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    Figurine Creation FAQ by Gohan3k

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 06/17/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               ---Tales of Symphonia---
                                  Figurine Creation
                                    By: Gohan3k
    Table of Contents                                                           VV0
    1) Introduction
        -Basic Intro
        -Contact Information
        -Legal Information
        -Version History
    2) Spoiler Warning!
    3) Basic Information
        -Getting Started with Figurines
        -How you should use this guide
    4) Figurine List and Requirements
    5) Effective use of Pellets
    6) Obtaining Pellets
        -Stealing (Properly)
        -Fine Pellets
        -Super Pellets
        -Rare Pellets
    7) Frequently Asked Questions
    8) Credit
    To jump to a section of this guide, push "Ctrl + F" type VV# and replace the #
    sign with the number in the table of contents. (ex VV1 for Introduction)
    1) Introduction                                                              VV1
    Basic Intro
    Ah yes, the Introduction, most important to the FAQ writer, least important to
    the FAQ Reader :)
    Anyhow, I'm Gohan3k, a few of you may know me from The Cell Game, Coalition
    Forums or TPWW forums, and before you ask, yes it's the same Gohan3k.
    I won't say too much about myself since I know most of you could care less, but
    what I will say is that Tales of Symphonia is an amazing game, one of the best
    I've played in a long time. My favourite characters are Lloyd, Kratos, Colette,
    Sheena and Yuan. They are teh awesome.
    Tales of Symphonia has been out for quite some time and it was surprising that
    there is barely any info available on Figurine Creation. Many people don't know
    how to effectively use pellets and waste some of them. If you use this guide
    you won't waste a single pellet, you'll learn the best ways to obtain pellets
    and will have Genis' "Figurine Collector" title in no time.
    Contact Information
    E-mail: g3k4life@hotmail.com
    You can contact me at this e-mail, it's my secondary e-mail so expect to wait
    at least 1-3 days for a response. PLEASE READE THE FAQ FIRST.  If your
    question is already answered in my guide I'll probably ignore it. Other than
    that, feel free to e-mail me about anything, I'd be glad to know my guide was
    helpful to you, since that's why I'm writing it!
    If you see a mistake in this guide, or can think of something for me to add to
    it, please e-mail me.
    Legal Information
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances.  The most you can do
    is print it out ONCE for your own, private use. It may not be placed on any web
    site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use
    of this guide on any other web site without advance written permission or as a
    part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    That being said, if you want to use this guide on your website, just ask me for
    permission. If you have a free hosted website (geocities, angelfire, etc.) don't
    even think about asking, but if you have a respectable looking site on a good
    host (I don't care about how many hits it gets) I'll let you use this guide as
    long as it remains unchanged and you check gamefaqs.com for updates.
    Sites that can use this guide:
    If you see this FAQ anywhere else, PLEASE, e-mail me.
    Version History
    Version 0.00 - Started this guide. April 18, '05
    Version 1.00 - This Guide is now complete. April 19, '05
    Version 1.01 - New info on sidequests, seems you don't need them. April 22, '05
    Version 1.11 - Updated the FAQ, and added small bits of info.  June 18, '05
    I may re-word this guide to make it shorter if I have time. Another update I can
    make if there is demand for it, is screenshots of each figurine. E-mail me to 
    request it if you want it :)
    2) Spoiler Warning!                                                          VV2
    This guide, DOES, include spoilers. The list of figurines lists just about every
    character in the game. I also list many locations in the game, monsters,
    strategies on stealing from them, and certain techs. Since you cannot make all
    of the figurines until you are at the end of the game, I strongly suggest you
    wait until then before you read this guide or even start making figurines. You
    have been warned.
    3) Basic Information                                                         VV3
    Getting Started with Figurines
    To start making figurines, you will need the figurine book. To get this, you
    must be at the point in the story where you have destroyed the Asgard Human
    Ranch, and must have access to Asgard (can't be stuck in Tethe'alla). To get it,
    go to Asgard, travel to the screen towards the east and go into the house to the
    bottom right in front of the dog and 2 women. Once inside, go into the east door
    and talk to Harley there. He will give you the figurine book and a few pellets
    (7 I believe). If Harely doesn't give you the book, make sure you have your
    full party with you and that there is no "odd state" such as Colette not being
    able to talk.
