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    FAQ by clarkisdark

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    written by Clark Kent Nielsen
      Why am I writing an FAQ for a puzzle game? Well, I'll tell you. There
    came a time when I was trying to open up all of Egg Mania's secrets, but
    I naturally got frustrated with this and sought out advice. Finding none,
    I was forced to figure out all its little quirks on my own. It's not like
    this game HAS a lot to write about, but anything to assuage the
    aggravated gamer is better than nothing, right? And since this will be
    the first FAQ on this website about Egg Mania, I thought... why not! I'll
    contribute in my own, small, meager way.
      So here is my walkthrough / strategy guide / FAQ on Egg Mania.
      Contents of FAQ:
       1. Basic Information
       2. Secrets
       3. Tips
       4. Misc. Junk
      ready...... go......
      Read the manual.
      If you don't know how to play the game already, then you shouldn't be
    looking at an FAQ. Can't tell you EVERYTHING, you know...
    3. SECRETS
      This game has NO cheat codes. Don't bother looking for them. I have
    looked everywhere, and couldn't find anything but some Action Replay
    Codes that don't even help you WIN anything.
      But Egg Mania DOES have unlockable goodies. I guess THAT'S something to
    FAQ about. There are five bonus characters and one bonus level.
      There's nothing real special about the characters. They practically play
    the same. Well, each character has a different load screen and winner/loser
    dance, but that's it. I guess it's all about saying, "Hey, I have these new
    characters!" They are:
      * Sir Eggolot (an egg in knight's armor)
          open by completing Bomb Mode on Medium
      * Poncho (a brown egg with a sombrero)
          open by completing Bomb Mode on Hard
      * Spook (an egg dressed as a ghost)
          open by completing the Egg Mania (main) mode on Medium
      * Yolkohama (a red egg wearing gold armor; see box art)
          open by completing the Egg Mania mode on Hard
      * Angelica (a white egg with a halo and wings)
          open by getting 1,000,000 points in Solo Mode
      Unfortunately, there is only one extra level. The other 10 can suffice,
    but if you want bragging rights, a change of pace, or to rip the full
    soundtrack, it is:
      * Eggolopolis Level (city landscape with 80's rock-like music)
          open along with Yolkohama
    4. TIPS
      The purpose of this section is to TRY and help you open up the bonus
      material. -- Or give you some tips on kicking trash out of your friends.
      BOMB MODE, Sir Eggolot and Poncho
        These characters are a PIECE OF CAKE to open. Bomb Mode is simple.
      The point is to collapse your opponent's tower before they collapse yours.
      Bombs, hammers, and the occasional filler fall from the sky... and that's
      IT. The best thing you can do is run back and forth and CONSTANTLY throw
      bombs back. Don't try to be cute and hold a bomb to shorten its fuse. Just
      chuck everything you get. The computer will do the same, but they're more
      likely to make a mistake than you. And when they do, you have it made.
        Also, hammers. Don't try to save your tower from a hammer by sacrificing
      yourself. While you're falling to the water, the computer is loading your
      tower with bombs. It's better that he/she gets it with a hammer (knocking
      out anywhere from zero to two rows) than blowing up a big chunk with a bomb.
      EGG MANIA MODE, Spook and Yolkohama
        This is the main mode, where you play 10 rounds against computer players.
      There is an Over-Easy section and Hard-Boiled section. You won't get anything
      for beating Over-Easy. When we speak of the "Egg Mania Mode," we talk about
      playing it Hard-Boiled. This is where the main unlockables are. That also
      includes the infamous Eggolopolis level, I just didn't include it in the
      heading because it was too long.
        ANYway, I don't care WHO you are, this mode will give you ulcers. DO NOT
      jump into it thinking you are almighty and powerful, because you WILL get
      frustrated. But I delight to say it IS possible to beat the game on Hard.
      I have done it, I'm proud of it, but I'll never do it again. BUT.... I'll
      try to help YOU beat it. Here are some tips:
        <!--initiate tips-->
        The first thing to remember is: the computer cheats. But you can't.
      You have to fight fair, but as dirty as possible.
        Trick blocks are your biggest key to success. If you can't master trick
      blocks, you'll never make it in the real world. Trick blocks come from
      completing consecutive rows. Random stacking won't get you that. You have to
      think ahead, and even wait for the piece you need to finish that fifth row.
      Trust me, sometimes waiting for the right piece will get you farther ahead
      then just plunking down whatever comes along. A good way to play at this is
      to stack up one side of your tower. Don't stack it too high, for that will
      throw off your stability, but by leaving that gap on the other side, you set
      yourself up to get a couple of rows, in a row, and get some bonus blocks.
