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    Character Transcripts by dragonmastr

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    Tales of Symphonia - Dirk's House & Flanoir & Heimdall Character Transcripts
    By DragonMastr
    e-mail: dragonmastr83 at yahoo.com
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    Version History
    version 1.1 - September 22, 2004
    	Krato's Dirk's House transcript was added. Many thanks goes to
    	SilverWind for sending me that transcript. My transcript of the 3
    	big scenes in the game are now complete, so I probably will not be
    	updating this faq after this.
    	I also added some additional comments in the Remarks section which
    	I felt are important.
    Version 1.0 - September 21, 2004
    	The original transcript was created and submitted.
    Table of Contents
    1.	Remarks
    2.	Dirk's House Conversations
    	2a.	Colette
    	2b.	Genis
    	2c.	Raine
    	2d.	Sheena
    	2e.	Zelos
    	2f.	Presea
    	2g.	Regal
    	2h.	Kratos
    3.	Flanoir Scenes
    	3a.	Colette
    	3b.	Genis
    	3c.	Raine
    	3d.	Sheena
    	3e.	Zelos
    	3f.	Presea
    	3g.	Regal
    	3h.	Kratos
    4.	Night at Heimdall
    	4a.	Colette
    	4b.	Genis
    	4c.	Raine
    	4d.	Sheena
    	4e.	Zelos
    	4f.	Presea
    	4g.	Regal		
    5.	Final Remarks
    [1] Remarks
    The game Tales of Symphonia has many scenes which are different depending on 
    who has the highest affection level with Lloyd. These scenes often times help
    to develop the characters or to provide additional background story. I have
    seen many people post questions on the Gamefaqs forums asking about what
    happens at certain scenes with certain characters, and I too have been curious
    to know myself. The purpose of this transcript is to provide people with the
    dialog that occurs with each of Lloyd's companions at the Dirk's House,
    Flanoir, and Heimdall scenes.
    Please note that these dialogs contain MAJOR SPOILERS for anyone who has yet to
    reach those points in the game. I highly recommend that anyone who has yet to
    reach the appropriate events to wait before reading through these transcripts.
    Also, I apologize beforehand if there are any typos.
    I realize that even before I started working on this faq, there was a thread
    in the Gamefaqs forum that was devoted to collecting all of the dialogs from
    the game. By writing my own faq, I did not intend to steal any credit from the
    people who have worked so hard in making a larger, more complete transcript. I
    also did not mean to render their previous hard work as useless by making my
    own faq. Since the larger and more complete faq is still in the progress of
    making, I hope my faq will serve as a pleaser to those who want to read the
    various character transcripts ahead of time and not have to wait for the more
    complete faq.
    [2] Dirk's House Conversations
    This event occurs almost immediately at the beginning of Disc 2, and the
    character who has the highest level of affection with Lloyd will be waiting on 
    the terrace to speak with him, except for Sheena who will initiate the 
    conversation immediately once you get there. Please note that each of these 
    dialogs are preceded by what the character would normally say to Lloyd if the
    character is not waiting on the terrace, and then followed by the special 
    Also, it just dawned on me that there is a probability that Kratos could have a
    special dialog with Lloyd as well, but I never thought about that when I was 
    playing the game. If anyone has ever seen the dialog, and made a transcript of 
    that, then I will be more than happy to update Gamefaqs with a new faq with the
    included transcript.
    [2a] Colette
    Colette: Lloyd, I'm sorry. I'm being a burden to you again, aren't I?
    Lloyd: What are you talking about? You're the one that's suffering. Stop
    Colette: Okay...I'm sorry. 
    <<< Music changes, special dialog begins >>>
    Colette: Lloyd...you saw...my shoulder, right?
    Lloyd: ...Yeah.
    Colette: ...I wonder if I'm just going to turn into one big Exsphere.
    Lloyd: You dork. There's no way that'll happen!
    Colette: But it keeps spreading! Right now, it's still hidden under my clothes,
     	but eventually...
    Lloyd: Colette...
    Colette: If that happens, you're going to hate me... I've caused you so much 
    	trouble, and now on top of that, my body's turning into this disgusting 
    Lloyd: It's not disgusting. Remember what I said. You're you. Even if you 
    	become an Exsphere...No. No, I won't let you become an Exsphere!
    Colette: ...Really?
    Lloyd: Yeah. Have I ever lied bef--well, okay, I have, but I did keep my 
    	promise to give you your birthday present, so I swear that I'll save 
    	you no matter what. I promise.
    Colette: Hehe...you always save me, and you always keep the promises you've 
    	made to me.
    Lloyd: Yeah. So cheer up! When you're down, everyone feels sad... including me.
    Colette: I'm...truly thankful to have met you, Lloyd. This time, I don't want 
    	to disappear. I really don't. I'm gonna live, right? I'm...going to be 
    	able to stay by your side, right?
    Lloyd: Of course! You're right here, in front of me, alive. I swear that you 
    	will be absolutely, positively, indubitably all right!
    [2b] Genis
    Genis: Lloyd...I feel like I'm starting to hate humans more and more.
    Lloyd: I'm sorry, Genis...
    Genis: You don't have to apologize Lloyd. I like you, as well as the people of 
    	Iselia. It's just that when I think about how there are lots of people 
    	who think just like the Mayor...
    Lloyd: I remember a lesson where the Professor said that words exist in order 
    	for people to understand one another.
    Genis: What do you do about people who don't wanna understand?
    Lloyd: Genis...
    Genis: I'm sorry. I don't mean to take it out on you. Don't worry about it. 
    <<< Music changes, special dialog begins >>>
    Lloyd: It's okay to take it out on me.
    Genis: Wh...what?
    Lloyd: I don't know about everyone else, but the two of us, at least, are best 
    Genis: Yeah.
    Lloyd: So feel free to take it out on me as much as you like. Of course, if you
    	make me mad, I might start yelling back.
    Genis: That's crazy, Lloyd. It'll just turn into a fight.
    Lloyd: Works for me! We can fight about it, mull it over, and work things out
    Genis: You know, Lloyd, I used to think you say some clever things every now 
    	and then. But now I'm realizing that even your brain is made of muscle.
    Lloyd: Hey!
    Genis: But, you're probably the only one that would fight seriously with me.
    Lloyd: You think?
    Genis: You're the only one, Lloyd. The only person who doesn't just see me as a
    	half-elf or a child, and always takes me seriously.
    Lloyd: ...You're you. That's all that matters.
    Genis: Maybe if everyone was like you, Lloyd, the half-elves might not have
    	become Desians and angels.
    Lloyd: Heh, but if everyone became like me, no one would go to school anymore!
    Genis: They'd show up, but only for recess, PE, and crafts.
    Lloyd: ...Hey! Humph!
    Genis: Ahahahaha! Lloyd, I...hope I never have to say goodbye to you.
    Lloyd: You won't have to. You're the one that said you'd stick by me forever, 
    Genis: Yeah...forever...For as long as you're alive...
    [2c] Raine
    Raine: The problem is what to do now. We need to know how the two worlds were 
    	forced apart, before we can figure out a way to save them.
    Lloyd: How the worlds were forced apart...I wonder about that, too, but I also 
    	want to know why Yggdrasill split the world in two.
    Raine: Don't you think it was to protect the Great Seed? To protect Martel?
    Lloyd: But because the worlds were pulled apart, that "phase" thing got 
    	shifted, and the Great Seed became unstable, right? That's not really 
    	protecting her--that's more like putting her in danger.
    Raine: ...Lloyd, you manage to say something intelligent every now and then. 
    	You're absolutely right.
    Lloyd: "Every now and then"? Geez, that's harsh.
    Raine: ...The who, why, and how... That's what we need to know.
    Lloyd: Right now, all we know is who.
    <<< Music changes, special dialog begins >>>
    Lloyd: I'm...not really good at using my head to figure out stuff like this.
    Raine: In your case, you'd be better off not trying to use your head.
    Lloyd: Are you...saying I'm stupid?
    Raine: Oh, Lloyd, stop taking things I'm saying so negatively. What I meant 
    	was, you act based on your senses.
    Lloyd: Senses? You mean I just react without thinking?
    Raine: No. It's more like...instinct. You subconsciously collect and store 
    	various external information. That's why when the time comes, you 
    	always manage to find the next path to take. Not by logic, but by 
    Lloyd: Intuition, huh, it still sounds like it means I don't think...
    Raine: Fine, take it that way if you want. You never seem to accept my 
    	compliments gracefully.
    Lloyd: That's because you have a twisted way of complimenting people. 
    	Especially when it's me.
    Raine: ...That's because it's you.
    Lloyd: Huh?
    Raine: You'll understand when you're an adult.
    Lloyd: When I'm an adult? I'm already seventeen, you know.
    Raine: Your mental age is lower than Genis.
    Lloyd: Are you saying I'm the equivalent of a ten-year old?!
    Raine: You still haven't noticed, have you?...Oh, well, it's fine. One day, 
    	you'll become an adult, and you'll understand. It probably won't be 
    	much longer.
    Lloyd: I dunno, am I really still a child?
    Raine: ...From my point of view.
    [2d] Sheena
    Sheena: Hey, wasn't that Kratos just now?
    Lloyd: ...Sheena! Yeah... he returned to Cruxis.
    Sheena: I see...So he really is our enemy.
    Lloyd: Yeah...but anyway...welcome back!
    Sheena: Thanks! Thank goodness we stopped the Giant Tree.
    Lloyd: Yeah.
