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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BD and EP

    Version: Final | Updated: 09/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Super Monkey Ball 2 FAQ
    Final Version
    By BD and EP
    I    Introduction/Tabel of Contents
    Welcome to our Super Monkey Ball 2 FAQ. Here you can find strategies for every
    level, information on party games and more. 
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction/Table of Contents
    II. Version History
    III. Story Mode
       a) Jungle Island
       b) Volcanic Magma
       c) Under the Ocean
       d) Inside a Whale
       e) Amusement Park
       f) Boling Pot
       g) Bubbly Washing Machine
       h) Clock Tower Factory
       i) Space Colony
       j) Dr. Bad-Boon's Base
    IV. Challenge Mode
       a) Beginner
       b) Advanced
       c) Expert
    V. Master Modes
       a) Master
       b) Master Extra
    VI. Classic Party Games
       a) Monkey Race 2
       b) Monkey Fight 2
       c) Monkey Target 2
       d) Monkey Billiards 2
       e) Monkey Bowling 2
       f) Monkey Golf 2
    VII. Unlockable Party Games
       a) Monkey Dogfight
       b) Monkey Shot
       c) Monkey Tennis
       d) Monkey Boat
       e) Monkey Soccer
       f) Monkey Baseball
    VIII. General Tips
    IX. Contact/Copyright Information
    II   Version History
    Final Version 9/20/02
    Our FAQ is now complete. We have added new strategies for some levels and 
    our own difficulty ratings However, we are still accepting alternate strategies 
    and e-mails. 
    Version 1.6 9/19/02
    We have added Master Mode Extra Floor strategies.
    However, we are still accepting alternate strategies and e-mails. 
    Version 1.5 9/18/02
    We're finally back from our two-week vacation. Sorry for the delay
    Master mode strategies are now here. Several new alternate strategies
    Version 1.4 9/3/02 
    Added strategy for Expert Extra Floors. New tips.
    Version 1.3 9/2/02 
    More touch-ups on strategies, etc. Information on Challenge Mode bonus floors.
    Version 1.2 9/1/02
    Miscellaneous touch-ups. Revised strategies for 5-3, 5-4, 5-8, 7-6, 7-8
    Version 1.1 8/30/02 
    Added Advanced Mode Extra Floor strategy. New e-mail adress.
    Version 1.0 8/29/02
    Story Mode Complete. Brand new strategies on 8-4 "Entagled Path" and 8-6 
    "Vortex". Strategy for Beginner Extra Floor 10 "Birth"
    Version 0.8 8/28/02
    Strategy through first 8 worlds and information on all Party Games
    III    Story Mode
    NOTE: The first difficulty is the game's difficulty for a level, and the
    second (the one after the slash) is our difficulty.
    a) Jungle Island
    Level 1-1             - Simple -     Difficulty: * / *
    Roll straight forward and down the jump to the goal. Unless you want to collect 
    bananas, you can just hold Up on the Control Stick.
    Level 1-2             - Hollow -     Difficulty: ** / *
    Roll straight ahead (but not too fast), then turn left into the half-pipe. 
    Follow the path curving to the right, and at the end turn right and go straight
    into the goal.
    Level 1-3             - Bumpy -      Difficulty: * / *
    Roll straight forward, jumping over the bumps. Just watch your speed and go 
    towards the goal.
    Level 1-4            - Switches -    Difficulty: ** / *
    Roll over the switch in front of you to make a bridge appear ahead of you. Roll
    forward and drop down. Go around the second switch and head to the goal.
    *Bonus* To find the bonus goal, hit the second switch to make the ramp in front 
    of you turn 90 degrees. The warp is on the other side of the ramp (which is now 
    facing you). Go forward and try to fall through the goal, which is sideways.
    Level 1-5           - Conveyers -    Difficulty: ****** / *
    Just hold forward the entire time and the conveyors won't matter.
    Level 1-6           - Floaters -     Difficulty: *** / *
    Go straight through the level, moving slightly to the right or left to avoid 
    the holes and the floaters, and go through the goal.
    Level 1-7           - Slopes -       Difficulty: ** / *
    Avoid the obstacles at the start while making your way to the left. Go up the
    slope, and continue up the next two slopes to the goal.
    Level 1-8           - Sliders -      Difficulty: ******** / *
    Fall into the half-pipe. Make sure you don't go too fast around the curves, and
    make your way to the straightaway and the goal.
    Level 1-9           - Spinning Top - Difficulty: ****** / **
    Head forward and go up one of the dark green curving slopes to the spinning top.
    Roll under the top and into the goal.
    Level 1-10          - Curve Bridge - Difficulty: ** / **
    You have plenty of time, so go around all 5 curves slowly, making sure that you
    don't fall off. When you reach the straight section, wait for the goal's
    platform to align with your platform, then head to the goal. You can still go
    if the goal's platform is below your platform's level.
    b) Volcanic Magma
    Level 2-1           - Banks -        Difficulty: ** / *
    Head around the curves to the goal.
    Level 2-2           - Eaten Floor -  Difficulty: ***** / *
    Just roll around the holes, or go along the left edge to the goal.
    Level 2-3           - Hoppers -      Difficulty: *** / *
    Turn around and hit the play switch that starts out behind you. Now turn back
    around and go forward. Wait for the hopper to drop, then roll past it as
    quickly as you can. Do the same with the second, and go through the goal.
    Alternatively, you can hold forward the whole time.
    Level 2-4           - Coaster -      Difficulty: ****** / **
    Head into the tunnel. You can hold up the whole time, but take it very slowly 
    becasue at the end you have to land on a platform, and then head down a narrow 
    path, so it will be hard if you are going to fast or bouncing around. 
    Level 2-5           - Bumpy Check -  Difficulty: ******* / *
    Go along the left edge and over the bumps to the goal.
    Level 2-6           - Swell -        Difficulty: *** / **
    Go straight ahead. When you reach the 'swell' hill go up to the top of it, so 
    you won't fall off the otehr side by falling down the hill. Repeat and head to 
    the goal.
    Level 2-7          - Gravity Slider - Difficulty: ******* / *
    Roll straight forward the whole way. On the last path, roll as fast as you can
    and stay in the middle to get a bunch of bananas and beat the level.
    Level 2-8          - Inchworms -      Difficulty: ****** / **
    Turn around and hit the play switch.
    Go to the first path branching off the main one. Note how it folds up and then
    flattens. Go slowly, to the path ahead as it flattens and when you reach the
    end you'll have to go when the goal is sideways (paralell to the lava floor
    below) and fall into it. You'll have to lose speed to make sure you just 
    barely go over the edge so you can get through the ribbon. 
    Level 2-9          - Totalitarianism - Difficulty: ******** / **
    Turn around at the beginning and hit the play switch. Now go around the falling 
    circles to the left at the beginning, then head back towards the middle, being 
    observant of the shadows and where you saw it land before. Also, bananas 
    indicate safe zones where you won't get hit. Rush to a banana, then wait, and 
    repeat. You should be able to make it to the goal. 
    Level 2-10         - Alternative -    Difficulty: ****** / ***
    Go forward from the beginning, avoid the fast forward switch,
    then slow down and turn onto the moving platform on your right. Now stay on the
    platform, and move to each of the other platforms as they come to you. Once you
    get to the last moving platform, go onto the stationary platform and through 
    the goal.
    c) Under the Ocean
    Level 3-1          - Organic Form -    Difficulty: *** / **
    Turn around and hit the play switch behind you. Then go down the path, staying
    in the center of the moving part as much as possible, and break through the
    Level 3-2          - Reversible Gear - Difficulty: ******** / ******
    Head along the platform at the beginning and drop onto the big platform. While
    staying away from the spinning gear, head to the left and forward a little
    bit, then slow down and stop. When there are about 50 seconds left on the
    clock, the opening into the middle of the gear should be right in front of you.
