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"Tales of Amazingness"

Tales of Symphonia, for me, is not only the best rpg ever made, it is one of the best games ever made. Why is this? From its amazing story, to its awe-inspiring battle system, to its great characters, Tales of Symphonia is the picture of perfection.

Story - 10/10
This game probably has the best story of any game I've ever played. For an 80-hour game, it needs a good story to keep you playing and it does. All of the characters have their own rich and deep backstories, there are twists and turns that I never saw coming, and there are 2 different endings, both great. This game's story is very unexpected and very good. For fear of spilling out major plot twists I will stop now.

Gameplay - 9/10
Let's start with battle systems. This is easily one of the best battle systems in any rpg, with the Tales "Linear Battle System" incorporated. You can be any of the 9 characters, and while some are better left to the cpus, you will have a hard choice deciding between the others. From twin-blade wielding Lloyd Irving, to axe girl Presea, with convict Regal who uses his feet, to angel Collette whose later spells make her a war god. Outside of battle, the gameplay consists of solving puzzles in the game's many puzzles. While the puzzles start out easy, later puzzles can be very challenging. The point off is due to the fact that the puzzles mostly aren't challenging until the last five or so dungeons of the game, with a few exceptions.

Difficulty - 10/10
The difficulty is just right. When you start there is a normal for beginners and a hard for experienced players. When you beat the game, a mania mode is unlocked, which is extremely challenging - I was dying due to regular enemies ( curse those poison snakes in triet desert!)

Replay Value - 8/10
Extras range from sidequests, which reward you with great weapons, cool bosses, new titles, and extra friendship with certain characters, to the grade shop at the end of the game. Reasons to replay this game include Mania mode, the grade shop ( which lets you use grade, material won in battle, to buy extras to carry over into your next playthrough), and multiple endings ( 8 slightly different endings and one completely different ones.)

Music - 9/10
This game has terrific music! Most of the bosses are in unofficial "sets" you might say. Each of these many sets have their own boss music, resulting 10 - 15 boss musics, all of which are great. Regular battle music is great as well, with two battle musics which both fit the battle system perfectly.Because of how epic and emotional the game's scenes are, the music is as well. And each town has its own theme which fits it. All of the main characters and some other characters have their own unique theme which fits them perfectly.

Graphics - 10/10
The cel-shaded grapics look terrific in battle or cutscenes, and it fits the mood of the game perfectly.

MultiPlayer - 8/10
With four party members, each can be controlled by a cpu or another player! It's a blast to play through the game with somebody, especially once you have all the characters and you can each choose. The only problem is that the camera always focuses on player 1, so its hard to see if you're another player

Overall - 10/10
This is my favorite game ever made, with good reason, as you've just read. From its emotionally epic story and engrossing characters to its awesome battle system, deep replay value and beautiful music, this is the game to beat all games. Tales of Symphonia is a terrific game indeed. If you have not experienced it yet, I urge you to get off the computer, drive to a game stop, and buy this game. I was once like you, but I read good reviews and I tried it, and now I love it. Please play this game. And for those of you who have played it a long time ago, go play it again and try to conquer mania mode. In fact, I've made myself want to play it, so I think I will. Tales of Symphonia is one of the greatest games ever made.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/04/09

Game Release: Tales of Symphonia (US, 07/13/04)

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