    Once you have the figurine book, you can use it to see what figurines you have
    made. To actually make the figurines you are going to have to talk to Dirk. Dirk
    will make figurines after you give him pellets. More information will be given
    on this in the "Effective Use of pellets" section.
    How to use this Guide
    Although you can start making figurines early in the game, IT IS USELESS TO DO
    SO!!! I STRONGLY recommend you wait until you have access to Derris Kharlan
    before you even think about creating figurines. You will not be able to make
    them all until you go through the final door at Vinheim.
    With that, the most important sections of this guide are this one, "Effective
    use of Pellets" and "Obtaining Pellets." The list of requirements for Figurines
    is only 1 of the possible requirements. It all depends on the order Dirk uses
    the pellets, it may even be random per game, there really is no way to know.
    This is why that section is not important; it is mainly to list each figurine.
    Be sure to read the "Effective use of Pellets" section before you give a single
    pellet to Dirk, well unless of course you don't mind wasting pellets :)
    4) Figurine List and Requirements                                            VV4
    Here is the list of every Figurine in the order of your figurine book. There are
    288 in all. Each can be made at a certain point in the game, all of them can be
    made at the end of the game, which is why that is the best time to start making
    them, is after you go through the final door in Vinheim.
    Beside each figurine I have the pellet requirements needed in square brackets,
    if there is a + that means you need 2 pellets (always rare pellet with something
    P = Pellet
    F = Fine Pellet
    S = Super Pellet
    R = Rare Pellet
    Lloyd Irving [P + R]
    Colette Brunel [P + R]
    Genis Sage [P + R]
    Raine Sage [P + R] 
    Sheena Fujibayashi [P + R]
    Zelos Wilder [F + R]
    Presea Combatir [F + R]
    Regal Bryant [F + R]
    Kratos Aurion [F + R]
    Noishe [P + R]
    Lloyd (Formal Dress) [S + R]
    Colette (Formal Dress) [S + R]
    Genis (Formal Dress) [S + R]
    Raine (Formal Dress) [S + R]
    Sheena (Formal Dress) [S + R]
    Zelos (Formal Dress) [S + R]
    Presea (Formal Dress) [S + R]
    Regal (Formal Dress) [S + R]
    Lloyd (Pirate) [S + R]
    Colette (Maid) [S + R]
    Genis (Katz) [S + R]
    Raine (Maiden) [S + R]
    Sheena (Next Chief) [S + R]
    Zelos (Masked) [S + R]
    Presea (Klonoa) [S + R]
    Regal (Chef) [S + R]
    Kratos (Cruxis) [S + R]
    Lloyd (Swimsuit) [S + R]
    Colette (Swimsuit) [S + R]
    Genis (Swimsuit) [S + R]
    Raine (Swimsuit) [S + R]
    Sheena (Swimsuit) [S + R]
    Zelos (Swimsuit) [S + R]
    Presea (Swimsuit) [S + R]
    Regal (Swimsuit) [S + R]
    Yggdrasill [F + R]
    Mithos [S + R]
    Martel [S + R]
    Yuan [F + R]
    Botta [F + R]
    Altessa [F + R]
    Tabatha [F + R]
    Remiel [P + R]
    Magnius [P + R]
    Kvar [P + R]
    Rodyle [S + R]
    Forcystus [S + R]
    Pronyma [S + R]
    Dirk [P + R]
    Phaidra Brunel [P + R]
    Frank Brunel [P]
    Sebastian [S]
    Seles [S + R] 
    Tokunaga [S + R]
    Virginia [S + R]
    Chief Igaguri [S + R]
    Tiga [F + R]
    Orochi [F + R]
    Kuchinawa [F + R]
    George [S]
    Alicia Combatir [S + R]
    Regal (Young) [S + R]
    Vharley [S]
    Abyssion [F + R]
    Mayor of Iselia [P]
    Marble [P]
    Chocolat [P]
    Cacao [P]
    Dorr [P]
    Kilia [P]