    Head into it as quickly as you can, then break through the goal in the middle.
    Level 3-3          - Stepping Stones - Difficulty: ****** / ***
    Go to the left side and roll off forwards. Very slowly go off the edge, 
    continue to the end of the next platform around the holes, slow down again and
    fall off again. Repeat several times. Once you reach the end, you can roll over
    the small holes into the goal.
    Level 3-4          - Dribbles -        Difficulty: ****** / ****
    At the beginning, turn around and hit the switch behind you to make the
    bouncing dribbles go super slowly. Then work your way along the path, waiting
    for the dribbles to fall before passing. It shouldn't be too difficult to make
    your way to the end of the level.
    Level 3-5         - U.R.L -            Difficulty: **** / ***
    Go forward at the beginning. When the moving thing starts coming towards you, 
    go into one of the holes on the right side. As soon as it moves away, go back
    onto the middle part and keep going like this until you reach the goal.
    Level 3-6         - Mad Rings -        Difficulty: *** / **
    Just fall down the platforms, being mindful of the rings and your bounces. You
    can hold Up on the Control Stick the whole time, but you'll have to slow down
    at the end.
    Level 3-7         - Curvy Options -    Difficulty: *** / *
    Choose a pathway. The skinnier it is, the more bananas you'll get, but the
    harder it is. Go along the path and through the goal.
    Level 3-8         - Twister -          Difficulty: ******** / *******
    Go forward through the moving structure. When it is lined up, you can go. When
    you start falling, stop on a piece of the structure. Wait for it to line up
    again, then go. 
    Level 3-9         - Downhill -         Difficulty: *** / **
    Head down the stairs, but don't have too much speed. Work your way around the
    circles, then down the ramp at the end of each one. Once you get to the last
    ramp, roll straight down to the goal.
    Level 3-10        - Junction -         Difficulty: *** / *
    You can either go forward or turn around and go the other way. Go along the
    path, around the holes and through the goal.
    d) Inside a Whale
    Level 4-1         - Pro Skaters -      Difficulty: ** / **
    Hit the switch on the right at the beginning (pause button). The first goal
    will stop moving. Drop down and head through it.
    Level 4-2         - Giant Comb -       Difficulty: ******** / **
    Proceed ahead.  The purple stripes on the ground indicate where the comb will 
    go when it swings by.  You can go one by one, and still make it with plenty of 
    time. Just make sure not to stay on a stripe when the comb is swinging by.
    Level 4-3         - Beehive -          Difficulty: ***** / *
    Roll down either side at the beginning to reach the hives. Proceed through them
    and then go across the narrow bridge, then through more hives and across
    another narrow bridge to the goal.
    Level 4-4         - Dynamic Maze -     Difficulty: * / *
    Go forward and enter the maze. Go along the left side, then back to the center
    and forward to the goal.
    Level 4-5        - Triangle Holes -    Difficulty: ****** / *
    Just roll straight forward as fast as you can at the beginning. You'll land on
    a large platform. Keep holding Up on the control stick without pushing it to
    the right or left. You should bounce of a bunch of paths and onto a wider one
    all the way through the level to the goal.
    Level 4-6        - Launchers -         Difficulty: ********* / 7
    Roll forward at the beginning and fall down to the other platform. Head towards
    one of the launching platforms. Go up to the part of the skid marks that are 
    closest to the giant column, and let the launcher hit  you. Use your judgement 
    and the map (zoomed all the way) to land on top of the column. Now, look at 
    the map to see where the rotating platform that the goal is on is located. 
    You'll have to fall off of the column through the goal's ribbon, which is 
    parallel to the platform.
    Level 4-7       - Randomizer -         Difficulty: ****** / 1
    Take your time. Don't go too fast and try to control your bounces on the jumps.
    Head forward to the goal.
    Level 4-8       - Coin Slots -         Difficulty: ******** / 5
    Wait for the timer to go down to 57 seconds. AS SOON AS it changes to 56
    seconds, hold Up on the Control Stick. If your timing was right, you should go
    through the nearest goal just as it is falling into the hole.
    Level 4-9       - Seesaw Bridges -     Difficulty: ******** / 6
    Head forward and turn right around the corner to the bridge. The bridge will
    tilt to whichever side you're on, so weave back and forth from one side to
    the other. At the end of the bridge, slow down a little and let the bridge tilt 
    to your side, then go to the other side (which is raised) and onto the next
    platform. Head onto the next bridge. On this bridge, try to alternate sides as 
    best as you can just like on the first bridge. This bridge doesn't tilt as much, 
    so you should be able to make it all the way across to the third bridge. 
    The last bridge is like the first, only harder because it tilts more and there 
    are wider obstacles to go around in the center. Try to weave back and forth like 
    you did before, but you'll have to go pretty close to the edges of the platform,
    so you'll have to watch for bouncing off the obstacles as well as falling off the 
    edge. Make sure thatyou start on the LEFT side of this bridge, because otherwise 
    it will be hard to make it. Once you make it all the way across, head through 
    the goal.
    Level 4-10      - Arthropod -          Difficulty: ********** / 9
    At the beginning hold foward until you bounce off the leg. You'll go high into
    the air and beneath you, you will see the goal. Press back and left. Try and make
    adjustments. Obviously, this might take several tries. 
    Alternate (thanks to CStephens for this strategy)
    When time starts, do not move. Stay where you are until the clock strikes 40 
    seconds, then wait another half second. it should not hit 39 (halfway between 40
    and 39.)(this gives the goal enough time to make it to the proper position)..
    When the time is right go forward at full speed. As you approach the end of the
    ramp you will have to go a little to the left (aiming at the goal) it will look
    like you are going to hit the feet but they will move in time.as soon as you
    leave the ramp and hit the the first wheel let off so you don't go flying off 
    the board. You should go straight across all the wheels without bouncing off. 
    All you have to do is make minor adjustments and you should sail right through 
    the goal. this method can be difficult at first but with a little practice you 
    will make it through on the first try every time.
    e) Amusement Park
    Level 5-1       - Wormhole -           Difficulty: *** / 2
    Roll straight forward into the warp. You'll be on the top level. Continue around
    the corner and over the narrow bridge to the goal.
    Level 5-2       - Freefall -           Difficulty: ******* / 2
    Head straight forward on the thin platform. When you are over the large platorm
    (look at the map) fall off to your left. Control your bounce, then cross the
    narrow bridge. Go around the the other side of the circle and drop into the goal.
    Level 5-3       - Melting Pot -        Difficulty: **** / 4
    Go straight forward as quickly as you can at the beginning. If you can aim
    right, you can bounce off that first ball and go right into the goal. Otherwise, 
    just try to stay oriented and get into it. If you don't make it immediately, 
    its mostly just luck.
    Level 5-4       - Mad Shuffle -        Difficulty: ******** / 3
    Head around the warp and hit the other switch, then go back around the warp 
    and head through. Since you hit the second switch the moving platfroms will go 
    much slower. Now go back around the warp and go through it. Watch the pattern
    three over, then switches, three over, then switches. Wait until right
    before it switches, then get on the side that is now changing to going
    over the other side. Hold, foward, and as they move, don't worry just drop, and
    go quickly across to the goal.
    Level 5-5       - Bead Screen -        Difficulty: *** / 2
    Roll ahead, and use the pause button to stop the screen when its aligned. This
    will create a pathway to the end, which you can use to get to the goal.
