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"EA's thriller racer ports over to gamecube, is it fast?"


EA's biggest racing series is by far the Need for Speed series the name say's it all. This classic has now been ported to the GameCube causing some very excited racing fans to be excited. The game is a racer with an added touch of being chased by police. It has several modes available being the police is one and racing without them another and multi player. Sad to say it does not allow one player to be the cop the other the racer for some reason.

Graphics :

It is with much dismay that I have to say that the game is full of poor quality graphics. It is well known that poor graphics don't mean a poor game but I will elaborate more on that later. The cars are beautiful but that's the only eye candy you will see. The scenery is ok nothing special what really hurts this game is the frame rate. This game suffers from the worst frame rate as low as 15 never higher than 30 frames per second what happens is you lose all sense of speed and feel as though you are going very slow and causing you to miss short cuts altogether as they are gone by before you see them. Besides the cars themselves this game severely lacks in this department. Another disappointment is the fact the cars do not suffer damage why this is one can only guess since other games with similar cars do show damage.
I would give this a 5/10

Sound :

The sound is done fairly well. The music tracks are very good with a nice variety. The police broadcast over there cb's with you able to hear them a nice touch. The sirens are done well same with the sounds of the cars themselves. The tires squealing to the crashes the sounds give you a sense of realism.

I give this 8/10

Game play :

This game offers several modes of play. Allowing for different races with or without police. You can either go in tournament mode single race multi player. With these different modes it adds quite a bit of variety for a racer. The only complaint is the poor frame rate again not giving any sense of speed. You can become a cop chasing down the speeder you can call for back up, or maybe a road block. Getting tough well maybe you should call in the Helicopter or a spike strip. The option of this really adds to the police mode giving a sense of realism.

I give this a 8/10

Re playability :

The options of different modes of play really make this game excel in the replay value. With the option of multi player to races with or without police presence adds much. This is no a simple just try and beat the other guy racing game. Trying to stay ahead of the cops and staying ahead of the competition can be a challenge. This game offers some un lockable features which you can open buy building up credits from winning races. There is a wide selection of vehicles to choose from.

I give this 8/10

Over All :

This could have been the best racing game to date for the cube if it wasn't so poorly ported. To have a game that suffers from this with the power of the cube is very sad. The game is full of jaggies even though the cube has anti aliasing built in. The people who ported this are guilty of being lazy and not doing a good job. It's a shame that a series known for it's sense of speed and adrenaline really can make you feel as though you are crawling.

Over all 7/10

Overall I would say rent this game first you may really regret making it a buy just on the name alone.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/10/02, Updated 12/10/02

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