    Clara [P]
    Neil [P]
    King of Tethe'alla [F + R]
    Hilda [F + R]
    Pope [F]
    Kate [F + R]
    Undine [P + R]
    Sylph Sephie [S + R]
    Sylph Yutis [S + R]
    Sylph Fairess [S + R]
    Efreet [S + R]
    Gnome [F + R]
    Volt [F + R]
    Celsius [F + R]
    Luna [S + R]
    Aska [S + R]
    Shadow [S + R]
    Maxwell [S + R]
    Origin [S + R]
    Corrine [P + R]
    Verius [S + R]
    Lloyd's Imposter [P + R]
    Colette's Imposter [P + R]
    Genis' Imposter [P + R]
    Raine's Imposter [P + R]
    Nova [P]
    Sarah [P]
    Alduin [P]
    May [P]
    Max [P]
    Lyla [P]  
    Aifread [S]
    Koton [P]
    Harley [P]
    Linar [P]
    Aisha [P]
    Sophia [P]
    Pietro [P]
    Elven Elder [S]
    Storyteller [S]
    Gnomelette [F + R]
    Unicorn [P]
    Wonder Chef [F + R]
    Dark Chef [S + R]
    Alicia (Monster) [S]
    Clara (Monster) [P]
    Raine (Desian) [P + R]
    Sheena (Desian) [P + R]
    Pastor Marche [P]
    Candy [P]
    Mayor of Asgard [P]
    New Mayor of Luin [F]
    New Mayor's Daughter [F]
    Doctor of Flanoir [F]
    Elder of Exire [S]
    High Pastor Auguste [S]
    Mighty [P]
    Holess [F]
    Janet [F]
    Levin [S]
    Vice [S]
    Noah [S]
    Grace [S]
    Joshua [S]
    Rosa [S]
    Norton [F]
    Ralph [S]
    Wells [F]
    Mother of Four [S]
    Beth [S]
    Diana [S]
    Mary [S]
    Jo [S]
    Crawly [S]
    Ricardo [S]
    Aaron [S]
    Desian Male [P]
    Desian Ranger [P]
    Desian Mage [P]
    Desian Female [P]
    Renegade [P]
    Militia (Iselia) [P]
    Farmer (Iselia) [P]
    Pastor (Iselia) [P]
    Ranch Prisoner 1 [P]
    Ranch Prisoner 2 [P]
    Ranch Prisoner 3 [P]
    Boy (Triet) [P]
    Girl (Triet) [P]
    Man (Triet) [P]
    Woman (Triet) [P]
    Fisherman (Izoold) [P]
    Soldier (Palmacosta) [P]
    Reception [P]
    Tour Guide [P]
    University Dean [P]
    University Student 1 [P]
    University Student 2 [P]
    University Scholar [P]
    Steamship Captain [P]
    Steamship Crewman [P]
    Adventurer Katz [P]
    Katz [P]
    Junior Katz [S]
    Businessman Katz [P]
    Elder Katz [S]
    Boy (Sylvarant) [P]
    Girl (Sylvarant) [P]
    Man (Sylvarant) [P]
    Woman 1 (Sylvarant) [P]
    Woman 2 (Sylvarant) [P]
    Man 2 (Sylvarant) [P]
    Man 3 (Sylvarant) [P]
    Woman 3 (Sylvarant) [P]
    Old Man (Sylvarant) [P]
    Old Woman (Sylvarant) [P]
    Traveler (Sylvarant) [P]
    Peddler (Sylvarant) [P]
    Chef (Sylvarant) [P]
    Doctor (Sylvarant) [P]
    Maid (Sylvarant) [P]
    Swordsman (Sylvarant) [P]
    Mage (Sylvarant) [P]
    Adventurer (Sylvarant) [P]
    Pastor 1 (Sylvarant) [P]
    Pastor 2 (Sylvarant) [P]
    Minister (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Commander (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Soldier (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Papal Commander [F]
    Papal Knight [F]
    Zelos' Groupie 1 [F]
    Zelos' Groupie 2 [F]
    Coliseum Receptionist [F]
    Coliseum Announcer [F]
    Nobleman 1 (Meltokio [F]
    Noblewoman 1 (Meltokio) [F]
    Nobleman 2 (Meltokio) [F]
    Noblewoman 2 (Meltokio) [F]
    Peasant Boy (Meltokio) [F]
    Peasant 1 (Meltokio) [F]
    Peasant 2 (Meltokio) [F]
    Prisoner Assassin [F]
    Laboratory Director [F]
    Laboratory Student 1 [F]
    Laboratory Student 2 [F]
    Laboratory Scholar 1 [F]
    Laboratory Scholar 2 [F]
    Laboratory Graduate 1 [F]
    Laboratory Graduate 2 [F]
    Half-Elf Scholar 1 [F]
    Half-Elf Scholar 2 [F]
    Laboratory Scholar 3 [F]
