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    Orienteering FAQ by Accrovideogames

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    | Tales of Symphonia                  |
    | Orienteering FAQ by accrovideogames |
    | Version 1.02                        |
    |                              TABLE OF CONTENTS                             |
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    1. Introduction..........................................................[IN1]
    2. Getting Started.......................................................[GS2]
    3. Orienteering..........................................................[OR3]
        3.1 Soldier's Hints..................................................[SH3]
        3.2 Solutions........................................................[SO3]
        3.3 Tales of Eternia Quiz............................................[TE3]
    4. Frequently Asked Questions............................................[FA4]
    5. About this FAQ........................................................[AF5]
        5.1 About Me.........................................................[AM5]
        5.2 Contact Info.....................................................[CI5]
        5.3 Legal............................................................[LE5]
        5.4 Credits..........................................................[CR5]
        5.5 Version History..................................................[VH5]
    |                                INTRODUCTION                          [IN1] |
    Welcome to the first and complete Orienteering guide available on the net! I 
    am accrovideogames and I hope that you will find it useful. Tales of 
    Symphonia was released on July 13th 2004. This game is the best RPG available 
    on the Nintendo GameCube and among the best RPGs in history. It's part of the 
    "Tales of" series by Namco, a collection of high quality RPGs. This FAQ only 
    covers the Orienteering mini game found in Palmacosta.
    |                               GETTING STARTED                        [GS2] |
    To better understand my guide, it's important that you understand the 
    directions I'm giving. I separated Palmacosta into several locations.
    Plaza.......This is the wide-open area where the Government Building and the 
                soldier giving you this quest are located.
    School......This is a building situated at the right of the plaza.
    Church......This is one of the buildings situated around the plaza. It's 
                directly left from the school.
    Steamship...Follow the path between the Government Building and the Church to 
                reach this location.
    Market......This is where most of the shops are. A lighthouse and a dock are 
                also situated there.
    Inn.........This is the place you go in if you want to sleep and restore your 
                party's health for a small fee. It's also the only place in the 
                city with a Memory Circle.
    Bar.........This building is directly left of Marble's Shop and right below 
                the Katz Exploration Team.
    |                                ORIENTEERING                          [OR3] |
    After obtaining the Pass, a soldier will appear standing at the bottom of the 
    plaza where the Government Building is. Talk to him and accept to play his 
    game and Orienteering will start. The mini game is available until the second 
     / RULES /
    You cannot enter the menu screen or leave Palmacosta during the mini game, 
    you must first complete it or give up by talking to the soldier and selecting 
    "Give up". The time you take to complete it will be counted but the timer 
    freezes when text bubbles are on the screen. There is also no time limit and 
    you can save at the inn anytime you want. Four checkpoints will be randomly 
    picked among a total of 15 each time you start the game. You must complete 
    all four in order to win. You get the next clue as soon as you find the 
    checkpoint of the previous task. You must talk to the soldier after finding 
    the fourth checkpoint. 
     / REWARD /
    Unfortunately, there are no rewards in the GameCube version but you can keep 
    playing again and try to beat your time record. For those who have imported 
    the Japanese PlayStation 2 version, completing the mini game in under one 
    minute will earn them Lloyd's Professor Palmacosta title. This title isn't 
    available in the GameCube version.
     / STRATEGY /
    Because the soldier records you best time, it's a good idea to work for the 
    shortest time possible. Since the time freezes when there's a text bubble, 
    it's a good idea to stop and think about the route you will take. It's highly 
    recommended to have Lloyd's Personal EX Skill in order to run faster. It's 
    also possible to force Lloyd to move even faster by playing with the control 
    stick. This technique is best done with the Wavebird Wireless Controller. You 
    can change the control stick's default position by unplugging and plugging 
    the controller while the control stick is tilted. You can use the ON/OFF 
    interruptor instead if you have a Wavebird.
    This means that, for example, if hold the control stick right when plugging 
    the controller, the game will assume that right is the default position. 
    Holding right will then do nothing while releasing the control stick will 
    make your character move to the opposite direction which is left in this 
    case. If you hold left, the character will move even faster to the left. 