    Level 5-6       - Jump Machine -       Difficulty: ***** / 3
    Go around to the back of the circle, then, staying to the right of the center
    pole, go straight, towards the front of it (you just have to be facing the right
    (way). The Jump Machine will launch you up to the goal, which should be in front 
    of you. Try to land on the edge if you can because in the center is another jump
    Level 5-7       - Zigzag Slope -       Difficulty: ** / 1
    Head of to either side, then head back to the center. Be mindful of the slopes,
    and go to the goal. If you've gotten this far, you shouldn't have any
    Level 5-8       - Tower -              Difficulty: ****** / 4
    Go under the tower to the warp. Hold down as you come out. Then fall off the 
    edge, landing on the blue part, the lower level. Try to get into the center and
    roll off to where the goal is hanging. You don't have to break the ribbon yet,
    just land on the goal structure.
    Level 5-9       - Toggle -            Difficulty: ********** / 6
    Go down the right side of the bridge, right as the blocks spin. Time when you 
    leave so that you hit the bridge just after they spin. Keep going and you 
    should be able to bounce over the parts that spin when they come and be able to 
    roll on the bridge and to the goal. This may take a couple of tries.
    Level 5-10      - Fluctuation -        Difficulty: **** / 1
    Roll around the holes and proceed to the goal. At the goal, wait for one of the
    boxes to go down, then go over it into the goal.
    f) Boiling Pot
    Level 6-1      - Combination -         Difficulty: ******** / 7
    Go through the first warp, then turn around and go to the other side of it.
    Fall onto the next platform and hit the play switch. Fall again, grab the
    bananas, then head back through the warp. Go straight and hop onto a moving
    platform. Go as far as you can while they are bunched together, then fall to
    the bottom level. Zigzag back and forth to get to the goal. Make sure you do
    this quickly so that the goal won't move away.
    Level 6-2      - Punched Seesaws -     Difficulty: ******** / 2
    Like 4-8. Weave in and out, around the holes, over the narrow peg to the goal.
    Don't worry about the peg. As long as you have speed you'll make the gap, peg 
    or not, so don't slow down.
    Go through another set for an easy bonus.
    Level 6-3     - Opera -                  Difficulty: ***** / 3
    Go down the many sets of stairs, watching your speed.
    Level 6-4     - Brandished -             Difficulty: ***** / 2
    Inch foward, and hope to get in. It's not too hard, just adjust it every time.
    Level 6-5    - Tiers -                  Difficulty: ***** / 3
    Go through the warp. Fall to your left as many times as you like. The more times
    you fall, the wider your path to the goal will be. The less times you fall there 
    will be more bananas and you can get the bonus goals. Go along your path to
    either goal.
    Go on the path from the first platform for the red goal.
    Go on the path from the second or third platforms for the green goal.
    Level 6-6    - Cliffs -                Difficulty: ********* / 4
    Fall down the first slope (on your left) and go up the ramp. Don't have too much
    speed. Repeat this several times and go up the narrow ramp at the end to the 
    Level 6-7    - Narrow Peaks -         Difficulty: ********* / 4
    You can go left for wider paths and no bananas or to the right for thin paths 
    and many bananas. Either way, you'll need enough speed to get up the hills. At
    the end you'll go up a steep hill to the goal.
    Level 6-8    - Detour -               Difficulty: ***** / 1
    Roll ahead, turn right down the hill, then to the warp. Roll down the hill into 
    the goal. 
    While you are warping from the bottom to the top, let go of the control stick.
    When you reappear press left to get up the center of the ramp, but not up, 
    because you don't want too much speed. Just as you are about to hit the ramp 
    give the control stick a jolt up. You should sail through the goal, collecting
    several bunches of bananas, but you might need to adjust to the left or right.
    Level 6-9     - Switch Inferno -       Difficulty: ********* / 2
    Hit the switch in the column just to the left of the center column that is the
    fifth in the column. Roll quickly to the goal, avoiding the switches other than
    the one in front of the goal.
    Level 6-10    - Folders -              Difficulty: ** / 1
    Once you reach the folders, go onto one of the logs on the left or right of the
    folders and go around the folders. Be careful, because the goal folds too.
    g) Bubbly Washing Machine
    Level 7-1      - Spiral Bridge -       Difficulty: **** / 4
    Roll onto the bridge. As you proceed up hold the control stick slightly left
    except for while turning to make up for the level's turn right. Once up the 
    spiral get on the green bridge and wait for the goal. 
    Level 7-2      - Wavy Option -         Difficulty: ***** / 1
    You can choose any path, the more bananas, the narrower. Just head across to 
    the goal. Make sure you have enough speed to make it from the beginning 
    platform to the paths. 
    Level 7-3      - Obstacle -            Difficulty: ******* / 3
    Ride up the platform on the left side at the beginning. From the center of it,
    fall off. As you fall, push Down on the Control Stick so that you hit the
    ramp under you. As soon as you hit the ramp, hold Up. You should roll under
    the obstacle, up the other ramp and into the goal.
    An alternate strategy is to ride up the platform on the left. Fall off, under
    the obstacle, and bounce up into the goal.
    An alternate strategy is to fall off the platform, hitting off the obstacle, 
    bouncing back into the pole behind you then, across to the goal.
    Level 7-4      - Domino -              Difficulty: ****** / 1
    Roll forward and hit the play switch at the beginning. Now roll around on the
    left side to the end of the platform. Turn right and go to the other edge, then
    turn around and go a little to the left. The goal is inside the domino that is
    here, so you must get to this point before it falls.
    Level 7-5      - Sieve -               Difficulty: **** / 4
    Head over the path, into the circle. The diamonds will knock you off if you are
    too close to the edge, so maintain a slow pace and it shold be no problem. At
    the end, hop onto the orange platform and to the goal. 
    Level 7-6      - Flock -               Difficulty: ******** / 3
    Roll quickly ahead so you can get on the first platform in time. Continue 
    straight in a straight line, going over the diamonds, falling onto the platforms 
    below. Just continue to wait for platforms in front of you and keep on a 
    straight line to hte goal.
    Level 7-7      - Double Spiral -       Difficulty: ******** / 3
    Head past the green ramp on the left, to the green bridge and hop on the orange 
    spiral. For the first part you'll want to hold left and be up on the left edge. 
    Near the middle it will switch. And near the end it will switch back again, 
    right before you hit the goal. Make sure you have enough speed to break the 
    Level 7-8      - Hierarchy -           Difficulty: ******** / 4
    Roll through the first hole and to the other side. Do the same with the second.
    The last three can be done that way, but are easier if done this way. Note how
    the corners are wider than the other places around the holes. You'll want to 
    start on one of the narrow places, then land on the nearest corner. You are NOT
    going all the way across the hole. Just fall and pull back, to the land on the
    Level 7-9      - Eight Bracelets -     Difficulty: ********** / 5
    Roll into the first bracelet. Roll up the front, and jump to the bracelet opposite
    the side you came in on. Keep your speed up and do the same with the next
    bracelets, working your way around. Now choose which goal platform you want and 
    roll up the final bracelet acorddingly.            
    Level 7-10     - Quick Turn -          Difficulty: ***** / 1
    You can hold forward the whole time. Alternatively, turn around at the beginning
    and look behind you. Roll over the play switch and turn back around. Go through 
    the level, following the bananas that indicate safe zones. 
    h) Clock Tower Factory
    Level 8-1      - Pistons -             Difficulty: ********* / 5
    First, learning their pattern helps a lot. Now, try to get from banana to 
    banana because they indicate spots where you are safe from pistons. Be careful,
    though because if your monkey rolls slightly away from the banana you could end
    up getting hit by a piston. Be wary of when to go from banana to banana by 
    checking where it is in the pattern, making sure none are nearby or will be 
    near soon.
    Level 8-2      - Soft Cream -          Difficulty: ******** / 3
    Roll up and press the play on the right. Wait a few seconds, then try to get in 
    one of the grooves between the bumps. Keep youself steadied by pressing right
    and continue to press up until you reach the other side.