    Laboratory Researcher [F]
    Kage [F]
    Boy (Mizuho) [P]
    Girl (Mizuho) [P]
    Man (Mizuho) [F]
    Woman (Mizuho) [P]
    Lumberjack (Ozette) [F]
    Boy (Ozette) [P]
    Girl (Ozette) [P]
    Man 1 (Ozette) [F]
    Woman 1 (Ozette) [P]
    Man 2 (Ozette) [F]
    Woman 2 (Ozette) [P]
    Boy (Flanoir) [P]
    Girl (Flanoir) [P]
    Man 1 (Flanoir) [P]
    Woman 1 (Flanoir) [P]
    Man 2 (Flanoir) [P]
    Woman 2 (Flanoir) [S]
    Old Man (Flanoir) [F]
    Company Employee [S]
    Company Security [S]
    Manager [S]
    Bunny Girl [S]
    Mascot Character [S]
    Male Staff (Altamira) [S]
    Boy (Altamira) [S]
    Vacationing Man [S]
    Vacationing Woman [S]
    Elf Guard [S]
    Elf Man 1 [S]
    Elf Woman 1 [S]
    Elf Man 2 [S]
    Elf Woman 2 [S]
    Half-Elf Boy [S]
    Half-Elf Man 1 [S]
    Half-Elf Woman 1 [S]
    Half-Elf Man 2 [S]
    Half-Elf Old Man [S]
    Half-Elf Old Woman [S]
    Male Angel [S]
    Female Angel [S]
    Boy (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Girl (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Man 1 (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Man 2 (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Woman 1 (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Woman 2 (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Man 3 (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Woman 3 (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Old Man (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Old Woman (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Traveler (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Peddler (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Chef (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Nurse (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Maid (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Swordsman (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Mage (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Pastor 1 (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Pastor 2 (Tethe'alla) [F]
    Dog [P]
    Cat [P]
    Pigeon [P]
    Bush Baby [S]
    PLEASE NOTE: I have said this before but, this is only 1 of the possible ways
    the pellets can be made, it can be used as a guideline if you are missing a
    pellet or two, but even that is useless. No matter where you are in figurine
    creation you should be following my "Effective Use of Pellets" guide below.
    5) Effective use of Pellets                                                  VV5
    Ah yes, the heart of this guide, I have been "hyping" this section throughout
    the entire guide so far.
    Before I start, remember that you can not make all the figurines until you go
    through the final door in Vinheim (guarded by the dragon).
    Looking at the requirements list above, here are the total number of pellets
    that come up.
    Pellets: 90
    Fine Pellets: 61
    Super Pellets: 50
    Pellets + Rare Pellets: 19
    Fine Pellets + Rare Pellets: 21
    Super Pellets + Rare Pellets: 47
    As I have said 100 times by now, this is one possible list, it WILL be different
    for you. It was for me and some friends (if you want to know, I needed 7 less
    pellets, 7 more fine pellets and the rest of the numbers were off by 1 at most).
    Even though it will be different, each one will only be off by around 1 - 5,
    (maybe a bit more in extreme cases) so It's okay to use these numbers as
    approximations on the number of pellets you should be getting.
