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    Boss FAQ by gsninja

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 02/18/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Tales of Symphonia Boss FAQ
    Boss Guide Version: 1.20
    Created by: Andrea Petriella (e-mail: gsninja@yahoo.com)
    Version Date: 2/18/2007
       A. Introduction
       B. Version history
       C. Boss Details
       D. Basics
       E. Bosses
    1. Vidaar
    2. Exbelua
    3. Botta
    4. Ktugach/Ktugachling
    5. Clumsy Assassin/Guardian Wind
    6. Magnius
    7. Kilia
    8. Adulocia/Amphitra
    9. Windmaster
    10. Iapyx
    11. Resolute Assassin/Guardian Lightning
    12. Kvar/Energy Stones
    13. Iubaris
    14. Undine
    15. Fairess/Yutis/Sephie (Sylph)
    16. Efreet
    17. Remiel
    18. Kratos
    19. Pronyma
    20. Convicts
    21. Convict
    22. Defense System
    23. Volt
    24. Yuan/Botta
    25. Winged Dragon/Baby Dragons
    26. Gnome
    27. Celsius/Fenrir
    28. Rodyle
    29. Shadow
    30. Aska/Luna
    31. Forcystus/Exbone
    32. Plantix
    33. Kratos
    34. Yggdrasill
    35. Zelos or Gatekeeper/Angel Swordsmen
    36. Pronyma/Idun
    37. Yggdrasill
    38. Kratos
    39. Origin
    40. The Fugitive/The Judged/The Neglected
    41. Mithos (Part 1)
    42. Mithos (Part 2)
       F. Extra Bosses
    1. Sword Dancer (First Battle)
    2. Sword Dancer (Second Battle)
    3. Sword Dancer (Third Battle)
    4. Abyssion
    5. Maxwell
    6. Seles
    7. Garr, Farah Oersted, Meredy
    8. Kuchinawa
       G. FAQ
       H. Legal Notes
       I. Thanks
    This is a guide to the excellent RPG "Tales of Symphonia", created by 
    Namco. Since this is a guide specifically to the game's many bosses, it 
    will go as in-depth as possible on that specific topic. Also, this FAQ 
    is for the Normal mode. So, if you want to know how to beat a boss for 
    "Tales of Symphonia", here are my strategies. :)
    What to look forward to:
    1. Maybe some extra things
    Version History
    -August 27, 2006
    I put the introduction and the beginning parts together. I completed 
    the strategies for all the bosses up until Iubaris.
    -August 28, 2006
    Yay, my second day writing this FAQ! I did strategies up to Volt.
    September 20, 2006 
    Wow, talk about lazy. :P School started on August 30, and I've been 
    forgetting about this FAQ until now. Strategies up to Shadow now.
    September 21, 2006 
    I plan to finish this FAQ after several more days. I've completed up to 
    the battle with Pronyma in the Tower of Salvation.
    September 22, 2006 
    Finished up to Mithos (Part 1). I'm most definitely gonna finish this 
    FAQ before this month ends. :)
    September 30, 2006
    Finished all the strategies for the non-optional bosses. Put together 
    the Legal Notes and Thanks. 
    November 28, 2006 - Version 1.0
    I added the strategies in the "Extra Bosses" category. This is the 
    first version to go up on GameFAQS. Expect updates sometime. ;)
    December 5, 2006 - Version 1.13
    I added the FAQ section of the walkthrough. I also fixed some spelling 
    errors and added some more info on Abyssion.
    December 8, 2006 - Version 1.15
    I added SuperCheats and Neoseekers to my Thanks list, since they 
    accepted my FAQ to their websites. :)
    Boss Details
    This is how the whole format of the stats and whatnot of the bosses is 
    Boss Name: Name of the boss.
    Location: Where the boss is found.
    Hit Points (HP): The amount of health the boss has. Once it depletes to 
    0, he/she/it will be defeated.
    Tech Points (TP): The amount of points the boss has available to use 
    Weakness (W): Any weakness to any element.
    Resistance (R): Any Resistance from any element.
    Experience (EXP): The amount of experience (EXP) gained.
    Gald: The amount of money gained.
    Item(s) Found: Any item the boss drops after battle.
    Strategy: Simply put, my strategy. ;)
    This section is dedicated to the basic things I did for these bosses:
    -Once you acquire the Sword Rain techs with Lloyd, you'll want to use 
    them constantly. They're a great way of knocking bosses out of their 
    -Raine is the party's backbone. She has incredible healing spells and 
    great support skills. Don't go into a boss fight without her, except 
    for very few cases.
    -Genis is excellent for exploiting weaknesses, so he's a good choice 
    for a party member. His magic is powerful, and he's the only pure magic 
    caster in the game. When he runs out of TP, NEVER let him run up to 
    enemies and hit them. He will most likely die if he does that, 
    especially in boss battles.
    -In boss battles with multiple enemies, separate them and defeat them 
    one by one instead of en masse. With those multiple enemy boss battles 
    that have the layout of the main boss with his/her/its underlings, kill 
    the underlings first.
    1. Name: Vidaar
       Location: Martel Temple
       HP: 4000
       TP: 30
       W: None
       R: None
       EXP: 115
       Gald: 25
       Item(s) found: Life Bottle
    For the first boss of the game, he's pretty damn powerful, so you have 
    two options: Either stand back and throw Demon Fangs until you run out 
    of TP, or you can directly confront the boss. If you're good at 
    blocking, I suggest confronting the boss. Use a Tetra Slash combo 
    against him, and then block his retaliation. 
    Vidaar has three weapons, and therefore has three attacks: 1) He swings 
    his sword in the air, trying to knock you up. 2) He smashes his hammer 
    down upon you, and 3) He swings his mace at you, knocking you back. 
    They aren't that dangerous if you block them.
    After a little bit through the battle, a cut scene comes. Lloyd, Genis, 
    and Colette are weakening against Vidaar, but as Vidaar was about to 
    hit you with his mace, a mysterious warrior hits Vidaar away and tells 
    you to move out of the way. The battle commences after that. This 
    mysterious fighter is totally awesome. He's more powerful than Lloyd, 
    and he has a healing ability, First Aid. This is when you want to 
    definitely go close combat on Vidaar's ass. :) Genis should keep casting 
    Fireball or whatever on Vidaar, and Colette should stick to Ray Thrust 
    to avoid Vidaar's attacks. However, when the mystery man joins your 
    party, Vidaar gains a devastating attack in which he slams down his 
    hammer REALLY hard and guard breaks you, no matter what. Overall, with 
    the mystery man in your party, this fight becomes very easy.
    2. Name: Exbelua
       Location: Iselia Village
       HP: 5000
       TP: 38
       W: None
       R: None
       EXP: 280
       Gald: 320
       Item(s) Found: Panacea Bottle
    Even though you only have Lloyd and Genis for this battle, it's not 
    terribly difficult. 
    Exbelua's attacks aren't that numerous. One is Impact Hammer, which 
    Exbelua slams its arm on the ground, creating two little shockwaves 
    that damage. On the next one, Exbelua swings its arm upwards, knocking 
    you up in the air if you aren't blocking. Lastly, there's its most 
    powerful attack, Insane Cell. Exbelua grabs its head as though in pain 
    and creates a dark shockwave around it that hits for a lot of...hits. 
    This attack is dangerous and you should block or back step from it. 
    As Lloyd, rush in and go combo crazy on Exbelua, blocking its 
    retaliation after every combo. Genis should constantly cast magic. Once 
    Genis runs out of TP, use an Orange Gel right away on him. You don't 
    want him running to Exbelua and hitting it with normal attacks, which 
    endangers him greatly. Basically, you should just keep Exbelua 
    occupied, causing a lot of damage while keeping it away from Genis.
    3. Name: Botta
       Location: Sylvarant Base
       HP: 4200
       TP: 224
       W: None
       R: None
       EXP: 475
       Gald: 1500
       Item(s) found: Poison Charm
    Botta's really fun, and he's your first somewhat challenging opponent, 
    as he uses physical attacks and magic, is powerful, and, unlike the 
    last two bosses, is rather fast. First, his attacks:
    His first attack is a basic attack with his sword, not that dangerous. 
    Second is a spin attack with his sword that knocks you back. Third is 
    Brick Break, when he spins his sword once in the air, and then sticks 
    it into the ground, causing rocks to hit the target, causing multiple 
    hits of damage. Then, there're the two magic attacks. One is Fireball, 
    which Genis already has, and the other is Stalagmite. Stalagmite is 
    very dangerous, and if aimed at Genis and Colette, it might KO them if 
    they're even barely below half HP. It's crucial to avoid this attack at 
    the best of your abilities. Lastly, Botta also goes into Overlimit, in 
    which a dark cloud forms around him. He'll take less damage and won't 
    Now, this is how to beat him. First off, beat the two Foot Soldiers he 
    has with him. That way, they won't interrupt your assault against Botta 
    himself. With them out of the way, the battle becomes a bit easier. 
    Attack Botta, and then guard against his retaliation. Try the best you 
    can to avoid his magic. Command Kratos to heal the characters that are 
    half HP or below, so that they can be safer. Use Apple/Orange Gels and 
    Life Bottles, if necessary, to keep the party in tip-top shape. Genis 
    should keep casting magic from a distance, and Colette should mainly 
    stick to her mid-range techs. Botta will go down after a while.
    4. Name: Ktugach 
       Location: Triet Ruins-Seal Room
       HP: 5000
       TP: 50
       W: Water and Ice
       R: fire
       EXP: 628
       Gald: 85
       Item(s) found: Red Quartz
       Name: Ktugachling (x2)
       HP: 1500
       TP: 180
       W: Water and Ice
       R: Fire
       EXP: 60
       Gald: 15
       Item(s) found: None
    This is your first battle against creatures of an elemental type. Since 
    this is a battle to release a seal, Colette has to be in the party. 
