"Very near perfect, Gladius is an excellent SRPG"

Gladius is a great Strategy RPG for gamecube, xbox, and ps2, read on to learn more about this great game.

Gameplay = 10
Gameplay is absoutley awesome in this game - in the beginning, you choose either a female role, Ursula, (beginner difficulty) or the male role, Valens (advanced difficulty), and play through his/her storyline. Anyway, onto gameplay, about 90% of the gameplay takes place in arenas throughout the land of Gladius, where schools take place in gladitorial combat. You are one such school, starting out in your characters home land, as an amatuer school. Your goal: The High Tournaments, where only pro schools, only the best may participate. As you travel through the lands, you recruit new gladiators to your school. There are many different kinds of classes - but not all will be available for recruiting immediatly. Once your school is ready, you travel from town to town, entering the local leagues until you earn enough cups to enter the town tournament. After winning all the town tournaments in a region, you play in the region championship. If you conquer that, you move on to a different region. Gameplay is very unique in Gladius, it is a turn-based strategy RPG,where you control all you gladiators in the arena. Each class works different in the arena, as they all have their own unique skills, which are bought with job points. After winning a battle, characters taking place in that battle will get expierance, and eventually level up, which rewards you with job points to learn new skills, and become stronger. Besides normal attacks, and class specific attacks, there are Affinity attacks, where you call upon one of four gods to bring power to you, and do extra damage to an opponet, although you must first charge up affinity points, which come from attacking. There are also skill points in battle. Each gladiator has 5 of them, which can be used on combos or any other skills the gladiator has, each turn you regain one skill point. And besides fighting in the arena, you can also get caught in random battles on the world map - but unlike in the arena, where if someone dies in the arena, they are healed, if one of your gladiators fall outside of the arena, they are gone permanetly, although if you get caught in a wilderness encounter, you can back out.

Story = 7
Not the most stunning story in a game, but there is one. You want to compete and win the high tournaments, but while traveling the regions, you learn much more about your characters destiny...

Graphics = 8
The Graphics are excellent in the arena, but while you are traveling on the world map, the graphics are not so great, objects are blurry, but you're not on the world map a whole lot, so it really won't effect anything.

Sound = 8
Sound, like graphics, is good in the arena, and acceptable on the world map.

Game length = 10 This game is incredibly long, and when you finish the game with one character, you've only gone half way through the game, you can challenge yourself with the other character to play though as.

Buy, rent, forget Buy, now! If you're a fan of Strategy or RPG games, i recommand you buy this game, it supplies you with hours of limitless fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/02/04

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