    What you have to know about Dirk is, if you want to get a Figurine that requires
    both a Pellet and a Rare Pellet, and you give Dirk both a Pellet and Rare
    Pellet, he will either make a Figurine that requires only a Pellet, or a
    figurine that requires both a Pellet and a Rare Pellet. Yes that is why this
    guide is so important, Dirk can and will waste your Rare Pellets!
    Thankfully, there is a way around this. Dirk won't make the same figurine twice.
    so if you want to make sure he will use your rare pellet with the normal pellet,
    you will first have to get him to make every figurine that requires a normal
    pellet, before you give him any rare pellets.
    I know this may be a bit confusing to some of you, so I will dumb it down with
    an example, if you are with me so far you can skip the example, just scroll to
    or "Ctrl F" the ~~~ mark.
    For this example, ignore that fine pellets and super pellets exist, and PRETEND
    only the following figurines exist and have the following requirements:
    Lloyd (Requires 1 Pellet)
    Kratos (Requires 1 Pellet)
    Yuan (Requires 1 Pellet)
    Sheena (Requires 1 Pellet and 1 Rare Pellet)
    Let's say you want the Sheena figurine (who wouldn't!). You innocently give Dirk
    1 Pellet and 1 Rare Pellet. As you anxiously wait for your new Sheena figurine
    to put up on your wall, Dirk ends up making a Kratos figurine! Oh no! Now you
    can't stare at Sheena's err... figure...ine. Why did this happen? Because Dirk
    likes to steal rare pellets... okay seriously it's because he doesn't always put
    rare pellets into your figures unless he has to. So how do we do this properly?
    We give Dirk 3 pellets, this will make Lloyd, Kratos and Yuan Figurines, and
    THEN you give him 1 pellet and 1 Rare pellet, he will have no choice but to make
    the Sheena figurine, since he has nothing else to make!
    If you still don't understand it, then you are beyond help, just mindlessly do
    as I tell you in the next bit :D
    Now that you (hopefully) understand how Dirk works, this simply becomes the task
    of enduring Pellet collection. It really shouldn't take more than a few hours
    and is necessary if you are going for 100% completion, or just want every
    Since the totals become important here, I will paste them again...
    Pellets: 90
    Fine Pellets: 61
    Super Pellets: 50
    Pellets + Rare Pellets: 19
    Fine Pellets + Rare Pellets: 21
    Super Pellets + Rare Pellets: 47
    Ignore the Rare pellets for now. So you need to go collect 90 Pellets, 61 fine
    pellets and 50 super pellets. Use the pellet collection section for help with
    this.  The fastest way to do this is to go to Dirk with the max amount you can
    hold of each pellet. While keeping track of how many of each pellet you give
    him, give him each of the three types of pellets until you are close to the
    numbers listed above (about 5 - 6 away from it should be good).
    As you do this, make sure he is making as many figurines as you give him
    pellets, if he is making less, you have given him too much of a pellet. So if
    you give him 20 Pellets, 20 Super Pellets, and 20 Fine Pellets at once, make
    sure you have 60 new figurines, if not you have wasted a certain pellet, should
    re-load and use the method in the next paragraph to check which one and how many
    you have wasted/still need to use.
    When you are close to the totals listed above, save your game, make note of how
    many figurines you have and give him as many of a certain pellet as you have,
    AND ONLY THAT TYPE OF PELLET. After this, make note of how many new figurines
    you have. This number should be LESS than the amount of pellets you gave him, if
    it isn't you aren't done yet, go get more pellets. If it is smaller, make note
    of the number of new pellets, re-load the game and give him that many pellets.
    After that save, give him 1 more pellet and make sure he says he can't do
    anything with it, if he does you are fine. Do this for each of Pellet, Fine
    Pellet and Super pellet.
    Once he can no longer make anything with Pellets, Fine Pellets and Super Pellets
    alone, he will no longer waste your rare pellets. Now you will have to go
    collecting rare pellets as well as the others. Do the same thing as above,
    except this time give him the same amount of Rare Pellets as the other type of
    pellet you are giving him.