    Therefore, I suggest the party to consist of Lloyd, Colette, Genis, and 
    Kratos. Raine still only has First Aid at this point, and since Kratos 
    has more HP and can do good damage, leave Raine out.
    The Ktugach only has one physical attacks and 1 magical attack. Its 
    physical attack is the Ktugach sticking the top of its head towards you 
    and shooting a bunch of spikes, causing multiple hits of damage. It's 
    not that bad, but block it anyways. Its other attack is Eruption, 
    Fireball's upgrade. The moment you see the circle of Eruption under 
    you, use Guardian right away (the tech Kratos gave you before entering 
    the ruins). It's your only hope of guarding against the attack. The 
    Ktugachlings only have Fireball as an attack.
    One of the reasons this battle is pretty easy is because the enemies 
    have very little attacks at their disposal. Naturally, go after the 
    Ktugachlings first before focusing on the Ktugach. Have Lloyd go combo 
    crazy, Kratos attack and heal, Genis cast Aqua Edge and Icicle, NOT 
    Fireball, and have Colette do anything. You can still be severely hurt 
    if you don't block the Ktugach's physical attack and Eruption.
    5. Name: Clumsy Assassin
       Location: Ossa Trail
       HP: 1800
       TP: 131
       W: None
       R: None
       EXP: 200
       Gald: 128
       Item(s) found: Holy Bottle
       Name: Guardian-Wind
       HP: 2000
       TP: 400
       W: None
       R: None
       EXP: 250
       Gald: 250
       Item(s) found: Magic Lens
    This battle is very easy overall. The Clumsy Assassin is weaker than 
    her Guardian-Wind, so focus your attacks on her first before turning on 
    the guardian.
    The Clumsy Assassin's normal physical attack combo is almost as fast as 
    Lloyd's, so you want to take a little caution for that. Her special 
    attack is Pyre Seal, which uses her cards and energy to blow you away 
    and knock you down. Those are about the only things to mention about 
    her attacks. Guardian-Wind only has a couple physical attacks, one in 
    which it hits you in the air. It attacks as fast as Sheena's.
    Go in with a party of Lloyd, Colette, Raine, and Kratos. Despite the 
    "Wind" in the guardian's name, it has no resistance to Wind or 
    anything. Although the Clumsy Assassin's stats are lower than the 
    Guardian-Wind's, she's potentially more dangerous, so knock her out 
    quickly. Kratos and Raine have the healing covered very well, so you 
    shouldn't worry too much about your HP. Colette's Angel Feathers does a 
    good amount of damage, so use it. Use Tiger Blade and Tempest on the 
    Guardian, as it hovers a little above the ground. You shouldn't have 
    any problems with this pathetic battle.
    6. Name: Magnius
       Location: Palmacosta Human Ranch
       HP: 8500
       TP: 120
       W: None
       R: Fire
       EXP: 675
       Gald: 1700
       Item(s) found: Warrior Symbol, EX Gem Lv1
    Although tougher than Botta, Magnius can still be handled well if you 
    pour attacks on him constantly and heal frequently. Despite this, he 
    has more than twice the attack power of Botta and roughly twice as much 
    Coupled with his good attack power are several powerful moves. One is 
    the familiar Beast tech, Lloyd's powerful knock-back move, which he 
    uses quite a bit. Another attack of his occurs when Magnius lifts one 
    of your characters in the air, then causes an explosion with his hand 
    that blows the character away. Be careful of this one, as it has a good 
    damage potential. Third is Hell Hound, when Magnius sticks out his arm, 
    then causes an explosion, knocking the taget away. The magic attacks 
    are Eruption and Flame Lance. With Flame Lance, a ball of fire hits the 
    target, then explodes. This is probably Magnius' most powerful attack. 
    It can be avoided, though.
    That being said, I recommend Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Kratos. This is 
    also your first boss battle with Unison Attacks, so utilize that as 
    soon as possible. Two powerful Compound Unison Attacks are Lightning 
    Tiger and Photon Tempest. Eliminate the two Desian underlings before 
    focusing on the Grand Cardinal himself. Make sure Genis uses anything 
    but Fireball and Eruption, and the same goes for Kratos. Lloyd and 
    Kratos should go combo + Tetra Slash on Magnius' ass. Raine and Kratos 
    should heal frequently to keep the characters' HP high. Eventually, 
    Magnius shall fall.
    7. Name: Kilia
       Location: Palmacosta-Government Building
       HP: 10000
       TP: 400
       W: Light
       R: Dark
       EXP: 500
       Gald: 500
       Item(s) found: Heal Bracelet
    Unlike Magnius, Kilia is easy. Even though she has 1500 more HP than 
    him, she's almost a joke compared to Magnius.
    The only attack to mention is Acid Rain, which lowers the Defense of 
    all enemies in the area. The rest of her moves are normal physical 
    Go with Lloyd, Colette, Raine, and Kratos. Photon, Angel Feathers, and 
    the Photon Tempest moves will wreak havoc upon Kilia. Lloyd and Kratos 
    will have no problem holding Kilia away from Colette and Raine. Once 
    half her HP is gone, she sprouts wings and a tail, and hovers above the 
    ground. She doesn't become any harder, so don't worry.
    8. Name: Adulocia
       Locaton: Thoda Geyser-Seal Room
       HP: 10000
       TP: 248
       W: Lightning
       R: Water, Ice
       EXP: 825
       Gald: 765
       Item(s) found: Mermaid's Tear
       Name: Amphitra (x2)
       HP: 2300
       TP: 120
       W: Fire, Lightning
       R: Water, Ice
       EXP: 150
       Gald: 200
       Item(s) found: None
    First, let's start with the move sets of the enemies. The Adulocia has 
    one special move, in which it fires a bunch of bubbles at a single 
    target. This move can do a lot of damage, so block it. The magic attack 
    it has is Spread, the water geyser move that's Aqua Edge's upgrade. 
    It's also powerful, so careful. The Amphitras have no special moves, 
    only physical attacks.
    Naturally, you want to take out the Amphitras first. Use a party of 
    Lloyd, Colette, Genis and Raine/Kratos. Command Genis to use Fire and 
    Lightning techs on the two Amphitras, then use only Lightning techs 
    against the Adulocia. Lightning Tiger works very well here. Have 
    Colette cast Angel Feathers, Genis cast lightning magic, Lloyd combo 
    +Tetra Slash, and Raine cast First Aid/Nurse. It's not too difficult to 
    win this battle.
    9. Name: Windmaster
       Location: Asgard Ruins
       HP: 10000
       TP: 220
       W: None
       R: Wind
       EXP: 1325
       Gald: 800
       Item(s) found: Map of Balacruf, Talisman
    The Windmaster has one special attack. The Windmaster spins towards the 
    target, swinging the scythe attached to it's lower section. This move 
    is more powerful than the Adulocia's bubbles, so be more careful. The 
    magic attack is Wind Blade, which isn't really anything to worry about.
    Use a party of Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Kratos. Lloyd should do his 
    typical combo + Tetra Slash, Genis should cast anything but Wind magic, 
    Raine should heal, and Kratos should do what Lloyd and Raine do: attack 
    and heal. This battle really isn't any harder than the 
    Adulocia/Amphitra battle.
    10. Name: Iapyx
        Location: Balacruf Mausoleum-Seal Room
        HP: 14000
        TP: 88
        W: None
        R: Wind, Lightning
        EXP: 1324
        Gald: 2000
        Item(s) found: Paralysis Charm, Spirit Bangle
    Iapyx has two special attacks: Attack Feather and React Feather. Attack 
    Feather allows Iapyx to shoot a bunch of feathers at the target. The 
    other one, React Feather, is Iapyx shooting feathers twice in a row. 
    React Feather is used mostly near the end of the battle. The magic tech 
    is Air Thrust, Wind Blade's upgraded form.
    The annoying aspect of Iapyx is that it's a little difficult to knock 
    him out of attacks without help. Use Lloyd, Colette, Raine and Kratos 
    for this battle. Have Lloyd do his combo + Tetra Slash thing, Colette 
    cast Angel Feathers, Raine use First Aid/Nurse, and Kratos attack and 
    heal. Have Lloyd work in conjunction with Colette's Angel Feathers or 
    Kratos' physical strikes to knock Iapyx off balance more often. Since 
    Iapyx hovers a bit off the ground, Tiger Blade and Tempest techs work 
    well. Iapyx is a little annoying with its feather shooting, and its Air 
    Thrust, but as long as you do the usual: keep everyone near max HP, 
    heal TP, block, etc., then you'll win.
    11. Name: Resolute Assassin (Sheena Fujibayashi)
        Location: Balacruf Mausoleum
        HP: 4500
        TP: 164
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 300
        Gald: 450
        Item(s) found: Dark Bottle
        Name: Guardian-Lightning
        HP: 5000
        TP: 400
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 250
        Gald: 250
        Item(s) found: Fine Pellets, Magic Lens
    Sheena and her Guardian are back for a rematch! :O Still, this battle 
    is as easy as it was at the Ossa Trail, and the move sets of the two 
    haven't changed. Use Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Kratos. Use the same 
    strategy as you did the last time you fought these two, and you won't 
    have a problem.
    12. Name: Kvar
        Location: Asgard Human Ranch
        HP: 10000
        TP: 340
        W: None
        R: Lightning
        EXP: 1680
        Gald: 1500
        Item(s) found: Holy Ring, EX Gem Lv1
        Name: Energy Stone (x3)
        HP: 5500
        TP: 100
        W: None
        R: Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Lighting, Ice, Light, Dark
        EXP: 300
        Gald: 765
        Item(s) found: None
    Kvar's physical strike is always followed with a Lightning strike, so 
    backstep once Kvar hits you. His one special attack is Lightning 
    Strike, which is a stream of 3-4 Lightning strikes aimed at the target. 
    The magic techs are Lightning spell itself and Spark Wave, one of 
    Lightning's variations. This tech inflicts lots of hits, and does 
    decent damage. The Energy Stones' only attack is to charge into you 
    slowly while hitting you multiple times with a lightning shield.