        There comes a point, though, where you don't need to make perfect rows
      anymore. That's when you can get away with stacking three or four blocks on
      top of each other to reach the goal quicker (and if you have super shoes,
      even quicker than that). Of course, it's easy to get lost in the game and
      not realize when the end is near. Keep an eye on the diagram in the middle of
      the screen. On each side of the diagram are two bolts. When your tower (on
      the diagram, silly) is ALMOST to the second bolt, let go all strategy and
      start stacking like crazy. Three or four pieces, and you're fit to jump.
        Weapons. Lightening and hammers are very useful in hindering your opponent.
      The computer is kind of ATTRACTED to lightening, and almost always hits it.
      Hammers do damage no matter where they go. But bombs? Don't use them. You'll
      regret it. Like I said earlier, the computer cheats, and they have a way of
    making you pay for throwing bombs. Being cute and counting the fuse only
      YOUR time, and I promise, you'll get antsy, throw it too soon, and it won't
      even do any good. That's how they work. Always discard bombs by pressing B.
      Even if they threw the bomb first, discard it. Throwing bombs at the computer
      VERY RARELY works. Only throw a bomb if they just got knocked off (by a hammer
    or monster), because that will give your bomb ample time to blow up before
      can grab it.
        Monsters are a pain in the neck. As you play through this mode, you'll grow
      to hate them for and more. Sometimes you spend more time dodging monsters than
    you do stacking bricks. But as long as you ARE dodging them, you're good.
      try to work around a monster if you don't have to, for it WILL find a way to
      knock you down. This is just something you'll have to practice a lot. But my
      best -- and perhaps only -- advice is that when you get knocked off, by
      anything, holding down on the analog stick will make you fall faster.
        The best way to prepare for beating the Hard-Boiled mode on Hard is to
      PRACTICE. Hey, I'm serious. It's really the only way. Play a custom game with
      the following options. Why these options? Because that's what the final match
      is like. When you get to where you can win as many times as the computer does,
      you are ready to be done with it.
          * Trick blocks: on
          * Water rate: fast
          * Rounds: infinite
          * Level: Yolkohama's Palace
          * Tower height: low
          * Crate appearance: high
          * Monsters: high
          * Bombs: high
          * Everything else: medium
          * Difficulty: Elite
        Don't get discouraged if you start losing quite a bit to one character,
      and you're only on Round 5. I lost four times to Spook, but beat Yolkohama
      (the last match) in one try. A lot of it is based on luck, I'm sure, but if
      you can keep your wits about you and be able to work quickly and accurately
      70% of the time... you can do it. I know you can. :)
        If you haven't touched this area of Egg Mania, Solo Mode is just round
      after round of stacking blocks... by yourself... with only the approaching
      water as your rival.
        Ha, good luck with this one. *I* don't even have any advice for you.
      Getting Angelica isn't even worth the trouble. The problem with Solo mode is
      that it starts out really easy, then suddenly turns evil on you. But by then,
      you've already spent a half hour on it. The best score I've gotten is only
      400,000 points, and that's not even half way.
        But I digress. If you want my advice, play on the Hard setting right off the
      bat. You'll get much more points than Easy or Normal, and it seems to follow
      essentially the same pursuit, anyway. Since the first few levels move slower,
      use that to your advantage! By this, I mean get as many bonus blocks as you
      can. You have to move somewhat fast, too, as your total score is a compilation
      of both. You'll need to learn how to work with blocks you don't like, also,
      because in later levels, that's all they give you.
        Best of luck with this. If you beat it, let me know. I'd like to think it
      was possible, but I just don't have the desire to deal with it anymore.
        Oh, wait, there's nothing to open in here. BUT--- here's a little, obvious
      (but often overlooked) trick. Tired of the game resetting your Custom settings
    when you turn it off? Just remember, there's a hidden save feature in the
    menu. Don't worry, I didn't see it, either, but now that I know, it has saved
      a lot of time.
    4. MISC. JUNK
      Egg Mania by Kemco and HotGen Studios. (have to say that, you know)
      Secrets confirmed at http://www.consolecheatcodes.com
      I guess there isn't much else one can say about Egg Mania. Whether or not this
    helped you, I hope it has given you a FEW ideas on how to better your
    I, personally, really liked this game, but.... its single-player mode is boring
    AND frustrating. That's why I wrote this FAQ. So now you don't have to feel left
    out in the dark. You aren't the only one playing Egg Mania and losing sleep
    because a silly game taunts you.
      ~ FAQ copyright 2003
        Clark Kent Nielsen

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