    Again when you are close to the number listed in the totals above, give him the
    highest mixture of a Pellet/Fine Pellet/Super Pellet and Rare Pellet as you can,
    note how many new ones he has made, re-load and only give him the amount of new
    figurines. After this again, check you are done with each pellet by giving him 1
    Pellet/Fine Pellet/Super Pellet + 1 Rare Pellet, and make sure he says he can't
    make anymore for each. At this point you should be done making all 288
    Now go back and talk to Harley to get your well deserved Figurine Collector
    title, you've earned it.
    ---Quick Note on Sidequests---
    Earlier on I stated you may need to do sidequests associated with the figurine
    character in order to make the figurine. Now I am 95% sure this is NOT the case.
    You just need to be at the point where you CAN do the sidequests, which I have
    stated before, is the end of the game (after going through the final door in
    Vinheim). If you follow my guide correctly and Dirk isn't making figurines,
    double, even triple check you do everything right. If after this you are missing
    a couple of figurines, look up the ones you are missing and try to talk to the
    character, and then go back to Dirk. Honestly I really think that wont make a
    difference and you most likely made a mistake.
    6) Obtaining Pellets                                                         VV6
    Stealing (Properly)
    Stealing is the best, and only practical way of obtaining Pellets. Since there
    aren't many treasure chests and since dropping isn't a 100% thing.
    The first thing you need to do before you start stealing is make sure you have
    the Item Thief tech. If you are near the end of the game like you should be, you
    most likely do have it.
    The second thing you need to do is set up Colette's item getter Ex Skill, don't
    even THINK about trying to steal without this on. Here is the set up:
    Ex Gem Level 1 - Sharp-Eyed
    Ex Gem Level 2 - Magic
    Ex Gem Level 3 - Lucky
    Ex Gem Level 4 - Stat Boost
    The next thing you want to do is move Colette to the first section of your
    party, and set Item Thief or Item rover to one of the B button combinations.
    After this create an order (Menu - Strat - Push X) where everyone in your party
    is set on the "Hold Position". Always use this command to make everyone hold if
    you plan on stealing in a battle.
    It can make things a little faster if you equip a Magic Mist (buy it in Altamira
    Hotel or get it east of Hakonesia Peak, in a treasure chest near the water) on
    someone in your party so you can run away from battles once you are done
    stealing, faster.
    If you are a high level, you may want to equip Colette with the weakest weapon
    available (Chakram, buy in Iselia shop) so that she doesn't accidentally kill
    the enemy with Item Thief/Rover before getting the item. This happens if the
    enemy hits you right when you use Item thief/rover, or if they are guarding when
    you attack, even with the ex skill on.
    When you get into battle, use the command to set everyone on hold. Even if you
    are on "semi-auto" walk right up to the monster you want to steal from (since
    Colette will trip if you use item rover/thief right away) and then use Item
    Rover/thief. Make sure you steal from every monster that has the pellet you
    want. After this run from battle and fight the same monster again until you have
    maxed your inventory. If the monster you need doesn't appear in battle, simply
    run away and fight the same monster again, until it does.
    I find this is the best and quickest method for stealing items, if you want to
    do it differently then it's totally up to you.
    Enemies that drop pellets
    -Basilisk (near/in Toize Valley Mine)
    -Water Element (Thoda Geyser)
    -Jellyfish (Meltokio Sewers)
    -Velocidragon (Near Luin)
    Enemies to steal pellets from
    -Jellyfish (Meltokio Sewers)
    As I said before, relying on drops is stupid but I still listed the monsters
    that do drop pellets. Since the Jellyfish both drop pellets and you can steal
    from them they are the best choice. They also drop fine pellets so that's a nice
    bonus you will sometimes get.
    Head to Meltokio sewers. In my experience the jellyfish only appear in rooms
    past the memory circle, and if one of the rats doesn't cause a jellyfish fight,
    they won't until you leave the sewers and come back, so only fight near the end
    of the sewers, and don't re-fight the same rat enemy if it has no jelly fish.