    <<< Music changes, special dialog begins >>>
    Sheena: You know...up until now, I've always hated my ability to make pacts 
    	with Summon Spirits.
    Lloyd: Huh? Why?
    Sheena: Because I caused the death of countless people in my village due to my 
    Lloyd: ...Oh.
    Sheena: ...And on top of that, I'm not even from Mizuho to begin with.
    Lloyd: What do you mean?
    Sheena: I was abandoned as a child. Just like Genis and Raine. Mizuho's Chief 
    	found me by chance...Then, I was sent off to the Summon Spirit research 
    	laboratory as proof of Mizuho's loyalty to the kingdom.
    Lloyd: They treated you like a bargaining chip!
    Sheena: Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset about that. The Chief took really 
    	good care of me. I wanted to become a full-fledged summoner and make 
    	myself useful, for his sake as well.
    Lloyd: I see...
    Sheena: But I ended up unleashing Volt and killed so many people, including 
    	Orochi and Kuchinawa's parents...and the Chief fell into a coma. Even 
    	Corrine, the very first friend I ever had...
    Lloyd: ...Cheer up, Sheena. It was because you can use Summon Spirits that we 
    	were able to stop the Giant Tree!
    Sheena: Thanks. But everything happened because I made a pact with all the 
    	Summon Spirits. 
    Lloyd: That's the Renegades' fault!
    Sheena: What?
    Lloyd: They told us stuff without really knowing what they were talking about, 
    	so it's their fault...let's leave it at that.
    Sheena: Ahahahahaha!
    Lloyd: Wh...what?
    Sheena: But the whole thing started when we jumped to conclusions and started 
    	forming pacts with Summon Spirits.
    Lloyd: ...Well, yeah, but...hmm, well...
    Sheena: I know. By doing what we thought was right, countless people in 
    	Sylvarant lost their lives. I can never forget that. And I know you 
    	feel responsible for that even more than I do.
    Lloyd: Yeah...we bear the weight of countless people's sadness and 
    	anger...regrets...and unrealized dreams.
    Sheena: ...I know. We can't give up until we've turned that into hope.
    Lloyd: Who knows, maybe your power to use Summon Spirits exists for that 
    Sheena: Heh...I'd like to think so.
    [2e] Zelos
    Zelos: I bet you lived a crappy, hard life so far, huh?...
    Lloyd: Gee, you sure know how to cheer someone up, don't ya?
    Zelos: Heh heh. Well, don't worry about it too much. So now what? Aren't you at
    	your wit's end right about now?
    Lloyd: Why do you say that?
    Zelos: The Giant Tree which we thought was all good, goes nuts, our cute little
    	Colette comes down with some funky cold...It's just human nature to 
    	start getting tired of it all.
    Lloyd: I'm...never gonna give up. If I quit, I'll never be able to face all the
    	people who've suffered because of what I've done. So I'm gonna 
    	fight...to the very end. I can't give up!
    Zelos: ...Hot-headed and stubborn as hell. Well...but I guess that's what I dig
    	about you.
    <<< Music changes, special dialog begins >>>
    Lloyd: Yeah...you're here, doing "hot-headed" things with us.
    Zelos: ...I know. Everything I'm doing right now goes against my mantra. 
    Lloyd: And what's that?
    Zelos: Don't work for what you can get for free. Always stick with the winning 
    	team. An easy life is the best life...et cetera, et cetera.
    Lloyd: ...I shouldn't have asked.
    Zelos: oh sure, you'd say that. But let me tell ya, you're better off avoiding 
    Lloyd: You say that like it's from personal experience.
    Zelos: Oh hell yeah. My life buys hardship in bulk. The poor, handsome boy 
    	Zelos, envied for his status, looks, and beautiful voice, grew up with 
    	his life in constant danger! Heh.
    Lloyd: Uh-huh.
    Zelos: It's true. The Chosen is respected in name only. We're imprisoned in our
    	own homes, always eating meals that are cold from being carefully 
    	tested for poison. Even our marriage partners are decided from the 
    	moment we're born.
    Lloyd: I had no idea that Chosens have such a rough time...
    Zelos: Chosens are treated by everyone like some kind of strange, inhuman 
    	creatures, separated from our parents as children and attacked by 
    	thugs...When will our suffering end?!
    Lloyd: Oh, I never knew...I'm sorry, I...I always thought you just lived a life
    	of luxury, living in a big mansion, ordering your servants around, and 
    	playing all day long. But Colette was treated differently by everyone 
    	in the village so...I guess you were the same.
    Zelos: ...Just messin' with ya. I'm just saying that if I suffered like that, 
    	my personality would be even cooler and I'd get even more hotties than 
    	I do now.
    Lloyd: Oh, I see...wait, what? Are you saying all of that was a lie?!
    Zelos: Hey, hey, whoa, settle down. 
    Lloyd: ...Man, I'm never taking anything you say seriously ever again!
    Zelos: Don't get mad, buddy!
    Lloyd: Don't touch me, you stupid jackass Chosen!
    Zelos: Hahahaha! Sorry, sorry. Really, really...I'm sorry.
    [2f] Presea
    Presea: This area resembles Ozette.
    Lloyd: Yeah, this entire area is surrounded by a forest.
    Presea: Lloyd...I...heard about Chocolat.
    Lloyd: And about Marble?
    Presea: Yes. And other things as well. Were you hurt...by Chocolat's hatred 
    	towards you?
    Lloyd: Well, yeah...it's definitely painful when someone hates you. Even if I 
    	deserved it.
    Presea: I...see.
    Lloyd: But I'm going to do everything I can to make up for it. Even if I don't	
    	ever make up for it completely.
    Presea: ...Even if she never forgives you?
    Lloyd: Whether or not you're forgiven isn't important. It's the effort that 
    	matters. At least, that's what I think.
    <<< Music changes, special dialog begins >>>
    Presea: ...You are...courageous. And so is...Chocolat.
    Lloyd: You think so?
    Presea: To forgive and to atone for your mistake, even if you will not be 
    	forgiven... They both take tremendous courage and strength. 
    	I'm...unable to be so strong.
    Lloyd: You mean Regal? Or Altessa?
    Presea: ...Both. Logically, I should forgive them, but my heart refused to.
    Lloyd: It's gonna take time. It took time for the people of Iselia to forgive 
    	me. Even now, I'm sure there are those who still haven't. But I'll 
    	never forget it. I'll never forget the things I've done. I'll never 
    	forget the countless people that died because of me. As long as I live.
    Presea: ...Yes. 
    Lloyd: I'm sure Regal feels the same way. Altessa too. It doesn't mean you have
    	to forgive everything. Just...
    Presea: Just...what?
    Lloyd: I know it's a lot to ask, but I don't want you to push them away. 
    	Everyone needs a place where they feel accepted...even those who are
    	trying to atone for what they have done.
    Presea: Did you have a place like that?
    Lloyd: Our group provided that for me...including you, Presea.
    Presea: ...Alicia said she wanted me to forgive him. And I really want to... 
    	with all my heart. But... I can't yet.
    Lloyd: I know.
    Presea: But I'll do as you say. I'll…try...not to push them away.
    Lloyd: ...I'm sorry. It's okay. You don't have to force yourself. I know it's 
    	unfair to ask you to do this. I'm sorry.
    Presea: ...I hate myself for being so...childish.
    Lloyd: It's okay. You're still a child, after all.
    Presea: ...
    [2g] Regal
    Regal: This whole time, Colette hid her suffering deep in her heart and always 
    	kept a smile on her face.
    Lloyd: ...Yeah. And once again, I failed to notice.
    Regal: She is a courageous girl. It takes tremendous strength to smile no 
    	matter how dire the situation.
    Lloyd: ...Colette hides her suffering too much. It's okay for her to let her 
    	true feelings show.
    Regal: She knows the power that words possess.
    Lloyd: Power of words?
    Regal: Your will manifests itself in the words you speak. Whether they be 
    	curses, or words of joy, the souls of those words yields power.
    Lloyd: I get it. Okay, then I'm going to say it out loud right now: I will save
    	Colette and both worlds!
    <<< Music changes, special dialog begins >>>
    Regal: ...Your words possess an overwhelmingly powerful will--always honest and
    Lloyd: H...heh, you think? Thanks...
    Regal: You are crude and unrefined, lacking in manners. The words that leave 
    	your mouth are blatantly rude at times, but they always speak the 
    Lloyd: ...Um, Regal, could you make up your mind whether you're going to 
    	compliment me or insult me?
    Regal: I am doing neither. I am merely speaking my mind. If you are offended, I
    	shall apologize.
    Lloyd: Nah, it's not a big deal or anything. I mean, people always tell me that
    	I need to watch my language.
    Regal: Your true self is revealed in your words and actions. But if your true 
    	self is repulsive, it will show no matter how much you try to hide it. 
    	In your case, your true self is pure.
    Lloyd: ...In other words, pretty words alone aren't enough.
    Regal: That's called hypocrisy--words which are not spoken from the heart.
    Lloyd: Words that have no soul.
    Regal: Yes...exactly.
    Lloyd: I think I get what you're saying. Words aren't enough. No matter how 
    	right your words are, you have to actually carry it out in order for 
    	them to have meaning.
    Regal: ...I am aware that my words are not spoken from my heart.
    Lloyd: You think so?
    Regal: No matter how hard I try to move forward, I am held back by the sin I 
    	have committed. I am so used to the weight of my sin that I am afraid 
    	to let it go. It's so easy to simply acknowledge myself as a criminal 
    	and let it envelop me in its apathy.