    Combined with Lloyd's Personal EX Skill, this can be very fast. The reason 
    why this technique doesn't usually work with other games is because this game 
    was programmed in such a way that it doesn't have a maximum movement value.
    Mastering this technique can be very hard because you won't be able to move 
    in the other direction unless you reset the control stick's position. It's 
    best to do it when you need to move on a straight path. It's also a good idea 
    to change the control stick's position between checkpoints when there are 
    text bubbles. You can also do it without wasting time during black screens 
    when changing areas. Practice makes perfect.
    If you are very lucky, the fastest route possible is receiving numbers 0, 1, 
    2 and 4 or 5 in any order, as long as you don't end with 4 or 5. Combined 
    with Lloyd's Personal EX Skill and the control stick trick, it's possible to 
    complete Orienteering in less than 10 seconds!
     / CLUES /
    There is one slight exception to the random rule. Unless it was the last 
    checkpoint, No. 05 will always be followed by No. 15, but the later won't 
    necessarily follow the other.
    No. 00: Wag your tail! *Huff* *Huff* *Huff*!
    No. 01: Those ears... you can hear, can't you?
    No. 02: Twin javelins
    No. 03: Departure!
    No. 04: I'm going to be a pirate when I grow up!
    No. 05: Where's the Shadow Mart?
    No. 06: Waiting for the day his son will return
    No. 07: Looking up at the lighthouse for 10 seconds
    No. 08: Are the fish okay?
    No. 09: A flower by the entrance that watches over travelers
    No. 10: Palmacosta Specialty
    No. 11: Questioning their faith
    Np. 12: Today's Special
    No. 13: I got it, Teacher!
    No. 14: The Wonder Chef
    |                               SOLDIER'S HINTS                        [SH3] |
    These hints are given by the soldier if you talk to him and select "The Next 
    No. 00: Wag your tail! *Huff* *Huff* *Huff*!
    Dogs don't sweat, so they regulate their body temperature by panting. It  
    sounds like they must have a tough time.
    No. 01: Those ears... you can hear, can't you?
    That old lady over there... They say she has incredible hearing...
    No. 02: Twin javelins
    The two government-general sentries... They are good friends and work 
    brilliantly together, doing the work of three to four men, but it's a pain 
    the way they always take their vacation together at the same time.
    No. 03: Departure!
    That ship, you can see it even from here... it's huge. No man could resist 
    having his heart stirred by it. But you mustn't try taking the helm. The 
    captain already got mad at me for that.
    No. 04: I'm going to be a pirate when I grow up!
    You know the boy who hangs out at the port? While he obeys his mother's 
    warnings about the dangers of steamships, he's still there every day.
    No. 05: Where's the Shadow Mart?
    I've heard that the Shadow Mart is around here somewhere, but I worry about 
    whether he can really make a living with his business if he's always hiding.
    No. 06: Waiting for the day his son will return
    There was an incident a year ago where a fishing vessel went out and never 
    returned. My heart aches every time I see that father who continues to wait 
    for his son to return.
    No. 07: Looking up at the lighthouse for 10 seconds
    It's a port city, so of course there's a lighthouse here. Looking up at tall 
    buildings gets your heart beating fast, you know? I wonder why?
    No. 08: Are the fish okay?
    There's a shop in the town market called "Seven Seas" that sells seafood, but 
    you have to wonder how long fresh fish can last when sitting out exposed to 
    the sun.
    No. 09: A flower by the entrance that watches over travelers
    That inn at the entrance to the city always have beautiful flowers in the 
    window facing the outside of the city. I think the thoughtfulness to do that 
    is beautiful as well.
    No. 10: Palmacosta Specialty
    Palmacosta's famous Palma Potion! Whenever you visit this city, please be 
    sure to stop by the always-bustling shop.
    No. 11: Questioning their faith
    Devout followers get to worship at the church every day. But there are some 
    people who go to the church and just sleep. What's that about?
    No. 12: Today's Special
    It seems the cafeteria over at that school has a cook that's incredibly 
    passionate about his work. Thanks to him, their business is so good, they 
    have to occasionally hire extra part-time help.
    No. 13: I got it, Teacher!
    In general, that school welcomes visitors, but please don't interfere with 
    the classes.