    Level 8-3      - Momentum -            Difficulty: ********** / 5
    Roll along whichever one of the two swinging platforms is stationary. You'll
    have to go pretty early. When the other platform is about to hit yours, roll
    onto it. You'll have to do this twice to reach the goal. Watch out for the 
    poles in the middle.
    Level 8-4      - Entangled Path -      Difficulty: ********* / 7
    Head to the right, and hit the fast foward switch. With 45 seconds left hit the
    play switch to the left (this doesn't have to be exactly timed or anything, 
    hitting fast foward is just for speeding it up). Go across the narrow brigde
    to the small rusty circle, where the banana is. As the first part in front of
    you comes around go on it and head to the edge. As the second part aligns, do 
    the same. Then, they will all align with the bananas, and the goal. Roll foward
    as fast as you can, being mindful of your bounces, since this is only for a 
    short time. At the end roll or bounce into the goal. 
    *Bonus* For the bonus goal, roll to where the play switch is. At about 50
    seconds left, roll off, to part of the path. Fall to your left to the next 
    level, and fall off left a second time. Soon you should be able to drop to 
    the secret goal platform.
    Alternate Strategy submitted by Matthew:
    First, go to the right section and
    move along it at a very quick speed. With about 53 seconds left, move across
    the small bridge at medium speed. At this time, a platform will come out and
    it will bounce you to the warp goal exit. This may take a few tries but some
    will get it
    Level 8-5      - Totters -             Difficulty: ******** / 2
    Hold Up on the Control Stick as soon as the level starts. You should roll
    through two totters, and bounce off the third. If you can control your fall,
    you can land on the platform at the end and break through the goal.
    Level 8-6      - Vortex -              Difficulty: ********* / 8
    Wait for the part of the vortex that comes by the platform to be going right 
    (counter-clockwise). Hop on it, going left, then turn around and then begin 
    rolling backwards to your left. Hold down backwards fully, and try to stay steady 
    in the middle by pressing left, then adjusting. Slow down as it slows. It will 
    turn you around, so now press foward on the Control Stick. Go while it's stopped, 
    then adjust as it starts moving. You should see the goal platform easily just 
    after you begin to go foward and fall off onto it. If you miss, try going a 
    little later.
    Alternate Strategy
    Get on at the same time, but hold foward just slightly, so that you stay on the
    end of the vortex. Near the time that it begins to slow you should arrive at 
    the goal.
    Level 8-7      - Warp -                Difficulty: ********** / 5
    This isn't too bad. Just go across the first bridge, holding right, don't go
    too fast and you'll be fine. Same with the second. Third, you'll need to slow 
    down a little more, but don't get too slow. Hold right, stay up, and you're in.
    Level 8-8      - Trampolines -         Difficulty: ********** / 3
    Use a trampoline to jump up to one of the next levels. Repeat again. Get to 
    the side of the jump area that is closest to the platform above you (the
    near side) and quickly turn around. Make sure you are in the middle of the
    platform. Jump up to the goal platform, which is a trampoline.
    Level 8-9      - Swing Shaft -         Difficulty: ****** / 2
    Head around the narrow path to the swinging shaft. As it tilts to one side, go
    on the other side. Use the blocks in the middle to keep from falling if you
    have to, and roll through the goal on the other side.
    Level 8-10     - Linear Seesaws -      Difficulty: ******* / 2
    Go as quickly as you can by holding Up on the Control Stick to make it over the
    first two seesaws. After you make it over the second, go to the left or right
    and try to stay on the seesaw here. Go over it and slow down when you reach 
    the platform with the goal.
    i) Space Colony
    Level 9-1      - Serial Jump -        Difficulty: ********** / 6
    Hop into the first ring. I recommend going counter-clockwise It might take a 
    little to pick up the rolling, but you'll get it. At the back, hop out and 
    into the ring behind it. Roll 3/4 of the way around and into the goal, which
    is in the middle, so make sure you're there. (You could go clockwise, but 
    then you only have 1/4 ring to adjust to the middle of platform to make sure
    you can break the goal ribbon.
    There are two bonus goals in this level, one behine and one below, the main 
    Level 9-2      - Cross Floors -       Difficulty: ********** / 4
    Hop onto the high part  of the first floor, guicly roll down to the next, and 
    up onto the higher part, so you can get to the next platform. Repeat this for 
    all of them. After some tries you should get into a rythym.
    Level 9-3     - Spinning Saw -        Difficulty: ******** / 3
    After about half a second hold up on the Control Stick to go straight to the 
    Level 9-4   - Chipped Pipes -       Difficulty:  ********* / 3
    Turn to the right set of pipes. Drop off directly to the left so that you can
    go up the opposite side and down around the hole. Roll back across to the next
    side, then around another hole. Repeat this again and you'll be at the goal.
    Level 9-5    - Flat Maze -           Difficulty: ********** / 10
    Proceed through the maze until you reach the platform that faces the goal path,
    with the goal to the right. You'll want to go along the path quickly to gain
    speed. The key is turning to the right before you actually think you should, 
    before the end of the platform, then bounce off the corner and into the air,
    going over the gap.
    Level 9-6    - Guillotine -          Difficulty: ******* / 8
    Go to the ramp, wait for the first guillotine to pass. Then head up and over,
    maintain a fairly slow speed and you should be able to get into a pattern 
    to avoid every swing of the guillotine. Bounce a little after each jump, by 
    letting go of the control stick, but don't hold down or you'll lose too much
    speed. When the guillotine is about to pass over the ramp, hold foward and 
    repeat the jumping after the jump. Try to go just before the guillotine arrives
    at the ramp so you don't get it by the next time it comes around.  Don't worry 
    too much about the long ramp at the end, since half of it is safe from the 
    Level 9-7    - Cork Screw -           Difficulty: ******** / 2
    Start rolling down the tube, but don't go too fast. Before you start to fall
    down the first steep hill, make sure you're going very slowly. As you fall
    hold down on the Control Stick. After you drop, go forward slowly. As you go
    down the next big drop, hold Right and Down on the Control Stick. You should
    continue through the tube and end up at the goal. 
    Level 9-8     - Orbiters -           Difficulty: ******** / 2
    Watch the pattern of the orbiters. Get onto the second as fast as you can once
    the rotation begins again. You'll have to time it just right so you can get to 
    the third orbiter (second from the center) right as it stops spinning, and 
    before the orbiter you're on begins to spin. If you can do this you shouldn't 
    worry because you have plenty of time to beat the next orbiter and the goal 
    platform is not an orbiter.
    Level 9-9    - Twin Basin -          Difficulty: ****** / 1
    Get a good jump off the platform to make it into the first basin. Roll around
    one side, and at the end, hop up onto the next platform. The next basin is a 
    little trickier. Roll around once or twice to gain speed, then just before you
    reach the center, jump out of the basin, diagonally, and roll through the goal.
    Level 9-10   - Air Hockey -          Difficulty: ********** / 3
    Roll foward at the beginnig, just past the skid marks. Stop, and you should get
    hit by the goal. Try this a couple times and eventually you'll make it.
    j) Dr. Bad-Boon's Base
    Level 10-1    - Training -           Difficulty: ******** / 1
    Just choose any path and roll along it. Go straight along the path, keeping up
    enough speed to make it over the hills. Stop at the end and go through the
    Level 10-2    - Gimmick -            Difficulty: ********* / 8
    Head foward. Use the map to see when the platform under is there. Then fall to
    the right. Head around the corner left, then jump to the platform with the 
    play switch at the end. Wait for the platform to rise, level with where you 
    came from, then gain some speed and jump. Quickly head back to where you 
    dropped and around to the other side of the beginning platform. Turn at the 
    corner. Follow the path until it ends in a T intersection. Then turn left, up
    the hill, and to the goal.
