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Reviewed: 01/03/03 | Updated: 01/03/03

A strong racing title that pulls a lot of weight around...

Chances are that if you're reading this, you're most likely an NFS fan from a previous game. Specifically acknowledged is Hot Pursuit 1 for the Playstation game console. Highly vowed to do more than any Need For Speed game has ever done, it's popularity seemed to drop much faster than when it rose at first. If you think that this game is a giant leap from the first, consider the following.

Honestly, I must say that this game does pack many more goodies than any other racing game I've played to date. The prices describe the locked cars well as the points you earn from events and races are well worth the effort for some of the presents. The tracks are not a step up from any other in a game I've seen. Shortcuts and ''hazards'' are just bits of variety upgrade of the others in the series. As far as the Hot Pursuit extra special playing included, it's barely modified from the first one. There's inventory to use as a cop, but it seems the difficulty of escaping is at least more difficult than before.

The skill in this fast paced entertainer is not meant for the timid. You have to have very good coordination and above average racing experience. It really doesn't matter if you're an NFS veteran, you will be eaten alive by cops and other cars if you don't practice or put your guts into the game. As far as fairness goes in your able controls, you can't even reach toward cleaning cops of your tail without taking a minor scratch or dent. The drift of turning and swaying out of the way greatly exaggerates fun of realism. Characteristics of actual conditions that you are in serious danger when you do things that you do in this game doesn't justify the physics in the game to favor a crash against you just because you're in motion. The cops have much better odds in catching you in reason of their backup tactics and incredible resilience. Insurance has a policy here, you'll die for actual revenge against the individual cop that pulls you over if you're going for a serious prize. Whatever happened to going 300 with excellent handling with the supercars? McLaren(s) aren't supposed to spin out even when braking! I also found that bad luck has real effects for superstitious people, being arrogant and cocky is like begging to bash yourself against a wall or slip on the track and get busted.

Graphics and Sound
Disappointment is expected in detail and closeness, and may get you down for a long time. The graphics of the ''busted'' scenes are very cheesy and low productive looking. The book is judged by the cover when selecting cars, your eyes deceive you with the extra shine they put on it at first. During driving, you'll notice how less classy your car looks and wish you picked another car to experiment. About the tracks, they're not much different laid out in background, just better enhanced and placed.

If it all added up to the talk, it would have walked the walk. Instead, this game has put a huge smudge on Need For Speed without the publicity. For new players to the racing saga, this isn't for everyone to easily complete. This one takes not only time, but a load of patience.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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