    Lloyd: How the heck does acknowledging your crime connect to apathy?
    Regal: Doing nothing at all, under the excuse of being a criminal. There are 
    	many who feel that is the punishment. I used to be one of them.
    Lloyd: But you're different now, right? Then everything's okay. We all get 
    	tired and apathetic sometimes. But when that happens, you just rest for 
    	a bit and move forward again. Isn't that enough?
    Regal: ...Yes. Lloyd, there is much I could learn from you. Thank you.
    [2h] Kratos - Transcript submitted by SilverWind
    Lloyd: Wait! Are you really going back to Cruxis?
    Kratos: ...I am an angel of Cruxis.
    Lloyd: Then why didn't you follow Yggdrasil's orders to leave the great seed
    Kratos: I have my reasons...that's all. But as a result, Martel was not lost.
    	That goes along with Yggdrasill's wishes.
    Lloyd: It's true then. You really are our enemy....
    Kratos: If you consider Cruxis and the Desians your enemy, then I suppose that
    	makes me your enemy.
    Lloyd: I...don't wanna think of you as an enemy.
    Kratos: (!) Why the sudden change of heart?
    Lloyd: It's not that I've forgiven you or that I like you or anything. But
    	unlike the other Desians, you abandoned neither the Great Seed nor this
    	world. I just thought...it's weird to think of you as an enemy.
    Kratos: ...You've grown up.
    Lloyd: Huh?
    Kratos: The Lloyd at the beginning of this journey would have thought of all
    	angels as his enemies. The same way humans and elves hate half-elves,
    	and half-elves hate everyone else.
    Lloyd: You think so? Was I like that?...
    Kratos: Everyone has difficulty accepting those who are different. It's easier
    	when you believe that you live in a world where the Desians are pure
    	evil, the Chosen saves the world, and humans are all right and good.
    	In fact, you joined the Chosen's journey believing that.
    Lloyd: ...Yeah...that's true. But I can't forgive what the Desians and the
    	Cruxis have done. What they're doing is just revenge for what was done
    	to them, right? That's just going to breed more hatred.
    Kratos: Yes. The fact that you're able to see that now shows that you've grown
    	up. The strength to believe in what you see and not be swayed by the
    	opinion of others; the ability to understand and sympathize for those
    	you despise; the courage to look at things with an open heart; you have
    	all those traits within you.
    Lloyd: ...Colette is always saying,"Why can't everyone get along?"
    Kratos: Humph...that sounds like something that a Chosen would say.
    Lloyd: But I don't think everyone has to get along with each other. It's okay
    	to dislike people. There will always be people who make you mad. But...
    	I do think we need to accept each other's rights to be here.
    Kratos: ...
    Lloyd: ...I think it's okay for you to be here, too.
    Kratos: (!) ...No. I cannot join your journey, for I still have something I
    	must take care of.
    Lloyd: What do you have to take care of? Is that why you've been wandering
    	around Tethe'alla this whole time?
    Kratos: ...Lloyd.
    Lloyd: What?
    Kratos: If you want to save the Chosen, you should research the records from
    	the Ancient Kharlan War. Remember the words of the unicorn at Lake
    Lloyd: Wait! Why are you with Cruxis when you're a human?!
    [Kratos leaves.]
    Lloyd: ...What is he trying to do?...
    [3] Flanoir Scenes
    The Flanoir doctor event allows the player to choose to speak to one of the top
    three characters with the highest affection levels. If the player decides to 
    reject all three characters, then the player will automatically receive the 
    dialog with Kratos. In the case that Kratos' level of affection is actually in 
    the top three, then Kratos will appear earlier in the lineup.
    [3a] Colette
    Lloyd: Who is it? Come on in.
    <<< Colette opens the door and walks in >>>
    Colette: Lloyd, did I wake you? It's snowing outside.
    Lloyd: I was wondering why it was so cold.
    Colette: Yeah! It's really cold!
    Lloyd: ...You sure sound happy.
    Colette: Yeah, I mean, I can actually tell it's cold! I'm so happy!
    Lloyd: That's right, you couldn't fell things like that just a little while 
    	ago, huh?
    Colette: Say, Lloyd, if you don't mind the cold, do you want to go for a little
    Lloyd: Sure.
    <<< Scene switches to the front of the Flanoir church >>>
    Colette: Look, look! You can see out over the city! It's so beautiful.
    Lloyd: Yeah.
    Colette: Lloyd...do you remember what Kratos said? 
    Lloyd: ...What was it?
    Colette: He said we can throw the Exspheres away at any time. But right now, we
    	need to carry the burden of the hopes and dreams of the victims and
    	fight on their behalf.
    Lloyd: ...Oh, that. That was when we saw Exspheres being made at the human 
    	ranch in Sylvarant.
    Colette: He was talking about your mother, wasn't he?
    Lloyd: But he works willingly for the boss of the guy responsible for turning 
    	my mom into a monster!
    Colette: I don't think that's true. Kratos saved us over and over again. And he
    	protected you too, Lloyd.
    Lloyd: Yeah, but...
    Colette: And so, I'm sure he cares about both you and your mother. He's a 
    	wonderful father, don't you think?
    Lloyd: ...is that why you brought me out here? To tell me that?
    Colette: Um, hmm...yeah, I guess that was part of it.
    Lloyd: ...Thanks. But it's okay. I'm not really shocked about the fact that 
    	he's my father anymore.
    Colette: But...
    Lloyd: Origin's seal?
    Colette: I'm sorry for bringing it up. But if he unleashes all the mana from 
    	his body, then not even he could...
    Lloyd: I know. No one knows if he'll survive or not.
    Colette: ...And that's why we need to find a way to release Origin without 
    	Kratos losing his life! Just like the way you saved me!
    Lloyd: ...Colette.
    Colette: I'm sure everyone will understand. Okay? Please?
    Lloyd: Thanks, Colette. But I look at it this way. Kratos has his reasons for 
    	siding with Mithos, and I want to hear what those are. Anything else I 
    	do is going to wait until after that.
    Colette: ...You're going, aren't you? To Derris-Kharlan.
    Lloyd: ...Yeah. I plan to go after we check on Altessa's condition tomorrow. I 
    	don't agree with Mithos' vision...I have to prevent it from happening. 
    	I'm going to fight him.
    Colette: ...Is it okay...if I come a little closer?
    Lloyd: ...Um, sure.
    <<< Colette moves closer to Lloyd >>>
    Colette: I don't want to see this beautiful scenery ruined the way Sylvarant 
    Lloyd: I won't let that happen.
    Colette: This time, we're going to protect it, right?
    Lloyd: Yeah. Do you know the seventh Dwarven Vow?
    Colette: Hehe, the one you hate the most, right?
    Lloyd: Goodness and love will always win! ...I really hope that's true.
    Colette: Are you worried? Then...take this.
    Lloyd: What's this?
    Colette: It's a charm. A Flanoir snow bunny. They say it brings good luck. I 
    	had them take one to Altessa earlier. And this one's for you.
    Lloyd: ...Thanks.
    Colette: Lloyd, we're all with you. Now that you have a charm, too, everything 
    	will work out okay!
    Lloyd: Yeah, you're right.
    [Acquired Snow Hare]
    [3b] Genis
    Lloyd: Who is it? Come on in.
    <<< Genis opens the door and walks in >>>
    Genis: It's me! Have you looked outside? It's snowing.
    Lloyd: I was wondering why it was so cold.
    Genis: Let's go outside for a bit! Come on, it'll be fun!
    Lloyd: Sure
    <<< Scene switches to the front of the Flanoir church >>>
    Genis: Wow! Everything is so quiet when it's snowing.
    Lloyd: Yeah, it's kinda creepy, huh?
    Genis: We hardly ever see snow in Iselia since it's so warm.
    <<< Genis starts running around >>>
    Genis: Wow, this is so cool!
    Lloyd: Hey, you're gonna trip and fall!
    Genis: Don't worry, I'll be fine!
    <<< Trips and falls >>>
    Lloyd: See, I told you! Hey...you okay?! 
    Genis: ...Yeah, I'm okay.
    Lloyd: ...Are you crying? Did you hurt yourself?
    Genis: Huh? Heheh, no, it's not like that. I just got a little scared.
    Lloyd: Of what?
    Genis: I just thought about Mithos as an angel...He probably wouldn't notice 
    	that it's so cold.
    Lloyd: ...Maybe. Maybe he just wants to reject everything about who he is. 
    	Being human, being being elven...even being half-elven.
    Genis: Tomorrow, after we make sure Altessa's okay, we're going to finally put 
    	an end to all this, aren't we?
    Lloyd: Huh? Why do you ask? Yeah, that's the plan anyway.
    Genis: Then, is it okay for me to take Mithos' side for just a minute?
    Lloyd: What?
    Genis: I can kind of understand how he feels. Just a little.
    Lloyd: Really?
    Genis: When we were chased out of Iselia, I...I cursed the fact that I was part
    	human. I couldn't stand it.
    Lloyd: I see.
    Genis: When Raine and I were refused at Heimdall, I was so embarrassed and 
    Lloyd: Yeah...
    Genis: I'm neither human or elf. Neither side will accept me. Yet, unless I 
    	belong to one of them, neither will recognize my very existence!
    Lloyd: Are you opposed to fighting Mithos?
    Genis: ...No, it's not like that. I certainly can't forgive him for the things 
    	he's doing.
    Lloyd: But it pains you, right?