    Level 10-3    - Mountain -           Difficulty: ********* / 5
    You could time this, but I think it's easier just to look where the goal is, 
    fall off to the left, it will roll you right, and try to get rolled into it. 
    Level 10-4    - Disorder -           Difficulty: ********* / 3
    Just go from platform to platform, falling onto the one that is closest to
    yours in height. Once you reach the goal's platform, break through.
    Level 10-5    - 3D Maze -            Difficulty: ******** / 4
    Head up to the maze. Wait for it to roll around twice, so that the fence is on 
    the left side and the maze is turning left. Go to the right side of the fence
    and hang on. Then, when the floor is level, cross to the left side, and then 
    get on the left side of the next fence. As the fence gets flat, move more to 
    the right on it, so you won't hit the edge of the floor. Then land on the goal
    Level 10-6    - Labyrinth -           Difficulty: ********* / 10
    Head to the ramp on the left. Go straight across and fall off. Go down the path
    to the right, then do a u-turn and go up the ramp on the right side so you 
    can make it under another ramp overhead. Turn left and fall through the second
    hole in the wall on your left. Follow the path left, then take the corner right
    and turn left up the next ramp. On the next level turn left before you reach 
    the ramp in front of you. Turn up the ramp to the left. Quickly turn left and 
    up the ramp. You should be on a pink section. Turn left, go to the edge of the
    pink, then turn around. Charge foward of the upper right corner of the level
    to land on a blue strip to the right. Once on the strip fall to into the hole
    where there is an upward ramp right after. Go up. Do not turn right at this 
    path, instead turn right on the ramp afterwards. Go foward, then turn left, up
    a ramp that will have a pink section to the left. If you can make it over this 
    corner you can drop to the goal platform from the pink area. Turn right, and 
    to the goal.
    Alternate Strategy submitted by Josh:
    Roll down from the starting point, and then up the first ramp on the left, as you 
    suggest, but instead of falling down a level, roll yourself facing parallel to the 
    edge of the map. At this point you should be aimed straight down to where you would 
    have dropped if following your plans. Floor it straight ahead and you'll drop, bounce 
    and pick of a ton of speed, just barely enough to bounce you over the gap. Now you're 
    ready to take your first right(you'll probably almost run past this from the speed 
    you still have after making the jump) and there's a normally
    hidden ramp, roll up this and you should recognize where you are. Take the second 
    right, go up the ramp, take another right and then (use the end of the first 
    Level 10-7    - Post Modern -        Difficulty: ******** / 7
    Head to the right and go up the first set of stairs on the left. Continue, then
    turn right and head up two more sets. Now gain some speed and hit the wall just
    behind the stairs on the left. Use the momentum from hitting the wall to go up
    the stairs. At the top, turn right and head up another set. Continue around the
    corner to the top of the structure. Jump off to the left side onto the goal
    platform. Be careful, because the goal's platform is narrow. 
    Level 10-8    - Revolution -         Difficulty: ******** / 3
    Got to the right of the column supporting the goal platform, which is in the 
    upper right corner. You will get flipped over, but when all is said and done
    you'll be right next to the goal.
    Level 10-9    - Invisible -          Difficulty: ********* / 10
    Start out on the right side. You can cross the space to get to the corner 
    platform Head up across the space, to the next platform. Turn left and go all 
    the way across. Go up one, then turn back right, to the end of the row. Go back 
    up one and all the way across once again. Go up.Head right again. When you see 
    the bananas, head in their direction, but stay just to the right of them , 
    to the platform. Then head up and left diagonally to the next platform (this is 
    the 'V' in 'invisible'). Once on the platform continue straight to the end. Now
    head up one and to the right and all the way across. Then head up all the way
    until you are level with the banana bunch to your left. Go to the next 
    platform up. Turn left, to the next platform. Step out, over the edge of the 
    platform, still facing the same way. Now turn left, facing the front of the level
    go throught the bananas to the left of the next platformover the invisible bridge 
    (this is the 'S'). Now turn right, go to the end and turn back right (upward).
    Go up until you reach the end of the platform that is twice as long as a normal
    platform. Now turn back right and all the way across. At the end turn left, then,
    while on the same platform turn back to the left down the next row. Go all the
    way. Turn right, and go straight, all the way to the end of the platform that
    is twice as long as the others (you are now on the top of the 'B'). Turn right
    and go all the way across. Now go over one space and to the end of the next
    platform. Turn left, then go over one platform, but stop in between the space
    between it and the next. You should be level with the banana bunch. Now go 
    towards the banans and goal in a straight line over the invisible bridge to 
    complete the level.
    Level 10-10   - Created By -         Difficulty: ****** / 9
    Roll over the play switch and continue up the long path. Stop at the corner and
    wait until the right side of the 'A' (if you were looking at an 'A' that kind of
    shape that was facing regularly) is there. This will happen at about 41 seconds
    left and should repeat at around 23. Hop onto the A, you won't need too much 
    speed. Try to balance on the A by getting up over its curve, then pressing up
    lightly to compensate for its movement. This is just for a few seconds while the
    side straightens out. The side you're on will get lifted higher into the air.
    When you think you can make the jump, jump towards the goal platform, which is
    fairly easy to land on. It sounds complicated, but can be done easily after a 
    few tries. 
    IV      Challenge Mode
    a) Beginner
    Go through the ten levels form World 1 without continuing for 10 extra floors.
    Floors 1-9        - Various Story Mode Levels -
    Look back into story mode for strategies to these.
    Level EX-10       - Birth -              Difficulty: / 2
    Go forward, then head around to the right and hit the pause swith. Go back to the
    middle and take the left path. Roll onto the platform where the blocks were
    dropping and go to the goal.
    Alternate Strategy submitted by Stan:
    Just roll full speed at the pause button. You'll hit the button and then bounce 
    up on the ramp so you don't have to go all the way around.
    B-5   - Bowl -
    Get speed to get up onto the edge of the bowl and collect as many bananas as
    you can. If you fall, go again.
    b) Advanced
    Go through thrity levles from Worlds 2-4 without continuing for 10 extra floors.
    Level EX-1      - Auto Doors -                Difficulty: / 3
    First, hit the play switch behind you. Note the pattern of the doors. Head throught
    the first doors. You have time to stop between the each door. As you get to the 
    end, remember the pattern and that the last two doors close very quickly after they
    open. If you push up against the final door while its closed you should be able to 
    get through when it opens, though it closes very quickly.
    Level EX-2     - Heavy Sphere -               Difficulty: / 6
    Hit the play switch, then turn back around to the grey stripe going all the way
    across the ground. Turn towards the bridge and hold foward at about 51 seconds
    left or when the sphere is pushing the platform down. Press back on the Control
    Stick just before land because you may  bounce and fly ove the goal platform.
    Just slow down, roll under the sphere, and onto the goal platform behind the 
    bridge. Even if you get hit by the sphere you probably won't fall out. 
    Level EX-3     - Stagger -                     Difficulty: / 3
    Head across the narrow bridge, then hop onto the first platform. When they are 
    aligned go all the way around and back to the center. Note the pattern of the
    movement of the smaller platforms. Once you see the pattern, time your run 
    right and break through the goal. 
    Level EX-4     - UFO -                         Difficulty: / 2
    Fall into the hole. Hit the play switch, and let the UFO toss you around for
    a while. When it stops the goal should be on the bottom. Get to it quickly. 
    If you don't make it you can let it spin around twice more and try again.
    Level EX-5     - Ring Bridges -                Difficulty: / 2
    Drop from ring to ring, using the rims around the edges to help keep you from
    Level EX-6     - Domes -                       Difficulty: / 9
    Head foward at a medium speed and fall onto the platform with the domes. Now
    make your way along slowly. You can try to work up some speed, but don't go
    too fast.
