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    Master Mode FAQ by GForce9x

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    Super Monkey Ball 2: Master Mode FAQ v1.0
    Jeff Dimapasoc aka GForce9x
    September 24, 2002
    This FAQ is to provide tips and strategies for the 10 floors in 
    Challenge Mode's master level.
    Version History
    v1.1 - added a much more simple and quicker strategy for floor 10
    v1.0 - original FAQ
    General Info and Symbol Guide
    Throughout this guide you might see an asterik(*) on some of the 
    floors' walkthroughs.  These indicate a warp, shortcut, or alternate 
    route to the goal.
    If you see an (s) symbol next to a floor, it means that you will 
    need to pay close attention to your speed on the said floor.
    If you see a (t) symbol next to a floor, it means that timing will 
    be crucial on the said floor.
    If you see a (c) symbol next to a floor, it means that fine control 
    will be a huge factor on the said floor.
    How to Access the Master Floors
    To access the master level floors, you must complete all 50 expert 
    and all 10 expert extra floors (warps allowed), without using a single 
    continue.  Once you access the master floors, you can select it from 
    the main menu instead of having to do expert all over again each time.
    1 - CENTRIFUGAL - (c) Drop down off the runway and hold right as you 
    fall to the bottom of the bowl.  You'll eventually come to rest 
    spinning between the middle sections.  Hold up and/or right to move 
    yourself up the side and down and/or left to move down the side. 
    The object of this floor is to let the goal come to you.  When a 
    banana passes you by, try to line yourself up in the same row of 
    checkers that it is in.  Use the mini-map to see when the goal is 
    approaching.  It's visible in the medium zoom mode, but hard to 
    spot if you are moving around a lot.  Try to keep yourself in the 
    banana row and let the goal come and sweep you up.  Including the 
    goal spot, there are 12 banana spots.  If you miss the goal, hold 
    down and use the map to count banana spots until the goal comes 
    around again.  You should have enough time for two tries at the 
    goal, depending on how much time you spend for each attempt. 
    2 - SWING BRIDGES - The layout of this floor is similar to JUNCTION 
    (Beginner Extra 4), except instead of a cris-crossing platform, 
    you have a bunch of swinging bridges.  One thing to note about the 
    bridges is that they overlap the landing platforms, so after you 
    land on a platform, move forward to the forward half of the 
    platform so that the bridge behind you doesn't swat you off. 
    The first bridge moves very slow, so you can cross it without 
    stopping.  The second bridge moves a little faster with a wider 
    swing, but is still fairly easy to jump on and off.  Stay near 
    the center as it is turning and work your way toward the edge 
    as it swings back toward the platform.  The last bridge has a 
    much faster and wider swing to it so you'll need a little bit of 
    speed when getting on it.  The centers of the bridges have the 
    least movement while the bridges are swinging so they are the 
    safest spots to wait in.  Start working your way toward the edge 
    as the bridge starts swinging again, keeping your movement in 
    the same direction that the bridge is rotating so that it doesn't 
    slip out from under you.  Watch your speed as you land on the goal 
    *Optional:  You can power your way through this one.  Just hold 
    forward immediately as you start.  The rotation of the bridges 
    will cause you to curve a bit, so try to keep yourself going as 
    straight as possible.
    *Warp: (t) As with JUNCTION, the warp is behind the runway, but 
    you do not need to get a running start for this one.  However, 
    timing is very crucial here when jumping down as you need to hit 
    the bridge as it is swinging by.  I recommend turning around at 
    the start and staying in place until the clock is around 56:40. 
    Then hold up and move forward to the end of the runway.  Try to 
    stay a little left of center and angle yourself slightly to the 
    right so that you have plenty of room to land on.  Hit the 
    brakes as you get to the center of the bridge so that you don't 
    fall over.  When the bridge starts moving again, work yourself to 
    the edge so that you land on the platform as the bridge is 
    swinging by.  Move up to the forward half of the platform so 
    that the bridge you just got off of doesn't bat you off while you 
    wait for the next one.  The second bridge will pass by you three 
    times during each swing.  You'll want to jump on the bridge as 
    the third edge is coming by.  Be on the same side of the 
    platform that the bridge is going to be coming to a stop at. 
    Get a running start and fall off the platform a little before 
    the bridge arrives so that you land on it as it is swinging by. 
    Don't stop on this one.  Use your current momentum and run at a 
    medium-fast speed to the other side as it will be starting to move 
    again as you reach it. Don't go too fast though because you may 
    reach the other side too soon and fall over before it reaches the 
    platform.  Drop on to the platform, watching your speed so that 
    you don't fall over the other side.  The last bridge is nasty.  
