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    Roster Updates by DOAsaturn

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    NBA Live 2003 Roster Update FAQ Version 1.1
    By: DOAsaturn (sitesphil@yahoo.com)
    Preseason Version 1.0 (Oct 11, 2002)
    Welcome to the Roster Update FAQ for NBA Live 2003.  I am using the PS2 version of the game, but this
    should also work with the GC/Xbox versions as well.  This is meant as a tool for those who don't have the 
    means to get roster updates through the internet, and want to do them theirself without the hassle of all the
    research (that's where I come in :)  Please, don't hesitate to e-mail me at sitesphil@yahoo.com if there are any
    questions, concerns, corrections, additions, or suggestions you would like to make.  With that, let's get into 
    the FAQ.
    Preseason Version 1.1 (Oct 16, 2002)
    A few additions/corrections were made to the Cavs, Raptors, and Wizards rosters today.  The Varda release for the Wizards is
    meant to make room for Charles Oakley.  Varda most likely will not make the roster, so I figured that would be a safe
    move.  Jumaine Jones and Hakeem Olajuwon (still hasn't retired I guess) are still on their respective teams and need
    to be resigned (sorry for the inconvenience).  So, Vonteego Cummings will have to wait until the Cavs release someone before
    I can officially add him back on the roster.  I've promised more created players and stats for 1.2, but I won't do a complete
    list until the 15-man rosters are resolved.  I also plan to add starting lineups (or perhaps complete depth charts, once again
    when 15-man rosters are finalized) soon.  Another section being worked on is a player edit section which will compile player
    corrections that are needed in the game (like #, height, weight, shoe types, etc...).  Of course, I can always use your help
    and I thank everyone who has e-mailed me so far.  I can try to do this all by myself, but it is easier with your help!
    Sec. 1 - Players to Release:
    These are the players you must release from their respective teams from the original default rosters in the game.
    Do all of these releases first, before signing players (with Detroit, who needs 6 players released, you may have to
    wait until you sign a couple players to their team first.  Use the same Version/Date on the release/signing lists so 
    you don't end up having to backtrack.  For now, only 1 version is available, but there will be more revisions made.
    Version 1.0 (Oct 11, 2002)
    Atlanta - (none)
    Boston - Erick Strickland
    Chicago - Travis Best, Charles Oakley
    Cleveland - Lamond Murray, Jumaine Jones
    Dallas - ZhiZhi Wang, Johnny Newman
    Denver - Mark Jackson, Don Reid, Menk Bateer
    Detroit - Mikki Moore, Jerry Stackhouse, Ratko Varda, Brian Cardinal, Dana Barros, Rodney White
    Golden State - Mookie Blaylock, Dean Garrett, Cedric Henderson
    Houston - Dan Langhi, Walt Williams
    Indiana - Carlos Rogers, Kevin Ollie
    LA Clippers - Doug Overton
    LA Lakers - (none)
    Memphis - Rodney Buford
    Miami - Kendall Gill, Jimmy Jackson
    Milwaukee - Darvin Ham, Rafer Alston, Greg Anthony, Mike Wilks
    Minnesota - Will Avery, Robert Pack
    New Jersey - (none)
    New Orleans - (none)
    New York - Larry Robinson, Felton Spencer
    Orlando - Jaren Jackson
    Philadelphia - Alvin Jones
    Phoenix - Milt Palacio, Joe Crispin
    Portland - (none)
    Sacramento - Chucky Brown
    San Antonio - Cherokee Parks
    Seattle - Randy Livingston, Art Long
    Toronto - Michael Stewart, Hakeem Olajuwon, Dell Curry
    Utah - Rusty Larue, Quincy Lewis, John Starks
    Washington - Richard Hamilton, Hubert Davis, Popeye Jones
    Version 1.1 (Oct 16, 2002)
    Cleveland - Jeff Trepagnier, Vonteego Cummings+
    Washington - Ratko Varda+
    +-player still on roster, but room was needed for a more important signing
    Sec. 2 - Players to Sign
    Version 1.0 (Oct 11, 2002)
    Atlanta - Darvin Ham
    Boston - (none)
    Chicago - Doug Overton, Rick Brunson
    Cleveland - Vonteego Cummings,  Milt Palacio, Michael Stewart, Anthony Johnson*
    Dallas - Popeye Jones
    Denver - Rodney White
    Detroit - Don Reid, Richard Hamilton, Hubert Davis
    Golden State - Rafer Alston
    Houston - Tierre Brown
    Indiana - Greg Foster, Erick Strickland
    LA Clippers - ZhiZhi Wang, Cherokee Parks
    LA Lakers - (none)
    Memphis - (none)
    Miami - Eddie House, Travis Best
    Milwaukee - Cedric Henderson, Kevin Ollie
    Minnesota - Randy Livingston, Kendall Gill
    New Jersey - (none)
    New Orleans - (none)
    New York - Mark Pope
    Orlando - Shawn Kemp, Obinna Ekezie
    Philadelphia - Art Long
    Phoenix - Dan Langhi
    Portland - Chris Dudley
    Sacramento - (none)
    San Antonio - Menk Bateer, Mikki Moore* 
    Seattle - (none)
    Toronto - Lamond Murray, Jelani McCoy
    Utah - Mark Jackson
    Washington - Jerry Stackhouse, Bryon Russell, Ratko Varda, Brian Cardinal*
    Version 1.1 (Oct 16, 2002)
    Cleveland - Anthony Johnson, Jumaine Jones
    Toronto - Hakeem Olajuwon
    Washington - Charles Oakley
    * - players with a * by their name cannot fit on the team since the roster is full.  Preseason rosters will have 
    this problem.  As players are released more frequently, room will open up for these players as well as CAPs.
    Sec. 3 - Players to Create (CAPs)
    -This section will bring vital stats of all the CAPs needed in the game, as well as (hopefully) some ratings.  
    With all the players on the preseason rosters missing in this game, it would be a daunting (and stupid) task
    to list them all here.  Many rosters in the preseason 18-20 players, and it is impossible to predict who will be 
    the few who will make the team.  So instead of listing all the CAPs, or all the CAPs I predict will make it, I will
    just list the absolute guarantees, until we know who made the regular season rosters.
    Updated Oct 16, 2002 - Added Yao Ming's stats courtesy of SuperRobb420. 
    Yao Ming #11, C, 7-5, 296 lbs (game only goes up to 265), Sep 12, 1980, Shanghai China
    -Face (3), Hairstyle (15), Facial Hair (none), Head Shape (3), Eyes Shape (1), Nose Shape (1)
    -Lip Shape (2), Expression (Balanced), Bodytype (1), Muscle Definition (3)
    -Headband (Dark Red), Left Wrist Accessory (Band), Sock Length (Medium Low)
    -Sock Color (White), Kicks (1)
    OVR 78
    FG 81
    3PT 76
    FT 80
    DNK 82
    IS 86
    OREB 82
    JMP 67
    STR 81
    QK 67
    SPD 78
    PASS 71
    DRB 66
    OAWR 77
    DREB 85
    STL 58
    BLK 92
    DAWR 84
    END 65
    HARD 80
    PRIM 67

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