    Level EX-7    - Amida Lot -                    Difficulty: / 6
    Head forward at the beginning onto the narrow platform. Stop before the
    platform that goes to the right from yours and let the peg go onto it. Now
    roll forward and go onto the first path on your left. The goal will pass
    by you right after the clock turns to 50 seconds.
    Level EX-8    - Long Slider -                  Difficulty: / 6
    Always hold left and don't go too fast as you make your way down to avoid
    falling off. Just keep going slowly, but watch the time.
    Level EX-9    - Grid Bridge -                  Difficulty: / 3
    Turn around and hit the play switch at the beginning. Drop to the enxt platform.
    Then turn to the left to get on the grid bridge. The part you can get on is
    shaped like this \/. Get on the right side of this, then take that part as far
    as you can, fairly quickly though, and you'll end up at the goal on the other
    Level EX-10   - Tea Pot -                      Difficulty: / 3
    Hit play, drop down to the platform, wait for the goal to stop and roll into
    A-5   - Board Park -
    Roll foward at the beginning across the board. The rest is a bowl, so get speed
    to get up the side and go again if you fall. There is another board with a bunch
    of banans on it.
    A-10  - Leveler -
    Move around the holes to get the bananas. Be careful, because the goal moves
    and brings a large bar that hits you with it. You can build up speed to jump 
    over if you get hit, but then you might fall off the edge. 
    A-20  - Rampage -
    Full of quarter pipes. On some corners there are bunches of banans you can get.
    Just build up speed to get up to bananas. You can also jump over and out of the
    halfpipe if you have enough speed. 
    c) Expert
    Go through fifty levles from Worlds 5-9 without continuing for 10 extra floors.
    Level EX-1   - Charge -                      Difficulty: / 7
    Head around the first warp, then roll in between the two long platforms and into 
    the warp. Repeat this to gain a lot of speed. Once you have done it at least five
    times, go down one of the platforms, then fall off into the goal. Now go back to 
    going into the warp regularly to stabilize yourself once, then head down the 
    platform and bounce off the little bump at the end to make it to the goal 
    platform. It's hard to say how much speed you need, but it's about 120-130 MPH.
    Level EX-2   - Strata -                      Difficulty: / 10
    Make sure you have enough speed to make the jump from the beginning platform
    to the curving pathway, but don't fall off the other side. Now, go up the 
    curving platform to the stack of platforms. Stop at the edge of the first one,
    where the banana is, then roll off slowly, tap back, and land on the next. Turn 
    around and fall again at the end. Turn around again and fall off the other side
    to land on a very narrow platform. Turn around the head to thhe goal
    Fall to another platform for the green goal (not recommended due to the easiness
    of the next level)
    Level EX-3   - Puzzle -                      Difficulty: / 1
    At fist you think this is going to be some complicated pattern that's hard to remember,
    but it's not. Just go as soon as it starts and after the first 'piece' begin to veer
    to the right, where the goal will have moved to.
    Level EX-4  - Giant Swing -                  Difficulty: / 9
    First, view stage and watch the pattern of the swing. Go around the corner and 
    under the swing (don't get hit!). Head up the ramp and around to where you can
    jump on the swing. When the swing comes jump off and get hit into the air.
    Try to land on the goal platform.
    Level EX-5 - 5 Drums -                       Difficulty: / 5
    Get on the first drum, using the block to stay on. Skip over the second, then
    get to the left of one of the blocks on the next one. When you see a break in
    the blocks on the next one you need to cross, make a dash to the goal. You 
    might want to start your dash off to the left, so if you get moved by the next
    drum, you won't miss the goal platform.
    Level EX-6   - Free Throw -                 Difficulty: / 3
    Two ways to do this. First go to where you can get popped up and do so. Take a
    bounce on the regular floor, but land near a basket, then on the second bounce
    hop onto the goal. 
    The other is to run past the platfrom. Turn around and go to the very edge of 
    it. This will pop you up very lowly, and you could land on the goal of the 
    first basket, off the backboard if you need. If you do not go far enough, go
    farther back and vice versa. 
    Green and Red goals are easy to get with the first strategy .
    Level EX-7    - Pendulums -                  Difficulty: / 6
    Turn around and hit the switch. Use the map to figure out when to move onto the
    next pendulum. The last one is pretty hard, you'll just have to time it right.
    As soon as you think you can make it, hold forward.
    Level EX-8    - Conical Slider -              Difficulty: / 6
    Follow the outside, twisty path until you reach the warp. Just try to stay near
    the left side as you enter the warp. You should hit the edge just after coming
    through, and this should let you jump over the gap onto the goal platform.
    Level EX-9    - Construction -               Difficulty: / 7
    Hold forward to make it over the jump. Turn left before the hole, then turn
    right immediately and go straight. Curve along to the left around the hole. Go
    to the end and make a u-turn around the divider. Go straight and make another
    u-turn. Go straight, but when the divider stops on your left, make a u-turn
    around it. Go straight and make one more u-turn. Now make another u-turn, head
    all the way to the end, bearing right, and around the hole. Do a u-turn around
    the hole. Now you should see the goal straight ahead. Bear left, go straight,
    and bear left twice more. Now turn right, then left, to reach the goal.
    Level EX-10   - Train Worm -                 Difficulty: / 5
    Try to get alongside the train and hold the direction you need to stay hugging
    its side. The train will go faster than you so you will slide back into the 
    Level E-5     - Partition -
    Make your way around the bumps collecting the bananas. You can jump over them if
    you have enough speed. Try to collect all the bananas in one area before heading
    to the next.
    Level E-10    - Pachinko -
    Get bounced around by the pegs and try to get the bananas. If you fall too far
    and miss some, use the pegs to bounce you back up.
    Level E-20    - Earthquake -
    Hit the play switch. When you can, hop onto the platform. Grab the bananas when
    you can. Don't worry about falling off, because you probably won't unless you
    try to.
    Level E-30    - Banana Hunting -
    Get popped up by the platform. Note where the circles of bananas are going by
    their shadows. 
    Level E-40    - Fighters -
    Hit the play switch. The giant fighters will begin to fight. As they hit each
    other, bananas will fall. The bananas will move out of the level quickly, so it
    is hard to get very many. Be ready, because sometimes large bunches will pop
    V      Master Mode
    a) Master Mode
    To earn beat expert and expert extra floors without continuing
    Level MA-1   - Centrifugal -                  Difficulty: / 4
    Go to the ring where the goal is. Zoom out the map to the medium zoom level.
    Hold down in that ring, staying in it for about 2-5 seconds just to speed 
    things up. Now get in the middle, aligning with the bananas. Soon you should 
    see the goal on the map. It is difficult to see because it is under a banana.
    If you think you can't see it, just stay aligned with teh bananas anyway and 
    you'll be fine. Seeing it just helps prepare you for it.
    Level MA-2   - Swing Bridges -                Difficulty: / 2
    Hop on the end of the bridges when they stop for all three.
    * BONUS *
    Turn around and go over faster-moving bridges that don't stop where you can get 
    on them for the bonus goal.
    Level MA-3   - Cylinders -                     Difficulty: / 10
    Go across the first cylinder holding up, tapping whichever direction you need 
    to stay on and slow down and turn right on the next. Hold left to stay on, then
    onto the next. Hold right to stay on and go to the next and hold right again. 
    For the last one just hold up and slightly right, though it's really just holding 
    up and getting enough speed to get to the goal platform.
    Level MA-4   - Passage -                      Difficulty: / 7
    Wait untilt the clock turns to 56. Hold foward and make the jump to the right.
    Wait there untilt the blocks on your right come through, then go to the 
    platform up and to your right. Now wait for the blocks to come through the 
    other direction and make the jump to where they just came through. 
