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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Sixstring983

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 07/27/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                      SSSS    SSS         MMMMM     MMMMM
                      SSSS                MMMMMM   MMMMMM
                       SSSS               MMM MMM MMM MMM
                        SSSSSSS           MMM  MMMMM  MMM
                          SSSSSSS         MMM   MMM   MMM
                             SSSS         MMM    M    MMM
                      SSS    SSSS         MMM         MMM
                      SSSSSSSSSSS U P E R MMM         MMM O N K E Y
                       SSSSSSSSS          MMM         MMM
                      BBBBBBBBB            222222222
                      BB     BBB          22222222222
                      BB      BBB         222    2222
                      BB     BBBB               22222
                      BBBBBBBBBBB              22222 
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                      BB     BBBB            22222
                      BB      BBB           22222
                      BB     BBBB A L L    2222222222
                      BBBBBBBBBB           2222222222
                     By Sixstring982
              Email: Sixstring982@hotmail.com
                    AIM: Sixstring982
                       June 5, 2006
                       Version 1.20
    I.                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
    I.      Table of contents
    II.     Controls
    III.    Game Modes
    IV.     Options Screen
    V.      Story Mode Walkthrough
       Vx.   Characters
       Vxx.  Pause Menu
       VA.     Jungle Island
       VB.     Volcanic Magma
       VC.     Under the Ocean
       VD.     Inside a Whale
       VE.     Amusement Park
       VF.     Boiling Pot
       VG.     Bubbly Washing Machine
       VH.     Clock Tower Factory
       VJ.     Space Colony
       VK.     Dr. BAD-BOON's Base
    VI.       All-Banana Challenge
    VII.      Version History
    VIII.     Contacting Me
    IX.       Legal & Copyright
    X.        Credits & Thanks
    II. Controls
    The controls for this game couldn't be easier. This is why this game is perfect
    for all ages, even if at some points it can be INCREDIBLY frustrating.
    Control Stick..............Move the Stage (not the ball!)
    A Button...................Change map zoom
    Start/Pause Button.........Pause the game and go to the pause menu
    III.Game Modes
    The Main Game:
                  The main game is a mode in which you roll your monkey ball
    through various obstacle courses.
      Story Mode :
      PLAYERS : 1
                Story Mode starts with giving you ten obstacle courses to chose
    from. You can start on any one you wish, but to progress to the next world, you
    must complete all ten stages. If you fail a stage, you may retry it as many
    times as you wish, without getting a game over. You recieve play points as you
    progress, which are used to unlock party games.
      Challenge Mode :
      PLAYERS : 1-4
                    The same as Story mode, with a few exceptions.
    If you run out of time, which ranges from 30
    to 60 seconds -OR- fall off of the stage, you will lose a life. If you lose all
    of your lives, you get a game over. From the game over screen, you get 5
    continues. These give you all of your lives back, and you restart the stage
    that you last failed. If you lose all of your continues, the game is completely
    over and you go back to the main menu.
      Practice Mode :
      PLAYERS 1
                   The name says it all. If you have played a stage before
    whatsoever, even if you have failed it, you can practice it as many times as
    you wish to here.
    Party Games:
                Chose from 12 Different style Mini Games. 6 are locked, but you can
    buy them with play points by playing story mode or challenge mode enough. The
    locked party games cost 2500 play points a piece.
                      (All party games completely described in section VI)
    IV. The Options Screen
    Get to the options screen from the Main screen
    Replay :
            Watch replays that you've saved from playing the main game.
    Play Points :
            This option tells you how many play points that you currently have,
    how many play points you need to earn before you can unlock a new party game
    (2500 - the number of play points you have), and the party games that you have
    Ranking :
             The rankings option is a high score list for the main game and all of
    the party games.
    Game Data :
               You can load a saved game, save your current game, or you can turn
    on the autosave feature (RECCOMENDED)
    Controller :
                Here you can adjust the control stick (basically, just check if it
    works allright), and turn the rumble feature on or off.
    Game Screen :
                 Here, you can change the aspect ratio of your screen to normal,
    widescreen, or letterbox. You can also change the multiplayer split-screen to
    LIVE (every screen is the same size) or to make one player's screen bigger
    than the other two's in 3 player mode.
    Sound :
           Change the sound output to Stereo or Mono.
    V. Story Mode Walkthrough
    IMPORTANT NOTE:________________________________________________________________
    Here, I will explain a strategy for successfully completing every stage in the
    game. This will only tell you how to complete it, and it probably won't make it
    any easier in the first place. However, if I have listed an alternate solution
    to the stage, Most of the time it will be easier than the intended way
    of completing the stage. Some consider this cheating, however, so if you are 
    one of those people who like to play fair and square, just use the intended
    way of completing the stage.
    VX. Characters
    Aiai : The Main character of the game, he is an average joe male monkey.
    MeeMee : The only female character in the game, she is Aiai's counterpart.
    GonGon : A very buff male monkey.
    Baby : You guessed it, a baby monkey.
    VXX. The Pause Screen
    Continue Game :
                   Like it says, it unpauses the game.
    Retry :
           Puts you back at the beginning of the stage.
    View Stage :
                Gives you a full view of what the stage looks like.
    How to Play :
                 Rules and controls
    Stage Select :
                  Brings you back to the screen with the current 10 stages
    Exit Game :
               Returns you to the main menu
    VA. Jungle Island
    Jungle Island is the only world with BEGINNER level stages.
                        /Jungle Island Statistics:\
                        | Total Time: 600s (10m)  |
                        |   Total Bananas: 141    |
                        \ World Difficulty: 33/100/
                                1. ~Simple~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 7 single
    Difficulty: 1
          As the name implies, a simple stage. Go perfectly straight to complete 
                                2. ~Hollow~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 7 single, 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 2
          Go straight until you get to the half-pipe section. Roll around the round
    tube until you get to the wall on the other side, then roll up the ramp and 
    down twoards the finish gate.
    ALTERNATE: A little harder to land perfectly. go to the half-pipe section and 
    try to jump it to the ramp at the end of the half-pipe.