    No. 14: The Wonder Chef
    The mysterious gourmet, the Wonder Chef! Or rather, one of his fans has been 
    hanging out in the city market lately.
    |                                  SOLUTIONS                           [SO3] |
    I don't recommend reading this section unless you're really desperate about 
    finding the solution. The Orienteering mini game is a lot more fun when 
    you're trying to find the answer by yourself.
    No. 00: Wag your tail! *Huff* *Huff* *Huff*!
    Talk to Pepe, the dog walking on the plaza.
    No. 01: Those ears... you can hear, can't you?
    Talk to the old woman standing behind a fence at the bottom right of the 
    school. You can't reach her so just talk to her while standing in front of 
    the fence. Select "...actually CAN hear". Selecting any other option will 
    result in a funny scene.
    No. 02: Twin javelins
    Talk to both soldiers in front of the Government Building.
    No. 03: Departure!
    Examine the steamship's helm (steering wheel). It's situated at the left of 
    the captain on the ship's right side.
    No. 04: I'm going to be a pirate when I grow up!
    Talk to the first person you see on the way to the steamship.
    No. 05: Where's the Shadow Mart?
    There's a secret shop in the market that can be accessed by moving left 
    across a hidden passageway directly to the left of Ultramarine, the 
    customization shop. By the way, this secret shop will never open.
    No. 06: Waiting for the day his son will return
    Go to the dock at the market where a man is looking at the sea. Talk to him 
    and select "I'm sure he'll come back." Giving the wrong answer will make him 
    say "Just let me be" but you can then simply talk to him again and select the 
    right answer.
    No. 07: Looking up at the lighthouse for 10 seconds
    Go to the market and wait right next to the man at the lighthouse for 10 
    No. 08: Are the fish okay?
    At the market, examine the fish basket at the right of the Seven Seas' 
    No. 09: A flower by the entrance that watches over travelers
    Examine the window at the left of the inn's entrance.
    No. 10: Palmacosta Specialty
    Examine the bottle sitting on the table in the bar.
    No. 11: Questioning their faith
    Talk to the man wearing a green shirt in the church.
    No. 12: Today's Special
    Examine the sign in front of the cafeteria's door. It's at the right of the 
    second door on the school's first floor.
    No. 13: I got it, Teacher!
    Examine the blackboard in the first classroom of the school's second floor.
    No. 14: The Wonder Chef
    You first need a voucher from the Shadow Mart (see No. 05). Talk to the cook 
    walking in front of the Seven Seas shop in the market. He will randomly ask 
    you one of 10 questions about Tales of Eternia. Giving a wrong answer will 
    force you to get another voucher and get another random question. See the 
    next section for the full list of questions and answers.
    |                            TALES OF ETERNIA QUIZ                     [TE3] |
    Q01. What Melnic phrase does Meredy frequently say when she's really happy?
    A01. Hweel!
    Q02. Who was Meredy's birth mother?
    A02. Shizel
    Q03. Who was Max's staff officer?
    A03. Ayla
    Q04. What is Max's most powerful weapon?
    A04. Mega Launcher
    Q05. Which one of Reid's moves consumes the greatest amount of TP?
    A05. Aurora Sword
    Q06. What does Van Eltia mean in the Melnics language?
    A06. Wealth
    Q07. What is Shileska's catch phrase?
    A07. Miacis to our hearts!
    Q08. Where was Leon born?
    A08. Darilsheid
    Q09. What Craymel Arte becomes available if you set Shadow as the Primary 
    A09. Dark Force
    Q10. Who did the main characters act as matchmakers for?
    A10. Katrine and Pierre
    |                         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                   [FA4] |
    A1. Why is the soldier letting you play Orienteering not there?
    Q1. Because you haven't obtained the Pass yet. It's a Key Item you get after 
        completing the Palmacosta Ranch section of the game. This section is 
        separated into two parts that you can do in any order. You automatically 
        receive the Pass after completing both of them.
    Q2. What is Lloyd's Personal EX Skill?
