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"Choose your own path: The Gladiator, or the Gladiatress"

Well, first time writing a review, hope you like it.

Story (7/10)

Fairly simple, you lead a group of Gladiators in your school through 4 different Regions, each with their own World Map and towns you can go to. After beating the Regional Championships in each one, you go to the Final Coliseum and duke it out with the best of the best. There are two separate story lines, which are pretty much the same thing, except that you start in a different area in each one, and your main starting character is different. Either Ursula, the female Gladiator, or Valens, the Male Gladiator. As I said in the title, that's pretty much the only difference.

Graphics / Sound (7/10)

The graphics were decent, nothing mind-blowing, yet not painful on the eyes either. Same with the sound. Nothing too memorable.

Gameplay (9/10)

This is the shining point of this game. Like a typical Strategy-Based RPG, you select your character, choose where you want him to move to, and maybe another action, such as attacking if an enemy's in range. There's some basic things that affect your attack. If you're on a higher level of ground (Such as a crate), then you're attacks will have both a higher chance of hitting, and do more damage. Now, the attack system keeps the battles from getting too dull and eliminates the feelings that some of these types of games give of dragging on and on. When you choose an attack, depending on the attack, you'll have a hit meter. It goes across the bottom of the screen, with yellow for the most part of it, a tiny portion of red, and then blue. A cursor goes across the Meter at varying speeds depending on the attack, and you press the A button to stop it. If it stops on the yellow portion, it will do a normal attack. The red portion, a critical hit, which always hits, and does double damage. If it stops in the blue portion, it greatly lowers the chance of hitting, and does less damage. There are many other types of meters, such as combo hits, and status effects, but I won't get into that here. Now, you can recruit a certain amount of people in your School depending on it's ranking. When you go to a town, there will be a recruitment office where you can hire new people for the School. You can always kick them out, and they'll be back at the nearest town next time you check. There are many different classes, and each one has it's own arsenal of skills. And, when I say arsenal, I mean it. There are tons of skills you can learn, it would be impossible for a character to learn them all in one playthrough. Also, when wandering from town to town, out on the World Map, you'll get into random battles. If one of your characters fall here, they're dead for good. so it's best not to get too attached to one character.

Replay Value (8/10)

Well, if you're the kind of person who wants to get everything in a game, there's quite a few sidequests, tons of skills to learn, two storylines (Similar though they are), and best of all, a Multiplayer Mode. If a friend has a game, he/she can use his/her own School to fight against yours. Even if they don't, they can use your party also. Most levels, you won't be able to pick more than 6 people, if you have a School of 30, you won't have to worry about getting the same fighters against each other.

Overall: (8/10)

This game's got a great battle system, long story, multiplayer, sidequests, what more could you want? For twenty bucks, this game's a steal.

Buy or Rent: Don't bother renting, no way in hell could you finish it. I highly recommend buying it. After all, it's only $20.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/04/04

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