Review by Ice Inferno X3

"If you have the slightest interest in rpgs, buy this game! You won't be disappointed!"


I haven't really been into RPGs! I'm more into the action adventure types of games and I just never had an interest in that turn base combat! So I came on to gamefaqs boards and i learned that this RPG wasn't turn based so I decided to rent it and to my surprise I loved it so I ran out of the house, returned the game and bought it!


The story is very deep and there are many plot twists plus the story/game is very long! It will probably take you 40 hours to beat the main story mode and 60 + hours if you do all the side quests!


I am personally a fan of cel shading but there are going to be a lot of people out there that will take one look at this game and say, "EWWWWW, BABY GRAPHICS"! But just like Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, this game's graphics work and they really fit into the experience and anyone who doesn't play this game just because of the cartoonish graphics, then shame on them!


Like I said before, I hate turn based combat and this RPG is one of the few I've seen that plays in real time! I'm not going to go it to details about how the battle system works but it is easy to get into and it just works and is fun!

This game can be played with other people as well! Since up to 4 people can battle the creatures in real time, 3 other players can join you in the fray! When you don't have friends controlling the others, your team mates are controlled by AI which is easy to customize and it works!


This game has some decent tunes but what I really like are the sound effects and voice acting! All the voice acting and sound effects (for every character and bad guy) sound different and it just works really well!


This game will last you 60 + hours if you go through the game with all the side-quests! Also this game is made up of 2 discs, which is because of all the voice acting!


This game is the best RPG for the game cube to date! It has a compelling story, great graphics, amazing game play, and unbelievable value and length! If you have the slightest interest in rpgs, buy this game and if you don't buy it also! You won't be disappointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/09/04

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