    BENEFITS: Faster time and a banana bunch.
                                 3. ~Bumpy~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 8 single, 2 bunch
    Difficulty: 1
         Go Straight. You'll bounce off of the goal, but should be able to recover
                                4. ~Switches~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 10 single
    Difficulty: 2
          Roll over the switch in front of you. This causes the bridge to fold open
    letting you roll straight on through. Go around the second switch. If you don't
    and have too much speed, you will fall to your doom. After that, go around the
    big hole in front of the goal to reach it.
    ALTERNATE: This Alternative route gets you to an alternate gate than the blue
    one. When you reach the second switch, push it. This will cause the bridge to 
    go to a 90 degree angle. Go to the left of the switch, and with some luck,
    you can roll off the cliff and hopefully land in the goal (NOT RECCOMENDED FOR
    BENEFITS: In Challenge Mode, you will warp ahead a few levels. In story mode
    and challenge mode, you will get a better score multiplyer for the level.
                               5. ~Conveyers~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 8 single
    Difficulty: 6
          The difficulty rating was WAY off for this stage. Just go perfectly
    straight to complete the stage. The only reason for such a high difficulty is
    if you want to collect all of the bananas.
                               6. ~Floaters~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 9 single, 4 bunch
    Difficulty: 3
          The best way to finish this stage is to avoid the floating blocks in
    the center. simply weave your way to the goal, avoiding the blocks.
                                7. ~Slopes~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 8 single
    Difficulty: 2
          Jump off of the middle-left ramp, then continue up the series of ramps
    twoards the goal.
                               8. ~Sliders~
    BANANAS: 6 single
    Difficulty: 8
         The most difficult of the first ten stages, Sliders is still a piece of
    cake. Go down the half-pipe. Break before you get to the curve at the end, and
    turn around. Repeat until you get to the last section, which you will bring 
    your ball to the center of the ramp. Continue down the center until you reach
    the goal.
    ALTERNATE: Go very fast down the half-pipe runway at the beginning, swerving
    so that you maximize your height on the edges. When you reach the first turn,
    you can jump to other curves in the course. This is INCREDIBLY dangerous and
    lots of times, doesn't work. (NOT RECCOMENDED FOR CHALLENGE MODE!!!)
    BENEFITS: Faster time
                              9. ~Spinning Top~
    BANANAS: 8 single
    Difficulty: 6
         The first thing most notice on this stage is the large, spinning object
    of doom. Obviously, you really, really don't want to touch it. Anyways, roll
    up to the large pillar. Go up either ramp (In situations like this, go up the
    ramp that matches the hand you write with.)When you get to the top, go around
    the circle AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN FROM THE TOP. When you reach the end, roll
    through the goal.
                             10. ~Curve Bridge~
    BANANAS: none
    Difficulty: 2
         You need to be very careful that you don't go too fast on this level.
    just go twoards all of the curves swiftly, but remember to break soon enough
    that you will stop at the turn of the curve. When you get to the bridge, wait
    until the moment when you will reach the center of the bridge when the two
    pieces of the bridge are connected. Then make you way to the goal.
    VB. Volcanic Magma
    Volcanic Magma is the first world with ADVANCED level stages.
                        /   Volcanic Magma Statistics:   \
                       |     Total Time: 600s (10m)       |
                       | Total Bananas: 199 (125 possible)|
                        \   World Difficulty: 51/100     /
                                   1. ~Banks~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 single
    Difficulty: 2
          The first advanced stage, go straight until you get to the turn. Be
    careful here, because the floor is tilted to make you fall into the center.
    Go along the figure 8 until you get to the goal. Be careful at the second half
    of the stage, too, because the warping in the middle of the stage changes
    pitch, making your ball roll off the outside of the course.
                                2. ~Eaten Floor~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 single
    Difficulty: 5
          The easiest way to complete this stage is to stick to the left path until
    you get to the top of the map, in which you will go twoards the goal from 
                                  3. ~Hoppers~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 single
    Difficulty: 3
          See that switch behind you? Go push it. This makes life a whole lot
    easier. Now, dodge the jumping ummm....thingys in the middle of the stage and
    go through the goal.
    ALTERNATE: After you fall wait for a split second, then jam the control stick 
    upwards and go through the stage at top speed to complete it easily.
    BENEFITS: easy completion, faster time
                                 4. ~Coaster~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 7 bunch (only possible to get 1 bunch)
    Difficulty: 6
          Oooooh man this one is fun. To complete it with almost no risk of losing,
    jump into the tube and let go of the control stick. When your speed goes below
    70mph, boost it back up to 90mph, then go back to letting go of the stick.
    When you reach the bottom, break and align yourself to go to the goal.
    ALTERNATE: Go VERY fast (200mph or so) along the tube, being careful not to
    fall out. When you reach the bottom, quickly aim so that you will land in the
                               5. ~Bumpy Check~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 10 single
    Difficulty: 7
          When you get on the checkerboard, go straight left two squares, then
    continue up to the top of the board, then go twoards the goal and go in.
                                  6. ~Swell~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 10 single, 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 3
          Follow the trail of bananas. Beware though, the course tilts left until
    you get halfway, then it starts tilting right.
                              7. ~Gravity Slider~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 bunch 
    Difficulty: 7
          A total speed-demon of a course. Go perfectly straight. You end up going
    so fast that the frame-rate can't keep up with your speed.
    ALTERNATE: (NOT RECCOMENDED!!!) If you want to get all 50 bananas on this stage
    here's how to do it. Go slowly on the first ramp, but hit it so that you still
    get the bananas. Break right after it, then continue to the second ramp. 
    Remember to gain enough speed to reach the bananas at the bottom of the slide.
                                8. ~Inchworms~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 20 single (15 possible)
    Difficulty: 6
          Immediatley push the switch behind you. Then, travel to the inchworm
    closest to the starting point. When the inchworm bunches up, follow it as
    it unravels section by section until you get to the end.
    ALTERNATE: follow the same strategy as before, just with a different path.
