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"Gladius, an epic gladitorial RPG...Or so they tell you."

Gladius, an epic gladitorial RPG...Or so they tell you.

Graphics 6/10
Okay, the graphics ARE decent, I will give this game that. From a distance, character models are well done, and movements flow very nicely. But when a cutscene is played, character models are a bit choppy and pixilated. They look suited for N64. Menu designs are easy to use and straight forward. The world map is undetailed, and for the 2 years it took LucasArts to make this game, very unimressive. In battle, normal attacks are as a slice with a sword should be, but sorceress characters and other magic users spells are SOOO lame. All of the spells are hardly worth glancing at. A fireball is like a little red circle that nearly knocks your opponent off the ground. Very cheesy. The all-mighty affinity attacks are very dissapointing...Your main character, doing one of his great attacks, stabs the enemy with a different colored sword. Thats it, nothing else. All these things are minor flaws, except for the VERY unimpressive attacks. I like to see attacks and spells that just blow me away. Remeber FFX when you first use Ifrit's Hellfire? Holy sh*t man, I was in awe. None of that here though...

Sound 7/10
The sound for this game are well enough that I haven't got any real complaints about them. I dont notice the music in this game, which is a good thing 'cause that means it don't bother me. Battle sounds are aright. Voice acting is cheesy, almost as bad as Resident Evil. But, fine in this category.

Gameplay 4/10
This where i think LucasArts slacked off big time. Battles are ALL the same. Move your guys, find higher ground them them, and attack. Stratedy helps, but you wont be in dire need of it. Bosses are pathetic. I hardly know when i'm fighting one. Most bosses are just normal guys, except for the last boss. Now, I do have to add something that kept me playing this game. Just the fact that you run a gladiator school IS kinda cool. The best thing about it is that you can hire things like Minataurs and bears and other animals. Thats cool, but it doesnt make up for the other crap. Special attacks are all the same, just doing different damage or attacking a differeent number of times.

Story 5/10
The story is your typical RPG stuff, you have your main character who is either trying to live up to his father's reputation and become the next legend, OR trying to gain independence to go out and fight for her own but her father isnt pleased about her. Either way, your main character is the 'Chosen' you might say who will defeat the Dark God, the creature that mankinds hatred and jealousy created. There arent many plot twists in the game. Maybe one that I thought a bit surprising but I wont spoil it. Side quests are few and far between, but there are the odd ones there. Actually, if you complete the last sidequest it will be impossible to lose the game. But the story is basicaly you trying to become a great gladiator. You move from town to town fighting in each one, Untill you win enough to make it to the championship. Thats it, viola, the intrigeuing (excuse my spelling) storyline all sumed up.

Final Score 5/10
An RPG lacking in all categories sums up this game. I was unfortunate enough to buy this game when it was 69.99, but its now dropped to 29.99. Hmmm i wonder why it's so cheap now... Actaully, my local Electronics Boutique won't except this game as a trade in, so i'm stuck with it. Put your money somewhere else, like the just released Tales of Symhonia. Hey, there's a great RPG. Hope this helped you not buy this game, cause you'll thank me if you don't. Untill Next Time.....................

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/30/04

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