     * BONUS * This is very easy. Wait for the blocks to pass.
    Fall down to and to the left and you'll fall to the bonus goal. If you choose 
    not to you'll have to keep moving from one platform to another, waiting for
    the blocks to come through, as you did before.
    Level MA-5   - -
    Take the warp in Passage. For some reason the warp is easier than the regular
    goal, and I don't want to take the time to beat Passage the regular way and
    write the strategy when it's so easy. :)
    Level MA-6   - Intermittent -                   Difficulty: / 6
    Roll down the left, full-speed and make the jump to the next platform on the 
    right and do the same for the next and then once again. Keep up your speed,
    do not stop. Now for this second-to-last one you can jump straight to the goal,
    but you need a lot of speed. Just try to land on the tiny platform and jump to
    the goal, make sure you're aligned with the ribbon. You can also try to bounce 
    off the jumping lip on the last tiny platform.
    Level MA-7   - Long Torus -                    Difficulty: / 4
    Wait until the clock hits 57 or 58 then go foward and hop on the right side. 
    Go around the bend and get on the long straightaway in the middle. If you are 
    not in the middle, you will fall. Now hold foward and just slightly right. Turn
    left to go the goal platform. You will might get knocked up by the edge of 
    the platform so try to bounce off the goal structure, and onto the platform,
    falling through the ribbon. If not, just roll through the ribbon. 
    Level MA-8   - Spasmodic -                    Difficulty: / 7
    Turn around and go to the back edge at the beginning, going as fast as you can.
    As soon as you get there (57-57.5 left on the clock), turn around and speed
    foward, holding up, down the platform to the goal.
    Level MA-9  - Double Twin -                    Difficulty: / 3
    Hold foward and fall onto the left part of the huge rotator, onto the green
    platform. Keep holding foward and near the end, get onto the blue center 
    platform and roll to the next green platform and stop. Move all the way to the 
    right and wait for the first green platform to pass by. Now, when the second
    comes (you should be all the way to the right) fall right onto the black edge
    of the platform, to avoid getting knocked off by the slope, and hold foward to 
    the end and hop onto the goal platform.
    Level MA-10 - Clock Face -                    Difficulty: / 4
    Roll off and get onto the grey beam. Wait for just 37 seconds to come, 
    then hop on the red platform in front of you. Stay behind the second hand,
    and when you near the goal, roll onto the outer blue platform and over the beam
    to the goal. You don't have to wait for 37,but it helps time it with the blue
    platform and the red platform without pegs.
    b) Master Extra Floors
    Level EX-1   - Variable Width -               Difficulty: / 7
    Turn around at the beginning and line yourself up with the faint white line. 
    This sets you in the middle. Now turn back at full speed and charge to the goal.
    Level EX-2   - Striker -                      Difficulty: / 1
    Get knocked up by the striker and onto the platform.
    Land on one of the higher platforms for a green or red goal. I strongly 
    recommend that you do this
    Level EX-3   - Ooparts -                      Difficulty: / 
    Level EX-4   - Planets -                      Difficulty: / 8
    Go across the bridge and hold foward to land on the first planet. Then, you can
    keep going or you can stop. At some point you'll have to stop. When you do,
    look at the map and line yourself up with the next planet, go to the back edge,
    and zoom off and stop. Continue this until you reach the goal. The goal is 
    tricky, since it takes up a lot of the planet.
    There is a RED bonus goal on the planet behind the main goal.
    Level EX-5    - Sliced Cheese -                Difficulty: / 7
    Go to the right edge of the first cheese and hold up on the Control Stick 
    against it. Roll through. Now try to roll through the next one. If you miss,
    turn around as fast as you can, bounce off the cheese behind you and try to 
    go through the edge of the second cheese again. If you miss, keep trying it 
    will eventually work. Be sure to slow down once you're through the second
    Level EX-6   - 8 Seesaws -                     Difficulty: / 7
    Like many Story mode levels. When you hop on, let go of the control stick to 
    get the other end up, so you can make it to the next platform. Be sure to get
    on the correct side that you need to jump from, you will not be able to cross 
    over at the end. Also, the goal platform is a seesaw, so don't stop when you
    get there.
    Level EX-7  - Synchronized -                   Difficulty: / 3
    Hold foward, then foward and right to go through either goal.
    Try for the green at the beginninng.
    Level EX-8  - Helix -                          Difficulty: / 5
    Fall off onto the right side. Establish yourself there, then slow down, to
    about 35 MPH. If you fall, just speed back up. Stay up on the right edge. As
    the plath gets narrower you can slow down to 20 MPH if you have time. On the 
    very last part fall down to the blue goal, you can get on the structure,
    then through the ribbon.
    The green goal is not attached the same way as the blue. You'll have to be still 
    going and fall straight through the ribbon if you want this
    Level EX-9  - Dizzy System -                   Difficulty: / 10
    You can try to go down and get bounced around, and try to get lucky. Or you can
    hold foward and with just over 57 seconds left (I'd say 57.2), hold up-right,
    then left or nothing depending on where you are to fly through the goal.
    Level EX-10 - Nintendo -                       Difficulty: / 9
    Go up, and as the GC turns go over the edge. Now turn right and let it turn 
    again. If you are in the pit, quickly get out. Keep straight as it turns again.
    On the next go straight again. Now you should be on the controller ports.
    Go right and let it turn. Now you are on top of the GameCube. Make sure you are 
    in front of the light, not on the disc tray, because it will pop open with
    the goal inside
    VI     Classic Party Games
    a) Monkey Race 2
    Use items strategically, don't take corners too fast, and avoid those pegs.
    Remember that you can use the Y Button to switch around your items.
    Whenever you have been hit by an item, twirl the control stick as quickly
    as you can. This will get make the item stop affecting you much more quickly
    than if you were to keep on going.
    Course Strategies:
    1. Charming Banana Road
       Difficulty: **
    Take all the straightaways fast, and try not to miss the speed arrows. You
    can use speed star items on the straightaways, but you will have to slow
    down soon afterwards to keep from falling off the course. Watch out for the
    row of three pegs at the end of each lap, and make sure that you slow down
    on the sharp curves so that you don't fall off.
    2. Lovely Heart Ring
       Difficulty: ***
    This is a very short course. You can use speed stars at almost any time. Make
    sure that you roll over all the speed arrows. The only tricky part is avoiding
    the large number of pegs that are throughout the course. Try not to lose too
    much speed on the turns. After the final row of speed arrows, head to the left
    side of the pegs. Go straight onto the edge of the course as it slopes up, and
    make sure you slow down as you turn to the right. Depending on how much speed
    you have, you should fly way up into the air and go towards the finish line.
    This will often improve your lap times.
    3. Clock Tower Factory
       Difficulty: *
    This is probably the easiest of all the courses. Roll over the speed arrows at
    the beginning of the course. Take the curve as fast as you can. If you want to,
    you can go on the small hump on the course, and jump a little into the air to
    the next part of the course. On this part, avoid the pegs. This is a good place
    to use a speed star. You may have to slow down some to keep from falling off
    on the next curve. Make sure you roll over the speed arrows as you head up the
    hill to finish the lap. This is another good spot to use a speed burst.
    4. Cannonball Circuit
       Difficulty: ****
    This is a fairly difficult course. You will have to slow down on many of the
    curves to keep from falling. The trickiest part is near the end of a lap.
    You can go over the speed arrow, but make sure that you slow down soon after.
    You will have to curve to the left 90 degrees, and there is no banking on the
    edges. Try not to fall, because if you do, you could fall onto another part
    of the course and fall behind. Afterwards, avoid the pegs and head around the
    curve to finish the lap.
