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""Do You Really Need ...Need For Speed?" Find Out Inside"

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2- This was a bomb for racing games everywhere. Its presentation was very cool, showing you getting away from police forces during missions. It was originally made to just be a game where you as the player act as a hit and run driver taken on a high speed chase, having to avoid cops and all. But seriously, it was just too boring…

Gameplay (5/10): Not too Fun. Well at least half of the game is not fun. Being on a high speed chase is too easy, you get so far ahead even when you are hardly trying that there is no challenge but turning and trying not to hit anything. Not to mention that the selection of cars might be good, but that fact is irrelevant because they all drive way too slow, but still faster than the cop cars. The good part of the game is when you are the cop, because the opposing cars and you go much faster, and you must stay on cars tails over and over instead of just being one of the runners. As a cop you also get a great car selection, and are able to use more path and radio strategy to catch the speeder.

Graphics (8/10) Fairly decent graphics, but the cards only look realistic on the road, not in the menu. The portrayal of the cars was quite poor. The color was also poor, with few choices to paint your car.

StoryLine (9/10) As A Speeded- You are a street driver who must at one point be forced to heavily speed. You must then escape mass hords of slow moving cops to get to your destination in a given amount of time with a certain item for a given amount of money. As a Cop- You must chase several high speed chasers for a given amount of time until them pull over, so you can get higher ranks, earn more money, and buy better cop cars for better enforcing the law by your name.

Controls/Sound (10/10): Excellent Controls. It’s a gamecube. The sound impressed me the most of anything in this game. The cop voices and radios sounded very realistic, along with the sirens and engines of the running cars, the turning of the cars, and their screech as they come to a sudden stop to turn back on a shortcut…

Overall (7/10) Do You really even need to rent this game? No, do not bother.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/26/03, Updated 05/26/03

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