Review by SSJSonic

Reviewed: 05/02/04

An Epic Adventure full of SRPG Greatness

For some reason this game had been extremely underrated. This is one of those gener defining games that make us remember why we created SRPGs in the first place.

Gameplay: 10

This is the biggest part of any game and unconditionally the best part of the game. At first glance the game looks pretty simple. However this game is much deeper than almost any other game I have played. First of the attacks. There are 4 main categories of attack. Normal strikes, Special attacks, combos, and affinity or magic attacks. Normal strikes are what you will use about 50% of your turns and they are simple sword attacks. Special attacks focus on decreasing an opponents stats. Combos allow you to do multiple attacks in one turn. If executed right it can do massive damage. Affinity attacks allow you to use the power of one of six gods to power up your attacks and they do ALOT of damage.
Next are the classes. There are 6 main classes: Heavy, Medium, Light, Support, Arcane and beasts. Each class has its strong points and weak points and they do good against a specific class of gladiator. Each class and subclass have there own unique skills they can learn that help you win battles. The strength, power, and many different stats increase in the game. So does the power of your school. Plus there are so many different aspects of fighting that you must consider.

Graphics: 8

The graphics in this game aren't great but your mind will be thinking of your many strategies that you will hardly notice the some-what bland textures. The character models are decent but then again you will hardly notice with all the element of the gameplay in action at once.

Story: 8

As far as I have gotten there is no big story here. Your job is to build or rebuild a school for the gladiator games. All the while your are trying to build your school to win the highest tournament in all of the land of Gladius.

Lasting appeal: 9

With two different stories and lots of battles this game is going to take a while to get old. With the added multiplayer, you and three friends can pick your favorite gladiator and battle head to head to see who rains supreme.

Buy, rent or forget.
This game is WAY to long for a rent, and since you can get the game for 20 bucks I say buy if you have any interest in SRPGs.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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