    Genis: Well...Even if we defeat Mithos, I don't think we'll truly have defeated
    Lloyd: Yeah. ...Humans, elves, and half-elves...all of us have to change.
    Genis: Can everyone really change?
    Lloyd: We can't give up. Everyone has the right to live in this world--to see 
    	this scenery. ...At least, that's what I think.
    Genis: You're right. You've been really stubborn about not giving up.
    Lloyd: Can't you think of a better word than stubborn?
    Genis: Maybe I'll try being a little stubborn, too.
    Lloyd: You sure know how to push a guy's buttons. Hehe, oh well.
    Genis: ...Achoo!
    Lloyd: It's getting pretty cold. Wanna head back inside?
    Genis: Yeah, sounds good. Thanks, Lloyd.
    Lloyd: Huh? For what?
    Genis: For just treating me like...
    Lloyd: Treating you like what?
    Genis: ...Nah, never mind.
    <<< Genis runs off >>>
    Lloyd: What was that about? Dork.
    [3c] Raine
    Lloyd: Who is it? Come on in.
    <<< Raine opens the door and walks in >>>
    Raine: Could I speak with you for a moment?
    Lloyd: Hey Professor, what's up?
    Raine: I wanted to go outside to see the snow. Would you like to accompany me?
    Lloyd: Sure.
    <<< Scene switches to the front of the Flanoir church >>>
    Raine: It's so wondrous the way snow can fall from a jet black sky.
    Lloyd: Hard to believe you would say something like that.
    Raine: Humph! Although I'd have to agree with you.
    Lloyd: Hehehehe.
    Raine: You're going overboard on the laughter.
    Lloyd: Sorry.
    Raine: Lloyd, what are you planning to do now?
    Lloyd: We...need to go to Derris-Kharlan.
    Raine: Yes. It's time we settled this.
    Lloyd: Yeah. I know what I have to do. Release Origin's seal, acquire the right
    	to wield the Eternal Sword, and use it to reunite the worlds. 
    	...Although, they say humans can't use the Eternal Sword.
    Raine: That's not the only problem. In order to accomplish your goal, you must 
    	defeat not only Mithos, but Kratos as well.
    Lloyd: ...I wonder if there's another way, like with Colette.
    Raine: Before, I would have simply stated that there is none.
    Lloyd: Really?
    Raine: Yes. I used to believe that there are some things that can't be changed 
    	in this world.
    Lloyd: And now you don't?
    Raine: ...I still think there are some things that can't be changed.
    Lloyd: Ah...
    Raine: But I don't think it's such a bad thing to believe in possibilities. 
    	Although I'm a little nervous about this change in myself.
    Lloyd: I wonder what it was that changed you?
    Raine: Do you remember studying about snowflakes? How when viewed under a 
    	magnifying glass, you can see that they have complex crystalline 
    Lloyd: Uhhh, wh...what? Did they?
    Raine: Yes, they do. They're beautiful crystals that resemble conifers.
    Lloyd: Coni...fers?
    Raine: ...Never mind. Anyway, depending on the temperature and humidity, snow 
    	crystals become completely different shapes.
    Lloyd: And so?...
    Raine: They all look like the same cold snow, but in reality, they're very 
    	sensitive to the environment around them.
    Lloyd: Oh, yeah, I get that, but...
    Raine: In other words, the temperature around me has changed.
    Lloyd: Oh! I see, you're saying that there's something that has changed you!
    Raine: Hehe, although it would seem that my heat source hasn't realized it at 
    Lloyd: Huh? Huh?
    Raine: Thanks for keeping me company. We should head on back and rest, for 
    	tomorrow may be our last battle.
    Lloyd: Y...yeah. I guess.
    [3d] Sheena
    Lloyd: Who is it? Come on in.
    <<< Sheena opens the door and walks in >>>
    Sheena: Hey, do you have a sec?
    Lloyd: Sheena! What's up?
    Sheena: Wanna come outside with me? It's snowing, and it's really pretty.
    Lloyd: Sure.
    <<< Scene switches to the front of the Flanoir church >>>
    Sheena: Everyone's asleep. The world looks so peaceful when you stand here like
    Lloyd: Yeah. Even though up above us, Cruxis is busy planning its absurd Age of
    	Lifeless Beings.
    Sheena: Lifeless beings...Do you think discrimination would really go away if 
    	everyone became lifeless beings?
    Lloyd: ...I doubt it would.
    Sheena: Yeah, I agree. I'm human. But the people of Mizuho and the other humans
    	of Tethe'alla have always had a gap separating them. Even inside 
    	Mizuho, I always stood out.
    Lloyd: Maybe Mithos despises the blood of both races that course through his 
    Sheena: Maybe so. I can kind of understand that, too.
    Lloyd: Because you're from Mizuho?
    Sheena: Well, since I can make pacts with Summon Spirits, I probably... I 
    	probably have elves in my ancestry somewhere in the distant past.
    Lloyd: Really?
    Sheena: Apparently, only those of elven blood can call forth Summon Spirits. 
    	Not just magic, but also any technique that uses the mana of the 
    	natural world, requires some elven blood to be flowing through you.
    Lloyd: Then, Kratos and Zelos, too?
    Sheena: They might have some elven blood in them. Just like me. 
    Lloyd: ...I see.
    Sheena: The instant I made the pact with Corrine, people around me started to 
    	look at me differently. And I thought to myself, this is what it must 
    	be like for half-elves all the time.
    Lloyd: Did you...ever wish you were different?
    Sheena: ...I've lost count of all the times I've wished it. Especially since I 
    	caused the deaths of the people in my village. But it's because I have
    	this power that I met Corrine and all of you.
    Lloyd: Yeah, if you didn't have your summoning abilities, someone else might 
    	have come to kill Colette instead.
    Sheena: When I think about it that way, I think that everything a person 
    	possesses is important in some way.
    Lloyd: In other words, you have your summoning abilities because they're 
    Sheena: Yeah. My power, Colette's power, Raine and Genis' elven blood... And 
    	everything you've received from your parents. They're all needed, and 
    	that's why they're there. we're all needed, and that's why we're here.
    Lloyd: ...I think you're right. I think every single life has meaning.
    Sheena: Me, too. I've started thinking that way lately. And when I did, it's 
    	like a great weight was lifted from my shoulders. To know that it's
    	okay just to be alive...you know?
    Lloyd: Well, yeah, that's a given, isn't it?
    Sheena: It wasn't a given for me. I failed in my duties and ran from making 
    	pacts. I always thought of myself as a burden.
    Lloyd: I see.
    Sheena: But after seeing you say exactly what you mean, not holding anything 
    	back, time and time again, I started to think that maybe I could 
    	just...be myself.
    Lloyd: Really? I don't quite get it.
    Sheena: Really. I think I started to think that way because you live your life 
    	in such earnest.
    Lloyd: Heh, I think that's a compliment.
    Sheena: ...I wish Mithos could feel that, too.
    Lloyd: Mithos...
    Sheena: If he lived his life as earnestly as you do, maybe he wouldn't be able 
    	to snuff out the lives of those who are trying just as hard to live.
    Lloyd: ...I don't know if we can get that across to him or not, but I'm going 
    	to fight him...For the sake of creating a world where we can live our 
    	lives the way we want to.
    Sheena: Are you planning to make the next move?
    Lloyd: Yeah, I don't see the situation improving by allowing Cruxis to go about
    	their merry way.
    Sheena: I agree. I don't like just sitting around and waiting to see what 
    Lloyd: Right? You and I think a lot alike. Sheena! I think we could become 
    	great friends.
    Sheena: ...Great...friends.
    Lloyd: Oh, you don't want to?
    Sheena: ...Idiot!
    [3e] Zelos
    Lloyd: Who is it? Come on in.
    <<< Zelos opens the door and walks in >>>
    Zelos: Hey man, you awake?
    Lloyd: ...I just got sleepy right now, G'night.
    Zelos: Whoa whoa whoa! Don't be like that! Come on, let's go talk outside for a
    Lloyd: Sure.
    <<< Scene switches to the front of the Flanoir church >>>
    Zelos: ...On that day, Meltokio had a record snowfall. It looked just like this
    Lloyd: What are you talking about all of a sudden?
    Zelos: Ah, just a story about the past. I suddenly felt like talking about it.
    Lloyd: Well, if you want to talk, I'm all ears.
    Zelos: I was so excited to see snow for the first time, and I made a snowman in
    	the garden with my mother. Then suddenly, the snowman fell apart. 
    	Before I knew what was going on, red snow began to fall.
    Lloyd: ...Red...snow?
    Zelos: It was my mother's blood. She was murdered.
    Lloyd: ...
    Zelos: As she fell, she grabbed my shoulder and told me, "You should never have
    	been born."
    Lloyd: That's...that's horrible!
    Zelos: My mother probably loved somebody else. But because of the oracle from 
    	Cruxis, she had to marry the Chosen at the time--my father. And the old
    	man had another woman as well.
    Lloyd: But none of that was your fault!
    Zelos: ...The magic that killed my mother was meant for me.
    Lloyd: What?
    Zelos: They targeted me because I was the next Chosen. My mother was caught in 
    	the crossfire.
    Lloyd: ...
    Zelos: The one who tried to kill me was Seles' mother. They executed her and 
    	Seles was placed under house arrest in the abbey.
    Lloyd: So that's what happened.
    Zelos: I never wanted to be the Chosen. I spent every moment of my life wishing
    	I could just run away.
    Lloyd: ...Chosens lead really difficult lives. I can only imagine what it's 
    	like. But I can still understand how hard it must be.
