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"Amazing game. Can't wait for the sequel"

I've had this game for 2 years now and have played through it at least 12 times, there is just so much to do and in my opinion it would be impossible to experience EVERYTHING this game has to offer even if you go through this game 100+ times.

Gameplay - 10/10

I will be splitting this into 2 parts;

Combat - 10/10
9 playable characters. Countless techs. Fun battles. What's not to like about ToS's Combat System. Allow me to elaborate. Each character is completely different from each other (except Kratos/Zelos). There's Lloyd, who wields two swords and can do various Ariel moves as well as a variety of ground moves. Genis, the offensive mage, what's not to like about mages. Colette, to sum it up she sucks but is unique. Kratos, the melee fighter with offensive magic and some support/defensive magic. Sheena fights with cards, decent elemental attacks but low HP and Defense makes her die quickly, better then Colette though. Presea is apowerhouse that uses an axe, high HP, Defense and attack but low speed and can't rack up combos easily. Zelos, see Kratos. Regal, hard to use but is strong and can easily get huge combos.

Techs, wide variaty and no two techs are the same. Can't elaborate much more than that.

Fun Battles, a total of 251 different monsters (including bosses). No two battles will play out the same and monsters are region-locked. By this I mean, if you know your stuff you can find whatever monster you're looking for when you want to. Also, NO RANDOM BATTLES!!! W00t. Random battles are so ****ing annoying. "I just want to get to the next town, must I stop every 6 seconds to fight the same monster I just fought 6 seconds ago." You can choose when to fight as monsters are represented as black blobs on the world map.

Dungeon exploration - 10/10
Every dungeon is so much different than the last and there are items unique to each dungeon as well as a puzzle or two. Epic Boss Fights, most bosses in this game were very hard for me the first time I fought them. Every boss has at least one attack that does serious damage to you and your party. The puzzles are a bit challenging as well, at least in later dungeons. Finally, this game has a lot of optional content. For example in the last dungeon all you need to do is defeat the dragon and move on to the final boss, however if you explore the dungeon then you can get one of the most useful items in the game.

Graphics - 9.7/10
One of the most beautiful games on the gamecube. The cell-shading is a nice change from the usual gamecube graphics and it was done really well. My only complaint is that it doesn't stand up to games (graphic wise) like Baten Kaitos.

Story - 9/10
Generic story with tons of twists that veer it off the path of genericism. It may seem like a normal story, but there are plenty of plot twists that make it original. I won't spoil it but it's basically “the chosen” goes on a quest to save the world and must overcome trials (dungeons).

Replayability - 10/10
As I said in my opening statement you will play this game at least 5 times before playing something else. in fact, I believe the minimum amount of playthroughs to get everything is 2 (correct me if I'm wrong), but you will still want to play more due to the amazing gameplay.

Buy or Rent?
BUY. Buy 4 copies and give 3 to your friends. Buy 50 and sell the excess on Ebay.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/25/08

Game Release: Tales of Symphonia (Player's Choice) (US, 12/31/05)

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