    I reccomend going to the second path anyways, but I have only been able to
    successfully complete the third path once.
                             9. ~Totalitarianism~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 9 single
    Difficulty: 8
          (n): a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not
    restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.). No idea what that has
    to do with the stage at all, but oh well. In this stage, the bananas represent
    safe zones. Stopping on a banana will garruntee your safety. Push the switch
    behind you before you go, then simply stop on the bananas while the donuts drop
    while progressing twoards the goal and you will complete it in no time.
                              10. ~Alternative~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 8 single
    Difficulty: 6
          Avoid the switch, then get on the first moving block when you can. When
    the blocks congregate in the middle, hop onto the next one and stop on it.
    repeat this until you get to the goal.
    VC. Under the Ocean
    The second world in the ADVANCED level.
                      /   Under the Ocean Statistics:    \
                      |     Total Time: 600s (10m)       |
                      |Total Bananas: 177 (175 possible?)|
                      \    World Difficulty: 47/100      /
                              1. ~Organic Form~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 3 single
    Difficulty: 3
          Hit the switch behind you, then go pretty much straight the whole time,
     keeping in mind that the object changes speeds as much as it changes form.
    Break at the end so that you don't roll off the end and dont run into the top
    of the goal, sending you back into the form and ultimately sending you flying
    to your doom.
                             2. ~Reversible Gear~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 single, 7 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          This one's a doozy if you don't know what you're doing.
    The map is shaped like this:
                     /     \
                    |       |
                    |       |
    Stand where the star is (well actually as close to the gear as you can get, but
    keep in line with the middle of that edge of the octagon) When the gear is 
    about to stop and lets an open path straight to the goal, go straight twoards
                            3. ~Stepping Stones~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 single, 1 bunch (14 possible)
    Difficulty: 6
          Go along the right path, being careful not to drop through the holes or
    falling off the edge.
    ALTERNATE: (NOT RECCOMENDED!!!) Take the right path instead of the left one.
    This is MUCH more dangerous, but it will get you a lot more bananas.
    BENEFITS: More Bananas, but slower time
                              4. ~Dribbles~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 9 single
    Difficulty: 6
          Hit the switch behind you to slow down the big jumping blobs. Then, 
    carefully navigate the course being sure that the blobs don't crush you and
    send you flying to oblivion. This course takes a lot of time to complete, so
    remember to do it swiftly. Also remember that even if you're not on a circle
    where the blobs bounce, some are so big that they can hit you from far away.
                               5. ~U.R.L.~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 6 single
    Difficulty: 4
          Oh no! The amusementvision web address has come loose and is trying to
    knock you to kingdom come! (they REALLY ran out of ideas for stages)
    ANYWAYS, go straight until you get to the platform where the bar moves. When it
    gets closer, go to the edge that the bar doesn't reach (where the bananas are)
    and balance until it moves away. when it does, go straight to the goal.
                              6. ~Mad Rings~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 8 single, 7 bunch
    Difficulty: 3
          Simply go straight until you get to the platform with the goal on it, but
    remember to dodge the ring as it swings around you.
    ALTERNATE: Jam the stick forward until you get to the platform with the first
    You can also go for the other two goals. The second goal isn't too challenging
    to reach, but I wouldn't try for the third one.
                             7. ~Curvy Options~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 3 single, 3 bunch (not sure if it's possible to get all of them)
    Difficulty: 3
          Simply take the path on the left to finish the stage the easiest.
    ALTERNATE: Take any of the other paths. They are worth more bananas, but they
    are also more dangerous.
                                8. ~Twister~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 single
    Difficulty: 8
          Go into the large tunnel of rotating squares. When it starts to screw
    itself up, stop. This should ensure your safety depending on where you are.
    Repeat this process until you finish the stage.
    ALTERNATE: Don't do anything at the beginning. Wait until the squares are as
    screwed up as they possibly can be (50:85 on the clock), then jam the control
    stick up. You should land in the goal if you aim at it.
                                9. ~Downhill~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 single
    Difficulty: 3
          Use the series of staircases and slopes to get to the goal. Go extrememly
    slow on the slopes and staircases, because going too fast can cause you to go
    through the center of the doughnuts.
    ALTERNATE: Go to the second step down from the top. Check your map to see if
    you're aligned to the ring under you, then slowly drop off of the step that
    you're on.keep using the map when you bounce to align yourself again. If you
    can keep your balance when bouncing, you'll be on the bottom ring.
                               10. ~Junction~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 6 single, 2 bunch (22 possible)
    Difficulty: 3
          Go straight. When you start falling down the slope, start to break. Avoid
    all of the holes along the way, and once you get to the bottom go through the
    ALTERNATE: Go to the end of the platform that you're on. Turn around and go
    full speed twoards the back of the platform. This is the same path as the front
    way, but it is much steeper. Be careful going down it and you will get to the
    VD. Inside a Whale
    The final world of ADVANCED level stages
                          /Inside a Whale Statistics:\
                          |  Total Time: 600s (10m)  |
                          |   Total Bananas: 140     |
                          \World Difficulty : 63/100 /
                               1. ~Pro Skaters~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 bunch
    Difficulty: 2
          Use the pause and play buttons in front of you to stop one of the 
    skaters. It's a good idea to stop him when he reaches the bottom of the
    ALTERNATE: Go for the second skater. It's much harder because it can't be
    paused. I've never gotten it.
                               2. ~Giant Comb~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 12 single
    Difficulty: 8
          This one looks much harder than it really is. Go forward, and stop in
    between the glowing lines when the comb comes by, then go right after it
    ALTERNATIVE: Jam the stick forward and keep it held down. Aim so that you don't
    hit the pole in the middle, but keep going forward after that. You should go
    straight through the comb without hitting any of the teeth and go through the
                                3. ~Beehive~
    BANANAS: 3 bunch
    Difficulty: 5
         Go along the far left group of honeycombs until you get to the goal. This
    is the easiest way to go.
