Review by AJM Ruler

"An epic Gladiatorial RPG!"

This is a review for Gladius for the Gamecube. I don't play many RPGs and since Gamecube is almost dead of RPGs. I decided to pick up this title, and boy was I impressed! A much needed RPG title for the Gamecube. Such a long game but VERY good.

Graphics: (8) Typical graphics for a RPG. Character models range from great looking to just plain horrible. Both Valens and Ursula look great. What impressed me the most was the backgrounds of the arenas. All look nicely done from desert looking areas to the grassy areas. Customizing your gladiator is the best PART!

Sound: (7) Gladiator type music you will find in this game. A lot of classic music to fit the style of game play. Voice acting is pretty good, all the main characters sound nice. Though your other gladiators can sound repetitive at times, though still great.

Game Play: (9) I have played few RPGs, the ones I have played are pretty much the same, but Gladius is different. The swing meter makes this game either easy or hard, depending on how good you are at focusing and hitting the little red piece close to the end of the meter. Dozens and dozens weapons, shields, helmets, accessories there are. It will keep you entertained for hours on end. Levels is what this game uses to see how good your Gladiator is and will be.

Storyline (If any): (9) You can either choose from Ursula or Valens depending on what difficulty you want. Valens is a little bit harder then Ursula's game. A lot of surprises this game has, hope you will find them as surprising as I did.

Summary: (8.25) This game is a lot cheaper now and if you like RPGs and own a Gamecube, this is a must have title. This game took me 82 hours first time around, usually it takes 42 hours second and third time around. So you will have a LOT of hours of FUN!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/26/04

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