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    GC-to-PS2 Changes Guide by EChang

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/06/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       (v2.0, 11-06-04)
    by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)
    Revision History
    v2.0 (11-6-04)
       Much improved set of revisions backed up by data from the newly released
       official Complete Guide (ISBN 4-902372-04-5).
    v1.3 (10-17-04)
       Additional revisions.
    v1.2 (10-9-04)
       Additional notes added, new boss ougis listed.
    v1.1 (10-6-04)
       More changes noted.
    v1.0 (10-4-04)
       First version.
    1. Introduction
    2. Cosmetic Changes
       -Minor Graphical Changes
       -Minor Musical/Sound Changes
       -New Outfits
    3. Gameplay Changes
       -New Titles
       -New Elemental Variations
       -New Unison Attacks
       -New Techniques
       -New Hidden Ougis
       -Fixed Bugs
       -Powered-Up Bosses
       -New Events
       -New Monsters
       -Other Changes
    4. Credits
    This is a guide to the PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia. Specifically, it
    deals with the numerous changes and additions to the PS2 version from the
    original Gamecube incarnation. The PS2 version has not only changes in
    graphics and such, but adds new moves, new titles, new outfits, and so on
    to the original.
    This guide is split into two major sections: Cosmetic Changes and Gameplay
    Changes. Cosmetic Changes have absolutely no effect on the game or game
    mechanics; they're just there in general to 'look pretty'. Gameplay changes,
    on the other hand, are actual changes to the gameplay which in some cases
    alter considerably what you could have done in the original GC release.
    This guide assumes you have played through the GC version and thus does not
    spend any huge amount of time describing things present in the original.
    It also has potential spoilers.
    -The "Tales of Symphonia" logo on the title screen is now magenta-colored.
    -Most of the angels' wings now have deeper colors.
    -The "Synopsis" option in the menu now shows the newest entries at the
    -When a character is about to overlimit, their portrait will start to glow
     (in the GC version, the character sprite would flash red).
    -When the unison attack gauge fills up, it glows.
    -The Gamecube-object in the Sylvarant base now looks like a strange
     machine (it doesn't look like a PS2...)
    -Sword Dancer is now a regular white skull.
    -Shiina's summons now show a cutaway of her face once they cast (likely to
     make them match with other characters' hidden ougis).
    -New anime movies have been added for Colette's first Angel transformation
     and for the first flight of the Rarebirds.
    -The skits are graphically more dynamic. Portraits get larger or smaller
     quickly, swing from side to side, shake, and so on.
    -There are more post-battle win poses.
    -The 'dark' rooms in the Tower of Lightning are actually dark now (so that
     you have to wait for the lightning flashes to see where you're going).
    -The end credits now feature a mini-movie off to the left side.
    -The opening theme has been changed to "Soshite Boku ni Dekiru Koto" (by the
     same band, Day After Tomorrow).
    -The background music just before the fights with Pronyma and Yggdrasil has
     been changed (appropriate, since it was an instrumental version of the
     opening theme).
    -Zelos now says "Utsukushii~!" if he finishes an enemy with a combo. (For
     some reason, Zelos and only Zelos did not have such a line in the GC
    Most of the characters have gained an additional outfit in the PS2 version
    of Symphonia. They are as follows:
    Colette (Lloyd's Clothes)
    During the Flanoir event, pick Colette. Then, between the time you spend
    the night in Heimdall and the time you fight Kratos, return to Dike's house
    and speak to Dike. Colette will fall into the river and Lloyd will offer her 
    his clothes instead. Afterwards Colette will gain the title "Kimi to Osoroi". 
    Lloyd and Kratos (Japanese Clothes)
    Make sure Shiina has won in the Shiina/Kuchinawa one-on-one fight. Trigger
    the event where Igaguri regains consciousness. During the Flanoir event, pick 
    Kratos. Now after Kratos rejoins your party, go to Mizuho and speak to Taiga. 
    He'll give Lloyd and Kratos traditional Mizuho clothing from two legendary
    heroes, Musashi and Sasaki. Lloyd will gain the title "Musou no Mousha"
    and Kratos will gain the title "Dai-majin?".
    Genius and Presea (Winter Clothes)
    During the Flanoir event, pick Genius. Then, after defeating the Dark Dragon
    and passing through the main door in Ventheim, go to Flanoir and spend the
    night. The "Penguin Ojiisan" will give Genius and Presea the clothes he had
    intended to give to his grandchildren; Genius and Presea will also go out
    on a date. Genius will gain the title "Samuku Nai Yai!" and Presea will
    gain the title "Atatakai".