                             4. ~Dynamic Maze~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 10 single
    Difficulty: 1
          Jam the stick forward to ride along the walls of the maze. Then keep
    inching twoards the goal. You should make it through at about 32:23.
                            5. ~Triangle Holes~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: none
    Difficulty: 6
          Go very slowly through the middle, weaving through the triangular holes.
    This can be very time consuming though, so be quick with your movements.
    ALTERNATIVE: Jam the stick forward the whole time to make it through the goal
    quickly. This is the only way I've ever been able to complete it.
                              6. ~Launchers~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 single
    Difficulty: 9
          This one can be really fun if you know how to do it. Fall down to the
    bottom of the stage. Change your map so that it's set on the smallest area that
    it can show. Next, go to a launcher and wait until it launches. Then, follow
    it while it moves back, making sure to stay as centered as you can to it AND as
    far back as you can go to it. When it launches you, use your map to center
    yourself with the middle of the tower. Then, use your map to fall off of the
    tower and into the rotating goal.
    ALTERNATE: This one is REALLY hard to pull off. If you can, aim yourself so
    that when you launch off of the launcher that you will land in the bottom of
    the blue goal's platform. If you do it right, you will land in the red goal
    beneath it.
                              7. ~Randomizer~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 3 single, 6 bunch
    Difficulty: 6
          Just go straight and you'll get to the goal. Make sure you go PERFECTLY
    straight though, because if you're travelling at high speeds and you hit a
    corner of one of those squares, you'll meet your doom.
    ALTERNATE: This is where the stage gets complicated. See the runway in front
    of you? Good. Now do you see how it's split up into big bars and little bars
    running left-right? Good. Remember those for later. Now, here's a technique
    that I made up myself. It's called fast-breaking and it's incredibly useful
    for certain stages. While you're going forward with the stick up as far as
    possible, just jam the stick back, then up immediately. This will cause you to
    break and you may finish the stage with different results. NOW, remember the
    runway and how it's split up? welll to get to the second level you have to
    break at the first big bar, then the second big bar, then the fourth big bar.
    If you do it correctly, you may even get to the top of the stage.
                              8. ~Coin Slots~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 single
    Difficulty: 8
          Go to the last slot in the big book thingy and wait for the goal to fall
    through. Jump down at the opprotune moment and you'll make it through. You may
    want to pause, then press view stage first to figure out how the coins move.
    ALTERNATE: Use the same strategy, just go for a different slot. All of the
    stages are blue except for the last one, which is green. The only benefit for
    going for an earlier slot is a better score time.
                             9. ~Seesaw Bridges~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 6 single
    Difficulty: 8
          Go to the first bridge. When you get on it, make sure NOT to stop. You
    have to swerve through the cylanders in the middle, or else the bridge will
    tip over, sending you to your falling death. On the second bridge, you MUST
    enter it from the left side. From here, swerve around the bridge. On the third
    bridge, use the same strategy as the first one, just with bigger cylanders.
                              10. ~Arthropod~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 single
    Difficulty: 10
          I bet this stage is why you're looking in this walkthrough, isn't it?
    THIS STAGE SUCKS SO MUCH. It should be the last level of expert mode. And
    truthfully, I have NEVER been able to complete it normally. Anyways, if you're
    really THAT daring to try this, go very fast at the beginning, so that you skip
    over the rings, but remember to stop on the last ring. Now, while avoiding the
    spider's legs, wait on this ring until the goal comes around and enter it.
    ALTERNATE: Here is the only way I have ever completed this stage. Wait at the
    starting point until EXACTLY 41:22 is left on the clock (You may want to pause
    the game several times to make sure it's close enough). When it reaches that
    time, JAM the stick forward. You may need to aim near the end, but you will get
    very close to the goal. NOTE: it must be between 41:20 and 41:25. A FRACTION
    ALTERNATE: (Written by TruthSeeker) I've noticed that so many people rave about
    the extreme difficulty of this level. But I passed it pretty easily after a
    only a few good tries.  Anyone can.  Here's how:
    A couple seconds after starting, if you jam the stick forward and a bit to the
    left, do your best to avoid the legs and time your braking to reach the very 
    edge of the last ring, then let yourself coast over the side.  Aim for the goal
    on your way down. It is an "expert" maneuver, but with a bit of practice,
    you'll nail it almost every time.  
    If you've completed that, congratulations! That is the hardest level ever.
    VE. Amusement Park
    The rest of the stages after this are ADVANCED level stages.
                          /Amusement Park Statistics:\
                          | Total Time:570s (9m30s)  |
                          |   Total Bananas:186      |
                          \ World Difficulty: 52/100 /
                                 1. ~Wormhole~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 single, 3 bunch
    Difficulty: 3
          Go as fast as you can through the wormhole. You'll go to the upper right
    gate, and along the thin walkway. Stop at the big part, then turn right. Go
    along this walkway. Then turn right, and go along THAT walkway. Be careful here
    because the walkway is VERY thin.
                                 2. ~Free Fall~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 7
          Go out on the thin walkway. Use your map to fall on to the huge circular
    landing pad. Go along the thin walkway there, and fall in to the goal. The nice
    thing about using Aiai is that when walking on thin walkways, you can use
    the tip of his hair as a sort of crosshair for going straight.
    ALTERNATE: Use the same strategy as earlier, but along the second walkway,
    drop to the floor even lower than the one you are on.
                                3. ~Melting Pot~
    TIME: 30s
    BANANAS: 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 4
          You only have 30 seconds to complete this one, so hurry and jump in the
    box. It is very hard to control how you move, and the big boulders don't make
    it any easier. just try as hard as you can to get to the goal.
                                4. ~Mad Shuffle~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          Hit the switch behind the wormhole. go through it to see a hellish
    display of moving boards. Watch how they move: They switch after overlapping 3
    times, then they switch after overlapping 4. Wait until they reset, and go on
    the side that is currently overlapping the other. Go as fast as you can,
    because they will switch if you don't hurry. Go through the goal once you
    reach it.
                               5. ~Bead Screen~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 9 single
    Difficulty: 3
          Go to the VCR controls. Once the screen looks like a staircase, run
    straight on down to the goal.