    It passes by you five times during each swing.  You'll want to 
    jump on during the fifth pass.  Because this one rotates so fast, 
    you'll want to fall even sooner than you did for the second bridge 
    or else you'll miss it.  Stop at the center and begin working your 
    way to the edge that will be passing by the goal first.  Go full 
    speed along with the bridge toward the goal platform and hit the 
    brakes when you land so that you don't fall over the edge.  Just 
    make sure that you stop far enough ahead so that the bridge doesn't 
    hit you off.  Jump to floor 4.
    3 - CYLINDERS - (s,c) In my opinion, this is one of the nastiest 
    (if not the nastiest) floors in the game.  It's simple, but far 
    from easy. You need to be nearly flawless on this floor to make it 
    to the goal.  Even the slightest over or undercorrection on a turn 
    will send you over the side.  Basically what this floor is is a bunch 
    of spinning cylinders.  Think of it as spinning logs in the water. 
    You can choose either direction to take.  I always use the right
    path but both of them are equally as hard.  The only difference 
    between the two paths is that you turn in the opposite direction 
    and the spin of the floor is going the other way.  Speed is very 
    crucial on this floor as it make it easier to keep your balance.
    You can go fairly fast along the first cylinder until you reach
    the fork.  Choose a side and take it toward the goal.  You'll want 
    to make 90-degree angle turns on all of the corners so that you are 
    in a straight line with the next cylinder.  Use the banana bunches 
    as markers for where to turn.  Just make sure you don't come to
    a complete stop while trying to turn or else the momentum of the 
    floor will cause you to turn around, messing up your timing, 
    camera angle, and pretty much your whole day.  Make your turns 
    quick, but controlled.  While going straight on the cylinders, 
    gently keep the control stick pushed in the opposite direction 
    of the spin of the cylinder you are on.  If the cylinder is 
    starting to push you over, push the stick down a little harder to 
    correct.  If you find yourself overcorrecting, ease off on the 
    stick. In any case, never ever let up your forward momentum.  Be 
    careful on the third turn as it drops down to the next cylinder. 
    It could cause you to bump and lose a little control.  The last 
    cylinder is very narrow so you won't have much breathing space. 
    Fortunately, you can go faster on that one so it'll help you to 
    correct a little easier.  Do not be surprised if it takes you many 
    many lives and/or continues the first couple of times when you 
    reach this floor.  Even when you know what to do, you must be 
    practically flawless on this one.
    4 - PASSAGE - This floor is all about crossing gaps on the 
    corners.  The moving beams alternate moving to the other side. 
    Head forward over the small gap and wait for the beams next to 
    you to pass through.  Jump to the platform to your right.  Now 
    wait for the side beams to pass to the other side.  Head to the 
    right again and jump both platforms to where the bunch of bananas 
    is.  Turn to your left and wait for the beams to pass through 
    (if they haven't already).  You should see the goal now. Head 
    across the next three platforms and enter the goal. 
    *Warp:  Notice how there is also a lower set of beams.  Start 
    off like normally.  Hop on the right platform when the first set 
    of beams pass you by.  This time though, instead of lining 
    yourself up for the right platform, move to the right edge of 
    the platform you are on and face the platform ahead to your left. 
    When the next set of beams pass you by, start moving toward the 
    left platform, but fall over the edge when you reach the front- 
    center.  Don't go too fast though because if you hit the wall 
    on your way down, you'll fall off.  Try to move near the wall as 
    you are falling, and once you clear the wall, hold up to land on 
    the platform below.  Wait for the beams to pass by and hop on to 
    the platform you face when you land.  Next, turn to the right and 
    wait for the beams to pass by.  Hope over to this last platform 
    and turn around to the right and enter the goal, grabbing the 
    bunches of bananas if you wish.
    5 - NOTCH - Wait until the clock is around 43:00 to step on to the 
    moving platform.  Stay to your right so that you don't fall into 
    the notch.  After you pass the first notch, move to your left 
    and go around the second notch.  Try to keep yourself lined up a 
    little to the left of the left goalpost as the platform starts 
    bringing you uphill.  Keep a slow, but steady forward movement as 
    the platform begins to rise. When you are approaching the peak, 
    hold a little harder to the left and move forward a little faster 
    as you only have a split moment to step off on to the goal 
    platform.  This floor is a slight preview of floor 7.
    6 - INTERMITTENT - (s) You'll really need to watch your speed on 
    this floor.  It's basically a series of jumps onto increasingly 
    smaller platforms to the goal.  You can go for the bananas if you 
    want, but the jumps are easier to make the closer you are to the 
    next platform.  Go at a medium to medium-slow speed on the jumps. 
    It's hard to set your speed for the last jumps because your speed 
    flies back and forth on the jumps and landings.  If you can though, 
    try to hit the second to last jump at 30mph.  What you want to do 
    is land on the last platform before the goal and be flush with 
    the floor as you hit the last jump.  This floor is one of those 
    that you need to play around with to get the right speed for your 
    last couple of jumps.  I've tried to power my way through but I 
    haven't been able to find a method that works.
