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"Ranks up with the Final Fantasy's"

This is by far the best RPG on the GameCube with the possible exception of Skies Of Arcaidia Legends. But it keeps all of the great parts of that game and adds to the rest, with the exepction of the battle system.

Story: 9/10
RPG's are supposed to have great storys, right? Well Symphonia is no slouch here. The story is interesting and some of the side storys are really funny. The story of Sheena is a very cool tale of revenge.

Graphics: 9/10
Besides Metroid Prime these are the best GameCube graphics to date on the Cube. I think most people would give this area a ten but I only give things 10 if they are absolutly perfect. So no ten here but still amazing.

Sound: 7/10
i don't know who really cares about this aspect of games but here is my opinion on it. It is good most of the time but the battle music is very annoying.

Controls: 10/10
These were a hit or miss and they certainly ended up being a hit. This was nothing like an original RPG it was a new and fresh way. And it worked great. One can choose between controlling all the characters (way too hard and not recomended), controlling one and having the rest on autopilot (the best way), or telling all what to do and sitting back and watching the battle. All in all these are great controls.

Gameplay: 10/10
Fun battles, fun characters, fun graphics, funny diolouge, fun everything! The gameplay is some of the best on an RPG to date. They also took a risk with this leaving behind traditional turn based battle for a more fast paced expeirence. It worked out great, bashing the crap out of monsters yourself really feels much more satisfying then watching the CPU do it for you.

Replay Value: 8/10
It's an RPG so it will have plenty of side quests to do. It's an RPG so it will never have multiplayer. Two things that are very good and very bad for the relpay value of a game. Overall I think the side quests override the no multiplayer. The game is too long to play over and over but it's good for a couple times.

This is a very fun game for the RPG starved GameCube owners. And it is a must have for even those not so fond of RPG's.

Rent or Buy: Buy
This game just must be bought. In my expeirence there were more then 40 hours of gameplay without completing all the side quests. If you want to finish this game then you must buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/02/04

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