    The Energy Stones are a pretty bad pain in the butt, and you only have 
    3 characters in this battle. Go into this battle with Lloyd, Genis, and 
    Kratos. Lloyd should work on picking the energy Stones off one by one 
    until they're all gone, then focus on the second Grand Cardinal. Genis 
    will have trouble doing damage to the Energy Stones. Aside from that, 
    have him cast anything but Lightning magic. Kratos should, of course, 
    work between helping Lloyd and healing the party. Lloyd does a good job 
    in this battle against the Energy Stones and Kvar. Just be careful of 
    the Lightning Strike and Spark Wave moves.
    13. Name: Iubaris
        Location: Tower of Mana-Seal Room
        HP: 16800
        TP: 1500
        W: Dark
        R: Fire, Lightning, Light
        EXP: 2650
        Gald: 2500
        Item(s) found: Brass
    Iubaris is a powerful creature with a couple knockback attacks. Its one 
    special attack is that it summons a black portal behind it, from which 
    several cavaliers charge through and ram through your characters. It's 
    magic tech is Photon.
    Use Lloyd, Colette, Raine, and Kratos for this battle. Lloyd and Kratos 
    might face a little trouble from Iubaris' charge attack that sends the 
    target halfway across the stage. Don't use Compound Unison attacks like 
    Lightning Tiger, Photon Tempest, or Fiery Beast, as they won't do much. 
    Pow Blade or Cross Thrust would work just fine. Lloyd should do fine 
    preoccupying Iubaris with techs such as Sword Rain, Beast, and Tiger 
    Blade. Colette's only good for Holy Song, so let her use that. Raine 
    should heal, and Kratos should heal and attack. Since Iubaris' weakness 
    is Dark, the only way to do super effective damage is to use a Black 
    Quartz on Lloyd's and/or Kratos' weapons and hacking away. I've found 
    that Heavy Tiger Blade will Guard Beak Iubaris every time Iubaris is 
    blocking. It will fall, one time or another.
    14. Name: Undine
        Location: Thoda Geyser-Seal Room
        HP: 18000
        TP: 320
        W: None
        R: Water, Ice
        EXP: 2110
        Gald: 765
        Item(s) dropped: Guardian Symbol
    This is your first Summon Spirit battle. Undine has no special attacks. 
    She has two magic attacks: Aqua Edge and Spread. Being a Summon Spirit, 
    her Spread really hurts, so Guardian, etc. against that. 
    During Summon Spirit battles, Sheena must be in the party. So...in this 
    battle, use Lloyd, Sheena, Raine, and Kratos. Undine's sword strikes 
    and quick magic casting will totally beat down on your characters that 
    are fighting at melee range. She just gets faster at half HP and below. 
    Make sure Raine and Kratos do their duties as healers. Lloyd should try 
    to use Tetra Slash combos with Sword Rain to stun and knock Undine out 
    of as many attacks as possible. Sheena should do what Lloyd does and 
    Tetra Slash combo with some of her moves. Since she doesn't have as 
    good a damage potential as Lloyd, she will do less damage, but enough 
    to help.
    15. Name: Fairess/Yutis/Sephie (Sylph)
        Location: Balacruf Mausoleum
        HP: 6190/6480/7320 (10000/12000/13000)
        TP: 250/80/220 
        W: None
        R: Wind
        EXP: 690/770/880
        Gald: 285/290/320
        Item(s) dropped: Saffron/Sage/Savory
    The Sylph Summon Spirit consists of three fairies. Sephie, who wields a 
    sword, is very strong and is the quickest of the three. She attacks 
    your characters with furious sword slashes and the Wind Blade spell. 
    Yutis, who uses a bow, constantly warps around the field, annoying and 
    interrupting the party with her arrows. Finally, there's Fairess, who 
    attacks with a shield. Although she has the least HP and gives less EXP 
    and Gald then the other two, she's the strongest and has the most 
    Use Lloyd, Sheena, Raine, and Kratos. Go after Sephie first. She's the 
    most frequent attacker, she'll probably cause the most damage, and 
    she'll interrupt attacks a lot. Just pummel her, while guarding against 
    her fast sword attacks. Once she's down, go for Yutis. As I said 
    before, her bow attacks can get really annoying, due to the fact that 
    she'll interrupt a lot of your attacks. It also doesn't help that she 
    warps around the battlefield half the time. Once she's KO'd, Fairess 
    will be your last target. Fairess doesn't physically attack too 
    frequently, but she casts Wind Blade and Air Thrust a lot, so use your 
    defense techs to guards against them. You might have trouble healing 
    due to all the interruptions, but by taking the Sylphs down one by one, 
    you'll pull through just fine.
    NOTE: If you wait until after you visit Tethe'alla to fight Sylph, 
    their HP will nearly double, so fight them before going to the Tower of 
    Salvation for the first time. 
    16. Name: Efreet
        Location: Triet ruins-Seal Room
        HP: 18000 (30000)
        TP: 850
        W: None
        R: Fire
        EXP: 2430
        Gald: 945
        Item(s) found: Attack Symbol
    Efreet is a powerful summon spirit. As a melee character, you should 
    tread lightly around Efreet. He has one special attack. It's similar to 
    Magnius' lifting you in the air and causing an explosion. Efreet's 
    version causes at least 3 explosions. His two magic techs are Eruption 
    and Explosion. BE VERY CAREFUL OF THIS MOVE! Explosion is the most 
    powerful Fire spell in the entire game, and it'll take a big chunk of 
    your HP if you don't use a defense tech against it.
    Go in with Lloyd, Sheena, Raine, and Kratos. Use Lloyd and keep Efreet 
    as preoccupied as you can, with Sheena helping you. Raine should 
    constantly heal, just in case one of your characters gets severaly 
    wounded my Explosion. Kratos should probably take a better healing 
    stance than attacking, as Efreet will probably do a lot of damage. 
    Watching your characters' health points is crucial to surviving. 
    Howver, if you manage to guard and Guardian all of Efreet's attacks, 
    then you won't be too troubled.
    NOTE: Like Sylph, if you wait until after you've visited Tethe'alla, 
    Efreet's HP will increase by a decent bit.
    17. Name: Remiel
        Location: Tower of Salvation
        HP: 16000
        TP: 258
        W: None
        R: Light
        EXP: 2795
        Gald: 1840
        Item(s) found: Rune Bottle, EX Gem Lv1
    Wow, now you have to fight Remiel. Remiel's basic attack is shooting a 
    couple light arrows from a distance and swinging his hand at you, 
    knocking you on the ground. He uses two magic attacks: Photon and Holy 
    Lance. Holy Lance targets a single character and is pretty powerful, so 
    watch out for that.
    Since Lloyd, Genis, Sheena, and Raine were thee only ones not excluded 
    from the party, you'll have to fight with them. Aside from Photon, 
    every other spell will work on him fine. Fiery Beast is a great 
    Compound Unison; Remiel has no resistance to Fire and it does nice 
    damage. Basically, what you want to do is confront Remiel with physical 
    attacks and Techs from Lloyd and Sheena while Genis casts a lot of 
    magic Techs from the back. Even though Photon won't do much damage, it 
    can stun Remiel when he's about to attack you, leaving him open for an 
    assault. Raine should mostly cast Nurse to keep the party's HP above 
    50% to keep them out of danger. Although he might be a bit powerful, 
    Remiel isn't all that hard, considering what the next battle's like. 
    Cook up a good recipe after this, because this next battle's intense.
    18. Name: Kratos
        Location: Tower of Salvation
        HP: 22500
        TP: 1500
        W: None
        R: Light
        EXP: 3280
        Gald: 2900
        Item(s) found: Life Bottle, EX Gem Lv3
    NOOOOO!!! Why do we have to fight Kratos? ;_; He's my favorite 
    character! But, there's nothing you can do about it. I actually loved 
    this battle. Kratos attacks you fast and hard, and pretty much never 
    stops attacking. His techs include Light Spear, Victory Light Spear, 
    Lightning Blade, Super Lightning Blade, Double Demon Fang, and Fierce 
    Demon Fang, and he loves to Tetra Slash combo you. His Magic attacks 
    are Thunder Blade, Air thrust, and Grave. 
    Now that you know his attacks, be prepared for an intense battle. As 
    Lloyd, you'll be blocking at least half the time from Kratos' 
    relentless assault. Sheena won't be blocking so much, so if she drops 
    in the red HP zone, pull back and use an Apple Gel or a Lemon Gel on 
    her. If Sheena goes into Overlimit, make sure she has over 100 TP, and 
    make her summon Efreet. Efreet is a very powerful summon, and it'll 
    knock off a good chunk of Kratos' HP. Fiery Beast is still great here. 
    The thing about Kratos is that he'll attack everyone more than any 
    other boss that came before. Even though you're preoccupying him with 
    Lloyd and Sheena, he might run past you and devastate Genis and Raine. 
    He'll also cast magic at them, so be prepared to use a lot of gels in 
    this battle. Once again, Photon is a key to knock Kratos out of one of 
    his attacks and leave him wide open for a good combo by Lloyd. Once he 
    drops below half HP, however, he'll cast his magic techs VERY quickly, 
    as though he needs no time to cast them. Once again, blocking is a very 
    important concept in this battle, since Kratos never stops attacking 
    unless he's stunned. One of the worst parts is that he can go into 
    Overlimit. Once he does, break off from all attacking and block him 
    until his Overlimit goes away.
    Even if you don't win this battle, the storyline continues nonetheless. 
    However, it would be in your best interest to win, for the experience, 
    Gald, and items.
