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"If you were to get one racing game... make this your choice!"

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.... ah, good game. It's actually fun. You don't get that now a days, it's all about graphics and "innovation." C'mon! The main reason why we all got addicted to video games and lost major valuable time was because it was fun. Well yeah, if you were to get one racing game, choose this game. And here's why...

Side note: This review is intended for the Gamecube version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. Oh, and the abbreviated form: NFS: HP2.


It's a racing game, so there is no story. But the overall concept is to evade the cops. Some levels in "Championship Mode" give you a short story like: "You must deliver this car to some random entity, and make sure the cops don't catch you." You know, that kind of stuff. No biggie.


This is what makes the name a game. NFS: HP2 has two main modes, Hot Pursuit and Championship. In Hot Pursuit, you race against cars and try to outrun the police. Most of the levels are repetitive, giving that each lap is like 3-5 minutes but the cops chase you about 2-3 times a lap, so those cops are hot on your trail. In Championship, you race against cars but without the police. You must also collect medals for money and buy extra cars and tracks for Single Challenge. There's about 30 different scenarios for both modes and trust me, that's a lot. Now that I think about it, maybe that's a little too much. Seriously, about sixty 8-20 minute races? Craaazy.

The other not-so-big mode is Single Challenge. Here is where you get to practice tracks by yourself or play with another player in multiplayer racing or multiplayer "Be the cop." Being the cop is awesome. You're supposed to see a speeding car and start up your siren for some intense speed action. If you're having difficulty catching the law-breaker you can call for backup via another cop car, helicopter, road block or spike strip. I believe you get 3 of each. When you are playing "Be the Cop" with another person, you chase different cars. Kind of sad, I wanted to have some teamwork and try to bust the same car... oh well.


The controls are good. Standard, if I might add. A = Accelerate, B = Brakes, Control stick = Move and so on. They aren't at all difficult to learn. The only problem is when you crash into another car, you make like 3-5 spins and then, and only THEN can you take control. Unless you reset your car by pressing Z of course.


There are 9 songs on this disk. Some are rock, some are rapish and some are techno. Either you like it or you hate it. The sounds on the other hand are good. The siren is kinda on the loud side though. Overall, sounds are good.


Well as I said in my intro, companies just make games with beautiful graphics and no content. NFS: HP2 on the other hand has content an okay graphics. Some of the trees look polygon, though. And make sure the cops don't bust you, if they do then you'll have to witness some old school graphics. Your driver is a block, lego-looking fellow who belongs on the N64. But the main thing about NFS: HP2 are the cars. All shiny and slick... yumm... and the tracks are clean and fresh too. Graphics are good in my book.


Probably the best part in NFS: HP2 is the multiplayer. You can race against your friend 1 on 1, or you can race against your friend in amongst other racers. You can also be the cop like I said earlier. Those three modes will keep you very, very occupied.


The good news about the replayability is that there is a lot of it. The bad part is that if you're too good (like me) than you'll beat this game fast and there won't be much left. Try to keep yourself busy by tyring to get all gold medals in Hot Pursuit and Championship. Also try to learn the shortcuts so that you can smoke your friends in multiplayer. All in all, lots of replayability.

Rent or Buy: Buy

Be a friend and buy this game. It's really worth it. It's one of the best racing games there is... but low and behold, yet another Need for Speed game is being created. Maybe it's because people get addicted to this game like I did. What I mean is, I bought this game for $19.99 due to it's Player's Choice tag and you should too.


Great game, fun to play and easy to learn. What more can you expect? This game is uber awesome and I'm not even a racing type of guy. Well let me sum it up for ya:

* Fun
* Addicting
* High replay value
* Easy to learn controls

* Poor character graphics
* Music may be painful
* Repetitive levels
* This game is so good that I can't think of a fourth con

Final Score: 9 (Average score because I only review good games)

Final Word: Fun

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/22/05

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