    (Note: If you pick Presea in the Flanoir event, you can get Presea's
    winter outfit but not Genius's. Thus, for efficiency's sake, it would
    be better to pick Genius.)
    Shiina and Zelos (Biker Clothes)
    During the Flanoir event, pick Zelos. See the event where Igaguri regains
    consciousness. Now go to Altamira and spend the night in the hotel. There 
    will be an event where Zelos attempts to cheer Shiina up by taking her on a 
    ride on the Rarebirds. For the ride, they'll each get a set of biker
    clothes. Shiina will get the title "Ryuusei Rider" and Zelos will get the
    title "Altamira Bousouzoku".
    (Note: When I tried doing this with picking Shiina at Flanoir, I got Lloyd
    cheering up Shiina at Altamira instead; Shiina got the new title and outfit,
    but Zelos did not. Thus, for efficiency's sake, it would be better to pick
    Regal (Noble's Clothes)
    During the Flanoir event, pick Regal. Now go to Altamira and speak to George;
    Regal will dress up in his President's clothes to conduct business
    negotiations. Afterwards he'll gain the title "Koushaku".
    Refill (Bunny Girl)
    Refill's outfit can be obtained any time after the Casino in Altamira is
    open. To get it, purchase the "??????" item from the bunny girl to the right
    of the main counter in exchange for 150,000 chips. You'll see an event
    where Refill is "Employee for a Day", and she'll gain the title "Erabareshi
    -If you successfully complete the Orienteering minigame in Palmacosta in
     under a minute now, you get the "Dr. Palmacosta" title for Lloyd (the GC
     version gave you nothing).
    -Each character has one new costume title - see the Cosmetic Changes section
     for details.
    There are now new elemental variations of moves (such as in the GC version,
    using Shunjinken 200 times and then using it with lightning-elemental
    weapon enchantment caused it to be Shunraiken instead). As in the original,
    each one requires the base move to be used 200 times and then a specific
    element weapon enchantment. They are as follows (organized by character). 
    Kaen Rekkuu (Rekkuuzan + Fire)
    Dankuuken (Senkuu Reppa + Wind)
    Shippuu Ressen (Ressenbu + Wind)
    Raishuu Hougeki (Houshuugeki + Lightning)
    Retsuenshuu (Resshuugeki + Fire)
    Hien Raikyaku (Hien Renkyaku + Lightning)
    There are now several new unison attacks. Regal, who had zero in the GC
    version, now actually has some.
    Rock Mountain
    Grave (Kratos/Zelos) + Grave or Rock Break or Grand Dasher (Genius)
    Genma Getsueika
    Yuugenfu (Shiina) + Kogetsusen (Presea)
    Yuugen Shoufu or Yuugen Seifu (Shiina) + Gessen Kuuha or Shougetsu Sousen or
       Shoubu Retsugekka (Presea)
    Zanma Getsueika
    Sakurikifu (Shiina) + Kogetsusen (Presea)
    Sakuriki Shoufu or Sakuriki Seifu (Shiina) + Gessen Kuuha or Shougetsu Sousen
       or Shoubu Retsugekka (Presea)
    Genma Hienkyaku
    Yuugenfu (Shiina) + Hienkyaku (Regal)
    Yuugen Shoufu or Yuugen Seifu (Shiina) + Hiryuugaku or Hien Renkyaku (Regal)
    Zanma Hienkyaku
    Sakurikifu (Shiina) + Hienkyaku (Regal)
    Sakuriki Shoufu or Sakuriki Seifu (Shiina) + Hiryuugaku or Hien Renkyaku
    Critical Blade
    Flame Lance or Eruption (Genius) + Bakuen Renbu or Bakuen Shouha (Presea)
    Explode (Genius) + Renga Bakusaijin (Presea)
    Note: This is evidently an homage to Roni's hidden ougi Critical Blade from
          Tales of Destiny 2; Presea's line during the move is even exactly the
          same as Roni's line.
