How do I beat Undine?

  1. Well I know that she shouldn't be hard to beat, but I just can't do it. My team consists of Kratos, Sheena, Colette and Raine. Kratos is level 28, while the other three are level 27. All of them have their original weapons and I have upgraded all of their equipment except for Sheena.

    The only real problem I have with beating Undine is that when she gets down to about 6000 HP left it almost seems as if she keeps gaining HP as we take it away.

    If you're wondering what I do in the battle I'll tell you now if it helps any. Raine is in the back healing, while also getting orange gels. Kratos and Sheena are almost always attacking Undine so she doesn't have much of a chance to fight back, just the stray attack every now and then. Colette is the one I make use all the items in case Raine can't heal fast enough, other than that she usually fights. Oh and I'm Kratos if it means anything.

    So any tips on how I can go about doing this fight and actually winning for once?

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    072ashatan - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Nope none of them do. Sheena was the only one I was worried about, but she has the Card of Earth equipped.

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    072ashatan - 8 years ago

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  1. First off, the preparations. Kratos is slow, so switch him out for Lloyd. If you're reluctant to switch to Lloyd, then Kratos has an "Infinite combo"; After your 3 hit combo, use a spell like First Aid, guard to cancel the casting, and then you'll be able to attack again, then keep canceling it out with First Aid. It takes practice, but when done properly the enemy will never escape (you'll know it works if your combo count keeps increasing).
    As for equipment, make sure nothing is Water or Ice element. Colette should be spamming Para Ball, otherwise switch her out for Genis and have him spam Thunder Blade/Spark Wave. Turn off all of Raine's skills except for Nurse, you'll really need it. Make sure you're stocked up on gels, and, finally, make sure that your Unison Attack gauge is full before the fight.
    As far as the actual fight goes, pummel Undine with a 3 hit combo->Demon Fang->Sonic Sword Rain combo, have Sheena do whatever, Raine cast Nurse, and Genis cast Thunder Blade. If you see Undine start casting, finish whatever combo you were in the middle of and wait for her to finish. If you see a blue ring appear under yourself, use Guardian, and if you see a blue ring appear under another character, open up the menu and command that person to use Guardian. Whenever Undine goes into Over Limit, use a Unison Attack, do whatever you do for Unison Attack (Lightning Tiger Blade, which requires Thunder Blade and Tiger Blade, works well). After the U. Attack is done, whack Undine so she goes into Over Limit again so the time she spends getting up wastes Over Limit time for her. Just make sure to use Guardian on her spells, and she'll be no problem. Healing whenever necessary is also a no brainer.

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  1. Do any of your attacking characters have any weapons with Water Elemental attributes?

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  2. First off, unless Colette is spamming Para Ball, I would highly recommend switching her out for Genis. Disable all of his spells except for lightning and probably Thunder Blade. Raine doing full time healing is also a good idea. Anytime you have a Unison Attack, use it, and try to have a second Compound attack to go along with it, like Mirage Thrust. Switch all of Genis' Unison Attack Spells to Thunder Blade so you don't have to think about which way to hold the control stick. Just keep Raine up on TP and you should be fine.

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