                               6. ~Jump Machine~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 6 bunch
    Difficulty: 5
          Sit at the bottom of the tower. Set your map to medium zoom. When you
    move directly under the tower, it will launch you up into the air. Now, you
    have to land on one of the levels above you.If you don't land on the one with
    the goal, repeat the whole process.
    ALTERNATE: You might want to try to go to the upper levels. In this case, use
    the jumping platforms on the lower levels to try and get to a higher one.
                              7. ~Zigzag Slope~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 single 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 2
          Take the left path. It really isn't a very difficult stage, so just
    follow the path and make sure not to fall off.
    ALTERNATE: Take the right path. This path is steeper, which means you must
    have more momentum to start going. The only reason to take this path is for
    a bunch of bananas.
                                 8. ~Tower~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 single, 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 6
          This is one of my favorites. Take the wormhole to the top of the floating
    blocks. Stop at the top, and set your map to the farthest zoomed IN as it can
    go. Fall off of the left of the tower, trying to absorb the jump as much as
    you can. When you fall on to the next slope, use your map and aim to the center
    of the block to go through the goal.
                                 9. ~Toggle~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 bunch (death trap GO FOR IT AT YOUR OWN RISK)
    Difficulty: 10
          This level is almost as hard as trying to do Arthropod the hard way. Drop
    on to the platform when the one you're going to land on is standing still.
    Then, proceed along the course at ODD numbered intervals of squares. Eventually
    with enough patience and help from a higher being, you will make it through.
                              10. ~Fluctuation~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 13 single
    Difficulty: 4
          Just navigate the maze of moving blocks and try not to go on top of them
    unless you really want all of the bananas.
    VF. Boiling Pot
    The second world of EXPERT level stages
                           /    Boiling Pot Statistics:     \
                           |    Total Time: 600s (10m)      |
                           |Total Bananas:239 (194 possible)|
                           \    World Difficulty: 65/100    /
                                   1. ~Combination~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          First, get a basic idea of where the goal will be at all times. Next, go
    through the wormhole, but turn around so that you can go behind it and on
    another ledge to push the switch. Go back through the wormhole, and sit on a
    square. Follow it around until it stops. Proceed twoards the goal, and repeat
    until you get to it. (the platforms rotate at 180 degrees, this may be helpful
    to know when searching for the goal. You should also try to stay on the same
    layer as the goal the whole time. Another helpful tip would be that when the
    layers split, you can move diagonally between the squares, but be sure to stop
    before the layers move!)
                                 2. ~Punched Seesaws~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 6 single 2 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          Remember the level "Seesaw Bridges?" just weave between the holes. This
    can be pretty tough, but its not too hard overall.
    ALTERNATE: Simply go through a second bridge to go to the second goal.
                                      3. ~Opera~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 single 2 bunch
    Difficulty: 5
          At first sight, this looks impossible! But not to worry, this one's
    actually pretty easy. Just go along the series of staircases and you will
    eventually get to the goal. Be careful on the last set though, if the rumble
    setting is on your hand could go numb.
                                   4. ~Brandished~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 single
    Difficulty: 5
          This one's all about luck. Just don't get too close to the big clunky
    part in the center and out of luck the goal will run into you.
                                     5. ~Tiers~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 single, 9 bunch (50 possible)
    Difficulty: 5
          This isn't too hard, just go through the wormhole and fall down to the
    bottom, then minding the thin walkway, make your way to the goal.
    ALTERNATE: They should hav called this stage "Tears" because of the red goal.
    Take the path right in front of you and pray that you make it.
                                     6. ~Cliffs~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 single
    Difficulty: 9
          Just go down the hills (make sure you aim for the ramps at the bottom
    first) and stop at the top of the hill that you jumped to. Repeat this for
    the rest of the hills until you get to the goal.
                                   7. ~Narrow Peaks~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 single, 5 bunch
    Difficulty: 9
          Go to the first square and go to the left. Go along the "narrow peaks"
    until you get to the goal.
    ALTERNATE: Go to the RIGHT instead of the left. This will get you LOTS more
    ALTERNATE: Take the left path, then go over the last peak on the right path to
    get the bananas without going over all of the right path.
                                      8. ~Detour~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 bunch
    Difficulty: 5
          Go to the big slope. Aim at the wormhole at the bottom to warp to the top
    of the map. Then, aim for the goal to complete the stage. If you want, you can
    also go all the way through the stage multiple times by going through the
    wormhole to gain speed
    Current speed record: 185mph (email me @ pinheadlarry3000@yahoo.com if you
    break it, and try to send a screenshot)
    ALTERNATE: Jump off the ramp in the middle to reach the green goal.
                                   9. ~Switch Inferno~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: none
    Difficulty: 9
          This stage is another luck stage. Pick the right switch out of the
    possible 56. Here's a map.
    X X X X X X X             X-Switch that will knock you off the map
    X X X X X X *             O-Switch that will open the goal
    X X X X X X X             *-Switch that will open the goal that is closest to
    X X O X X X X               the goal
    X X X X X X X
    X X X X X O X
    X O X X X X X
    X X X X X X X
    Push the * switch and go twoards the goal, being careful not to touch any
    other switches, while hurrying to get there before the goal goes back down.
                                     10. ~Folders~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 7 single
    Difficulty: 2
          Instead of going through the middle of the course, which is certain
    death, go along the rails on the side holding it together. Continue on this
    path until you get to the goal.
    VG. Bubbly Washing Machine
    The Third world in EXPERT level stages, this world contains some of the most
    difficult stages. It is also one of my favorite.
                        /Bubbly Washing Machine Statistics:\
                        |     Total Time: 600s (10m)       |
                        | Total Bananas:130 (110 possible) |
                        \    World Difficulty: 67/100      /
                               1. ~Spiral Bridge~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 single
    Difficulty: 4
          A pretty easy stage, just climb up the large rotating spiral until you
    get to the green section. when you get there, wait until it is in alignment
    with the goal, then go straight twoards it. The only problems I had with this
    stage is the damn camera view, and getting to the goal at the end.