    19. Name: Pronyma
        Location: Fooji Mountains
        HP: 18000
        TP: 750
        W: Light
        R: Dark
        EXP: 3000
        Gald: 1500
        Item(s) found: Rosemary, EX Gem Lv2
    Oh, geez. For being the leader of the Desian Five Grand Cardinals, 
    she's even easier than Remiel! -.- Her special attacks are Leonazium 
    and Agarazium. Leonazium is Pronyma's equivalent of Beast, except that 
    its range is a little bit longer than Lloyd's tech. Agarazium is a tech 
    in which rings of magic pop upwards from under the target and knocks 
    him or her into the air. Her magic attacks are Bloody Lance, the dark 
    equivalent of Holy Lance, Dark Sphere, the dark equivalent of Photon, 
    Acid Rain, Aqua Laser, Spread, and her most powerful attack, Prism 
    Sword, which is when a bunch of swords crash down onto the target, 
    finishing with a big, central sword that causes an explosion. 
    Ironically, it's a Light spell, which is what Pronyma's weak against. 
    She has lots of magic, as you can see.
    Go into this battle with Lloyd, Colette, Raine, and Zelos. Since 
    Pronyma's weak against Light, Colette's and Raine's Light affinity 
    spells will hit Pronyma, hard. Photon Tempest is awesome here. So, 
    command Colette to use nothing but Angel Feathers and Judgment. Raine 
    should alternate between Photon and healing. Zelos should assume 
    Kratos' role, attack and heal. Lloyd should just run in there and smash 
    Pronyma. He'll be guarding a lot, though, as Pronyma will most likely 
    focus on him the most. Lastly, Pronyma goes into Overlimit, so pull 
    back and guard until she exits it. All in all, easier than Remiel, 
    partly due to her weakness to Light.
    20. Name: Convicts (x3)
        Location: Meltokio Sewer
        HP: 6300
        TP: 300
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 300
        Gald: 150
        Item(s) found: None
    This battle's as easy as the battles with Sheena and her guardians. 
    They have no special attacks or magic whatsoever, only simple club 
    swinging attacks. Just beat them up as quickly as possible using anyone 
    you want.
    21. Name: Convict
        Location: Gaoracchia Forest
        HP: 12000
        TP: 320
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 2250
        Gald: 1500
        Item(s) found: Elixer
    Even though the Convict has a couple techs like Eagle Dive, he isn't 
    much harder than the Convicts in the sewer. The only thing you need to 
    watch out for is him going into Overlimit. Other than that, use any 
    characters you want and beat him up.
    22. Name: Defense System
        Location: Toize Valley Mine
        HP: 12000
        TP: 100
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 2350
        Gald: 0
        Item(s) found: Metal Sphere, Mythril (x4) (Guard Arms)
    The Defense System itself doesn't attack at all. It's actually 
    protected by three things: The first thing is the Auto Repair Unit 
    (5500 HP), which, while functioning, lowers the amount of damage the 
    Defense System takes by half or less. Second are the Orbits (3000 HP 
    each), which are the two black laser shooters that...shoot lasers at you. 
    Third, and last, are the four Guard Arms (8000 HP each), which lie 
    above the Defense System, trying to interrupt you.
    It doesn't really matter who goes into this battle, as long as you at 
    least include Lloyd and Raine. The first thing you want to focus on is 
    the Auto Repair Unit. Once you get that out of the way, the Defense 
    System takes normal damage. After that, take out the two Orbits so that 
    they don't interrupt your characters from attacking and healing. After 
    that, assault the Defense System. Ignore the Guard Arms, as they aren't 
    that distractive, and just pound the Defense System until it's 
    defeated. Note that the Auto Repair Unit will come back if you take too 
    long. If it does, destroy it again, then keep hitting the Defense 
    23. Name: Volt
        Location: Temple of Lightning-Seal Room
        HP: 24000
        TP: 240
        W: None
        R: Lightning
        EXP: 3580
        Gald: 2800
        Item(s) found: Emerald Ring
    Time to pay Volt back for what he did to Mizuho. :) His basic attack is 
    a move called Strike, a move that sends a stream of lightning towards 
    the target. It can be blocked. When Volt's HP gets to its half point, 
    it'll start using another move, Cardinal Strike, more often. This move 
    is basically a 4-way Strike move; that means it goes up, down, left, 
    and right. The last special attack Volt has is impossible to block: it 
    creates a magic circle around it, and after a couple seconds after it's 
    formed, it inflicts many hits upon whoever is trapped inside it. Its 
    two magic attacks are Thunder Blade and Spark Wave.
    Go into this battle with Lloyd, Sheena, Raine, and Zelos/Genis. Make 
    sure Zelos or Genis aren't casting any lightning spells on Volt. Volt 
    tends to focus on characters at melee range, so Raine and Zelos are 
    safe for the most part when they're healing. Lloyd does a good job 
    preoccupying Volt, and he has enough HP to sustain Volt's relentless 
    assault. Sheena might not be too fortunate. Since she isn't totally 
    melee material like Lloyd, she'll probably be in danger more often than 
    your other characters, since she'll be fighting alongside Lloyd, so 
    focus a lot on her HP. If Genis is in your party, his spells are pretty 
    powerful at this point, so he's good to have here, as long as he isn't 
    casting lightning spells. Zelos is good for a support character. Volt 
    goes into Overlimit, so careful of that.
    24. Name: Yuan
        Location: Tethe'alla Base
        HP: 16000
        TP: 652
        W: None
        R: Lightning
        EXP: 4890
        Gald: 3150
        Item(s) found: EX Gem Lv4
        Name: Botta
        HP: 12000
        TP: 580
        W: None
        R: Earth
        EXP: 1680
        Gald: 2800
        Item(s) found: None
    Yuan, the leader of the Renegades himself, now wants to kick your ass 
    alongside Botta. Fortunately, you won't let them do that, would you? :P 
    Nonetheless, this will be the first time you'll be attacked so 
    aggressively since Kratos. 
    Yuan uses a dual-bladed staff and attacks with broad and frequent 
    chops. His one special attack is Thunder Explosion: Yuan jumps in the 
    air, then slams down with his staff, causing a ranged explosion of 
    thunder. He starts using this attack a lot when he hits half HP. His 
    three magic attacks are Thunder Blade, Spark Wave, and Indignation. 
    Indignation...THIS is a move you better look out for. Probably more 
    powerful than Explosion, if it isn't guarded against, it could take at 
    least a third of Lloyd's HP, which is a lot. However, it takes several 
    seconds to detonate and cause damage, so it gives you enough time to 
    guard against.
    Botta hasn't really changed much besides his HP and TP. He ditches 
    Fireball in this battle. He now has a nifty 2-3 hit basic combo, and 
    the strongest Earth spell, Ground Dasher. Better be careful, because 
    this move inflicts lots of hits and lots of damage if not guarded. As 
    dangerous as Explosion, it's also incredibly difficult to guard the 
    whole spell.
    So...go into this battle with Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Zelos. It's a 
    pretty good idea to have two healers, considering the amount of damage 
    these guys do together. PRISM STARS FOR THE WIN!!! This Compound Unison 
    will be one of the keys to cause substantial damage to this duo. Go 
    after Botta first, since he's the weakest. Although this allows Yuan to 
    go all freaky upon everyone else, ignore that unless your other party 
    members' HP get in the red zone. Botta's not hard to put down, and once 
    he's out of the way, time to beat Yuan up. For some reason, Yuan LOVES 
    to interrupt healers, and he'll go after Raine a lot. Lloyd should use 
    Sword Rain techs constantly to knock Yuan off from his attacks. I think 
    Yuan can go into Overlimit too. With Botta out of the way, your party 
    will take noticeably less damage, since you're there to help keep Yuan 
    at bay. :)
    25. Name: Winged Dragon
        Location: Dragon's Nest
        HP: 18000
        TP: 400
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 2450
        Gald: 1200
        Item(s) found: Venom, Flare Cape
        Name: Baby Dragon (x2)
        HP: 12000
        TP: 800
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 1250
        Gald: 500
        Item(s) found: None
    Argh! This is arguably the most annoying battle in this game, all 
    because of the Baby Dragons. There is always something attacking you, 
    and your healer(s) will be interrupted constantly.
    The Winged Dragon only has one special attack, which is called Nest 
    Crack. It's basically the dragon version of Ground Dasher, except that 
    it's not a magical attack. Because it isn't a magical attack, you can 
    block it without a defensive tech. The Baby Dragons have no special 
    attacks or magic, but they don't need them. They're always on top of 
    you, whipping up whirlwinds, blowing fireballs at you, and jabbing at 
    you with their faces.
    Melee is the way to go here. Lloyd, Raine, and Zelos are a must. For 
    your fourth member, use either Presea, Regal, or Sheena. Have Raine 
    spam Nurse throughout the battle, because you'll always be taking 
    damage. Normally I would say focus on the enemies one by one, but not 
    now. Have Lloyd focus on one Baby Dragon, and your other melee 
    character on the other. Leave the Winged Dragon alone for now, and 
    focus on killing the babies first. Ironically, for as much as the 
    battle is annoying at first, once one Baby Dragon is killed, the battle 
    actually becomes much easier. So...once one is killed, it's smooth 
    sailing from then on. The Winged Dragon is easy once it's alone.
    26. Name: Gnome
        Location: Temple of Earth-Seal Room
        HP: 28000
        TP: 682
        W: None
        R: Earth
        EXP: 5890
        Gald: 4280
        Item(s) found: Holy Symbol
    Gnome is one freaky looking Summon Spirit, with the spinning red bow 
    and all. He's also the only non-polite Summon Spirit.
    Now, for his attacks. He uses a shovel, which is kinda dumb, but it 
    still hurts if you don't block his basic attack with it. He has two 
    special attacks: one is when he jumps up in the air and lands on his 
    target, knocking him or her down. Easily noticed and easily blocked. 
    For his second one, Gnome dives forwards into the ground, driving 
    himself forwards and inflicting multiple hits of damage to his target. 
    He has three magic attacks: Stone Blast, Stalagmite, and Ground Dasher. 
    Of course, guard against the Ground Dasher before Gnome screws you over 
    with it.
