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"This game falls to the same thing Mario Kart: Double Dash!! does."

Story: N/A It's a racing game. What do you expect?

Controls: 8/10 Solid. Not perfect. But very solid. Of coarse, you're control stick is to move, A is to go, yada, yada, yada. Same thing as every racing game. When you move left, it takes a second for the car to move with it, which is very realistic. Don't worry, after a little while you get used to that. I also like how you can change the controls around (example: making the R trigger gas instead of the A button); a very nice touch.

Graphics: 10/10 Awesome....what scenery isn't blurry from you going so fast is just beautiful. From rocky mountains to grassy plains, to dirt getting thrown on your windshield, the graphics are very cunning and superbly done.

Audio: 8/10 You'll be humming the tunes from this game for awhile, but sometimes they get stuck in your head. 50% of this game's music is good....and the other half...isn't so lucky. As for the sound, pretty good. You'll know when a cop comes screaming at you from out of nowhere. And for the cop voice-overs (yes, all four of them), they are good as well. Just, since there is only about four in this game, they can get annoying when you're doing 4-8 laps.

Gameplay: 7/10 Here is the reason why this game falls to the same thing that MK:DD!! does. A lack of alot of levels. With only about 11 tracks in the game, it starts to get repetitive after awhile, especially if you play it alot. However, I'm going to look right over that and just look at the gameplay itself. You race. You keep racing. That gets boring, right? Of coarse it does, so kick the cops on and get ready for a whole new experience. Before you know it, you'll be avoiding bombs dropped by copters, outrun the police, and flying over that spike-strip with extreme talent. And you also must unlock cars. You do this by racing alot. And this adds alot of replayability to the game. But you know two things that could have made this game perfect? 1. More than two human players being able to race at once. Racing games these days can't have any less than four players. 2. Actually being able to get points in 2 player mode. Because you can't. If you want any hope of unlocking that big car you've been wanting, you have to do it alone. I understand why you can't do that, but still..... oh well. 2 Player, once you unlocked every car/track is exceptionally fun, but I still don't like the lack in alot of levels. I think they could have stashed about 20-30 in this game.

Replayability 7/10 I think it slowly sinks over time. After you unlock every car/track, then there is really no need to come back to this game. Sure, it's fun with a friend, but you can have that same fun in some other game, tenfold. However, since there are alot of cars/tracks in this game, and some are pretty expensive (one of the cars costs 60,000), you will be at this for awhile. And it's also fun to run away from the cops, or even be one if you feel like taking on the good side (whoever would want to do that).

Final Verdict: Buy It must be easy to find this game at about $20, and this is an exception of the rule, "You get what you pay for." Overall, a good game that could have been better.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/30/05

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