                               2. ~Wavy Options~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 single 3 bunch
    Difficulty: 5
          Hmm... Seems familiar (4-7 "curvy options") eh o well... Simply take the
    right side path to complete this stage easily.
    ALTERNATE: You can also take the other 3 paths, but its just for some measly
                                3. ~Obstacle~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 single
    Difficulty: 7
          THIS is my favorite course, just because of the way they designed it. Go
    to the left elevator and take it up to the second level. Zoom in on your map,
    then align yourself with the black pyramid below you. Fall off while hugging
    the wall, and then push the stick twoards the other pyramid. If done correctly,
    you should ramp up the side and into the goal.
                                  4. ~Domino~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 10 single
    Difficulty: 6
          Push the switch and let er rip. Run through the falling dominos (you
    can make the jumps between the stage) and go in the goal before it falls off
    the edge.
                                   5. ~Sieve~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 6 single
    Difficulty: 4
          This is a pretty easy course. As longs as your ENTIRE ball stays inside
    the track, the cutting edges won't send you flying to kingdom come. Just watch
    out at the end, where the edge can still get you if you aren't careful.
                                   6. ~Flock~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 single, 2 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          Get on the first elevator, then keep falling on the tiles LOWER than you
    are and that are also leading to the exit. You should get there easily, but
    be careful not to fall off of the edges by landing wrong or going too fast.
    This stage eats your time, too. Be swift, but careful.
                               7. ~Double Spiral~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 single, 2 bunch (2 possible)
    Difficulty: 9
          Go along the path to the right. Keep at a constant speed around 30mph.
    You will soon make it to the goal.
                                 8. ~Hierarchy~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 9 single, 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 9
          Go straight through the first hole, but remember to break before falling
    off of the edge. On all of the next ones, just keep to the edge of the hole,
    barely falling down it, and landing on the platform below it. Keep this up and
    you'll make it through the goal in no time.
                              9. ~Eight Bracelets~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 bunch
    Difficulty: 10
          This one is also a pain in the butt to complete. You need to go to the
    first bracelet, then drop as close as you can to the side of the bracelet.
    Using each one sort of like a half pipe, you can transfer to another bracelet
    by exiting the one that you're on near the peak of your jump. You should
    eventually make it to the end of the bracelets.
                               10. ~Quick Turn~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 7 single
    Difficulty: 5
          Push the switch behind you, then tay to the side of the moving triangles.
     This ensures that it is much safer than going through the middle, because the
    triangles move through the middle twice as much as they do on the sides. You
    should make it through the goal no sweat.
    ALTERNATE: Jam the stick forward before you land and keep it that way until you
    get through the goal.
    VH. Clock Tower Factory
    The fourth world in EXPERT level stages
                           / Clock Tower Factory Statistics: \
                           |     Total Time: 600s (10m)      |
                           |Total Bananas: 168 (161 possible)|
                           \    World Difficulty: 86/100     /
                                      1. ~Pistons~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 21 single 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 9
          The best way that I have figured out how to do this one is to go along
    trails (where the bananas are) without being hit by the pistons at all. This
    is done easily by staying in a large area, not the thin walkways. Follow this
    path to get to the goal.
                                     2. ~Soft Cream~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 single 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          I found this stage easier to push the fast forward button at the 
    beginning. This speeds up the spiral (obviously) which made it easier for me.
    Simply follow the spiral, and if it feels like you're about to fall off and
    you are going backwards, just stay that way until you level out and continue.
                                      3. ~Momentum~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 18 single, 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 10
          I freaking hate this level. The only way to describe this is NOT FUN.
    Anyways, go along the path that is currently flat. Time is crucial at this part
    so pay attention to what you are doing. Swerve to the other side of the
    pendulum right wen it hits the one that you were on. Remember that you MUST
    switch sides when you are leaning on the big bar in the middle of the path.
                                  4. ~Entangled Path~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 7 single, 1 bunch (10 possible)
    Difficulty: 9
          Keep the play button down. This is important. Now, go out to the circle
    with the banana on it. As the path starts to straighten, go along to the next
    pieces of the path until suddenly, the path will straighten (careful here,
    sometimes you will be disoriented by following the curve then suddenly
    straightening). Run straight to the goal.
    ALTERNATE: The second goal can be reached if you go down far enough so that the
    FOLDED path will let you drop on to the platform it rests on.
                                      5. ~Totters~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 single 2 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          Not too hard of a level, just cross to the next half pipe whenever they
    are straight to eachother. HOWEVER, stay as close to the center of the halfpipe
    as you can until you need to move to the next one.
    ALTERNATE: try going through them faster, just remember that you need to hit
    the goal somehow to slow down or go through it.
                                      6. ~Vortex~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 6 single, 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 9
          I like to put this on reverse as soon as I can just so that you can get
    on the vortex the right direction. Now, just keep away from the edges and you
    should be able to make it to the end by jumping.
                                      7. ~Warp~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 23 single
    Difficulty: 10
          This level sucks too. Just try your hardest not to fall off the edge
    by hugging the inside wall as much as you can without falling off. Be careful
    when transitioning between warped sides of the platform.
                                   8. ~Trampolines~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 single 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 10
          When the sliders on the sides of each trampoline reach the end of it, the
    trampoline goes off. This is the warning that you recieve. NOW, just use your
    map when it's completely zoomed in to land on the right surfaces. This stage
    is really not as hard as the difficulty level says it is.
                                    9. ~Swing Shaft~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 single
    Difficulty: 6
          Get on the big swinging thingy. When it swings a certain direction, just
    go to the stopper on the other side of the swing. Each time it changes
    directions though, so you need to change direction, too.
                                 10. ~Linear Seesaws~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 single
    Difficulty: 7
          Just go perfectly straight the entire time, going quickly too. When you
    reach the split, move over so you catch it. When you get to the goal, use it
    to slow you down.
    VJ. Space Colony
    The fifth world in EXPERT level stages.