    Go into this battle with Lloyd, Genis, Sheena, and Raine. You only need 
    one healer for this battle, since there will be most likely only two 
    characters at most sustaining any large amount of damage. Although 
    Gnome has no weakness to Wind, it still does a bit more damage than the 
    other elements anyways. Once again, have Lloyd and Sheena combo 
    together to knock Gnome out of his attacks, have Genis cast Air Thrust 
    or Cyclone, and Raine heal. Generally, this is an easy Summon Spirit 
    battle, since Gnome doesn't bother your healer too much, and he hardly 
    ever goes into Overlimit.
    27. Name: Celsius
        Location: Temple of Ice-Seal Room
        HP: 18000
        TP: 600
        W: Fire
        R: Water, Ice
        EXP: 5120
        Gald: 5800
        Item(s) found: Spirit Symbol
        Name: Fenrir
        HP: 12000
        TP: 300
        W: Fire, Lightning
        R: Water, Ice
        EXP: 2600
        Gald: 1380
        Item(s) found: Blue Quartz
    Wheeee, a Summon Spirit with an elemental weakness! This battle would 
    be way too simple if Celsius was alone, so she brought her pet wolf 
    Fenrir. Although her HP is rather low at this stage of the game, her 
    attacks can still hurt.
    Celsius is, simply put, a melee fighter with a couple magic attacks. 
    Her two special techs are: 1) Beast (Wow, the melee enemies love 
    stealing this from Lloyd >_<) 2) Swallow Dance, which is one of Regal's 
    techs, 3) Ice Spear, a technique in which Celsius thrusts her arm into 
    the ground and makes several icicles sprout from the ground around her. 
    If this tech hits a party member, he/she will fall to the ground. 
    Celsius only uses this tech once she drops to around a quarter of her 
    HP. Her two magic attacks are Ice Tornado and Freeze Lancer. With 
    Freeze Lancer, Celsius hurls many shards of ice at her target, so 
    defense tech against it. Fenrir only has simple melee attacks, 
    including one in which he curls up into a ball and rolls into his 
    Go with Lloyd, Genis, Sheena, and Raine. Genis' Explosion will turn the 
    competition to your favor. Naturally, go after Fenrir first. You should 
    be able to knock him out without too much difficulty, then go after the 
    Summon Spirit of ice. Lloyd and Sheena will have their hands full 
    keeping Celsius away from Raine and Genis. Fiery Beast is awesome here, 
    as it'll do great damage against Celsius' weakness. Celsius is yet 
    another Overlimiter, so take notice. This battle would have taken a tad 
    bit longer if Celsius didn't have a weakness.
    28. Name: Rodyle
        Location: Remote Island Human Ranch
        HP: 35000
        TP: 500
        W: None
        R: Earth
        EXP: 6240
        Gald: 5800
        Item(s) found: None
    It's finally time to wipe Rodyle out. Rodyle has one special tech: He 
    creates a ball of light energy near his chest and detonates it, 
    knocking anyone near it down. He doesn't really use it until he hits 
    half HP. His physical attacks are just pretty powerful, slow arm 
    swinging maneuvers with the blade attached to his arm. His two magic 
    attacks are Stalagmite and Gravity Well.
    Go into this battle with Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and any other character 
    of your choice. Rodyle's arm swings hurt quite a bit if you don't block 
    them. Thankfully, he's pretty slow, so it's easy to block him. Once 
    again, Prism Stars is totally awesome here. Now, the thing you want to 
    watch out for is the way he normally executes Gravity Well. He 
    literally needs no time to cast it. He'll stick up his arm after a 
    combo and Gravity Well will suddenly occur, without any notice its 
    coming. If you can learn to Guard against that and his Overlimit frenzy 
    for the most part, then you'll have less trouble in dealing with this 
    Grand Cardinal.
    29. Name: Shadow
        Location: Temple of Darkness-Seal Room
        HP: 30000
        TP: 800
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 6320
        Gald: 4500
        Item(s) found: Dark Seal
    Shadow combines his slap attacks with a couple dark spells. Thankfully, 
    this boss doesn't have special techs with him. His magic attacks are 
    Dark Sphere and Bloody Lance. He might have other magic attacks, but 
    I'm not sure.
    Lloyd, Sheena, Raine, and Zelos are the way to go in this battle.  
    Shadow is capable of dishing out a lot of damage with his attacks, so 
    two healers will be efficient for this battle. Raine's Light spells 
    will cause sufficient damage, so you might want to have her cast a 
    Photon or Ray at the times your whole party's HP totals are high. The 
    worst part about this battle is the fact that Shadow will sometimes 
    sink into the ground, move to another character, reemerge, then attack 
    him/her. What's also bad is that whenever he sinks into the ground, it 
    normally means he's moving towards your healer, mainly Raine. In this 
    case, Raine is in a bit more danger than usual in this battle. Of 
    course, Shadow will go into Overlimit. >_< As usual, only block when he 
    gets to this point, because he'll rend you apart if you don't block.
    30. Name: Luna
        Location: Tower of Mana-Seal Room
        HP: 18000
        TP: 720
        W: None
        R: Light
        EXP: 3250
        Gald: 4800
        Item(s) found: Moonstone
        Name: Aska
        HP: 19650
        TP: 600
        W: None
        R: Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Ice, Light
        EXP: 3480
        Gald: 2800
        Item(s) found: Rare Pellets
    With Aska back at her side, Luna is ready to form the pact with Sheena. 
    Luna is more magic oriented while Aska goes for the physical assaults. 
    Luna only has one physical strike with her staff, but she has 4 magic 
    techs: Photon, Ray, Holy Lance, and Judgment Ray. Judgment Ray is 
    simply a single strike of the Judgment spell. 
    Aska doesn't really have much in his repertoire. Only physical strikes 
    and a light burst that's similar to Rodyle's, except stronger. Also, 
    like Rodyle, he doesn't really use it until he drops to half HP or 
    Go with Lloyd, Sheena, Raine, and Zelos. The best thing you want to do 
    in this battle is to push Aska back, far away from Luna. Therefore, you 
    can pound on Aska without any fear of him interfering with your other 
    members attacks, which should be mainly focused on Luna. Although 
    Aska's a bird, he doesn't hover above the ground, so ground techs like 
    Demon Fang and Beast work well enough. Once Aska's down, it's time to 
    face Luna. Since she's the magic-oriented one of the duo, her attacks 
    are a bit harder to control. Luna also goes into Overlimit. Anywho, by 
    the time you're finished with Aska, your party members should have 
    already taken at least a couple thousand hit points away from Luna.
    31. Name: Forcystus
        Location: Iselia Human Ranch
        HP: 20000
        TP: 400
        W: None
        R: Wind
        EXP: 7100
        Gald: 5800
        Item(s) found: Faerie Ring
        Name: Exbone
        HP: 6000
        TP: 320
        W: None
        R: Wind
        EXP: 0
        Gald: 0
        Item(s) found: None
    Ironically, Forcystus is the second-to-last Grand Cardinal you face in 
    battle, considering he's the master of the first human ranch you ever 
    Forcystus is rather powerful, with a couple intiidating moves. His two 
    special attacks are: 1) He shoots 3 bullets at you from his abnormal 
    arm. 2) He does a 3-hit uppercut maneuver bringing him into the air, 
    then he smashes down to the ground to create a huge shockwave. 
    Forcystus' 3 magic techs are: Air Thrust, Cyclone (the most powerful 
    Wind spell, a multiple hit magic attack like Ground Dasher), and Air 
    Blade. Cyclone and Air Blade can get really nasty if you don't guard 
    them. The one and only attack the Exbones have is Wind Blade.
    I went with Lloyd, Genis, Raine and Kratos (YAY!) in this battle. Take 
    out the Exbones first, so that their Wind Blades don't interfere with 
    your attacks on Forcystus. The Exbones are super easy to take down, 
    since they don't have any physical attacks whatsoever. Once they're 
    down, focus on Forcystus. His attack power and defense are pretty high, 
    so blocking and guard techs are very crucial to stop Forcystus from 
    causing substantial damage to your characters. His Air Blade can get in 
    the way of your healers, so make sure that they keep on healing, even 
    though they've been stricken. Another Overlimit guy. I found that Twin 
    Tiger Blade is a really useful tech here; it Guard Breaks Forcystus a 
    lot. You basically want Genis for the sole purpose of Prism Stars. Two 
    healers is good, too. Also, note that he takes more damage from Light 
    spells than anything else, so that Compound Unison is excellent here.
    32. Name: Plantix
        Location: Latheon Gorge
        HP: 36000
        TP: 250
        W: Fire  
        R: Earth
        EXP: 7500
        Gald: 1250
        Item(s) found: Blue Sephira
    Easy, easy, easy. For a boss at this stage of the game, Plantix is very 
    simple. Its two normal methods of attack are whipping your party 
    members by vines from the ground and dropping seeds(?) from the air. 
    It's special attack is Beetle Rush, in which Plantix sends a swarm of 
    beetles forwards to harm you. However, this attack has a rather slim 
    chance of hitting characters at melee rage.
    There are two different kinds of parties you can use here. Party #1 
    (Lloyd, Genis, Raine, Zelos) is best for exploiting Plantix's weakness 
    and for great healing. Party #2 (Lloyd, Presea, Regal, Zelos) is the 
    melee unit. As a matter of fact, melee units are in less danger in this 
    battle than magic users. Therefore, Party #2 would be the better option 
    in this battle. You don't really need to heal that much in this battle, 
    anyways. Once it reaches half HP, Plantix opens its flower head, 
    revealing a skull. This is when you can start using Unison Attacks on 
    it. You can't lose in this battle, it's too easy.