    Zelos: ...Sorry. Kinda hard to think of anything to say to a story like that, 
    Lloyd: Don't worry about it. But why did you suddenly decide to tell me?
    Zelos: I should've never been born.
    Lloyd: Wh...why do you say that?!
    Zelos: I'm not saying I still think that way now. But all my life, I've been 
    	rejected by my parents, shunned by the Church, and viewed as a threat 
    	by the royal family... ...I just wanted to run away.
    Lloyd: But you're here with us, now, right?
    Zelos: I dunno. Even now, to tell the truth, I get tired of all the problems. 
    	Sometimes I think it'd be easier if everyone and everything were just 
    Lloyd: Zelos! How can you say that?!
    Zelos: ...Did I piss you off?
    Lloyd: Hell yes! Of course! It'd be a huge problem for me if everything was 
    Zelos: But think about it. If everything was destroyed, you'd vanish, too.
    Lloyd: I refuse to vanish. And so I don't want anyone else to be destroyed...I 
    	want you to live, too, Zelos.
    Zelos: ...I think I'm gonna cry.
    Lloyd: Don't make fun of what I'm saying. Tomorrow, once we're sure that 
    	Altessa is okay, I'm going to challenge Mithos to a final battle. But 
    	if that's the way you feel, I'll be too worried to bring you along.
    Zelos: You're going to fight? Do you really think you can unite the worlds?
    Lloyd: I can and I will. I'm not going to run away.
    Zelos: All right, all right. I hear ya. I swear, your fervent enthusiasm is 
    	enough to melt all the snow in Flanoir. ...I'm in. I guess I'll give 
    	this not running away thing a shot.
    Lloyd: Haha. Once the world is at peace, you can run away all you like.
    Zelos: Gee, thanks. Man, I can't believe I'm joining the weaker side. This 
    	isn't like me at all.
    Lloyd: What are you talking about?
    Zelos: Nothing, just talking to myself. Anyway, let's get back. it's way too 
    	cold out here.
    Lloyd: Yeah.
    <<< Scene switches back to inside the cabin >>>
    Lloyd: Hmm? Did Zelos drop this? Hey, there's a letter attached...
    Zelos' voice: This is a symbol of my trust. Hang on to it for me, okay? I don't
    	have the right to ask for your forgiveness, but I still want you to 
    	forgive me. P.S. Don't tell the others.
    Lloyd: What the?...Man, what the heck is he trying to say? He should make it 
    	easier to understand!
    [The Chosen's Orb was found]
    [3f] Presea
    Lloyd: Who is it? Come on in.
    <<< Presea opens the door and walks in >>>
    Presea: It is me.
    Lloyd: This is unusual. What's up?
    Presea: Would you like to go see the snow?
    Lloyd: Sure.
    <<< Scene switches to the front of the Flanoir church >>>
    Lloyd: Wow! I've never seen this much snow before.
    Presea: I have...hardly ever seen snow. So...it feels strange.
    Lloyd: Really?
    Presea: My memories from the time when my soul was missing are...not very 
    	clear. And, also, I've never been anywhere besides Ozette and Meltokio.
    Lloyd: ...I see. I understand. I'm the same way. Before all this happened, I'd 
    	hardly ever left Iselia.
    Presea: Snow melts away so quickly.
    Lloyd: Yeah. It's...just basically ice.
    Presea: I always thought of it as something that remained for a long, long 
    	time. But instead, it is fleeting.
    Lloyd: Yeah. When you talk about it that way, it's kind of sad.
    Presea: But that's the way things are. ...Trees, grass, and flowers all 
    	eventually wilt away. People are no different.
    Lloyd: All life eventually dies. And so snow disappears as well.
    Presea: Altessa will not disappear yet...right?
    Lloyd: Presea...
    Presea: I...I still haven't forgiven him. And yet, if he were to pass away, 
    Lloyd: It'll turn out okay.
    Presea: ...That is not absolute. I wish you wouldn't say things like that so 
    Lloyd: If it was absolute, I wouldn't say, "It'll turn out okay."
    Presea: What do you mean? Those kinds of words are meant for when we feel that 
    	there is no need to worry.
    Lloyd: There's nothing in this world that's absolute. And I think that's 
    	precisely why we say things like that to ourselves. Stuff like, "I know 
    	I can do it!" "I know it'll be okay!" 
    Presea: Perhaps so.
    Lloyd: Honestly, I don't know if Altessa will be all right. The only thing I 
    	can do is believe in Altessa's will to live.
    Presea: Believe...
    Lloyd: Yeah. And that's why I say, "It'll be okay." I'm going to keep saying it
    	and keep believing it. Human will is a powerful thing. ...I'm gonna use 
    	that power to keep  Altessa in this world.
    Presea: It must be that power of will that makes you so strong.
    Lloyd: Ah, I dunno about that...
    Presea: When I look at you, the things I thought were completely hopeless feel 
    	as though they may actually be easy to overcome.
    Lloyd: ...I'm simple-minded, so I don't think too hard about things. I just 
    	figure it'll all work out somehow as long as I don't give up.
    Presea: Do you thing you can win against Mithos?
    Lloyd: ...Yeah. I'm going to win. I won't be able to fight him unless I have 
    	that mindset.
    Presea: Is it because you were friends with him for a little while?
    Lloyd: I'm not sure. Maybe. But I can't sympathize with him.
    Presea: Yes, he has done many terrible things--to humans, elves, and to the 
    	land itself.
    Lloyd: And to half-elves. He took his own pain and forced it on everyone around
    	him, and got the entire half-elf race caught up in the process.
    Presea: Yes. That's true.
    Lloyd: The fact is that humans and elves have both done bad things. And I'm 
    	sure that Mithos tolerated it as long as he could. But that's only an 
    	excuse for all the things he's done.
    Presea: Lloyd, you will win.
    Lloyd: Huh?
    Presea: That is how I feel after talking to you. If your will and Mithos' will 
    	were to collide, I'm certain that yours will overcome his. Because you 
    	are not denying your true self.
    Lloyd: ...Thanks. Just hearing you say that gives me the courage to take on 
    	Cruxis tomorrow.
    Presea: Tomorrow?
    Lloyd: Yup. After we make sure Altessa's okay, I'm going to put an end to all 
    	of this.
    Presea: You are going to defeat Mithos and unite the worlds.
    Lloyd: Yeah. That's the only way.
    Presea: Lloyd, I'm sure everything will be okay. I know...you can win.
    Lloyd: Hey, you're being positive.
    Presea: Yes. I will lend you the power of my will as well.
    Lloyd: ...Okay! I'll make good use of it!
    [3g] Regal
    Lloyd: Who is it? Come on in.
    <<< Regal opens the door and walks in >>>
    Regal: Pardon me.
    Lloyd: Regal? What are you doing up at this hour?
    Regal: I apologize for coming late. Would you mind if we stepped outside for a 
    	moment? I'd like to have a word with you.
    Lloyd: Sure.
    <<< Scene switches to the front of the Flanoir church >>>
    Regal: Snow...this place is clearly affected by Celsius' presence.
    Lloyd: It's pretty to look at, but I bet the people that live here have a rough
    Regal: Indeed. The only way to survive in this area is through tourism.
    Lloyd: Hey, your company's main business is tourism, right? Do you own any 
    	buildings in Flanoir?
    Regal: There should be several ski resorts and hotels of ours in this area.
    Lloyd: ...Whoa, you really are rich.
    Regal: I'm not the one that built the company. It was someone in my family many
    	generations ago.
    Lloyd: Wow, your family's been around for a long time.
    Regal: The Exsphere mine produced a great deal of wealth for the family. They 
    	most likely sold the Exspheres through a broker who passed them onto 
    	the Desians. The fortunes I possess were paid for by the blood of the 
    	people of Sylvarant.
    Lloyd: ...Yeah, I suppose so.
    Regal: I'm sorry.
    Lloyd: It's not your fault.
    Regal: Ignorance is no excuse. If anything, it itself is a crime.
    Lloyd: Well, maybe so, but...
    Regal: That may be part of the reason why Mithos oppresses all life on the 
    Lloyd: What do you mean?
    Regal: Humans are ignorant of their sins, while elves turn a blind eye to them.
    	That frustrates Mithos.
    Lloyd: Even if that's true, what he's doing is dragging the whole world into a 
    	quest for revenge. That's not something that can be forgiven.
    Regal: If so...I, too, cannot be forgiven.
    Lloyd: What? Why?
    Regal: For I am on a quest for vengeance against the Cruxis.
    Lloyd: That's different.
    Regal: No, it's not. If the ones who turned Alicia into a monster had been 
    	human, I might have followed the same path as Mithos.
    Lloyd: Your conscience will usually kick in before you get to that point. At 
    	least that's what the Professor said.
    Regal: Yes, I'd imagine so. But even still, what I...no, what we are doing is 
    	no different than Mithos.
    Lloyd: ...No different than Mithos?
    Regal: We are eliminating those who do not share our ideals and those who stand
    	in our way by force.
    Lloyd: Well, yeah, if you're gonna put it that way.
    Regal: Mithos knows that. That explains why he said the things about the 
    	Exspheres as he was leaving. About the hypocrisy of our protest against 
    	sacrificing lives while using these stones that have consumed people's 
    Lloyd: He's really starting to get to me.
    Regal: Are you sure that's not because what he said is true?
    Lloyd: Maybe. But just because the logic is sound, that doesn't make it right.
    Regal: Hmm. 
    Lloyd: I can't stand what he's doing. That's all there is to it.