                             /Space Colony Statistics:\
                             | Total Time: 600s (10m) |
                             |   Total Bananas: 244   |
                             \World Difficulty: 86/100/
                                   1. ~Serial Jump~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 6 single, 4 bunch
    Difficulty: 10
          To pull this one off, go out on to the plank, then go clockwise around
    the big circle. When you have balanced enough, jump to the next circle by
    using the arrow painted on the circle. If you can balance on this enough to
    make it to the goal, you will win.
    ALTERNATE: (NOT RECCOMENDED!) keep jumping to the different circles so that you
    make it to the seperate goals. You will know how brutally impossible this is
    after you fail jumping to the second circle over and over.
                                 2. ~Cross Floors~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 9 single, 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 10
          Start this one off by going straight. When you get to the first floor,
    go up the ramp a little bit as to gain some height. When you are about to
    change direction, fall down the floor you are on a little bit to create
    momentum. This will make it possible for you to gain height on the next
    floor. You will get the hang of it after a few tries.
                                  3. ~Spinning Saw~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 3 single, 3 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          Do you remember the Fast-Break technique that I taught you earlier? No?
    Well go to the guide for Randomization. It's described there. Anyhow, use this
    technique on the first big line in front of you, then the second line on the
    runway. You should make it through the goal.
                                 4. ~Chipped Pipes~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 single, 4 bunch (yes, it's possible to get all of them)
    Difficulty: 9
          Simply use the pipes as a half-pipe to reach the goal. Just remember to
    not get too close to the cracks. I actually found the "harder" path to be
    easier because the gaps are bigger.
    ALTERNATE: Go along the left path instead of the right one. This one is
    actually much easier than the other one.
                                   5. ~Flat Maze~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 0 possible.
    Difficulty: 10
          Ohhh boy... another one I can't stand... You must be VERY fast in this
    maze, and you should probably cheat a few times just to make it through
    in the amount of time you have. Now, if I were any good at ASCII art, I would
    draw you a map, but tough beans. Here's the only possible way that I have
    figured out how to navigate this maze. Jump at every chance you can get, even
    if it almost kills you. At the end of the maze, you will almost be out of time,
    but don't let the timer intimidate you to falling off of the edge. You might
    just BARELY be able to complete this stage, but you'll complete it nonetheless.
    ALTERNATE: (Written by TruthSeeker)
    This is another difficult one indeed.  But I took one look at this long, very
    tedious and intimidating stage and thought "no way - I'm jumping".... And
    that's what I did, finishing the stage in less than 8 seconds.  Here's how:
    From the beginning, I advise getting a head start by reversing to the back of
    the starting ledge, but it can be done from the drop spot.  In any case, move
    slightly to the right of your starting position and jam the stick forward and
    you'll speed up, drop to the lower ledge, and then careen down the ramp and
    bounce toward another, upward sloping ramp. During that maneuver, you should
    be veering slightly to the left.  The object is to go as fast as you can from
    right to left, aiming for the lower left edge of the upward sloping ramp at the
     beginnig of the maze. Once you hit that second ramp, fly hard left and (with
    good aim) you can zoom straight through the goal without even touching a single
    platform.  Fast rolling and three quick bounces can bypass this entire maze - 
    but it takes practice.... by far one of the more difficult alternate methods in
    the game.  But it can be done, and it's really sweet to save that replay for
    bragging rights.
                                  6. ~Guillotine~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 7
          This stage is a pretty simple one. The only ramp you need to worry about
    is the first one, where you need serious speed to go over it, and it's hard to
    time the jump just right. Just start running up the ramp when the blade goes
    over the last possible part that it can hit you. You should get to the goal
    pretty easily.
                                  7. ~Cork Screw~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 single
    Difficulty: 8
          Hehehehe... sooo much fun to do this one! Get the first five bananas..
    and WHEEEEEE!!!!! Fall down the big tube! BUT make sure that you miss all of
    the big dangerous holes when falling, because they will send you to oblivion.
    Be careful not to go too fast near the end though, or you will be sent straight
    out of the tube.
                                   8. ~Orbiters~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 3 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          Just stand on the edge of the platform. When the one in front of you just
    finishes moving, jump on to it right away, or you will be flung into space.
    Repeat for all of the moving sections, and you should make it to the goal's
    platform in no time.
                                  9. ~Twin Basin~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 single
    Difficulty: 6
          This level and Arthropod should have thier places switched. Anyways, just
    go into the big tube, and gain enough speed to jump out and either into the
    next tube or onto the platform in between them. Repeat this for the next tube.
    It may help to go around the tube once to gain more speed.
                                 10. ~Air Hockey~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 8 bunch
    Difficulty: 10
          This level is all about luck, like some others. Simply go out into the
    middle of the course and you will sometimes get lucky enough for the goal to
    run into you. That's all for this world. Good luck with the next though.
    You'll need it.
    ALTERNATE: Use the Fast Break technique that I listed in Randomization and 
    Spinning saw on this one. Break on the first line you come to.
    VK. Dr. BAD-BOON's Base
    The Final World. Lots of luck to you.
                          /Dr. BAD-BOON's Base Statistics:\
                          |    Total Time: 600s (10m)     |
                          |      Total Bananas: 335       |
                          \    World Difficulty: /100     /
                                1. ~Training~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 5 regular, 7 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          This should be the name for one of the first levels, which proves that
    they ran out of level names as fast as they ran out of level ideas. Anyways,
    just pick a path based on YOUR difficulty level. At this point, the third
    hardest path should be a piece of cake to you.
                                 2. ~Gimmick~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 7 bunch
    Difficulty: 9
          This one's a doozy. Run down the path, and drop to the right (use your
    map if you have to). Then, run to the switch. Wait for the levels to finish
    moving, then jump the gap again, this time running to the right of the start.
    Run twoards the goal as fast as you can. You will usually finish with a small
    amount of time left.