    33. Name: Kratos
        Location: Tower of Salvation
        HP: 25000
        TP: 980
        W: None
        R: Light, Lightning
        EXP: 7600
        Gald: 4800
        Item(s) found: EX Gem Lv4, Energy Tablets
    Although Kratos helped you out with Forcystus, he's still with Cruixis; 
    therefore, you must get by him to continue! Like your last battle with 
    him, you don't have to beat him to continue. However, like before, you 
    want to beat him for the experience, Gald, and items.
    Kratos is exactly the same as before: he strikes fast, hard, and as 
    persistently as ever. Alas, he added a new tech to his repertoire: 
    Judgment. Yes, Judgment. When he uses it, prepare to face uber damage 
    if you're unlucky enough. He goes into Overlimit here, too, that 
    Kratos. ):
    Go with Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Zelos in this battle. Since Kratos' 
    strategy hasn't changed a bit, use the same starategy as the first 
    battle against him. This time, though, you can benefit from two 
    healers. This way, you can recover more from Kratos' attacks that are 
    hellbent on beating your ass. :P 
    34. Name: Yggdrasill
        Location: Tower of Salvation-Descent
        HP: 40000
        TP: 3000
        W: Dark
        R: Light
        EXP: 0
        Gald: 0
        Item(s) found: None
    I'm not even gonna go into strategy for this battle. The only thing you 
    need to do is cause 10000 damage to him, and he retreats. You'll fight 
    him again, and that's when he won't be a wuss.
    35a. Name: Zelos
         Location: Tower of Salvation
         HP: 28000
         TP: 1200
         W: None
         R: Light, Lightning
         EXP: 9300
         Gald: 9800
         Item(s) found: Mystic Symbol
    NOOOOO!!! Why do we have to fight Zelos? ;_; He's my second favorite 
    character! He is exactly the same as fighting with Kratos for your 
    second time, except that Zelos has a higher HP and TP total while 
    Kratos had a higher attack and defense. Other than that, exactly the 
    Use the same strategy that I used for Kratos (33.) and it'll work out 
    just as well against this poor playboy/flirt. ): RIP, Zelos, RIP...
    NOTE: There's a way to prevent this battle, and instead trigger another 
    totally different battle here. You'll only fight Zelos for two reasons: 
    1) You have a bad relationship with him as Lloyd, and 2) During the 
    Flanoir event, you talked to Kratos. As long as you have a good 
    relationship with Zelos and you talk to anyone but Kratos (especially 
    Zelos himself), then you won't be forced to kill him.
    35b. Name: Gatekeeper
         Location: Tower of Salvation
         HP: 18000
         TP: 800
         W: None
         R: Light
         EXP: 8880
         Gald: 8970
         Item(s) found: Mystic Symbol
         Name: Angel Swordian (x2)
         HP: 7480
         TP: 130
         W: None
         R: None
         EXP: 236
         Gald: 348
         Item(s) found: Lemon Gel
    If you don't fight Zelos, then you're gonna fight a much easier battle 
    against an angel called the Gatekeeper, backed up by two normal angel 
    enemies. All three of the enemies mostly use a bunch of sword attacks. 
    I'm not sure about the magic these guys have, so I won't list it for 
    Go with the party you used to fight Kratos (33.). You won't have 
    trouble killing the Swordians and beating down the Gatekeeper. The one 
    kinda dangerous thing is when the Gatekeeper goes into Overlimit. At 
    that point, he starts to go trigger happy with his swords, so block 
    until the Overlimit subsides.
    36. Name: Pronyma
        Location: Tower of Salvation-Ruins
        HP: 32000
        TP: 850
        W: Light
        R: Dark
        EXP: 7000
        Gald: 4800
        Item(s) found: Red Savory
        Name: Idun (x2)
        HP: 11000
        TP: 0
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 1200
        Gald: 1200
        Item(s) found: Black Quartz
    Oh yeah, the leader of the Desian Grand Cardinals is back for a 
    rematch, along with two Idun sidekicks! Her move set hasn't changed at 
    all. Of course, she's stronger than the last battle with you. The Iduns 
    have no special attacks or magic techs, only simple physical strikes.
    You want to go into this battle with Lloyd, Genis, Sheena, and Raine. 
    Attack and destroy the two Iduns first, then employ the same tactic 
    against Pronyma like before. The reason Sheena's here is for two 
    reasons: 1) Using S. Seal: Light on everyone's weapons, and 2) 
    Summoning Luna if she ever goes into Overlimit. As you can see, now 
    with S. Seal: Light in Sheena's hands, you'll be able to cause a damn 
    good load of damage upon her with everyone. Prism Stars will utterly 
    rape her, hard. Raine can handle the healing herself, but it wouldn't 
    hurt to pop in a gel or two if someone's doing badly, right? :)
    37. Name: Yggdrasill
        Location: Tower of Salvation-Ruins
        HP: 40000
        TP: 3000
        W: Dark
        R: Light
        EXP: 8320
        Gald: 4800
        Item(s) found: EX Gem Lv4, Energy Tablets
    Told you he wouldn't be a wuss this time around. Yggdrasill attacks 
    almost always with hardcore magic spells that really hurt. His 
    disadvantage is that he's weak to Dark, which is awesome. Basically, 
    his normal physical attack is slapping you. His one special attack is 
    Outburst, the scary, blue explosion technique he used constantly after 
    you beat Kratos (18.); however, this time around, you can physically 
    block it, which takes another big load off your back. His magic techs 
    are: Photon, Ray, Holy Lance, Ground Dasher, Thunder Blade, 
    Indignation, Judgment Ray, and Death Eater. Death Eater is like 
    Judgment Ray, except that 3-4 Judgment blasts come down, not 1.
    Go into this battle with Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Kratos (YAY!)/Zelos. 
    Use any Compound Unison BUT Photon Tempest and Prism Stars here. You 
    don't really need Sheena, though, as you already have several Black 
    Quartzes in your inventory to use against Yggdrasill. As I said before, 
    Yggdrasill's main method of attack is very powerful magic spells, and 
    they really hurt. Since this is the case, you'll be using your defense 
    techs a lot during this fight; unfortunately, since those techs cost a 
    lot of TP at this stage of the game, you'll be using lots of TP-healing 
    gels here. Due to the damage you'll be taking, having two healers is a 
    must. End this battle with an aplomb, folks! ;)
    38. Name: Kratos
        Location: Torrent Forest
        HP: 12000
        TP: 1400
        W: None
        R: Light, Lightning
        EXP: 9990
        Gald: 5520
        Item(s) found: None
    Don't you love the battle theme of this fight? Lloyd vs. Kratos, Son 
    vs. Father in a crazy one-on-one duel. Kratos still hasn't changed his 
    strategy. However, he lost Judgment, which makes sense, because you 
    might be destroyed if he still had that.
    Unlike the battle with Sheena vs. Kuchinawa, you can actually use items 
    in this battle. You'll have to depend on them now, because there's no 
    healer to support you. Unfortunatley, once he hits half HP, he still 
    casts spells at lightning speed, which will get annoying. The best part 
    is that he doesn't go into Overlimit, so that's all good. Finishing 
    this battle will get you a hefty EXP and Gald reward. :)
    39. Name: Origin
        Location: Torrent Forest
        HP: 40000
        TP: 800
        W: None
        R: None
        EXP: 10240
        Gald: 9870
        Item(s) found: Reflect Ring
    Finally, the last Summon Spirit you're required to defeat. Origin has a 
    healthy mix of sword attacks and magic. He has no special attacks, but 
    he has several magic attacks, which include: Atlas, Absolute, Earth 
    Bite, and Thunder Arrow, probably Origin's most powerful magic tech. 
    Note that all those techs are also Genis' Strike type combination 
    techs. Origin can possibly be easier than Shadow because he has a 
    weaker attack power.
    Go with whoever you want in this battle as long as it includes Lloyd 
    and Raine. With four swords, he's bound to do at least decent damage. 
    He fires his magic techs a lot, which makes him a bit of a handful. 
    Anywho, since he has no elemental weakness or resistance, you're free 
    to use whatever magic attack you wish to use. Origin will go into 
    Overlimit sometime. Tetra Slash constantly with Lloyd and heal 
    constantly with Raine. As long as those two do their job, you'll have a 
    good chance of winning. Origin will start using his Thunder Arrow 
    attack more as he hits half HP, which starts to get a bit irritating, 
    since you'll most likely be at low TP and won't use defense techs for 
    long before your TP runs out. So, of course, TP healing items are once 
    again crucial to keep the combos going.
    40. Name: The Fugitive/The Judged/The Neglected
        Location: Welgaia-Patio area (magic circle)/Prison area (blood 
    stain)/Refresher area (shining glass)
        HP: 20000
        TP: 500
        W: None
        R: Water, Lightning, Light, Dark/Wind, Earth, Light, Dark/Fire, 
    Ice, Light, Dark
        EXP: 2800
        Gald: 3200
        Item(s) found: Magic Ring/Attack Ring/Defense Ring
    Ok, I'm not even gonna go into any extensive strategies with these 
    guys. These guys are more like sub-bosses instead of bosses, and 
    they're really easy. They're also all exactly the same in terms of 
    attacks, but I don't really need to list them, since you should be able 
    to kill them quickly.
    Go with anyone you want. All you need to do is combine physical attacks 
    with techs, and you'll clean up.
    NOTE: As you probably should have figured out before, these are three 
    separate battles. However, since all three are exactly the same 
    (besides Location, R, and Item(s) found), I grouped them together.
    41. Name: Mithos, Final Battle (Part 1)
        Location: Vinheim
        HP: 55000
        TP: 5000
        W: None
        R: Light
        EXP: 8280
        Gald: 1690
        Item(s) found: None
    Here it is, the first of two parts of the final battle...Mithos isn't 
    holding back, and he's totally focused on utterly destroying you.