    Regal: ...Yes, perhaps that is all that needs to be said. By putting myself in 
    	Mithos' place, I may have been subconsciously trying to legitimize my 
    	own justice.
    Lloyd: You always think about the complicated stuff. No one wants to be the bad
    	guy, and no one wants to have to put up with things they don't like.
    Regal: Everyone thinks the same way... is that what you're saying?
    Lloyd: If you stop and think about the fact that others are the same as you, 
    	then you won't do the kinds of things Mithos does. So...
    Regal: You're going to fight him.
    Lloyd: Tomorrow, after we check on Altessa's condition, I'm going to put an end
    	to all of this.
    Regal: ...Very well. This chain of tragedy must be broken as soon as possible.
    Lloyd: Yeah, I'm counting on your support.
    Regal: You have it.
    [3h] Kratos
    Lloyd: ...Wow, that's some snow.
    Kratos' voice: Lloyd...
    Lloyd: Did someone just call my name?...
    <<< Scene switches to the front of the Flanoir church >>>
    Lloyd: Huh...I guess I was just hearing things...
    Kratos: ...Lloyd.
    <<< Camera pans over to show Kratos and Noishe >>>
    Lloyd: Did you know I was your son the whole time?
    Kratos: ...I realized it when I found Anna's grave at your house.
    Lloyd: How did Mom die? You know, don't you?...
    Kratos: Like Presea, Anna was a research subject of the Angelus Project. They
    	were trying to create a Cruxis Crystal inside her body. When I learned 
    	of Mithos' plan to create an Age of Lifeless Beings, I turned against 
    	him and descended upon this land, where I met Anna. 
    Lloyd: ...So Mom was an experimental subject, just like Presea...
    Kratos: After meeting Anna, I realized my mistake in believing that accepting 
    	Mithos' vision would be the fastest route to reunite the worlds. I 
    	began to search for a way for a human to wield the Eternal Sword. 
    Lloyd: ...So you can unite the worlds?
    Kratos: Yes. However, Anna and I were pursued by Cruxis. We traveled from place
    	to place, and when you were born, with you as well, but we were finally 
    	caught by Kvar.
    Lloyd: And then Mom was turned into a monster...
    Kratos: Her Exsphere was removed. Lacking a Key Crest, the mana in her body 
    	went out of control, and she turned into a monster. ...When it tried to
    	devour you, Noishe protected you, and Anna regained control of 
    Lloyd: ...Noishe saved me?
    Kratos: That's probably when Noishe became sensitive to monsters. Noishe and 
    	Anna were both wounded. Your mother begged me to kill her.
    Lloyd: ...I've heard enough.
    Kratos: Anna went out of control again and turned on you. Then I...
    Lloyd: That's enough!
    Kratos: I...killed her.
    Lloyd: I said, that's enough!
    Kratos: After that, Kvar attacked, then you and Noishe fell down the cliff 
    	along with the Exsphere. ...I fought off Kvar and his men, and 
    	descended the cliff, but all that was left were the Desian corpses, 
    	half-eaten by monsters. ...I thought there was no way you could still 
    	be alive.
    Lloyd: ...Is that when you returned to Cruxis?
    Kratos: I am the Origin seal itself. Since killing me would break the seal, 
    	Yggdrasill couldn't just leave me alone.
    Lloyd: And you were okay with that? Even though you opposed what he was doing?
    Kratos: Everything felt meaningless. Mithos said he would reunite the worlds as
    	soon as Martel was revived. I came to think that as long as the land
    	could return to normal, that would be enough... Until I met you.
    Lloyd: Me?
    Kratos: You remind me of Mithos. Just like you, Mithos was desperately trying 
    	to save the world. He didn't give up. No matter how much he was 
    	oppressed, he was hopeful... until the day Martel was killed.
    Lloyd: A hero...that's what people call him.
    Kratos: Yes, but there is a clear difference between you and Mithos.
    Lloyd: Our race?
    Kratos: No, not that. You realize that you are capable of making mistakes. Or 
    	rather, if you make a mistake, you are capable of acknowledging it. 
    	That takes courage. Mithos, as well as I... were unable to do that.
    Lloyd: The courage to acknowledge one's mistakes...
    Kratos: We were incapable of correcting our flawed path. We gave up on 
    	correcting our mistakes. You didn't give up.
    Lloyd: If you feel that way, then you must have realized it by now! Mistakes 
    	can be corrected. It's not too late. Let's look for a way to release 
    	Origin without sacrificing your life...	together.
    Kratos: ...I still have something I must do. Until I am able to entrust it to 
    	you, I cannot fight alongside you.
    Lloyd: Something you have to do?
    Kratos: The Eternal Sword. Until I am able to entrust it to you...do not die, 
    Lloyd: Kratos! Where are you going?
    Kratos: ...Do not allow Yggdrasill to continue as he pleases. He is capable of 
    	sacrificing any number of lives. Stop Yggdrasill...stop Mithos...before 
    	Colette is taken from you again.
    Lloyd: ...I'll stop him. I'll head to Derris-Kharlan and put an end to this.
    <<< The next day in front of the inn >>>
    Lloyd: Oh, Noishe. What's that in your mouth?
    Noishe: *Whine*
    Lloyd: A pendant? What is?... It's Kratos and...Mom? Then this baby must 
    Noishe: *Whine*
    Lloyd: Kratos gave this to you, didn't he?
    Noishe: *Whine*
    Lloyd: ...Okay, I'll hang on to it.
    [Kratos' Locket was found]
    [4] Night at Heimdall
    Whichever character the player decided to speak to at Flanoir will speak to 
    Lloyd during the night before releasing the seal on Origin, as long as it 
    wasn't Kratos that the player spoke to.
    [4a] Colette
    <<< Colette can be seen walking towards the inn >>>
    <<< Scene switches to inside Lloyd's cabin >>>
    Lloyd: What is it?
    <<< Colette walks in >>>
    Colette: Are you still up?
    Lloyd: ...I couldn't really get to sleep.
    Colette: The stars are so pretty. DO you want to come see them with me?
    Lloyd: ...Okay then, just for a little while.
    <<< Scene switches to Heimdall's park >>>
    Colette: Wow...it feels like they might come falling down at any moment!
    Lloyd: Yeah.
    Colette: You know, it still feels strange. The fact that I'm still here, 
    Lloyd: How come?
    Colette: My grandmother told me that I could never return to the village once I
    	left on the journey to regenerate the world. So when I talked with you 
    	the night before leaving Iselia, I thought it would be the very last 
    	time. But I'm still here, right beside you.
    Lloyd: And that's the way it'll be.
    Colette: Hm?
    Lloyd: Cruxis is gone. And tomorrow...when I win against Kratos and have him 
    	remove the seal, the worlds will be reunited. You don't have to worry
    Colette: ...So you're going to fight Kratos?
    Lloyd: I...have to.
    Colette: But he's your father.
    Lloyd: It's because he's my dad that I have to fight.
    Colette: Wh...why?
    Lloyd: He wants to settle things. He wants to settle the score with his own 
    	past. That's what it feels like to me.
    Colette: ...Hmm...maybe you're right. After all, he saved us.
    Lloyd: Yeah. And I also want to settle things myself. 
    Colette: What do you mean?
    Lloyd: I've spent this whole time expecting you to do everything. I just took 
    	it for granted that you're the only one who could regenerate the world. 
    	I never questioned that. 
    Colette: You didn't know. It's not your fault. And besides, you saved me. Just 
    	like you promised you would.
    Lloyd: But because of that, a lot of people lost their lives. I have to 
    	shoulder their sacrifices. For their sake and mine... I have to defeat 
    	the Kratos of the past. 
    Colette: ...I understand.
    Lloyd: When this is all over, I hope the world becomes a place where everyone 
    	can live together.
    Colette: When this journey ends and the world really becomes like that, what 
    	are you going to do? Will you return to Iselia?
    Lloyd: I don't think I'm going back there again. I plan to go on a journey to 
    	collect all of these.
    Colette: Exspheres?
    Lloyd: Unless they are all retrieved, there'll be more victims like you and 
    	Presea. So I want to gather all of them before that happens. That's my 
    	way of showing gratitude to these guys, for using their powers to 
    Colette: Do you mind...if I come along with you?
    Lloyd: What?
    Colette: I want to continue to be by your side, just like I've been up until 
    Lloyd: ...All right. We'll go together. Let's go explore the new world 
    Colette: Okay!
    [4b] Genis
    <<< Genis can be seen walking towards the inn >>>
    <<< Scene switches to inside Lloyd's cabin >>>
    Lloyd: What is it?
    <<< Genis walks in >>>
    Genis: Lloyd, are you still up?
    Lloyd: ...I couldn't really get to sleep.
    Genis: Then let's go outside and look at the stars. They're beautiful right 
    Lloyd: ...Okay then, just for a little while.
    <<< Scene switches to Heimdall's park >>>
    Genis: Wow...you can see just as many stars here as you can from your house, 
    Lloyd: That reminds me how you and the Professor used to come to my house just 
    	to look at the stars.
    Genis: Raine always told me to study the positions of the stars.
    Lloyd: How come?
    Genis: So we'll be ready in case we're chased out from the village... uh, I 
    Lloyd: Well, anyway, knowing the position of the stars is important. It'll keep
    	you from getting lost.
    Genis: At least you know a lot about those types of things.
    Lloyd: What do you mean, at least?
    Genis: ...Say, Lloyd, can I ask you something?
    Lloyd: What's up?
