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    Exact Timing Strategy FAQ by Infiltrater

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/23/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    //////                                                                    \\\\\\
    //////                         SUPER MONKEY BALL 2                        \\\\\\
    //////                                                                    \\\\\\
    //////                      Exact Timing Strategy FAQ                     \\\\\\
    //////                                                                    \\\\\\
    //////                       Written By: Infiltrater                      \\\\\\
    //////             Original Strategies Discovered By: SnapDragon          \\\\\\
    //////                E-mail: infil12 (at) hotmail (dot) com              \\\\\\
    //////                           Version: 1.1                             \\\\\\
    //////                    Date Started: October 5, 2002                   \\\\\\
    //////                    Last Updated: October 23, 2002                  \\\\\\
    //////                                                                    \\\\\\
    This FAQ is protected under international Copyright laws. For the full statement,
    please see the "Legal Stuff" section at the bottom of this document. Before
    e-mailing me, please read the section entitled "Contact Me" near the bottom of
    the FAQ.
    +    Table of Contents                                                         +
        -  Version History
        -  What's in This Guide?
        -  Before We Start...
        -  Exact Timing Strategies
        -  Contact Me
        -  Legal Stuff
        -  Credits and Thanks
    +    Version History                                                           +
    Version 1.1:
    - I fixed a few typos as well as edited a few of the strategies that I copied
    over incorrectly from the GameFAQs message boards.
    Version 1.0:
    - I typed up the first version of the FAQ. The only true reason for this FAQ is
    to catalog and permanently save the exact timing strategies as developed by
    SnapDragon and posted on the GameFAQs SMB2 message boards. Unless more timing
    strategies are developed, or unless typos are found, this'll probably be the last
    version of the FAQ.
    +    What's in This Guide?                                                     +
    This guide is a Monkey Baller's best friend to some of the trickier (and simpler)
    levels in Super Monkey Ball 2. This FAQ gives a precise listing of steps to
    perform if you want to go through the goal 100% of the time in the outlined
    stages. While some stages (for example, A16 Mad Rings and A27 Randomizer) can get
    you *near* the goal if you "just hold up" or something similar, this FAQ is much
    more precise. If you follow the instructions exactly, you *will* go through the
    goal, guaranteed.
    +    Before We Start...                                                        +
    There are a few things to know before we begin. Obviously, controller sensitivity
    can be a huge issue when we're dealing with the millisecond intervals outlined.
    Therefore, we recommend that you calibrate your controller in the Options screen
    before attempting these strategies. They have all been tested using a rather new,
    calibrated controller, and they all work. If you're finding yourself not making
    it to the goal, try re-calibrating or try a different controller.
    This is the way you would read one of the timing strategies. Follow the
    instructions exactly. In case of needing to hold a direction as soon as the level
    begins, make sure you're holding that direction before your monkey lands inside
    the level. When the FAQ outlines a time interval, your goal is to PAUSE the game
    somewhere in-between that interval, still while controlling your monkey as
    outlined before (i.e., holding up, standing still, etc). If you paused it too
    late, you will need to restart the level. If you paused it too early, you should
    unpause and then repause the game as soon as possible to try and get your timer
    in-between the required interval (don't forget to keep your monkey moving the way
    he was supposed to before the pause). Note that pressing Start on the pause
    screen won't select any options when unpausing, so you don't need to worry if
    you're holding up and scrolling through all the options. Once you get the timer
    in the correct interval, follow the new instructions (for example, hold up-right)
    BEFORE unpausing, and then unpause with your monkey moving in the new direction.
    One last note; a few of these strategies will NOT necessarily work in Story Mode
    (as the level may be oriented a little differently). Consequently, any successive
    strategies developed for Story Mode levels may not work in Challenge Mode. Unless
    otherwise stated, all strategies have been verified to work 100% in Challenge
    Mode only. You can try them in Story Mode, but they might not be as successful.
    +    Exact Timing Strategies                                                   +
    If you haven't already, just quickly browse the "Before We Start..." section of
    this FAQ. It'll help with some of the confusion. Most of the intervals are large
    enough that it should be relatively easy to pause/unpause in that time frame.
    B1 SIMPLE: Simply hold forward from the start.
    BX1 CONVEYERS: Simply hold forward from the start.
    BX8 QUICK TURN: Simply hold forward from the start.
    A3 HOPPERS: Simply hold forward from the start.
    A7 GRAVITY SLIDER: Simply hold forward from the start.
    A21 PRO SKATERS *warp*: Do not move at the beginning. 59.78-59.80: hold forward,
    OR 59.75-59.76: hold forward, then up-right after bounce, OR 59.81: hold forward,
    then up-left after bounce. (Admittedly, this is not 100% exact, but should still
    A25 TRIANGLE HOLES: Simply hold forward from the start.
    A28 COIN SLOTS *warp*: Do not move at the beginning. 57.00-57.06: hold forward
    (the monkey will have turned slightly by then for some reason; straighten out so
    you head down the middle. Doesn't seem to affect going through the goal).
    A30 ARTHROPOD: Do not move at the beginning. 41.08-41.18: hold forward.
    36.16-36.26: hold up-left. Yes, all combinations of values in these ranges work!
    I've tested all the extreme cases. This level will trouble us no more!
    E14 BRANDISHED: Do not move at the beginning. 59.30-59.41: hold forward.