    He has most of the magic techs that he used when he was in Yggdrasill 
    form: Photon, Ray, Holy Lance, Ground Dasher, and Indignation. However, 
    instead of Outburst, Judgment Ray, and Death Eater, Mithos has 
    Judgment, Absolute, more physical attacks (which are basically bursts 
    of light energy), and his most ridiculously cheap attack: He sends a 
    light wave across the battle field that inflicts one or more physical 
    AND magical ailments on every single party member. This is the attack 
    that will use up a lot of your time curing the ailments, while Mithos 
    is already charging up for another attack, and it sucks when he uses 
    Judgment after it. He obviously goes into Overlimit. :P
    It'll be more difficult to win if you only have one healer. There fore, 
    definitely have Lloyd, Raine, and Kratos/Zelos. Genis' magic does good 
    damage, especially if he has Meteor Storm. However, the only way he'll 
    even cast a decent amount of magic is if he has the "Concentrate" 
    Compound EX Skill; that way, he won't stagger from Mithos' relentless 
    assault. Another choice for a 4th member is Regal, for (Grand) Healer. 
    With him, you can benefit from 3 healers, which is very awesome, as 
    Mithos does a lot of damage.
    The biggest problems in this battle are Judgment and his ailment-
    inflicting attack. Judgment easily does at least 1000 damage with each 
    hit, so you'll have your hands full with that. Again, his ailment-
    inflicting attack uses up a lot of your time, and it will make you more 
    vulnerable against Mithos. He teleports a lot too, so be prepared from 
    an attack from behind. Raine is very susceptible in this battle, and 
    there's a 50-50 chance she'll die at least once or twice, even with the 
    necessary precautions taken. Mithos is also a lot like Kratos in the 
    fact that he's incredibly persistent. Don't blow all your items in this 
    battle, as there's another part coming up right after this...
    42. Mithos, Final Battle (Part 2)
        Location: Vinheim
        HP: 60000
        TP: 1500
        W: None
        R: Light, Dark
        EXP: 0
        Gald: 0
        Item(s) found: EX Gem Max
    Wow, this battle was surprisingly disappointing. After fighting the 
    last battle, this feels rather easy. Mithos will decide to fight you in 
    a robot-type machine, and that's a mistake on his part.
    In this form, Mithos loses a lot of his good attacks, which are: 
    Photon, Ray, Holy Lance, Judgment, Absolute, and Ground Dasher. Instead 
    of those, he gets: Thunder Blade, Spark Wave, Flame Lance, and 
    Explosion. He retains one of his original physical attacks, and now 
    also employs normal blade attacks. Mithos has also become slower, which 
    puts him at a further disadvantage.
    You keep the party you had from the last battle, as well as their HP/TP 
    losses and status ailments. Heal them, then continue you're ownage 
    against Cruxis' leader. You should be able to finish this battle more 
    quickly than the last one. For the last battle, this is quite a joke.
    Extra Bosses
    Welcome to the "Extra Bosses" section! This section is here because 
    there are boss enemies that have nothing to do with the storyline, but 
    are there if you want some really neat rewards and (mostly) good 
    challenges. Here are the strategies:
    1. Sword Dancer (First Battle)
       Location: Ossa Trail - Mine Area
       HP: 8888
       TP: 38
       W: Light
       R: None
       EXP: 150
       Gald: 2000
       Item(s) found: EX Gem Lv1, EX Gem Lv2, Gives Yata Mirror after
    This is your first encounter of three with the Sword Dancer enemy. This 
    four-armed skeleton fighter is incredibly powerful and attacks with 
    nasty multiple-hit sword strikes. Even if you block, he'll do an 
    average of 250 damage. Have your battle party at least level 15 or 16 
    to fight this guy. He only has two types of sword slashes, but they're 
    all he needs to try to kill you. He combos them together often, so 
    block them.
    Lloyd, Colette, Raine, and Kratos is they way to go in this battle. Due 
    to the Sword Dancer's weakness to Light affinity spells, Colette's 
    Angel Feathers will do a great amount of damage. If Raine is at least 
    level 18, you can use Photon as well and do even more damage. Kratos 
    should just heal the whole time, maybe attack occasionally. Raine 
    should heal a lot, and Lloyd's there to keep the enemy from getting too 
    close to everyone else. The Sword Dancer can pretty much kill you or 
    nearly kill you with only one or two moves, but in this battle, he's 
    easily predictable, and it's actually quite simple to guard against his 
    attacks. Make sure you have lots of HP and TP healing items. He'll go 
    down after a while.
    NOTE: The Sword Dancer will stay at the Ossa Mine until you ride the 
    dragons to the Tower of Salvation. If you want to fight all three Sword 
    Dancers, beat this one before it comes time to go to the Tower of 
    2. Sword Dancer (Second Battle)
       Location: Gaoracchia Forest
       HP: 33333
       TP: 4444
       W: Light
       R: None
       EXP: 8600
       Gald: 15000
       Item(s) found: EX Gem Lv4, Gives Yasakani Jewel after victory
     My God, this battle against the Sword Dancer is much nastier than the 
    one in the Ossa Mine. If you didn't beat the first Sword Dancer, you 
    won't find this one. Anywho, in addition to his two original sword 
    moves, he adds a spinning sword maneuver that causes even more damage 
    than the other two! If you get hit with the three sword moves chained 
    together, you'll die unless you use an All-Divide. If you're around 
    level 40, you can beat this Sword Dancer without an All-Divide, but 
    it'll be pretty difficult; however, it's best to have Raine at least at 
    46 because she learns Ray at that level, and you can only do the Prism 
    Stars unison if you have that magic tech. The Sword Dancer is super 
    powerful this time around and his defense is high enough that you won't 
    do much damage. So, I suggest using an All-Divide if you don't know 
    what to expect. You'll end up doing little damage, but at least the 
    Sword Dancer will do less uber damage. The last thing you should know 
    is that he casts magic now, so it's even harder this time around to 
    keep your healing units surviving longer. The magic attacks the Sword 
    Dancer uses are basically Spark Wave and Flame Lance.
    Go with Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Zelos. The first time I beat the Sword 
    Dancer, I didn't have Ray, so it took a very long time to beat him. 
    With Ray, however, you can perform Prism Stars as long as Genis has at 
    least one Advanced Magic spell of the Tech type. Prism Stars + Light 
    weakness = Awesome. Every time the Unison gauge fills, use the combo. 
    It'll cause major damage to the Sword Dancer and cause him to fall, 
    giving time to use a healing item. Lloyd will have a very hard time 
    keeping the Sword Dancer at bay himself, so have Zelos be able to 
    sometimes help Lloyd out while supporting Raine with healing duty. 
    Lloyd should end his combos with Tiger Blade techs or Sword Rain techs, 
    since they prove very efficient. Even though Genis is mainly here for 
    Prism Stars, his magic still really hurts, especially with Spread, 
    Raging Mist, and, if you have it, Ground Dasher. Overall, even at level 
    40, as long as you can use Photon Tempest or something, you can still 
    beat without TOO much trouble. If you're level 46 with Ray, however, 
    this battle actually becomes quite a bit easier.
    NOTE: This Sword Dancer disappears after you visit the Tower of Mana to 
    fight Aska and Luna.
    3. Sword Dancer (Third Battle)
       Location: Iselia Forest (Exit to Dirk's House)
       HP: 99999
       TP: 8888
       W: Light
       R: None
       EXP: 15000
       Gald: 30000
       Item(s) found: EX Gem Max, Gives Kusanagi Blade after victory
    Four words: Watch-Out-For-Indignation! I can't express that enough. You 
    get struck by the tech, low HP characters will most likely die in one 
    hit, and high-HP melee characters will be near death. An All-Divide is 
    perfect for this battle, since the Sword Dancer is seriously crazy 
    powerful. He gains a couple more magic spells too, but Indignation is 
    the one to worry about. The moment the tech flashes on screen, break 
    off from all attacking and run the hell away, using a defensive tech 
    just before the lightning ignites and explodes.
    The party should be Lloyd, Genis, Raine and Kratos/Zelos. Raine and 
    Kratos/Zelos should heal NONSTOP, unless you want Kratos/Zelos, to hit 
    the Sword Dancer every 20000 HP drop or something. Genis should 
    constantly cast Indignation, Explosion, or Ground Dasher. Lloyd needs 
    to link together as many normal sword attacks + Techs as possible to 
    keep the Sword Dancer off balance for as long as possible. Tiger Blade 
    and Sword Rain techs are, again, really good for Lloyd to use in this 
    battle. Once again, though, his defense is a bit too high to pull off 
    any really good damage, so the key to winning this battle is Prism 
    Stars. Every single time the Unison gauge fills up, use it, then 
    repeat. Each Prism Stars should take away at least 4000-5000 at this 
    point in the game if you haven't used an All-Divide. Without this 
    unison, this battle will take too long. Remember: Raine and 
    Kratos/Zelos must NEVER stop healing, so constantly pop TP healing 
    items to keep them routinely healing. After each Indignation attack, 
    focus on healing yourself too before the Sword Dancer reaches you and 
    slaughters you. Good luck. After beating this highly worth-it opponent, 
    he relinquishes the Kusanagi Blade, one of Lloyd's two best weapons.
    NOTE: This Sword Dancer will stay until you want to fight the final 
    boss. Take your time; you have plenty of training time and strategizing 
    before fighting. :P
    4. Abyssion
       Location: Temple of Darkness - Seal Room
       HP: 120000
       TP: 8200
       W: None
       R: None
       EXP: 8000
       Gald: 6800
       Item(s) found: Jet Boots, Hyper Gauntlet
    The first thing most people probably think is "Holy Crap, this guy's 
    insane!!! ):" That's the first thing I thought when I first delved into 
    this battle. Abyssion is as strong as the third Sword Dancer, which is 
    really powerful. To make matters worse, he can get at least 2-3 times 
    more attacks in than the Sword Dancer 3 can. He moves a lot faster and 
    attacks a lot faster than the Sword Dancer 3. Not only that, he can 
    cast spells at enemy Kratos speed, meaning super fast. Then there's the 
    fact that his HP is 20001 more than the third Sword Dancer! Here's the 
    catch, though: He's intimidating and overpowering in the beginning, but 
    once you start really knocking his HP off, he gets easier...until he 
    starts using two spells that I'll describe later. This doesn't mean 
    he'll ever be easy; he's still as tough as, or tougher than, the third 
    Sword Dancer, and he's not nearly as predictable, which makes Abyssion 
    even tougher. The main concern in this battle is speed and defense more 
    than anything. This is another battle with which an All-Divide is 
    incredibly useful.
