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    Monkey Level FAQ by M.Russell

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 09/11/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Monkey Ball 2
    End Credits / Monkey Level FAQ
    v0.9 (September 11th, 2002 @ 11:31am)
    by Matt Russell <matt@amphibious.net>
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    1. What is the point of the game during the credits?
    As far as I can tell there isn't one, other than to provide some form of mild
    entertainment to get you to actually *watch* the credits.  This is similar to
    movies putting in out-takes and "hidden scenes."  Of course, the most important
    thing about the game is to get a new Monkey Level and submit it! :)
    2. How do I skip the end credits game?
    I'm not quite sure how to do it in this one... haven't tried, too busy trying
    to get scores!
    3. How are you getting so many bananas?
    This one isn't quite as difficult as the first one, avoid letters, get stars
    and big bananas.  You get a 100 point bonus if you get all the stars, a 100
    point bonus for getting all the big bananas too!
    4. How are you getting so few bananas?
    Avoid the stars at all costs!  When you have a star the letters don't take away
    This is a VERY rough list... please submit as many as you can... the Monkey
    Levels appear to have the same names as the original, just with different point
    Your Monkey Level is:
    -925 to -660: Grey Mouse Lemur
    ? Ring-Tailed Lemur
    ? -381: Ruffed Lemur
    ? Indris
    ? Avahi
    ? -300: Vereaux's Sifika
    -240 to -181: Slender Loris
    -180 to -121: Slow Loris
    -120 to  -61: Potto
     -60 to   -1: Bush Baby
       0 to   29: Thick-Tailed Bushbaby
      29 to   59: Aye-Aye
      60 to   89: Western Tarsier
      90 to  119: Pygmy Marmoset
     120 to  149: Cotton-Top Tamarin
     150 to  179: Emporer Tamarin
     180 to  209: Golden Lion Tamarin
     210 to  239: Goelidi's Marmoset
     240 to  269: Bare-Face Uakari
     270 to  299: Mat-Faced Saki
     300 to  329: Black Howler Monkey
     330 to  359: Red Howler Monkey
     360 to  389: Spider Monkey
     390 to  419: Humboldt's Woolly Monkey
     420 to  449: Douroucouli
     450 to  479: Tiki Monkey
     480 to  509: Squirrel Monkey
     510 to  539: Brown Tufted Capuchin
     540 to  569: Abyssian Black and White Colobus
     570 to  599: Dusky Langur
     600 to  629: Hanuman Langur
     630 to  659: Douc Langur
     660 to  689: Silver-Leaf Monkey
     690 to  719: Golden Snub Nosed Monkey
     720 to  749: Proboscis Monkey
     750 to  779: White-Collared Mangabey
     780 to  809: Patas Monkey
     810 to  839: Grey Cheeked Mangabey
     840 to  869: Talapoin Monkey
     870 to  899: Bonnet Monkey
     900 to  929: Stump-Tailed Macaque
     930 to  959: Pig-Tailed Macaque
     960 to  989: Lion-Tailed Macaque
     990 to 1019: de Brazza's Monkey
    1020 to 1049: Savanna Monkey
    1050 to 1079: Long-Tailed Macaque
    1080 to 1109: Japanese Macaque
    1110 to 1139: Black Ape
    1140 to 1169: Yellow Baboon <-- (scores of 1053 and 1054 have been posted for
    1170 to 1199: Hamadryas          yellow baboon, but this TOTALLY bucks the
    1200 to 1229: Mandrill           trend of 30 points per level... but a lot of
    1230 to 1259: Gelada Gibbon      this is guess work, so maybe I'm totally off
    1260 to 1289: White Handed Gibbon              I'll confirm this ASAP)
    1290 to 1319: Capped Gibbon
    1320 to 1363: Moloch Gibbon     (At this point the monkey ranks seem to get
    1367 to 1373: Siamang Gibbon     bigger...)
    1388 to 1404: Orangutan
    1412: Chimpanzee
    This list is in VERY beta form... a lot of this is guess work, I would like
    confirmations on basically every level here, especially the very high end and
    very low end of the list, it appears as if the ranks are 30 points a piece up
    until the end, and the low scores, well... I'd like to say that they go by
    60's but that leaves out Indris or Avahi.  Perhaps the list of Monkey Levels
    doesn't completely mirror that of the first game?
    In any case, if you can confirm or deny and levels or you think i should add
    something to the FAQ please contact me, include a name you would like to be
    credited by (especially if you don't have a name attached to your email) or
    I'll use whatever comes before the @ in your email address.
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