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"A Very Fun Racing Game,"

To tell you the truth I HATE racing games. I have had Need For Speed 2 for playstation a while and I loved it! So when I heard that there was a Need For Speed game for Game Cube I rushed out to rent it. And let me tell you, It has to be the best racing game on gamecube! The controls are awsome and not that confusing. This game will make you think your driving a real car!
First let me tell you a little about the game. In the beginning you have no points, no cars, and no tracks to use in the single race mode. This can easily be fixed by winning races in Hot Pursuit mode or Championship mode. To earn points you must beat the event. This could be as simple as avoiding cops and delivering a car to the finish line in a time limit, or as hard as racing other cars and trying not to be the last to finish the lap. There are three medals you can win; The Gold which gives you a high amount of points, The Silver which gives you a fair amount of points, or the bronze that just gives you a few. Once you get these you can unlock sportscars, tracks, Or my favorite, The Police Cruzars. With the police cars unlocked you are given the option of being a cop. And it is ALOT of fun. You can call for backup, spikes, or a helicopter! Well I will get on to the review now

Music 8/10

I am not using my opinion here, but this music is like some of these new bands that are out. Some of these tunes are real songs that have been remade. Very Cool! And the FX were
cool, I really liked the police radio.

Game-play 10/10

When I first got my grubby little hands on the controller I immediately felt the time that went into this game. The controls are soooo real. For a few times it felt like driving a real car(Like I would know what its like to drive a car).

Replay Value 10/10

Basically this game does not end until you have unlocked all cars, police cars, and tracks. This is a good thing so this game wont end in an hour.

Buy Or Rent??

I made the mistake of renting it. This stunk because I wanted to keep playing and unlocking more stuff. So I would say BUY IT!!! It is worth the 50 bucks.

Well I hope you found this review helpful. Now I am off to race my Opel Speedster, Bye. I've Got The Need For Speed!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/21/02, Updated 11/21/02

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