    Fine Pellets
    Enemies that drop fine pellets
    -Samael (Skull in Derris-Kharlan)
    -Druid (Skull in Temple of Darkness)
    -Black Bat (Near Meltokio)
    -Jellyfish (Meltokio Sewers)
    -Gold Slime (Bird in Temple of Lightning)
    -Giant Snail (Slug in Temple of Earth)
    -Roller Snail (Slug in Toize Valley Mine)
    -Guardian: Lightning (Boss battle)
    Enemies to steal fine pellets from
    -Gold Slime (Bird in Temple of Lightning)
    -Giant Snail (Slug in Temple of Earth)
    You might want to save this for after you get rare pellets (if you are at the
    point where you need rare pellets), since Samael drops them and appears with the
    phantom knight you have to fight for rare pellets, but it really won't make that
    much of a difference.
    You have 2 choices of enemies to steal from here, Gold Slime or Giant Snail. I
    would suggest you use the Giant Snail, since you'll have a lot of enemies to
    deal with while trying to steal from the gold slime. The Giant snail also seems
    to be a more common encounter than the gold slime. They both also drop fine
    pellets so there is no difference there.
    Super Pellets
    Enemies that drop super pellets
    -Lobo (Cat in Temple of Ice)
    -Ghoul (Skull in Gaoracchia Forest)
    -Clay Golem (Toize Valley Mine)
    -Spiked Snail (Slug in Latheon Gorge)
    Enemies to steal super pellets from
    -Lobo (Cat in Temple of Ice)
    -Ghoul (Skull in Gaoracchia Forest)
    -Spiked Snail (Slug in Latheon Gorge)
    Three choices here, Lobo, Ghoul or Spiked Snail.
    I strongly recommend NOT going after the Lobo, it is EXTREMELY annoying to steal
    from since it will knock you far back.
    If you choose the spiked snail (in my opinion the best choice) make sure you
    equip Colette with protection against poison since some enemies can poison you.
    Choosing ghoul may not be a great idea, since some of the enemies that appear
    with them can be annoying and have long range attacks. Also for some reason, in
    my experience even with item getter on, and perfectly stealing from them, you
    don't always steal successfully.
    Rare Pellets
    Enemies that drop rare pellets
    -Aska (Boss Battle)
    Enemies to steal rare pellets from
    -Phantom Knight (Skull in Derris-Kharlan)
    Not much of a choice here, Aska is a 1 time battle anyway, the Phantom Knight is
    the only option.
    The Phantom Knight only appears in the first area of Derris Kharlan, so when
    teleporting at the Tower of Salvation make sure you select "no" to going to the
    deepest part of Derris Kharlan if you finished the sacred stone puzzle.
    The Phantom Knight isn't a common encounter, but he isn't rare either, so just
    be patient and keep running away from the same skull enemy and keep stealing
    from the phantom knight.
    7) Frequently Asked Questions                                                VV7
    Here I will post questions I get asked a lot or see a lot on the Tales of
    Symphonia Message Board
    1) When and how can you start making figurines?
        As I stated in the "Basic Information" section of this guide, right after
        blowing up the Asgard human ranch.
    2) Is there any better way to get pellets than stealing them?
        In my opinion no, but in fact, you can get rare pellets by making Zelos your
        on screen character, putting on his personal ex skill, equipping 2 Rabbits
        Foot (can be purchased in Luin early in the game or customized from Dirk
        late in the game) and talking to women. In my experience this is slower than
        fighting the Phantom Knight. The rest of the pellets you do have to steal.
    3) Harley wont give me the figurine book/Isn't in the house!
        Make sure you have all your party members with you, and none of them are in
        some sort of weird condition (like Colette not being able to talk)
    4) Dirk wont say anything about figurines when I talk to him!
        Make sure you have all 8 party members with you, and none of them are in
        some sort of weird condition. Sound Familiar? :)
    5) I have followed this guide perfectly but Dirk wont finish making figurines!
        Make sure you have gone through the final door at Vinheim, the one guarded
        by that weak dragon.
    6) Is there a point in the game where It's too late to make figurines?
        No there isn't, it's one of those nice things you don't have to
        constantly worry about missing.
    8) Credit                                                                    VV8
    Thanks to Nick "Seorin" Emmerich (seorin@wi.rr.com) for the requirements for
    each figurine, and for being nice enough to let me copy and paste his list of
    figurines, so that I didn't have to go into the game and type each one out :)

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