    Kuuhashou or Fuujinken (Lloyd/Zelos/Kratos) + Ray or Holy Lance (Refill)
    Sakurikifu or Hama Toufu (Shiina) + Ray or Holy Lance (Refill)
    Angel Feather or Judgment (Colette/Kratos/Zelos) + Ray or Holy Lance (Refill)
    Grand Cross (Colette) + Ray or Holy Lance (Refill)
    Ryuuko Metsugajin
    Makoujin or Majin Rengazan (Lloyd) + Yousou Shuuraku or Yousou Moushuukyaku
    Innocent Edge
    Makoujin or Majin Rengazan (Lloyd) + Bakuen Shouha or Bakuen Renbu or Renga
       Bakusaijin (Presea)
    A few characters have gained new moves.
    Shinkuu Senrestuha (35 TP)
    Lloyd gains a new combination ougi. He needs to be level 53 and have the
    advanced versions of Chiri-sazame and Rekkuuzan at 50 uses apiece.
    Grand Cross (40 TP)
    A new angel magic. Colette learns this at level 42.
    Inspect Magic (16 TP)
    Functions the same as a Spectacles. Refill learns this at level 20.
    Shugo Houjin (12 TP)
    A new light elemental attack that also heals nearby allies.
    Kratos learns this at level 39.
    Judgment (40 TP)
    Zelos now can learn Judgment like Colette and Kratos. To do it, simply 
    perform his "Shining Bind" hidden ougi (see below for details) and he will
    learn it at the end of the battle.
    Hatsu (25 TP)
    An explosive radius attack that is also the key to Regal's hidden ougi.
    Regal learns this at level 53.
    Hishou Tenshuubu (38 TP)
    A new combination attack. Regal learns this at level 58.
    Souryuu Rengadan (28 TP)
    A new combination attack. Regal learns this at level 66.
    There were only three hidden ougis in the GC version of ToS (Lloyd's Tenshou
    Souhazan, Colette's Holy Judgment, and Genius's Indignate Judgment). In the
    PS2 version, every character gets at least one hidden ougi and some get two
    (an exception is Shiina; her summons have gotten changed a little graphically
    so that they match with the other hidden ougis, but she gets no new one
    The new hidden ougis and the methods to perform them are as follows. Any
    hidden ougi that requires your HP to be below a certain amount can only
    be performed once per battle. However, any hidden ougi that simply
    requires being in Overlimit can be performed as many times as desired,
    provided you attain Overlimit status again.
    Sacred Shine (150 TP)
    A massive light-elemental attack on all enemies. To perform this, simply
    use Ray or Holy Lance 100 times; then during overlimit, perform Ray or Holy
    Fairy Circle (150 TP)
    A defensive hidden ougi that heals all allies 75% and raises their
    attack, defense, and magic attack temporarily; it also does some damage to
    all opponents (not as much as Sacred Shine though). To perform this, use
    Resurrection 100 times; then during overlimit, perform Resurrection.
    Shining Bind (100 TP)
    After clearing the Tower of Salvation in Tethe'alla, perform Majin Senkuuha
    during overlimit with Zelos's HP at less than 15% max (you must have used
    Majin Senkuuha at least 100 times). After the battle, Zelos will learn
    Divine Judgment (150 TP)
    With Judgment's usage count at least 20, perform Judgment during overlimit.
    Shining Bind (100 TP)
    Pick Kratos during the Flanoir event and equip him with the "Judgment" Title. 
    Now either remove Lloyd from the party or unequip the Material Blade from 
    him; with Kratos's HP at less than 15% max, press square+circle+X 
    Reppa Enshougeki (100 TP)
    After Presea regains her true self, and with Shikou Metsuryuusen at at least
    100 uses, during overlimit perform Might Charge (Level 3 EX skill; hold down
    O until "EX Skill Effect" appears over her head) and then perform
    Shikou Metsuryuusen singly (not in a combo) when an enemy is in range.
    Hien Messhoujin (100 TP)
    After Presea regains her true self, and with Shikou Metsuryuusen at at least
    200 uses, during overlimit, with everybody else in the party dead, and with
    Presea's health below 10% max, perform Limit Over (Compound EX skill: Appeal 
    (Level 1) + Might Charge (Level 3); hold down O until "EX Skill Effect" 
    appears over her head) and then perform Shikou Metsuryuusen singly (not in 
    a combo) when an enemy is in range.
    Garen Reshuugeki (100 TP)
    After Regal reveals that he is the Lezareno Company President, with Hatsu
    at at least 100 uses, during overlimit perform any chain of three moves
    (ground to anti-air to air, for instance, or anti-air to air to ground)
    and then perform Hatsu.
