in each ''cop match''. As for the multiplayer, not that great in the begining, but after you unlock some more tracks and cars, you'll probably have friends over everyday playing this great racing game.

Final Ratings
Graphics 9/10
Replay 9/10
Multiplayer 10/10
Controls 10/10
Fun 10/10
Overall 10/10

Final Statement
Great graphics, fun with multiplayer, great replay value and just fun to play this is a game any racing fan must have, now that I think about it, even if you dont normally like racing games you will probably have a fun time playing this one!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/13/02, Updated 11/13/02

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