    Genis: How come you don't discriminate against half-elves?
    Lloyd: ...Huh? DO you think it would be better if I did?
    Genis: No...I'd hate that.
    Lloyd: Then it's good that I don't, right?
    Genis: Yeah, but it's just...no matter where we go, that's just the way it is.
    Lloyd: Who decided that?
    Genis: Wh...who decided?
    Lloyd: Humans, elves, whatever, there are people you like and ones you don't. 
    	That's all there is to it.
    Genis: Lloyd...
    Lloyd: If I'd been born a half-elf, I don't think I could stand being liked or 
    	disliked over something I can't do anything about.
    Genis: ...Yeah.
    Lloyd: You can't change what you are and how you're born.
    Genis: Yeah. You're absolutely right.
    Lloyd: Well, but I guess that means I can't change the fact that I'm stupid, 
    Genis: Don't worry. Your stupidity is what makes you cool.
    Lloyd: Hey, what the heck does that mean?
    Genis: Heh. I really like you, Lloyd. Even though you're a human.
    Lloyd: H...huh?
    Genis: ...I think that if I'm with you, I'll eventually learn to like humans.
    Lloyd: Well then, why don't you come with me?
    Genis: To where?
    Lloyd: When this journey is over and the worlds are reunited...I plan to gather
    	all the Exspheres.
    Genis: ...To make sure there won't be anymore people like Presea?
    Lloyd: Exactly.
    Genis: ...That's a good idea, I'd worry if you're by yourself, so I'll come 
    	along, too.
    Lloyd: Okay, then! It's a deal!
    Genis: Yeah. We'll be friends forever!
    [4c] Raine
    <<< Raine can be seen walking towards the inn >>>
    <<< Scene switches to inside Lloyd's cabin >>>
    Lloyd: What is it?
    <<< Raine walks in >>>
    Raine: Are you still up?
    Lloyd: ...I couldn't really get to sleep.
    Raine: In that case, would you like to join me outside?
    Lloyd: ...Okay then, just for a little while.
    <<< Scene switches to Heimdall's park >>>
    Raine: Hehehe. It really brings back so many memories...
    Lloyd: What does?
    Raine: This village. 
    Lloyd: ...Huh?
    Raine: Oh, have you forgotten? Genis and I were born here.
    Lloyd: Oh yeah. That's right.
    Raine: I never realized that there were two separate worlds. ...Now all my 
    	research seems so meaningless.
    Lloyd: So the reason you were interested in old ruins was...
    Raine: ...I was searching for the images from my childhood. Heimdall, the 
    	Otherworldly Gate...everything was over here, in Tethe'alla.
    Lloyd: I'm glad you finally found it, Professor.
    Raine: Should I be glad?
    Lloyd: But this is the village you'd been searching for, right? You finally 
    	found your homeland.
    Raine: ...Yes. In the end, perhaps I should be glad...
    Lloyd: What's wrong? Did I say something bad?
    Raine: No. I'm glad I learned the truth instead of spending my entire life 
    	never knowing where my roots were.
    Lloyd: Your roots...I wonder where I was born.
    Raine: You should ask Kratos when you get the chance.
    Lloyd: ...Kratos? I couldn't talk to him about that...
    Raine: That man has risked his life to protect you. Think carefully what that 
    Lloyd: But I don't understand what he's thinking! Why did he just go along with
    	what Mithos told him to do?
    Raine: Who knows? But in protecting you, he acted against Mithos.
    Lloyd: He deceived us.
    Raine: People...change. For better or for worse.
    Lloyd: Then...then why does he still want to fight me?
    Raine: Adults are troublesome creatures. They aren't very good at admitting 
    	their mistakes. This is probably his way of settling things.
    Lloyd: ...Settling things...Once it's over, I wonder if I'll be able to ask him
    	about my roots.
    Raine: Perhaps... ...If you do find out where you were born, would you like to 
    	go there together?
    Lloyd: ...Yeah. That sounds good. Along the way, we can collect all the 
    	Exspheres from around the world. I don't think these things should just 
    	be left about.
    Raine: Yes, it would be best if they never appear again.
    Lloyd: Right?
    Raine: Okay. Then it's settled. When the worlds are reunited, we'll head for 
    	your birthplace together.
    Lloyd: Okay! That's a promise!
    [4d] Sheena
    <<< Sheena can be seen walking towards the inn >>>
    <<< Scene switches to inside Lloyd's cabin >>>
    Lloyd: What is it?
    <<< Sheena walks in >>>
    Sheena: Umm, heh...are you still up?
    Lloyd: ...I couldn't really get to sleep.
    Sheena: Well, in that case, want some company for a little while?
    Lloyd: ...Okay then, just for a little while.
    <<< Scene switches to Heimdall's park >>>
    Sheena: So...aren't you nervous?
    Lloyd: Huh?
    Sheena: About tomorrow. The battle with Kratos.
    Lloyd: Yeah...a little.
    Sheena: Right? Of course you'd be. Doesn't...it bother you.
    Lloyd: What? Fighting with Kratos?
    Sheena: Yeah. I mean...he's your father, right? Isn't it kind of difficult to 
    	face him?
    Lloyd: ...The fact that he's my father still hasn't sunk in. When I stop and 
    	think about it, it does seem like he helped me out a lot along the way. 
    	But he also betrayed us and put us through hell. So accepting the fact 
    	that he's my father is harder to deal with than the fact that I have to 
    	fight him.
    Sheena: I see...but I'm still a little envious.
    Lloyd: Why?
    Sheena: Well, you know I was abandoned as a child. So I don't have a clue who 
    	my parents are.
    Lloyd: ...Ah.
    Sheena: I thought about what it would be like if I was in your place. If my 
    	parents was my  enemy, and yet still came to my aid...I think I'd just 
    	be all confused.
    Lloyd: Haha. I'm confused too. Even now.
    Sheena: Hehehe. ...Well, so when I imaged about fighting my own father 
    	tomorrow, I got really frightened. 
    Lloyd: You did? Haha, you dork. You don't have to put yourself in my shoes that
    	much, you know?
    Sheena: I know! But either way, it nearly drove me crazy...I couldn't take it. 
    	Anyway...that's how I felt, so I thought maybe you're feeling the same 
    Lloyd: Heh. Thanks, Sheena. 
    Sheena: Ah...nah, it's...a...um...say, what are you planning to do after this?
    Lloyd: After this?
    Sheena: When the worlds are reunited, our journey will be over, right? So, what
    Lloyd: Well, I think I want to go on a journey to collect all the Exspheres.
    Sheena: Oh...that's a good idea. Could I...come along with you?
    Lloyd: Huh? You don't have to go back to Mizuho?
    Sheena: ...I...want to be with you.
    Lloyd: ...S...sure. I want to be with you too. 
    Sheena: R...really?! Then it's settled. Okay? You can't change your mind now! 
    	We're going together on a journey to collect all the Exspheres in the
    Lloyd: Yeah. That way, no more people will fall victim to the Exspheres, and 
    	these things will never be dragged into a conflict like this again.
    Sheena: It's a promise. If you don't keep it, I'm going to invoke the Mizuho 
    	tradition of making a liar swallow a thousand needles.
    Lloyd: Whoa...okay, okay. I promise.
    [4e] Zelos
    <<< Zelos can be seen walking towards the inn >>>
    <<< Scene switches to inside Lloyd's cabin >>>
    Lloyd: What is it?
    <<< Zelos walks in >>>
    Zelos: ...Sorry. Did I wake you?
    Lloyd: ...I couldn't really get to sleep.
    Zelos: Then could I talk to you for a sec?
    Lloyd: ...Okay then, just for a little while.
    <<< Scene switches to Heimdall's park >>>
    Zelos: Sorry about calling you out here in the middle of the night.
    Lloyd: Nah, don't worry about it. What's up?
    Zelos: I'll get right to the point. What's up with this Kratos guy?
    Lloyd: What do you mean, what's up?
    Zelos: Doesn't he piss you off?!
    Lloyd: Zelos, why are you so mad?
    Zelos: He's done all this stuff to us. Turned against us and even betrayed his 
    	own son. Damned right I'm mad!
    Lloyd: Um...do you really think you're in a position to be mad?
    Zelos: We don't need to talk about me. I'm really good at conveniently 
    	forgetting things like that!
    Lloyd: That's hardly something to brag about.
    Zelos: I think...parents are there to protect their children.
    Lloyd: Well...yeah.
    Zelos: But this guy, he just goes back and forth, like he can't make up his 
    	mind. Doesn't he realize that it only hurts you? And then after all 
    	that, he challenges you to a duel?! What kind of family turns swords 
    	against one another?! This whole thing's nuts!
    Lloyd: Yeah...well, I guess that's true...
    Zelos: You certainly don't seem that worked up about it. Doesn't he piss you 
    Lloyd: Well, right now, you're mad enough for the both of us.
    Zelos: ...I hate parents like that. Parents who just jerk their kids around for
    	their own convenience.
    Lloyd: Yeah, when you put it that way, I guess he did kinda jerk me around.
    Zelos: Exactly! I mean, he knew about the Eternal Sword and Eternal Ring from 
    	the very beginning and didn't say a word about them! ...Uh!
    Lloyd: ...What? What about the Eternal Ring?
    Zelos: Uh...well...
    Lloyd: Is Kratos the one that told you about the Eternal Ring?!
    Zelos: ...S...so, Lloyd. After we've succeeded in reuniting the worlds, what 
    	are you gonna do?
    Lloyd: Zelos, you heard about the ring from Kratos, didn't you?
