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Reviewed: 12/30/02 | Updated: 12/30/02


I rented this game for free on a gift card, and I'm glad I didn't buy it, as I had given it some thought. There is no story as always, but there rarely is with racing games. You drive you car around the track X many laps and try to win and avoid the police at the same time, which can be quite tricky. That is Hot Pursuit mode, and Championship mode is just racing,no cops. There is Single Race in which you pick what track and what car you use, and Quick Race is a totally random thing, which is stupid.

Graphics: 5/10
Now I don't really follow the development of games or anything, I'm not that crazy, but I've heard that this game was ported in a rush. That obviously shows. The only thing that saved this from a 2 are the cars. All of them look stunning,smooth, and highly detailed. All of them even have a quick description and stats. Now to the bad part. Everything else looks like off the N64. When you get pulled over, your driver and the cops are colored box figures. You know, Chest is a rectangle, legs are boxes, that stuff. Not good. GC is way too advanced for that. Tracks and enviroments are bland and unimaginative. I have NFS:HP on my computer, and even thought the graphics aren't that good on the computer, they were imaginative and full of little twists. Framerate drops a lot and usually hovers around 20-30 fps, which is much lower than most games 45-60.

Sound: 8/10
The background music features some rock tunes from some of today's lesser-known artists, but most of them are catchy and fit the game well. When one ends, a different one starts. No loop playing. Engine sounds are well done and fit the car. Hovever I found the police sirens to be painfully loud. I had to turn my TV way down past the normal level to get around them. Maybe there is a way to adjust them, I don't know. Above Average

Gameplay: 4/10
Here is where the game suffers. There are a lot of flaws with the physics and reality of the game. Cars are totally immune to damage. The main thing that frustrated me is that you car is like a Hot Wheels. It flies around the road out of control most of the time, even at low speeds. It loses control even with a slight push from the cops and goes flying in circles way past reality. Also another thing. The cops can push you car around the road like a toy boat, but I was going like 120 mph and slammed into a parked police car. The cop car barely moved, while my car went flying to China. WTF? You can sort of ''lose'' cops, but their cars are virtually invincible. One was next to me and it slammed head-on into a barricade. Within 10 seconds it was right on my tail again. The steering is very loose, and I often found myself crashing because the car wouldnt turn fast enough, even with letting off the gas. Major point loss.
Huge car crashes are put into a movie in slow-mo, but they are pretty rare. Any car going more than 100mph in next to impossible to control.
Please rent this before even thinking about buying it. If you can, get a copy of the original NFS:HP on the computer, it is much better and more fun.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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