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"Best Racing Game Yet"

Gameplay: Very fun! There are two modes; Hot Pursuit which has you racing to beat a certain time or to beat other racers, but the trick is that there are cops out to get you! In Championship, its the same idea as in Hot Pursuit, but there aren't any cops to slow down your opponents, so it can be just as hard or harder. If your a good driver you shouldn't have a problem. There are different kinds if races in Hot Pursuit and Championship. There is Single race, Tournament, Lap Knockout (race and don't finish in last on a lap and don't get busted by the cops) Point-to-point (get to the finish before time runs out, single lap) Time Trial (three laps to beat the clock) and Be the Cop (you chase the speeders). There might be more, I'm sorry for any I missed. When getting chased by a cop, he can do lots of things, like call for a roadblock, call for a spike strip, call for a helicopter, or call for backup. The better you do in the race the more points you get. You can use points to buy cars (including cop cars) and tracks (includes normal track and backward, forward mirrored, and backward mirrored variations(have to buy each variation separately)) 10/10

Graphics: HOT GRAPHICS! I've heard a lot of bad stuff about the graphics in this game but I think they are great! The cars are amazing, but the tracks could use a tiny bit of work, and the cops when you get busted are a bit boxy, but overall pretty good! 8/10

Sound: Awesome! Great songs by great artists like Uncle Cracker, Hot Action Cop, Bush, The Buzzhorn, Course of Nature, Pulse Ultra and Rush. If you listen closely you can hear the police radios during the race and you can find out what they are doing, like laying a spike strip etc. Sound effects are great too 10/10

Replay:(0-don't play after beating 10-play it again and again and again...) It really depends on what you want to do. If you like this game play it again! If you don't like it, don't play it again. Me, I'll probably play it again! 9/10

Don't buy/buy: (0-don't buy 5-rent 10-buy)
The game gets a lot harder in Championship and Hot Pursuit mode once you get closer to the end, and there isn't as much to do at the end so it kind of gets boring, but some people don't think that (like my little cousin) 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/24/03

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