    -The bug that allowed using Rune Bottles to get 99 of any item has been fixed.
    -The bug that allowed some characters to learn both T and S variations of
     a move has been fixed.
    -The bug that allowed the player to tell when Colette's Holy Song would turn
     into Holy Judgment (the Targetting icon not appearing) has been fixed.
    -The infinite combos some people had with normal attacks -> spell cast ->
     spell cancel -> normal attacks have been removed.
    -The bug that would give Lloyd the Eternal Sword during battle has been
    -The bug that allowed taking Kratos's equipment off when he joins you a
     second time has been fixed.
    -The bug that allowed casting Indignate Judgment twice during one overlimit
     has been fixed.
    -The bug that allowed opening the menu during the ending has been
    Some bosses have gotten even harder in ToS now thanks to new moves. Some
    of these moves only appear on Hard difficulty or above.
    Botta has a new ougi, Saiha Messhoujin (only on Hard or above).
    If you fight him on Mania, Kratos will use Shining Bind against you.
    Prisoner (Regal)
    If you fight him on Mania, the Prisoner will use Garen Zesshuugeki on you.
    Yuan has a new ougi, Tenshou Raizangeki. He also gains Shunraiken as a
    standard move.
    Celsius has a new ougi, Shikou Hyousaigeki (only on Hard or above).
    Ifrit has a new ougi, Inferno Limited (only on Hard or above).
    Luna has a new ougi, Lunatic (only on Hard or above).
    If you fight him on Hard, he will use Shining Bind against you. If you
    fight him on Mania, he'll even use Divine Judgment against you.
    He now gets Yggdrasil Laser (shades of Daos Laser from way back in ToP...)
    and also uses Time Stop once his HP gets below half.
    He gains Time Stop. On Hard or above, he'll also use Shining Bind.
    In the Arena, on Hard or above, Meredy will now use Time Stop, making her
    even more annoying than before...
    Abyssion is now immune to All-Divides. On Hard mode he gains the new hidden
    ougis Tenshou Souhazan and Shining Bind (complete with facial cutaway); on
    Mania he even gains Divine Judgment and Time Stop.
    Book Readings
    There are now five new book events that will let you read about the history
    of the Ancient War and Mithos' journey. The location of the books and the
    times you can read them are as follows:
    -before heading to Palmacosta, in Iselia in Colette's house.
    -after reaching Palmacosta and before releasing the third seal, in the
     school in Palmacosta.
    -after reaching Asgard and before releasing the third seal, in Harley's
     house in Asgard.
    -after reaching Asgard and before releasing the fourth seal, there are
     three separate books in Asgard; one apiece in Harley's house, the
     Kyoufuukan Inn, and Raina's house.
    -after clearing the Meltokio sewers and before Colette is abducted in
     Ozette, in Zelos's house.
    Balacruf Mausoleum
    After clearing the seal in the Balacruf Mausoleum, return to Asgard and
    speak to Raina for an event. Refill will go into Ruins Mode again...
    Mithos the Hero
    There are two new events that will let you get more insight into the
    ancient hero, Mithos. First, after defeating Rodyle and speaking to
    Neil and before heading to Meltokio, talk to Mithos in Altesta's house.
    Now after clearing Welgaia, go to the Sylvarant Base and speak to Yuan
    in his office.
    New Luin's Mayor
    Anytime after rebuilding Luin to the furthest rank possible, speak
    to Pietro. He and the residents will have decided to thank your party
    by making one of your members honorary mayor. You get to choose a
    member here; who you choose gains +1 in their affection (in Kratos's
    case only, you must pick yourself instead of Kratos to gain +1).
    Altamira Theater
    After seeing the Regal and Alicia event, go to the hotel and
    you'll get a ticket to go see a play at the theater during the nighttime.
    You will get an event with Refill and Zelos. You must have picked up
    the "Shinpi no Netachou" key item from the well in Mizuho to trigger
    this event.
    The Casino in Altamira now actually works. You can play Blackjack or Slots
    to gain chips, and then trade in the chips for items. You can also trade
    in your possessions for items: Gald (500 Gald/1 Chip); EX Gems (Level 1: 1,
    Level 2: 2, Level 3: 5, Level 4: 10, MAX: 50); or Grade (10 Grade/1 Chip).