    5. Submarine Street
       Difficulty: *****
    The trickiest part of this course is not taking a wrong turn. There are several
    places where there is a dead end path that you could take instead of the real
    one. You will either have to have played the course before, or follow the
    computer opponents at these places. When you reach the part of the course where
    you must make a 180 degree turn and then head uphill, remember that you can
    fall off to the left when you are part way along this section. This can save a
    lot of time. On the rest of the course, be careful on the turns, many of which
    have no banking, and avoid the pegs.
    6. Stardust Highway
       Difficulty: **
    This is actually a fairly easy course. There are tons of speed arrows, and if you
    can roll over most of them, you will have a good chance of winning. It is very
    hard to fall off on the first half of a lap unless you are hit by an item, and the
    only addition on the second half are some pegs, which are fairly easy to avoid. You
    can also use a speed star almost anywhere.
    Speed Star - Gives you a burst of speed
    Big Ball - Prevents most attacks for a limited time.
    Banana Peel - When deployed slips up other racers
    Bowling Bomber - Shoot one at an opponent to send it flying into the air
    Polygon Ball - Shoot it at an opponenet and the opponent will be slowed
    by the non-circular ball
    Ice Cube - Shoot at an opponent to send him into an ice cube, with limited 
    speed and control
    Gravity Bomber - Makes opponents heavier, slowing them for a limited of time.
    This item can easily drop you from first to eigth.
    Huner Missile - When fired hits all opponents ahead of you, often resulting in them
    falling off from impact or lack of control. 
    b) Monkey Fight 2
    +1 Points for a hit
    +10 for a kill
    +15 for a kill on the king
    +5 for everbody else if you fall without being hit
    Use the destructible walls on the second and third levels to your advantage.
    Also, remember that you can power up your puches by holding down B or R, and that
    you can punch in any direction (even one that you aren't facing) using the C
    Long Punch - Gives your punch a longer range
    Iron Punch - Makes your glvoe stronger
    Spin Punch - If A is held causes glove to spin around, killing all opponents nearby
    c) Monkey Target 2
    Try to stall above the island you want to land on by going high into the air
    Use the Y button to see where you are positioned over the islands
    Use B to change into a linear formation with multiple balls
    Bananas - Give you 10 points for each bunch you collect, 1 for singular s
    Lucky Stars - First gives you x2 points, extras add 1 more x
    Brake Ball - Decreases roll after landing
    Magnet Ball - Causes player to have no roll after landing
    d) Monkey Billiards 2
    Align your shot, taking into account the angle you hit it at and where the cue ball
    may end up, so you can set up your next shot.
    e) Monkey Bowling 2
    Align your shot, then use the stop the meter at full power. Use spin according to 
    far from the center pin your alignment was. 
    Unlike in the last game, how much spinyou must put on is affected by your power. 
    If you have full power you will have to put
    more spin and if you have less, you should be able to do it normally.
    Getting Strikes: Even if you are aligned in the center, you will probably not get 
    strike, actually you'll get a 7. Just put a slight spin on by tapping L or R. 
    Special Mode:
    To earn extra levels in special bowling you have to bowl a 120. 
    Each player has their own special abilities
    Aiai - Well rounded. Medium power, aim, and spin
    Meemee - Excellent spin, but poor power
    Baby - Excellent aim, direction indicator moves slower. Poor power and spin
    Gongon - Very powerful, with poor spin
    f) Monkey Golf 2
    Use the X button to make sure your shot is going where you want because the computer 
    aligns in the direction of the hole, regardless of whether your strength willl cause 
    you to hit it straight into a rough. 
    When you're doing anything besides putting always take into account the wind. Also,
    think of how far your ball will bounce and consider going down to a weaker club. 
    VII    Unlockable Party Games
    Every 2500 Play Points, a new party game is unlocked
    a) Monkey Dogfight
    Collect items as often as possible. When you are targeted move up and down and 
    make several turns. Turning is sharper when you slow down by pressing L
    Bananas - Refill your health. They are all in a line so you should be able to 
    completely refill your meter
    Pineapples - Give you 5 more missiles each in addition to the ten you already have. 
    You should be able to stock up on them, since they are also close to each other
    b) Monkey Shot
    Use items to your advantage. Be careful with your bullets, so you don't run out. 
    If there are no enemies nearby, and you are low on ammo, shoot out your magazine,
    now that you have time to re-charge. Hit missiles, not enemies unless you want score. 
    Your life is very precious.
    Big Gun - You get larger bullets
    X2 Bonus - You earn double points for a limited time
    Automatic - Shoot 18 bullets without reloading
    Stopwatch - Stop all enemy and other player movement for 5 seconds
    Bullet Plus - Gives you thirty extra bullets
    Banana Bunches - Refill life gauge, one by one. 
    c) Monkey Tennis
    Use the hard shot, slice, and lob to your advantage.
    Here is a (cheap) strategy that you can use against the computer
    (although it only seems to work vs. level 3):
    Every time you serve, the comp will hit it to the same spot. Learn
    the location of this spot and hit the ball to the opposite side of
    the court. You should always win.
    d) Monkey Boat Race
    Use the items to your advantage 
    Always remember that L goes right and R goes left
    Pirahna Torpedo - Fires a torpedo that sinks an opponenet
    Whale Bomb - Makes water explode, blowing up opponents
    Whirling Swirl - Creates a tidal swell that will suck in your opponent
    Monkey Submarine - Use a sub instead of the boat
    e) Monkey Soccer
    Use L and R to make your team more offensive/defensive. During the game, if
    you are ahead by a lot turn to a defensive strategy, but if you trial late
    go offensive
    f) Monkey Baseball
    Use items and defensive shifts to your advantage
    Homerun Shift - All jump boards appear, and all pockets become Out pockets
    Left/Center/ Right Shift - Extra base hit pockets shift left/center/right, 
    jump boards  are in left/center/right field
    Hit Shift - All pockets become singles, no jump boards
    Half Out - Half of the pockets become outs. There will be two jump boards
    Lucky Seven For the seventh inning, all non-symbol outcomes become lucky zones
    VIII   General Tips
    Gift Option:
    Once you have unlocked all the mini-games you will be able to buy 'gifts' from the 
    options menu. For 500 play points your can buy extra monkeys. These will give you 
    one extra life every time you play Challenge Mode. There are 12 movies you can buy 
    for 1000 play points. Also, you can buy the staff credit game seen at the end of 
    Challenge Mode and Story Mode for 1000 play ponts.
    - Where there is a fast-foward switch (two arrows) there is always a play switch,
    which will slow down the speed of whatever was sent into motion by the first 
    - When moving goals, platforms, and other objects are involved it is best to time
    the pattern of motions with the game clock. Then you know around the time you need
    to go and can adjust it with other tries.
    - Bananas are usually safe spots from obstacles
    - There is no known way to get that boost that the comupters do at the beginning 
    Monkey Race 2
    - Lives are precious. Obviously, but there are a few simple things that could save
    you a couple of lives. For example, don't go to the edge of the beginning platform,
    stop, and then try to make the jump onto the main platform. It is just an awful way
    to die. Whenever you can go out of your way for bananas and always try to get a bunch
    if there is one. Take note of which level you're on when using warp goals. Sometimes
    the only stage you'll skip is a bonus level! For example on Expert 29, 8 Bracelets,
    if you go to the green goal you'll just skip the bonus level. Same with Advanced 
    Inchworms. The red goal skips level 9, but it also skips the bonus. So this is not
    a wise choice if you unless you are awful at Totalitarianism (Adv. 9)
    - Whenever in trouble always remember the magic spell -- Ei-Ei-Poo!!
    IX    Contact/Copyright Information
    If you have any questions, alternative strategies, or feedback feel free to give 
    an  e-mail at monkeyballers@hotmail.com. 
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