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"Bezt racer on Gamecube-Hugely underated"

Introduction - Its got great graphics,gameplay,sound aswell as a huge roster of cars and tracks to unlock if your Gamecube needs a racing game get this! From the star menu you can choose from Hot Pursuit which is different challenges where you have to either do a race in a certain time or get as many people busted as possible, Tournament where you face other racers in 3 or more races and see who has the most points at the end, Single race where you can have a straightforward race with or without cops,you can chase down speeders and be the cop or have a lap knockout where if you finish the lap last your out of the race or free run where you are free to do anything without competition there is also the quick race mode where you get a random car and have a race.

Graphics - Every car looks exactly like the real model, car graphics dont get much better than this.The courses have fantastic backrounds that really make the game come into reality and marks that cars leave after skidding are also pulled of nicely. Like most games though of course it has downsides some parts of cars and tracks are blurred and there is the occasional tree in the backround that is flat but these bad points are far outweighed by the good.

Gameplay - Sometimes the handling can be frustrating especially at first but once you have played this game for a while and got to grips with it doesnt seem that bad after all, the handling of the cars is far too sensitive one tiny nudge of the control stick to one side and you get thrown into the barrier, but hey I had this problem at first and to overcome it I just played the game for hours and it doesnt get in the way at all however if you fussy about this sort of thing it could be enough to put you off.

Life - There are so many cars to unlock in this game it will keep you occupied for ages, cars are unlocked by either winning a certain contest or unlocking them with points. There are also tracks that you can unlock and there are also loads of these to be found you can unlock these three forwards,backwards or mirrored and with a large variety of tracks it will take you a while to get all these.

Sound - Some of the songs on this game are great and maybe without them the game wouldnt seem so good.The cars engines also sound hugely realistic and you can hear distant cars coming closer to you.The cops voices are a great part of this game and it will put a smile on your face when you are cruising ahead of the pack and the cops start to get annoyed and shout at you

Overall - It will take you forever and never in that time will be bored with this. A huge variety of cars and courses and different game options mean that if you ever get bored with one way of earning points you can easily try another its two player mode is good, the hot pursuit and tournament modes are a challenge and all in all this is one hell of a racing game, buy it!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/16/03, Updated 03/16/03

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