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    Tech Chart by starcross

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            **                                                              **
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            **             Tales of Symphonia T<>S Tech Chart               **
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                    *       Game-Tales of Symphonia for GC          *
                    *       FAQ-StarCross(starcross20@hotmail.com)  *
                    *       Created-July 25th, 2004                 *
                    *       Version 1.3                             *
            Welcome. This is my first ever faq of any sort so any input would be
            great. This is a chart on what techs each character in ToS will learn
            and when. Since the ExSpheres you equip and how you set them have an
            effect on what you learn, I've built it as a chart showing which techs
            are learned when you're on each side. The techs in the middle with
            brackets are the ones that you get regardless of which side your
            character is on at that time. The techs under requirments are what you
            need you have learned already to gain the techs on that part of the
            chart and if they have a (50x) beside them, it means that you must not
            only learn them, but use them 50 times or more. If the requirements for
            that tech are not met but you are on the right side and have the level
            needed, the tech will appear in blue. This means once you meet those
            req's, you'll get the tech. You can't have two techs that are side by
            side on the chart at the same time. For instance, if you want "Fierce
            Demon Fang" for Lloyd, but already have "Double Demon Fang", you'll have
            to forget "Fierce Demon Fang" to learn it. If it tells you to learn all
            moves for a tech such as "Demon Fang" 50x, it means you must learn
            "Demon Fang" AND "Fierce Demon Fang" or "Double Demon Fang", then use
            them 50 times each.
            *                       *
            *       Contents        *
            *                       *
            Lloyd           -zdf-
            Colette         -dzf-
            Genis           -dfz-
            Raine           -fdz-
            Sheena          -fzd-
            Kratos/Zelos    -zfd-
            Presea          -fzz-
            Regal           -zfz-
    Lloyd Irving             -zdf-
    Level   T      <      <      <>      >      >      S       Requirements
    1                       (Demon Fang)
    4                      (Sonic Thrust)
    7                       (Sword Rain)
    9                       (Tiger Blade)
    11                        (Tempest)
    14                         (Beast)
    16      Double Demon Fang            Fierce Demon Fang     *Demon Fang 50x
    18      Hurricane Thrust             Super Sonic Thrust    *Sonic Thrust 50x
    21      Sword Rain:Alpha             Sonic Sword Rain      *Sword Rain 50x
    24      Omega Tempest                Psi Tempest           *Tempest 50x
    27      Tiger Rage                   Heavy Tiger Blade     *Tiger Blade 50x
    30      Raging Beast                 Hunting Beast         *Beast 50x
    32                     (Demonic Thrust)                    *All Demon Fang
                                                            & Sonic Thrust Moves 50x
    35                   (Demonic Tiger Blade)                 *All Demon Fang &
                                                               Tiger Blade Moves 50x
    38                     (Tempest Thurst)                    *All Tempest &
                                                              Sonic Thrust Moves 50x
    40                      (Rising Falcon)
    41                      (Tempest Beast)                    *All Tempest &
                                                                     Beast Moves 50x
    44                   (Raining Tiger Blade)                 *All Sword Rain &
                                                               Tiger Blade Moves 50x
    47                     (Beast Sword Rain)                  *All Sword Rain &
                                                                     Beast Moves 50x
    50      Demonic Chaos                Demonic Circle        *T-Double/S-Fierce
                                                                      Demon Fang 50x
    54                                   Twin Tiger Blade      *Heavy Tiger
                                                                           Blade 50x
    59      Sword Rain:Beta                                    *Sword Rain:
                                                                           Alpha 50x
    xx                        (Guardian)                       *--Event--
    Colette Brunel            -dzf-
    Level   T      <      <      <>      >      >      S       Requirements
    1                       (Ray Thrust)
    8                       (Pow Hammer)
    10                      (Item Thief)
    12                    (Ring Whirlwind)
    15      Dual Ray Thrust              Ray Satellite         *Ray Thrust 50x
    18      Pow Pow Hammer               Para Ball             *Pow Hammer 50x
    28                     (Item Rover)                        *Item Thief 50x
    32                    (Grand Chariot)                      *All Pow Hammer &
                                                                Ray Thrust Moves 50x
    36      Triple Ray Thrust               Triple Ray         *T-Dual Ray Thrust/
                                             Satellite           S-Ray Satellite 50x
    40      Ring Cyclone                    Whirlwind Rush     *Ring Whirlwind 50x
    44      Hammer Rain                     Torrential         *T-Pow Pow Hammer/
                                              Para Ball              S-Para Ball 50x
    50                    (Stardust Cross)                     *All Pow Hammer &
                                                            Ring Whirlwind Moves 50x
    xx                     (Damage Guard)                      *--Event--
    xx                    (Angel Feathers)                     *--Event--
    xx                      (Holy Song)                        *--Event--
    xx                      (Sacrifice)                        *--Event--
    xx                      (Judgement)                        *--Event--
    Genis Sage             -dfz-
    Comments-Since it's SO important to know what element you're dealing with when
    using Genis, I'll be putting the element of each attack beside it in the form
    of an inital. Note that if you take his S spells, you'll get one of his best
    spells and the only light spell he's got, Prism Sword, but you won't get all
    of his lvl 3 spells for each element. The choice is yours.