    A2. Personal is the name of a Level 2 EX Skill that anyone can have. Unlike 
        other EX Skills, its effect is different depending on the character. In 
        Lloyd's case, Personal makes your character move faster in towns and 
        dungeons. You need an EX Gem Lv2 or EX Gem Max to teach Personal. You 
        start getting EX Gems Lv2 around the time Orienteering becomes available 
        and they get a lot more common later in the game.
    Q3. How can you see your best time?
    A3. Unfortunately, the soldier only tells your current time after completing 
        Orienteering and also whether or not it's a new record.
    Q4. Does purchasing Mini Game in the GRADE Shop carries over your best time?
    A4. Yes.
    Q5. What is Tales of Eternia?
    A5. Not counting Tales of Destiny 2, it's the game preceding Tales of 
        Symphonia in the same series. Although they're not related story-wise, 
        they share a similar universe and can be compared to Final Fantasy on 
        this regard. Not to be confused with Tales of Destiny II, which is really 
        Tales of Eternia in North America; they changed the title that way in 
        order to trick Tales of Destiny fans to buy the game. There exists an 
        actual sequel to Tales of Destiny called Tales of Destiny 2.
    |                               ABOUT THIS FAQ                         [AF5] |
    This FAQ was written and completed within a single day. I had already beaten 
    the game many times before I first started writing.
    |                                  ABOUT ME                            [AM5] |
    I hope that you've been enjoying reading my second FAQ ever! My name's Simon 
    (AKA accrovideogames) and I was born on April 2nd 1990. I'm French speaking 
    but I'm also very fluent in English as you can see. I hate it when people 
    pronounce my name in English instead of French. The "Si" is pronounced "See" 
    but there is sadly no equivalent sound in English for "Mon". Look for an 
    audio pronunciation online. I've been a member of GameFAQs, which is my 
    favorite website, since February 7th 2005, but it has been my homepage since 
    late 2001. I don't have any regular message boards and usually post messages 
    in boards about games I'm currently playing, looking forward to play or 
    simply have something in mind about the game that I want to talk about.
    By the way, "accro" is a French word meaning "addicted to". In other words, 
    I really love video games. However, the term "addiction" is only a metaphor, 
    playing video games is just my favorite activity. It doesn't restrain me from 
    leading a normal life. I like most genres of games, from casual games 
    suitable for children to violent survival horror games. I usually don't like 
    licensed sports game, for example anything from EA Sports and 2K Sports. 
    Other hobbies I like are watching television, reading and writing.
    |                                CONTACT INFO                          [CI5] |
    If you have any questions unanswered in this FAQ, feel free to send me a 
    private message on GameFAQs. This obviously only apply to registered members 
    on that website. I am not posting my e-mail address for reasons concerning 
    spam. Even if I did give it, you would be better off sending me a private 
    message instead because GameFAQs is my homepage so you'll most likely receive 
    a faster reply that way. If you don't have a registered account, you can 
    easily make one for free. If you're not allowed to register an account 
    because you are under 13 years old, either ask a parent or an older friend to 
    send your question to me. If you happen to be someone I blocked for being a 
    jerk with me, then I can't help you.
    I won't answer questions about stuff clearly answered in this FAQ. I will 
    also ignore any message that aren't written in coherent French or English. 
    If you have trouble spelling, use a spell checker. I will also ignore and 
    block any user who is rude and plain mean.
    I will also gladly accept reports about mistakes I made, spelling errors 
    included. You may even get your name in the credits. Below is the link for 
    sending a new private message. Make sure to send it to accrovideogames.
    |                                    LEGAL                             [LE5] |
    This FAQ is copyrighted 2011 accrovideogames and should only appear on 
    GameFAQs. No other sites are allowed to host this document. Legal action will 
    be taken against perpetrators. This document is for personal use only and 
    cannot be distributed in any form.
    |                                   CREDITS                            [CR5] |
    Almost everything was written by me, accrovideogames. Hints given by the 
    soldier are directly taken from the game.
    |                               VERSION HISTORY                        [VH5] |
    The date format used is MM/DD/YYYY.
    Version 1.00 - 10/08/2011 - Publication
    Version 1.01 - 10/11/2011 - PS2 Version
    Version 1.02 - 10/24/2011 - The Pass
    | Copyright 2011 accrovideogames |

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