How do I beat (Kratos Aurion) the first time?

  1. I know that it's possible but no matter how hard I try, he ends up pwning the living hell out of me. I know it doesn't matter, but I just wanna beat him at least once. How do I take care of Remiel quickly without wasting items so that I can concentrate on beating Kratos?

    User Info: BenjaminJean

    BenjaminJean - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I'm playing on Hard Mode.

    User Info: BenjaminJean

    BenjaminJean - 7 years ago


  1. In the fight with Remiel i dont have much to say about him if youy really just want to get the fight over with quickly just keep getting behind him and just keep comboing him while your keeping him away from Raine and Genis.

    Well in the fight with Kratos i usually just try keep him away from Raine and Genis just by having Lloyd (me as Lloyd) up fighting with him usually just jumping behind him and keep comboing him but keep watch for his light spear sense the first hit when he goes up into the air can hit you while your behind him. I usually dont have much use for Sheena during the fight except usually to keep flinching Kratos while im healing if someones Health is down. Thats all i have to say (i know that its not much of a good strategy but it works for me hope this helps u out.

    User Info: Lloyd1996

    Lloyd1996 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Well in the battle with remial you should focus on keeping a combo on him and dont letting him touuch genis or raine the i suggest you to use a recipe that heals both hp and tp

    Now with kratos first of all you should at leats have good techs with genis because he will be really usefull in this battle remember that kratos combo can kill a partner of your so when kratos start his lightning blade defend yourself or make smeone heal so your hp dont fall to about 600 or less so keep spaming nurse with raine and dreaded wave (if you have it) with genis sheenas defense sucks so dont let her hp down and keep doing unison attacks when he goes in overlimit keep spaming sword rain or sword raine alpha with lloyd until he falls remember that this battle is about dont letting kratos kill raine and dont wasting a lot of life bottles because raine will be the principal healer in this battle.

    If you have completed the game at least once he should be easy but if you havent i think that this battle will be really hard

    Good Luck =D

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  3. well i gotta say it get raine to use nurse during the whole game cause your gonna be needing it against him while genis be using his strongest magic attack while lloyd be doing combo attack to stall for time and sheena be using her strongest spirt (if you didn't get and you like playing her as the main character ) use power seal, life seal , Pyre seal. . For me i did

    Genis = thunder blade
    Lloyd = Sword Rain,Beast
    Sheena = Power Seal, Life Seal, Prye Seal

    Raine - skill to heal the whole party.
    Genis - to give out some strong damages.
    Lloyd -sword rain a combo skill and beast pushes kratos down for some time while they cast.
    Sheena - Power seal will lower the defense of him if your lucky, Life Seal will steal some hp from him, Pyre seal will knock him down. For her if you do it fast you can chain the attacks together and gain a good combo.

    Union attack:
    I would use genis Eruption and Lloyd Beast to do Firey Beast which does 1000% of your damage.(if you do one damage you'll probabbly do 100 with fiery beast then)

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  4. If you level up enough, he should be a breeze to beat. But make sure that your best weapons are equipped, as well as anything that will boost your stats. I've never not beat him, but that might be because I always play my playthroughs with boosts from the Grade Shop...

    Anyway, if you want to get through the Remiel battle without using up all of your items, I'd suggest not using any Orange Gels whatsoever, and having Raine constantly healing everyone. Nurse is a great tech to use. Also, you want to make sure you interrupt Remiel's spells as much as you can, so put Sheena and Lloyd on the frontlines, beating the snot out of him so that Genis has enough time to cast some spells to obliterate the angel.

    Repeating this in the battle with Kratos should be effective as well, because he won't have much higher stats than Remiel had--this is toward the beginning of the game, after all.

    I hope this helps!

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  5. It is a completely optional battle after Remiel, you can lose or win, it doesn't matter, but i like beating him up XD

    Recommended LVLS:

    WITHOUT EXP MULTIPLIER: LVL 26-35 (Since its hard mode ._.)

    2xEXP: LVL 36-45

    10xEXP: LVL 45-65

    -Using any Exp Multiplier? ( Like 10xEXP or 2xEXP)
    if u are using 10xEXP, it is very easy
    -Nimble Rapier for Llyod??
    -Have Raine concentrate on healing, turn Photon/Ray off
    -Guard a lot against Kratos's Combo......
    -Have Raine cast barrier/sharpness on the character you are playing (Prefer Llyod)
    -Have Genis Cast High Magic such as Thunder Blade/Ice Tornado
    -Using Guardian? against Kratos's Spell
    -try to combo against him spamming Sword Rain/ Sheena's artes
    -Have good equipment for your team?
    -Turn off Genis's artes and turn on the artes you want
    For Example:
    I wanted Genis to spammed Spark Wave, so i turned everything off except for the Spark Wave
    -Have good Ex-Sphere
    Recommend For Lloyd
    LVL1:Strong (Increased Strength by 5%, still worth it ._.)
    LVL2:Dash (Since you're not in a dungeon right now, increased movement speed)
    Recommend Unsion Attack
    Llyod-Use strong attack
    Raine-Photon(If only u dont have Ray)
    Genis-Thunder Blade( only if you dont have Cyclone)

    (Ray And Genis's High Artes like Cyclone makes Prism Star which is incredibly strong, sad part is that is Light Element)

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    kaine097 - 4 years ago 0 0

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