    Go with Lloyd, Genis, Raine, and Kratos/Zelos. Since Lloyd is pretty 
    fast, he's capable of counter-attacking Abyssion effectively. The key 
    is to strike fast and hard the moment Abyssion pauses after an attack 
    or he falters after a strike or two from you or your teammates. That 
    way, you can inflict decent damage with a decent combo on him. You must 
    inflict as many hits as possible after he pauses, or else he'll keep 
    continuing his assault. Raine and Kratos/Zelos need to keep their 
    nonstop healing progress too, or else you're pretty much dead. Prism 
    Stars will do a lot of damage and is a good way of dealing good damage. 
    Try your best as Lloyd to keep Abyssion away from everyone else so he 
    won't interrupt spell casting, but that'll prove to be hard; therefore, 
    give Genis, Raine, and Zelos the Concentrate EX Skill to have 100% 
    success of casting spells, unless they die.
    Abyssion has a healthy mix of physical and magic techs. One physical 
    tech he has is Raging Beast (Beast tech stealers. ): ) This move can do 
    a decent amount of damage and knock you down. Abyssion normally casts 
    second level spells, like Spread and Flame Lance, which aren't 
    necessarily bad, but in Abyssion's hands, it means he can use those 
    spells to knock you off balance and screw you over with a fast follow-
    up combo. Ah, but wait; that's not the worst part! Once you get 
    Abyssion to about a third of his HP, he'll start using the two spells 
    you'd never want to see used against you: Meteor Swarm and Indignation 
    Judgment. Those two spells are reason enough for Abyssion being hard. 
    It isn't too difficult to cope with Abyssion until this point, when you 
    have to do nothing but heal, while he's already attacking again. I 
    freaked out the moment Indignation Judgment flashed on screen. What a 
    Quite a strategy, eh? Overall, though, Abyssion's actually not much 
    more difficult than the Sword Dancer 3. Aside from Meteor Swam and 
    Indignation Judgment, you shouldn't have that much more trouble. After 
    Abyssion is beaten, the true power of the Devil's Arms is unlocked.
    5. Maxwell
       Location: Exire - Graveyard Area
       HP: 60000
       TP: 800
       W: None
       R: None
       EXP: 10800
       Gald: 8250
       Item(s) found: Spirit Robe
    For the final Summon Spirit you can get, not to mention it's a secret 
    one, Maxwell is rather easy overall. He's mostly a magic user, so 
    employing defense techs is a good idea in this battle. He's easy at the 
    beginning, then he's still easy until he pulls off Meteor Swarm, which 
    is Maxwell's only really dangerous move. The aftermath of that move 
    requires more healing than usual, but then it's ok again. :)
    Lloyd, Genis/Presea, Raine, Kratos/Zelos are good for this battle. Use 
    Genis if you want some hard-hitting magic spells, use Presea for some 
    hack n' slash action alongside Lloyd. Both of them work well in this 
    battle. Raine should heal pretty much all the time, but Kratos/Zelos 
    can attack sometimes, considering Maxwell isn't that much stronger than 
    Shadow, so they don't need to heal as much as normal. Overall, this 
    battle shouldn't be much trouble.
    6. Seles
       Location: Meltokio Coliseum
       HP: 12000
       TP: 800
       W: None
       R: Water, Wind, Fire, Earth
       EXP: 8960
       Gald: 12000
       Item(s) found: Last Fencer, Elemental Circlet
    I put Seles up as a "boss" because she's one of the final battles in 
    the Coliseum, and she's way better than the normal enemies. The battle 
    against her is a one-on-one battle using Zelos in Advanced Class. This 
    battle should be treated somewhat like the previous one-on-one battles 
    before. This time around, however, you're faced with an opponent who 
    uses magic until her TP runs out. This is rather bad, since there are 
    spells like Absolute and Freeze Lancer that are cast, and they do lots 
    of damage unless they're blocked/back-stepped. You can't use items 
    either, so you need to be careful.
    As Zelos, it's a really good idea to equip the Faerie Ring, since it 
    cuts the amount of TP he has to use by a lot, so Zelos can heal and use 
    attacking techs more. Giving Zelos the Concentrate Compound EX Skill is 
    really useful too, since he can cast First Aid uninterrupted by Seles' 
    assault. However, even though Seles runs out of TP eventually, she 
    still has a couple annoying special attacks, including a hammer move 
    that causes a good bit of damage. A good tactic is that once Seles 
    starts running towards you after she runs out of TP, jump over her, 
    then strike her back. This is actually pretty good and lets you get in 
    many good hits. Keep up the healing and back striking strategy and you 
    should win.
    7. Garr, Farah Oersted, Meredy
       Location: Meltokio Coliseum
       HP: 20000 (Garr and Farah Oersted), 16000 (Meredy)
       TP: 150 (Garr and Farah Oersted), 1450 (Meredy)
       W: None
       R: Earth, Lightning, Ice, Dark (Garr), Fire (Farah Oersted), None 
       EXP: 3200 (Garr), 3300 (Farah Oersted), 2100 (Meredy)
       Gald: 4800 (Garr), 2800 (Farah Oersted and Meredy)
       Item(s) found: Mumbane (Garr), Star Cloak (Farah Oersted), Krona 
    Symbol (Meredy)
    Lookie here, three characters from the previous Tales games are here to 
    get a piece of you! Fortunately for you, you won't let them do that, 
    right? :) Pray that you don't, because these three characters are a bit 
    fearsome as a trio, so you need to tread carefully. In this match, you 
    only have three party members, but you can use items, which is 
    splendid, because you'd have a much harder time without them. This 
    match is the final match of the Advanced Class party battles.
    Hopefully, you have Lloyd and Raine at the very least. For the third 
    member, I suggest Kratos/Zelos. Your first target HAS to be Meredy. No 
    buts, it has to be Meredy. She has Resurrection, and she doesn't 
    hesitate to use it. Also, with 1450 TP, she can keep casting it for a 
    long time. Just use Lloyd and smack her as hard and as fast as you can 
    until she falls, but not too recklessly, or you'll probably find 
    trouble. For some reason, Farah Oersted, like Yuan, LOVES to go after 
    Raine and interrupt her; therefore, occasionally strike Farah a few 
    times to keep her off Raine. After you've killed Meredy, don't go after 
    the other two just yet; she revives. >.< After she revives, beat her 
    down until she's dead, then go after Garr. Garr is more annoying than 
    Farah is and he strikes at a distance with his bow. Once again, keep 
    Farah away from Raine as well, but hopefully Kratos will be there to 
    help fight Farah while you're preoccupying Garr. Once Garr's down, it's 
    really easy to beat down Farah Oersted. Congrats, you won a fun battle! 
    8. Kuchinawa
       Location: Mizuho - Isle of Decision
       HP: 10000
       TP: 60
       W: None
       R: None
       EXP: 4800
       Gald: 2860
       Item(s) found: Asura
    Why is Sheena's defense so bad? ): Before even attempting this battle, 
    make sure Sheena's at least level 53-55, preferably 60, with a Black 
    Onyx and a Holy Symbol equipped. Also give her the Guard Plus EX Skill 
    so her guarding can be more effective. Not being able to use items 
    either is also something that screws Sheena over, but they aren't 
    really needed, since you need to beat Kuchinawa without items. ;)
    Kuchinawa is consistent with his attacking, usually by running to you 
    using close combat techniques. He has two special attacks: one is when 
    he jumps and throws shuriken to the ground, making a fiery explosion. 
    The second is when he creates a shockwave right next to you. His basic 
    attacks are basic kunai slashes and throwing shuriken.
    Kuchinawa is vulnerable during two maneuvers: his fire shuriken move 
    and running towards you. When Kuchinawa runs towards Sheena, do what 
    Zelos did against Seles; jump over him and strike his back with a three 
    hit combo followed by Pyre Seal. Each combo + Pyre Seal should knock 
    off about 1300 damage each time. However, if you have Demon Seal (Level 
    60), that tech alone does over 1000 damage, so put that at the end of 
    each three hit combo, doing over 1600 damage instead. When Kuchinawa 
    jump to throw his fire shuriken, run under the attack and do Sheena's 
    combo + Pyre/Demon Seal. Repeat until he falls.
    NOTE: You don't have to win this battle. I strongly recommend it, 
    though, as you win a powerful card for Sheena if you win.
    I've listed only the location where the boss is found. If you want a 
    walkthrough on how to find him/her/it, go look at the walkthroughs.
    You unlock the full potential of the Devil's Arms. See an item or a 
    full walkthrough for more details.
    Legal Notes
    This FAQ is Copyright(c) November 2006 Andrea Petriella. You can always 
    use this FAQ for your own PERSONAL use. If you want to share some of 
    the info on this FAQ without actually posting it, at least give some 
    credit to me. If you want to post this FAQ on your website or whatever, 
    contact me via e-mail: gsninja@yahoo.com
    I give thanks to:
    1. Me for writing this FAQ.
    2. My parents for bringing me into this world so I can write FAQS. :P
    3. Namco and Nintendo for making this superb game.
    4. SSM for persuading and reminding me to keep writing this FAQ. :)
    5. Of course...GameFAQs, for putting this FAQ on the website.
    6. SuperCheats, for posting this FAQ on the website.
    7. Neoseeker, for posting this FAQ on the website.
    8. IGN, for posting this FAQ on the website.
    9. Papanibs@aol.com, for reminding me of Celsius' Ice Spear attack.
    End FAQ

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