    Level   T      <      <      <>      >      >      S       Requirements
    1                      (Fire Ball:F)
    3                      (Stone Blast:E)
    5                      (Wind Blade:A)
    7                      (Aqua Edge:I)
    9                      (Lightning:T)
    11                      (Icicle:I)
    14      Stalagmite:E                 Grave:E               *Stone Blast 50x
    17      Spread:W                     Aqua Laser:W          *Aqua Edge 50x
    20      Air Thrust:A                 Air Blade:A           *Wind Blade 50x
    23      Eruption:F                   Flame Lance:F         *Fire Ball 50x
    26      Thunder Blade:T              Spark Wave:T          *Lightning 50x
    29      Ice Tornado:I                Freeze Lancer:I       *Icicle 50x
    32                  (Dreaded Wave:E)
    35      Raging Mist:F/W              Spiral Flare:F/A      *T-Eruption & Spread/
                                                            S-Flame Lace & Air Blade
    38      Tidal Wave:W                                       *Spread 50x
    40                                   Thunder Arrow:T/F     *Spark Wave &
                                                                         Flame Lance
    42      Gravity Well:T/E                                   *Thunder Blade &
    44                                   Adsolute:E/I          *Freeze Lancer &
    46      Ground Dasher:E                                    *Stalagmite 50x
    48                                   Atlas:W/A             *Air Blade &
                                                                          Aqua Laser
    50      Cyclone:A                                          *Air Thrust 50x
    53                                   Earth Bite:E/T        *Grave & Spark Wave
    56      Explosion:F                                        *Eruption 50x
    58                                   Prism Sword:L         *Absolute & Atlas
    60      Indignation:T                                      *Thunder Blade 50x
    xx                     (Force Field)                       *--Event--
    xx                     (Meteor Storm)                      *--Event--
    Raine Sage          -fdz-
    Comments-As soon as Raine got Photon and became capable of killing things
    she never left my party. Her healing abilities are unmatched..
    Level   T      <      <      <>      >      >      S       Requirements
    1                       (First Aid)
    8                        (Charge)
    10                       (Barrier)
    12                       (Recover)
    14                      (Sharpness)
    16                       (Dispel)
    18                       (Photon)
    26      Nurse                        Heal                  *First Aid 50x
    29      Field Barrier                Permaguard            *Barrier 50x
    32      Purity                       Restore               *Recover
    35      Acuteness                    Keenness              *Sharpness 50x
    38      Nullify                      Anti-Magic            *Dispel
    42      Healing Circle               Cure                  *T-Nurse/S-Heal 50x
    46      Ray                          Holy Lance            *Photon 50x
    50      Revitalize                   Revive                *T-Healing Circle/
                                                                         S-Cure 50x
    xx                     (Force Field)                       *--Event--
    xx                     (Resurrection)                      *--Event--
    Sheena Fujibayashi      -fzd-
    Comments-Can't summon unless she's in overlimit mode.
