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"An easy game to review..."

The tales, since its SNES days has always had compelling combat, nice music, interesting characters, and gorgeous graphics. Tales of Symphonia is no exception. A simple and quick review.

Story (8) -- whiles its simple (most Tales games have been that way), it is still quite enjoyable. While the story can be easily followed and simple, there will still be moments that'll make your eyes widen. The characters are all interesting and quite different. Regardless of story, the nostalgia is also quite nice as well as seeing any classic Tales items or characters.

Gameplay (9.9999) -- normal running around the world map; however unlike the other Tales games you will see the enemy. Dungeons are filled with small puzzles, and also the sorcerers ring (a commonly seen Tales item) will also be vital.

While healing may be hard (expensive items and also finding someone who can heal), the cooking system comes into play. Cooking can be easily done after every battle and also may contain benefits other than healing (depending on the recipe's you find).

Battles, the most favourable feature in the Tales games, is top-notch. One thing that I personally liked is that you don't do the little dash away from the enemy after attacking ^_~. The skills are again set to the up-down-left/right commands, and newly introduced is the team attacks. The only problem in the battle system are difficulty spikes.

Graphics (9)-- I know, not many people like cel-shaded graphics. But it suits for this game (the SD style of the characters). The graphics are beautiful, quite a surprise seeing as how this would be the first all 3D Tales game! The faces are fully animated in any occasion. Also, the grapics appear somewhat blurry (its a nice effect). The environments shown in the game are very colourful and quite a nice piece of eye-candy. Again, I must say, gorgeous graphics.

Sound (7) -- Honestly, the music is nothing special. It will either sound nice or annoying, and the occasional nice song. The voice acting (NA version) is only okay also. Its okay, but I just found that some of the voices didnt suit the characters they were playing.

Control (5 as a n00b, but with time I give it an 8) -- it takes some time (like all games) however the battles are very easy to get used to.

To brief and simplify the above, a quick Pros and Cons does the trick. ^_^
PROS- great battle system, gorgeous graphics, creative and interesting characters, the "skits" (dialogue between party characters), a large 2-disc RPG that covers two different planets (Sylvalent and Tethe'alla), great pre-order bonuses =P
CONS- the music can be troublesome, difficulty spikes, the menu (its not bad, just figuring it out when I started was bugging me), manual mode (you tend to miss the target a lot, I found out the hard way. xD )

Nothing much to cover on, I just hope this will help you to see what you will be in store for (in case you ever ask "should I get this game?").
otehrwise, this is a game that should not be missed or passed on. ^_^

Till next time...Bye Bye!! :D

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/14/04

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