                                 3. ~Mountain~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 9
          This level is an excellent example of good design. Anyways, use your map
    to target the goal, and carefully run down the sides of the mountain. You
    should get to the goal if you targeted and timed it correctly. The biggest
    problem people have with this map is the camera views, though. A helpful tip
    would be to SLOW DOWN instead of going full speed, unless you know that you
    will make it through the goal by doing so.
                                 4. ~Disorder~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 bunch (must not use ALTERNATE to get these bananas)
    Difficulty: 9
          I highly suggest taking the alternate path. If you don't want to, then
    here's how to make it to the goal. Just use the series of staircases down to
    the goal. This is hard because you have to go so fast.
    ALTERNATE: jump the staircases as much as you can. This will get you to the
    goal with MUCH time to spare.
                                  5. ~3D Maze~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 2 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          Use the big wire thing to stop you as much as you can. When the time
    comes that the maze starts rotating the other direction, run as fast as you can
    to the second wire thing and use that as much as you can.
                                 6. ~Labyrinth~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 3 bunch
    Difficulty: 9
          There is really only one complete path to completing this maze. Go up the
    big blue ramp to the left, then fall down the hole (trust me, you'll survive)
    Go along the path, then up the ramp (and under the other ramp) Next, go down
    the ramp to your left. Follow this path as far as it goes, then up the ramp.
    Go along this beam, then up the FAR left ramp to the purple ramp.Go straight,
    and under the bridge. From here, JUMP to the blue platform across the way,
    being careful not to fall into the crevice (build speed by going up the ramp,
    then going down it). Take the path to your right, then up the ramp. Then, climb
    up the ramp next to the bananas, and go to the corner and you should be able to
    drop to the platform that the goal is on. Whew!
                                 7. ~Postmodern~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 1 bunch
    Difficulty: 7
          This level is REALLY cool. The only problem is the damn staircases! Just
    go to the first staircase to the right, and follow the path of staircases up to
    the top of the maze. Jump down to the goal.
                                 8. ~Revolution~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 4 bunch
    Difficulty: 8
          Simply use the pillars to keep you from falling to your doom. When the
    stage flips, you can sometimes make it to the goal. When it flips, you should
    find wherever the goal is. This should make it easier to get to it.
                                 9. ~Invisible~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 3 bunch (they're required to finish the level anyways)
    Difficulty: 9
          Ohhh boy does this level suck. Hmm.. maybe if I make a map it'll be
    0   0 0 0   0 0 0       0 0 0   0 0 0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 0 0 0         0 0 0 0 0
    0   0   0   0   0       0   0   0           0   0       0   0         0
    0   0   0   0   0       0   0   0           0   0     0 0   0         0
    0   0   0   0   0       0   0   0 0 0 0 0   0   0 0 0 0     0         0 0 0 0 0
    0   0   0   0   0 0   0 0   0           0   0   0     0 0   0         0
    0   0   0   0     0 0 0     0           0   0   0       0   0         0
    0 0 0   0 0 0       0       0 0 0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    The last 3 squares are missing, but that's because gamefaqs.com has this policy
    that requires that I only put 79 characters on one line, and the programmers
    at AV decided to make it 80 characters across.
                                 10. ~Created By~
    TIME: 60s
    BANANAS: 3 bunch
    Difficulty: 6
          Awww... What better way to finish off a game with a nice, big logo of the
    company that made it. Anyways, go up the BIG ramp until you get to the top.
    Roll off of the center-most part of the A and you should land near the goal
    platform. Congratulations! you have just finished story mode.
    VI. All-Banana Challenge
    Here is something that I have made up myself: the all banana challenge. The
    goal? collect ALL possible bananas in the game, then take a screenchot of your
    crazy banana count and email everything to me. If you make it successfully,
    I will post your name in this list. So far, since I have just made this up,
    nobody has successfully completed this task. Sooo, be the first one on the list
    by emailing the information to me!
    VII. Version History
    V.1.00 First version, completed ENTIRE walkthrough
    V.1.10 Second version, fixed LOTS of mistakes, added text for all-banana
           challenge, added my NEW email address
    V1.120 I added additional walkthroughs for Flat Maze and Arthropod, both were
           written by Truthseeker. If you wish to contact him, ask me for his
    VIII. Contacting Me
    Email me at sixstring982@hotmail.com
    please don't send me any spam, it's a pain in the ass to deal with and I really
    could just do without it. If you have an AOL account, i'll just send your
    email to tosspam@aol.com and you'll have your account revoked. I'm not joking
    about any of this because it's simply not a joking matter. However, if this
    walkthrough has helped you in ANY way, I would like an email from you telling
    me. It is always nice to know that you have helped someone.
    Instant message me at sixstring982 on AOL instant messenger.
    Don't instant message me if you're going to make anything offensive twoards me
    in any way, it's just a waste of your time anyways. However, if you want to
    make friends with me, ask me any question at all, or tell me that there are
    any mistakes in my walkthrough at all, go right ahead.
    X. Legal & Copyright
    This guide is  2006 by Trent Small (Sixstring982). Nobody can copy ANYTHING
    from this guide word for word, but they can use any ideas or information
    without my permission.
    If you wish to copy small text out of this document (up to one stage, one
    control scheme, OR one paragraph) WITHOUT asking my permission:
    1. I want credit.
    2. Don't give credit to anyone else.
    3. Don't change my words
    5. Put this at the end of ANYTHING you copy:
       (This text  2006 by Sixstring982 from his guide on www.gamefaqs.com)
    6. Keep in mind that you MUST only copy a small amount of text (if you want
       to copy more, see below)
    7. Don't sell any part of this guide
    If you want to copy ANYTHING bigger than a small piece of the text:
    1. Send me an email with your information and the website you want to post
    it on, and if it seems like it's reasonable, I'll probably let you.
    2. If I let you post it, I'll keep you updated on newer versions.
    3. Follow all the other rules for small text.
    X. Credits & Thanks
    Thanks to Gamefaqs.com for hosting my guide...
    Thanks to Sega and Amusementvision for making an excellent puzzle game...
    Bedman for inspiring me to make a walkthrough for a video game...
    TruthSeeker for some alternate methods on some pretty tough stages...

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