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"Who new that B.C. sports were so fun."

Gladius is a great strategy/rpg that will deliver an intriguing story as well as valuable gameplay. Truly one of Lucas Arts finest work.

Gameplay: 10/10
Now the fighting process is very similar to Fire Emblem. You set your required amount of gladiators on the field and then you direct them into combat. Your decisions will effect the outcome of your battle.
The controls in this game are very easy to use. You simply decide were you want your gladiator to move and when are what you want them to attack. You can attack with combos, special skills, Affinity power (which is the power of the gods), and just regular physical attacks.
Another great look about this game are the many different gladiators to chose from (I believe the count is 35). And they are all divided into class categories, such as heavy, medium, light, support, arcane, and beast. Each of these classes has an advantage as well as a disadvantage over each other. So heavy classes have and advantage over medium. And medium has an advantage over light. And light has an advantage over heavy class gladiators. As for the other classes they're considered as neutral class gladiators.
You can also choose what to equip on your gladiators. You can choose which weapon, shield, helmet, armor, and accessory you want your gladiator to wear.
Gladius also features a multiplayer mode. Where you could go against each other using gladiators that you choose from your saved file.

Story: 9/10
There are two different campaigns to select from. There's Ursula's quest (beginner), and Valen's quest (harder).
Ursula's quest starts off in her homeland of Nordagh. Her father is King Orin II. King Orin II passes down his school of gladiators down to Ursula's big brother Urlan. Before Urlan sets out to compete in the high tournaments, Ursula asks to join his school. After a demonstration of her power, she is accepted into the school were Ursula will travel throughout the regions and perhaps discover her destiny.
Valen's journey begins in Imperia. It all starts when Valen's father, who was the best gladiator in all of Imperia, was murdered. Valen's goes and takes up his father's school along with the help of his friend Ludo.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are fantastic. The entire gladiators' equipment is so easily visible. And, all of the arenas are beautifully designed.

Sound: 7/10
The sound is a lot repetitive. There are four different regions and each one has the same music. Which is pretty annoying since it takes almost 10 hours for each region. But it really doesn't effect you from playing it.

Replayability- Mediocre
Once you beat the game with both characters you probably had enough of this game. Though you might want to pick it up a little later on and embark on the journey all over again.

Final Judgment:
If you love gladiators then surely get this game. Or, if your looking for a new good game that will deliver countless hours of gameplay then absolutely get it.
As for renting or purchasing this game I would say to buy it. Theirs no point in renting this game if you really want to finish it. But if you're not a fan of the genre and you want to try something new then Gladius is the way to go.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/10/04

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