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"Come, sit, and let me tell you a "Tale""

I have never played a game in the "Tales" franchise before. I didn't really care. All I knew is that I really needed an RPG for my cube. One day I was looking through my favorite game mag and I noticed this little game called Tales of Symphonia. It intrigued me. Finally, it came out and I went to buy my copy. I came home and plugged it into my cube hoping for some decent entertainment. What I got when the game loaded was an overload of my senses. The beauty, the music, it drew me in the first few seconds. This game has great written all over it.

Graphics: 10

First of all, you had better like anime if you want to appreciate the graphics. If you want a realistic looking game then you are heading in the wrong direction. Everything is soo beautiful. The characters are cel shaded in anime style while the background looks like and artist's masterpiece. The characters stand out from everything else, and its not a bad thing. There are times when the screen blurs a bit. But other than that, it's an animated masterpiece.


The music, first of all, is absolutely gorgeous. There is quite a bit of voice acting also. The voices make it feel like you are in the middle of the game. All the sound effects are great. No problems here.


Ahh. The most important part of an RPG, and so far it is great. Granted, I still have a long ways to go, but the story is so easy to get into. This makes the game far more interesting because you don't spend the whole time trying to decipher everything. The characters are wonderful and vibrant.


The fighting is awesome. Unlike a lot of RPG's, this game does not require you to stand in one spot and wait your turn to attack. You get to actually move around and try to avoid attacks. Also, you can attack as often as you like. Your other characters battle on their own and you can even give you characters select strategies if you wish. Also, up to four people can play together in the fights. Pretty cool.

Final Score: 10

It's rare for me to give a game a perfect score, but I think this game really deserves it. The artistry is amazing. Everything works together in unison to give the player an unforgettable experience. If you are an RPG fan then you must buy this game. If you are new to the genre, then I suggest getting this game first. Although battling in traditional RPG's is fun, for newcomers it may be a turnoff because of lack of movement. "Tales" is great for beginners because it blends RPG elements with action and adventure elements. Pick up this game and prepare for an adventure that will draw you in till the very end.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/15/04

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