    Level   T      <      <      <>      >      >      S       Requirements
    1                       (Power Seal)
                            (Pyre Seal)
                           (Guardian Seal)
                          (Summon Corrine)
    22                      (Life Seal)
    26                      (Mirage Seal)
    30                      (Spirit Seal)
    34                      (Serpent Seal)
    37      Power Seal Pinion            Power Seal Absolute   *Power Seal 50x
    40                      (Force Seal)
    44      Mirage Seal Pinion           Mirage Seal Absolute  *Mirage Seal 50x
    48                     (Purgatory Seal)
    52      Serpent Seal Pinion          Serpent Seal Absolute *Serpent Seal 50x
    56                      (Cyclone Seal)
    60                       (Demon Seal)                      *Pyre Seal 50x
    xx                      (Summon Water)                     *--Event--
    xx                      (Summon Wind)                      *--Event--
    xx                      (Summon Fire)                      *--Event--
    xx                      (Summon Earth)                     *--Event--
    xx                    (Summon Lightning)                   *--Event--
    xx                       (Summon Ice)                      *--Event--
    xx                      (Summon Light)                     *--Event--
    xx                     (Summon Darkness)                   *--Event--
    xx                      (Summon Origin)                    *--Event--
    xx                      (Summon Birth)                     *--Event--
    Kratos Aurion/Zelos Wilder     -zfd-
    Level   T      <      <      <>      >      >      S       Requirements
    1                       (Demon Fang)
                           (Sonic Thrust)
                            (Fire Ball)
                            (First Aid)
    8                       (Wind Blade)
    10                      (Stone Blast)
    12                       (Lightning)
    15      Double Demon Fang            Fierce Demon Fang     *Demon Fang 50x
    18                      (Air Thrust)                       *Wind Blade 50x
    21                     (Thunder Blade)                     *Lightning 50x
    23                      (Light Spear)
    26                      (Healing Wind)                     *Air Thrust
    28      Hurricane Thrust             Super Sonic Thrust    *Sonic Thrust 50x
    31                       (Eruption)                        *Fire Ball 50x
    34                        (Grave)                          *Stone Blast 50x
    37                    (Lightning Blade)                    *Thunder Blade
    40                       (Hell Pyre)                       *Eruption
    43      Victory Light Spear          Light Spear Cannon    *Light Spear 50x
    46                    (Healing Stream)                     *Grave
    49                      (Demon Spear)                      *All Demon Fang &
                                                               Light Spear Moves 50x
    52                 (Super Lightning Blade)                 *Thunder Blade &
                                                                          Air Thurst
    xx                        (Guardian)                       *--Event--
    xx                       (Judgement)    ((Kratos only))    *--Event--
    Presea Combatir         -fzz-
    Level   T      <      <      <>      >      >      S       Requirements
    1                      (Destruction)
                        (Earthly Protection)
    25                      (Punishment)
    28                      (Devastation)
    33      Dual Infliction              Resolute Infliction   *Infliction 50x
    36      Dual Punishment              Finality Punishment   *Punishment 50x
    39      Deadly Destruction           Fiery Destruction     *Destruction 50x
    40      Endless Infliction                                 *Dual Infliction 50x
    42      Finite Devastation           Mass Devastation      *Devastation 50x
    44      Rising Punishment                                  *Dual Punishment 50x
    48                   (Fiery Infliction)                    *Destruction &
                                                                Infliction Moves 50x
    51                   (Eternal Damnation)                   *Destruction &
                                                               Devastation Moves 50x
    54                                   Eternal Devastation   *Mass Devastation 50x
    56      Infinite Destruction                               *Deadly Destruction
    Regal Bryant         -zfz-
    Level   T      <      <      <>      >      >      S       Requirements
    1                      (Cresent Moon)
                            (Spin Kick)
                            (Eagle Dive)
    31                     (Swallow Kick)
    34                     (Rising Dragon)
    38                      (Triple Kick)                      *Spin Kick 50x
    40      Swallow Dance                Dragon Dance          *Swallow Kick 50x
    43      Eagle Rage                   Eagle Fall            *Eagle Dive 50x
    46      Dragon Fury                  Dragon Rage           *Rising Dragon 50x
    49                    (Heaven's Charge)
    52      Chi Healer                   Grand Healer          *Healer 50x
    55                    (Triple Rage Kick)                   *Eagle Dive &
                                                                Spin Kick Moves 50x
    57                    (Crecent Dark Moon)
    60                       (Wolverine)                       *Triple Kick 50x

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