    Zelos: ...He...he knew everything. That humans can't use the Eternal Sword, the
    	details of Colette's sickness, the way to make the Eternal Ring--
    Lloyd: Yeah, I guess when you think about it that way, he could have said 
    	something sooner.
    Zelos: Exactly!
    Lloyd: But even if he had told us, I don't think we would have believed him. So
    	maybe he did his best to gauge when to do what and to set things up for 
    	us along the way.
    Zelos: When you put it that way, I suppose that might be true. Now I feel kinda
    	stupid for getting so worked up over it.
    Lloyd: Not at all. ...Because you were upset, I think I've calmed down. I'm not
    	worked up anymore.
    Zelos: ...Oh. Well, that's good then.
    Lloyd: ...Tomorrow, I'll fight Kratos and then I'll ask him what he was 
    	thinking, and what he was trying to do.
    Zelos: ...Tomorrow...if Origin's seal is broken, the worlds will begin to 
    	unite, right?
    Lloyd: ...Yeah. Oh, yeah, about that question you asked earlier...I'm planning 
    	to go on a journey to search for Exspheres.
    Zelos: Huh?
    Lloyd: You asked what I was gonna do after the worlds are reunited.
    Zelos: ...Oh, I get it. That sounds like a good idea. We should put the 
    	Exspheres somewhere people will never get their hands on them 
    	again...for the sake of living beings, as well as for the lifeless 
    Lloyd: What about you? What are you going to do?
    Zelos: Me? Hmm, good question. The institution of the Chosen will surely be 
    	abolished. So, uh...I guess I'll just tag along with you!
    Lloyd: Huh?! Are you serious?
    Zelos: Yep, I think it's an awesome idea, if I do say so myself. Zelos, savior 
    	of the world, on a journey with his faithful sidekick. What do you 
    Lloyd: ...Whatever, man. Do what you like.
    Zelos: Okay then, it's settled! It's gonna be awesome traveling around with me,
    	just you wait!
    Lloyd: Yeah, yeah.
    [4f] Presea
    <<< Presea can be seen walking towards the inn >>>
    <<< Scene switches to inside Lloyd's cabin >>>
    Lloyd: What is it?
    <<< Presea walks in >>>
    Presea: ...Are you awake?
    Lloyd: ...I couldn't really get to sleep.
    Presea: Could you...come outside and talk with me?
    Lloyd: ...Okay then, just for a little while.
    <<< Scene switches to Heimdall's park >>>
    Presea: Our journey is almost over.
    Lloyd: Yeah. When I defeat Kratos and release Origin tomorrow...
    Presea: ...You don't feel any trepidation...about fighting Kratos?
    Lloyd: I'd be lying if I said I didn't. But I guess Kratos wants to fight us.
    Presea: I do not understand. I do not see the logic of this fight. For all 
    	intent and purposes, Cruxis no longer exists.
    Lloyd: Well, I think Kratos wants to bid farewell to his old self as an angel 
    	of Cruxis.
    Presea: Can he not do that by physically abandoning his role as an angel?
    Lloyd: ...He's probably lived too long to do that. I can't even image what four
    	thousand years is like.
    Presea: Four thousand years...Continuing to exist beyond the limits of your 
    	race...is a painful thing.
    Lloyd: I wonder what I'd do if I had that kind of time.
    Presea: Eventually...you would get tired of living. That is what I think.
    Lloyd: Get tired? I wonder if that's true. If you could live for a long time,
    	you'll get to do a lot of things.
    Presea: Is it not because people know that they will eventually die, that they
    	try very hard to live? When people die, everything is over. Therefore, 
    	everyone wants to find their destiny before that time comes. ...At
    	least, that's how I feel.
    Lloyd: Yeah...maybe so. It's kinda like if the holidays lasted forever, I'd 
    	never do my homework.
    Presea: ...I don't think that is quite the same thing. 
    Lloyd: Oh, really?
    Presea: It is not the same, but it is easy to understand.
    Lloyd: Hahaha...it's okay. I wasn't offended or anything.
    Presea: I spent my life watching the people of my village grow older and pass 
    	me by.
    Lloyd: ...Yeah.
    Presea: Even my younger sister, Alicia, grew much older than me. ...I wanted to
    	go on to the next grade with everyone else.
    Lloyd: ...
    Presea: But I, alone, am still on a holiday...
    Lloyd: Then, let's grow older together.
    Presea: Together...with you?
    Lloyd: When this journey is over, I'm planning to go around the world 
    	collection all the remaining Exspheres. To make sure that people will 
    	never get hurt by them.
    Presea: ...I wish to go with you, too. Together with you, I may be able to fill
    	the void in my life.
    Lloyd: Then let's make that a promise.
    Presea: ...Yes. It's a promise. Please, don't leave me behind.
    Lloyd: I promise I won't.
    [4g] Regal
    <<< Regal can be seen walking towards the inn >>>
    <<< Scene switches to inside Lloyd's cabin >>>
    Lloyd: What is it?
    <<< Regal walks in >>>
    Regal: ...Are you awake?
    Lloyd: ...I couldn't really get to sleep.
    Regal: I see...then, would you like to come speak with me for a little while?
    Lloyd: ...Okay then, just for a little while.
    <<< Scene switches to Heimdall's park >>>
    Regal: It's a strange feeling...
    Lloyd: Huh? What is?
    Regal: That your father appears younger than me.
    Lloyd: Oh, yeah. I know what you mean. It doesn't feel real to me yet, either. 
    	It feels more like he's my older brother.
    Regal: Brother, huh. Yes, I could imagine that.
    Lloyd: Although, I guess you could say the same about us.
    Regal: I, too, have thought of you as a younger brother. I don't have any 
    	brothers, but if I had a younger brother, I imagine he might be like 
    Lloyd: Hahaha. If I was your brother, I'd probably be a lot more level-headed.
    Regal: No, you really don't lose control of yourself. You may have gotten that 
    	from your father.
    Lloyd: Regal, do you understand Kratos and the things he does?
    Regal: Why do you ask?
    Lloyd: I was thinking that you two are a little bit alike. You and Kratos. 
    	...In a lot of ways.
    Regal: You think? Even when I lost the one I loved, I don't think I lost 
    	control of myself. I even shocked myself at how calm and subdued I am 
    	all the time.
    Lloyd: Really? But you sought revenge for Alicia, right? Whether that's a good 
    	thing or not, I'd hardly call that calm and subdued.
    Regal: If that was really for Alicia's sake, ...or if it was to fill the void 
    	of my own sadness in losing her, ...I honestly don't know.
    Lloyd: ...Hmm. I think you think too hard about stuff all the time. What you 
    	said are the same things. How sad you are shows how important Alicia 
    	was to you
    Regal: ...I see. You always seem to find the simple truth.
    Lloyd: People tell me I'm simple-minded. Maybe if they add the two of us 
    	together and divide by half, we'd be just right.
    Regal: Perhaps. When this journey is over, maybe I'll accompany you and learn 
    	your way of thinking.
    Lloyd: Heh. I don't know if learning from me is such a good idea, but if you 
    	want to come along with me after this journey is over, that's fine by 
    	me. It'll be like killing two birds with one stone.
    Regal: Two birds with one stone? Will I be of use to you somehow?
    Lloyd: Once the worlds are reunited, I'm planning on collecting all the 
    	Exspheres. I mean, we can't just leave them out there the way they are 
    	now, right?
    Regal: Indeed. Perhaps we should allow these sad beings to continue their sleep
    	forever. Otherwise, history may repeat itself.
    Lloyd: Exactly. So I thought stuff like Exsphere shipping records left at your 
    	company might turn out to be useful.
    Regal: ...I'd like you to allow me to join you on that journey.
    Lloyd: Really? To be honest, I don't even know if I'll be able to collect all 
    	of them in my lifetime.
    Regal: I expect my business experience may be of use in accomplishing that. And
    	besides, Alicia would surely prefer that I help you rather than return 
    	to my cell and idle my time away.
    Lloyd: It'll be a tremendous help to have you around.
    Regal: My strength is yours, even after our current journey ends. You are my 
    	new hope for the future. We will move forward together.
    [5] Final Remarks
    I'd like to thank Namco and Namco Tales Studio LTD. for putting out such a 
    great RPG game.
    However, it would have been nice if they had made it easier to get all of the 
    character scenes. For instance, in order to get each Dirk's House dialog, you 
    have to save before making the pact with Luna and Aska, and then fight your way
    through the Iselia ranch. Technically, both events don't take much time, but 
    the fact that there were oodles of cut scenes in between didn't help. The Night
    at Heimdall dialogs weren't much better, as you had to have a save before the 
    Flanoir event and then fight your way through the Tower of Salvation. But, 
    despite my above negative comments, I don't think that the time that I spent 
    was wasted. I enjoyed learning more about the character backgrounds and 
    Also, it would also have been better if they didn't insert ellipses everywhere 
    in the dialog for no reason: it was such a nuisance to type! =)
    Anyways, I'd also like to thank Ket Shi for making the Affection Faq. It helped
    tremendously in trying to keep all of the character's affection levels roughly
    the same. I was almost able to get all of the character scenes in one play 
    through, but I couldn't get Zelos to knock Sheena off from the #1 position
    for the Dirk's House scene, so I had to spend an additional nine hours just to 
    get that one additional scene.
    In summary, this is the first faq that I ever wrote and contributed to 
    Gamefaqs, and I hope you guys liked it. Please feel free to e-mail me if you 
    have any comments.

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