    The items you can get for chips are:
    Miracle Gummy (20 Chips)
    Rune Bottle (500 Chips)
    Rare Pellet (2000 Chips)
    Strike Ring (5000 Chips)
    Technical Ring (5000 Chips)
    Mental Ring (15,000 Chips)
    Bijascora (the Devil's Arm kendama) (250 Chips)
    Forget-me-not (75,000 Chips; allows viewing of movies in Nekonin Village)
    ???? (150,000 Chips; Refill's Bunny Girl outfit)
    Free Pass to Altamira
    After seeing the Regal and Alicia event, make Lloyd the party leader and
    head to Altamira. Lloyd will be congratulated on being the one millionth 
    visitor to the park and will receive a Free Pass, which will allow the use 
    of the rides in Altamira's amusement park. You can ride with another 
    character to raise their emotions towards you. You will also get a one-
    night pass to the hotel's deluxe suite. You can then use this to see an 
    event with Lloyd and your #1 character (regardless of who you picked in 
    Flanoir if you do this after the Flanoir event; if Colette was the
    first one through the door and you picked somebody else, you'll still get
    a Lloyd/Colette event in Altamira).
    Riding the teacups in Altamira will prompt you to choose someone to ride
    with. Picking Regal will get you +3 with him; Colette will get you +2
    with her; and anybody else will get you +1 with them. During the ride
    you'll be asked what you prefer to drink; answering tea will get you
    +1 if you're riding with Colette or +3 if you're riding with Regal, whereas
    answering coffee will get you +3 if you're riding with Refill or +1
    if you're riding with Kratos (no change for other members).
    Grave Visiting
    After seeing the Regal and Alicia event, go to Alicia's grave in the 
    Lezareno Company in Altamira. You'll see an additional event with Presea 
    and Regal. Choosing to pray with them (first choice) will get you +3 for
    Presea and Regal, whereas choosing to watch quietly will get you +1 for
    Farewell, Tethe'alla
    After having made the contract with the first 6 spirits, you'll automatically
    get a scene where your party members contemplate what to do once the two
    worlds split. Then, after making the pact with Shadow, you can visit
    various cities around Tethe'alla to see a new scene with the following
    Meltokio: Zelos
    Sybek: Refill
    Ozette: Presea
    Altamira: Regal
    Mizuho: Shiina
    Altesta's House: Genius
    Zelos Reminiscing
    After clearing the Iselia Ranch, if you go towards the snowman in Flanoir
    you'll get an event with Zelos. Here you can choose to ask him what
    he's thinking (first choice) or just leave him alone. Asking him will get
    you +2 with Zelos.
    Virginia, Continued
    After defeating the Dark Dragon and passing through the main door in
    Ventheim, return to Exire and go to Virginia's house. You'll see an
    additional event with Virginia, Refill, and Genius. (You must have seen
    the previous event with Virginia in order to trigger this one).
    The Monster Collection now has 257 entries instead of 251. The new monsters
    are present in the extra Forbidden Book dungeon. They are the "Gen'ei"
    versions of Forcytus, Magnis, and Pronyma on Floor 15 and the "Eiyuu"
    versions of Mithos, Yuan, and Kratos on Floor 20.
    -The Unison Attack gauge fills up faster. The GC version required 200
     total hits to fill up, whereas the PS2 version only requires about 150.
    -During the Flanoir event, Kratos no longer comes in automatically as the
     fourth visitor. If you refuse the first two visitors, you will automatically
     go with the third. Thus, to recruit Kratos instead of Zelos for your final
     party, Kratos MUST be in your top three.
    -The Earth Dragon in the Earth Temple now drops 1000 Gald instead of 10000.
     This makes rebuilding Luin a lot harder; by contrast, the Gold Dragon in
     the Trent Forest now drops 8300 Gald instead of the 1052 it used to
     drop; however, you don't run into the Gold Dragon until much later.
    -"Vicious Core" (the Devil's Arm kendama) is no longer bought from the man
     on the bridge at Altamira during night; rather it is a prize from the
     Casino for 250 Chips. You still must have gotten both Maken Nebilim and
     Jaken Fafnir first.
    -The Forbidden Book extra dungeon is now accessible even without clearing the
     game first. It is now 20 floors instead of 15.
    -The battle camera is smarter when playing with more than one person now
     (it doesn't stay focused just on the first player like in the GC version).
    -The enemy AI is somewhat smarter.
    4. CREDITS
    To Namco for bringing a great game to the PS2 and making it even greater.
    This FAQ Copyright 2004 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
    including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
    permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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