    7 - LONG TORUS - This floor is a cross between CYLINDERS and NOTCH. 
    Wait until the clock is at 55:99 (fifth ping) and then head 
    forward at full speed.  Aim for the bunch of bananas and then hit 
    the bump and jump to your right.  Don't hold down right too hard 
    because the speed of your jump will already give you a lot of 
    distance.  Try to completely skip the corner if possible. Correct 
    yourself in mid air to land on the center of the cylindrical 
    platform.  Use your bounces to adjust your direction, being as 
    straight as possible.  Keep your speed up full and head to the end 
    of the torus.  There are goals on both sides, but it is easier to 
    try for the left one and get it over with rather than try to keep 
    your balance and wait for the right one to come around.  Use the 
    edge of the goal platform as a speed bump if you need to adjust 
    your speed and direction a little.  Other than that, just fall 
    into the goal. 
    8 - SPASMODIC - Three small sections of the floor near the goal 
    flip around.  One way to do this floor is to wait next to each 
    spinning section and move full speed across it as soon as it 
    stops spinning, coming to a stop immediately after crossing so 
    that you don't get hit by the nest one.
    *Optional:  Power your way through this floor.  It is much easier 
    and less stressful.  Almost immediately after you drop (when the 
    clock hits 59:50), hold forward and zip through to the goal.
    9 - DOUBLE TWIN - (t) When the clock hits 54:99, move on to the 
    inner platform on the right side.  Move full speed down the center 
    toward the left side.  At 51:99, drop down to the outer platform, 
    holding down right so that you don't go over the side.  Keep your 
    speed up and head to the stationary platform.  Almost immediately, 
    (46:99) jump on the next inner platform on the left side.  Work 
    your way across the center over to the right side, keeping your 
    speed up full.  Drop to the outer right platform at around 44:50. 
    Stay on the high (right) side of this plat form as long as 
    possible and ride it to the goal.  Always keep your speed at full 
    when you are on the moving platforms.  There are many ways you can  
    do this level.  The times I used for it is the best working way 
    I've found so far.
    10- CLOCK FACE - Immediately drop down to the black ledge.  A 
    moving red platform with a bunch of bumpers on it should be 
    starting to pass by.  Go to the end of the ledge and drop onto 
    this platform.  You'll see a yellow platform coming your way on 
    the right.  Hop on this platform.  You can either turn to the 
    right a little to face just left of the center of the clock and 
    move forward to catch the blue platform that passes by, or you 
    can ride the yellow platform down to the next blue platform. 
    From there, hop on the first small red platform you can get on.
    Step off on to one of the thin yellow platforms and move to the 
    center.  Go left around the clock's face until you reach the 
    last yellow platform before the hour hand.  Hop on that and take 
    the next red platform that comes around.  From there go to a blue 
    one, then yellow.  You don't want a red platform with bumpers, so 
    ride it until you come across an empty red platform.  Ride this 
    platform down until you get to the goal area.  Get on the next 
    long blue platform and try to get to the goal ramp.  Be careful 
    though because between your direction to stay straight on the 
    platform, and the platform causing you to spin, it is very easy 
    to fall off of or miss the goal ledge.
    *There are very many ways to do this floor, but the clock's hands 
    kinda limit your options, so here is how I usually do it:
    I won't use fractions of seconds here since it can vary.
    Immediately drop down to the black ledge and on to the red 
    bumper platform.  Hop onto yellow platform (54).  Move to blue 
    platform (53).  Go on small red platform (51).  Move to small 
    yellow platform (47).  Go left around clock face to small 
    yellow platform before the hour hand (43).  Hop on small red 
    platform (42-41).  Move forward to blue platform (40).  Wait for 
    next yellow platform (36).  Ride down to empty red platform (32). 
    Pass over blue platform and onto the goal ledge (30-29).
    **After messing around a bit, I found a much easier way to do this 
    floor.  Wait in the beginning until around 50:00.  The plain red 
    platform will come sailing by.  Hop on it and take it all the way to 
    the other side.  Try to keep yourself on the middle to the back half 
    of the platform.  As you are passing by the goal, the long blue platform 
    will begin passing you by.  Move onto it and head up the goal ledge.
    You should be able to make it with about 40:00 left on the clock.
    Copyright/Contact Info.
    I am only allowing this FAQ to be hosted by GameFAQS.  If you have any 
    questions about this FAQ or its content, or if you notice any errors, 
    feel free to write me at gforce9x@aol.com.
    Please be sure that the subject line of your e-mail is easily noticeable
    as being related to this FAQ.  E-mail that is titled something like,
    "Hey GForce9x" or "Hey Jeff" will get deleted as it will look like a lot
    of the spam that I get.  Also, please let me know if you see any other
    site besides www.gamefaqs.com hosting this FAQ.
    Happy Gaming
    This document Copyright 2002 Jeff Dimapasoc

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