    E43 SPINNING SAW: Do not move at the beginning. 59.56-59.60: hold forward. (can
    "fudge" your direction if you're close)
    E48 ORBITERS: Hold forward. When you hit the platform, you'll have a couple
    uncontested seconds to roll into the goal.
    E50 AIR HOCKEY: Hold forward. Pause at 57.33-57.41: Then, depending on the time
    you hit:
    - 57:36: Release the stick and you'll go right into the goal.
    - Otherwise: hold up-right, then at 56.55-56.63, hold right.
    E50 AIR HOCKEY (STORY MODE): Hold forward. 57:18-57:36: release the stick.
    EX6 FREE THROW *warp 2*: Hold forward. 53.66-53.73: hold back. Then, depending on
    the time you hit:
    - 53.66: nothing, you'll fall straight in.
    - 53.68: 50.36-50.75: release stick.
    - 53.70: 50.65-50.91: release stick.
    - 53.71: 50.81-51.01: release stick.
    - 53.73: 50.98-51.20: release stick.
    EX10 TRAIN WORM: Hold forward. 55.50-55.55: hold up-right.
    M1 CENTRIFUGAL: Hold forward. 58.35-58.36: hold up-left. (This interval is very
    small... if you miss, you'll have to do the level the proper way)
    M2 SWING BRIDGES: Hold forward, and after the first bridge correct so you're
    still going straight.
    M8 SPASMODIC: Do not move at the beginning. 59.41-59.60: Hold forward.
    MX1 VARIABLE WIDTH: Hold forward. 51.70-51.73: Hold up-right, OR 51.55-51.66
    EXCEPT 51.63: Hold up-left.
    MX2 STRIKER *warp 2*: I can only do part of the work for you, and the secondary
    times are just estimates... controlling yourself when you land on the top
    platform is up to you. This just makes it possible. :) Wait. 59.53-59.61: Hold
    forward. Then, depending on the time you hit:
    - 59.53: 53.46-53.60: Hold back.
    - 59.55: 54.73-54.83: Hold back.
    - 59.56: 55.25-55.40: Hold back.
    - 59.58: 55.80-55.95: Hold back.
    - 59.60: 56.06-56.16: Hold back.
    - 59.61: 56.06-56.16: Hold back.
    MX7 SYNCHRONIZED: Wait. 43.91-44.01: Hold forward. (Or 57.75 below)
    MX7 SYNCHRONIZED *warp*: Hold forward. 57.70-57.73: Hold up-right. (57.75 goes
    into the normal exit, but you can fudge it)
    MX9 DIZZY SYSTEM: Hold forward. 57.18-57.23: Hold up-right. Then, depending on
    the time you hit:
    - 57.18: 56.75-56.95: release stick.
    - 57.20: 56.83-56.90: hold left.
    - 57.21: 56.83-56.90 EXCEPT 56.88: hold left, OR 56.88: hold down-left.
    - 57.23: 56.81-56.88: hold left.
    +    Contact Me                                                                +
    There are a few guidelines I'd like you to adhere to if you'd like a response.
    They're very simple, however.
    1. Include the word "FAQ" in the subject line. As with most people, I get crazy
    amounts of junk mail. I won't be wading through it to try and decipher a subject
    line that doesn't have that word somewhere in it. Don't forget this!
    2. Offer praise or constructive criticism. I don't mind criticism, but I will
    simply delete e-mails which intentionally insult me.
    3. Make your e-mail easy to understand with good grammar and spelling.
    Deciphering cryptic e-mails will probably not be worth it.
    4. Find any kind of error or misrepresentation anywhere in my FAQ which needs
    5. Write about an exact timing strategy of your own. Note that this FAQ isn't
    interested with strategies that "almost" work (like "hold forward on Randomizer,
    except sorta near the end and you should pass it"). If you've discovered
    something that involves precise timing, write it using the above format and send
    it in. I'll give you credit for your discovery.
    And that's pretty much it! My email address is infil12 (at) hotmail (dot) com. I
    type it that way so that programs that are designed to search the internet for
    the "@" sign and such can't add me to mailing lists. You can expect a response
    anywhere from a few hours to a day or two, depending on my schedule.
    +    Legal Stuff                                                               +
    This FAQ is copyrighted by me, Infiltrater. I authorize GameFAQs.com as the only
    site able to post this FAQ. If you find it mooched anywhere else, please notify
    me and I will contact the parties in question. You cannot copy this FAQ, in whole
    or in part, at all. If you really want to post this FAQ on your website or use
    any information, all I ask is you e-mail me and wait for my answer. I could very
    well grant permission, but you won't know if you don't ask.
    +    Credits and Thanks                                                        +
    I have a few people to thank:
    SnapDragon - Basically, this entire FAQ is composed of HIS exact timing
    strategies. None of these (with the exception of A50 Air Hockey Story Mode) were
    devised by me, Infiltrater. I'm merely the one who made a FAQ out of it so that
    people could use this as a reference. So please, no e-mails saying I'm
    plagiarizing! :)
    CJayC - For creating one of the most useful resources on the internet.
    Nintendo/Sega - For making such a hard, yet entertaining game.
    Thanks for reading this FAQ. Hopefully it will help you get through some of the
    more annoying, random levels. Have fun!
    ~ Infil

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