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"Greatest RPG..... no greastest GAME eva!!!"

Tales of Symphonia is the best most awesomest game I can think of. EVER. Namco should be ashamed of themselves for not releasing most of the Tales games up in herre.

The game play in this title is WONDERFUL. You basically have here your best role-playing game with all the things that make a game fun. The battle setup is genius in its design and has less glitches than any other game I can think of. Tales of Symphonia is also an exercise strategy and skill and never once slows down the pace. Had Namco taken their time and perhaps let people come in to test the game they might have realized just how good this game is and decided to release the other Tales games herre that they didn't. The commands that you can issue are new to the genre. Attacks and magic are rather extraordinary as well. While the battles may be a bit long I feel that they are still awesome. Much like Xenosaga this game's constant fighting will never get on your nerves. Be prepared to listen to the battle theme more often than you will want to. Just kidding. About the ofteness of the battles. It's just right. Not too often, but not too seldom either.

Visuals in this game are simply as mind blowing as the message boards would have you think. While they are definitely the best I have ever seen they are the best. Xenosaga showed us what this development team is capable of producing but Tales of Symphonia is a disappointment. Well, they would have, if Monolith made this game. And if Xenosaga was good. Or had good visuals. Actually that stupid idiot Rage Magnet, who's real name is James Veasy(I know, what STUPID name), messed it up thinking Monolith made this game. I think the idiot was thinking of Baten Kaitos. For a game that is garnering this much praise and hype for its graphics I have to say it deserves it. Textures are never blurry and never seem to be completely absent. The character designs are just plain off the hizzle fo' shizzle dizzle and leave nothing to be desired.

Sound effects and music are probably the best part of this game. But if you are expecting the same caliber tracks as Namco's other titles then you will be ecstatic and go into a wild frenzy when you hear the tracks in this game. They were so good they made me cry. The battle theme that I mentioned earlier can't get really tiresome and you will more than likely never put your television on mute. The effects and noises throughout the game are really original and are clear and easy on the ears.

In conclusion I would have to say that you would do good to either import Tales of Symphonia if you can understand Japanese, or wait for this game to be released where you live and buy it. Then buy it again. Then buy the Plus Pack. If the Plus Pack doesnt come out all the way up in herre, import that too. But first buy the game at least TWICE. Spending the $74.99 to buy an import of Tales of Symphonia is a good idea unless you can't read Japanese, then it might be tricky. It's Tricky!! Tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky,HUH!! Listen to me and BUY this game as many times you can afford!! Believe me, you'll be in the thankingness of me.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/03/03

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