Review by Mariodood

Reviewed: 07/16/04

A good RPG has come to the Cube.


Tales of Symphonia is problably one of my favorite games on the cube. Great Graphics, Voice Acting, and Gameplay are really what makes this shine. If you like RPGs, you're gonna want this. Bad.

Unlike most RPGs, in Tales of Symphonia, the story pretty much starts off straightforward. It's not like other RPGs where the character has to learn all this stuff about what's going on, the whole story is pretty much explained at the beginning.

There are two worlds. The world you're living on is just dying. Mana is fading from it.
The angels gave birth to a girl who is the Chosen one. She basically has to travel around the world, regenerating it, along with her party. The plot may not sound THAT interesting, but it's good enough for a good RPG, and it sounds a lot more boring than it really is.

This game is spread over 2 discs. Most people think it was because of all the voice-acting. Yes, there is a lot. Pretty much all of the voice-acting is amazing. The music is actually pretty good too. At least I'm not bored of the battle theme yet, you know?

Tales is very different from your average RPG. Instead of annoying random battles, you can see all of your enemies when walking around in dungeons. It's only when you bump into them that you enter a battle. A monster may not see you, or try to chase you, or sometimes you'll just attack it head on.

Battle in Tales isn't turn-based ((Boring)).. It's easily compared to a fighting game. You and your part are all on a a "Line." in other words, it's like a fighting game combined with RPG style. You can go up to your enemy and hack N' slash, or stand back and cast spells. That's another thing that's great about Tales; the AI is great, and there can be 4 members in your party, and you can be any one of them during battle, from the Mage to the uber Swordsman. The rest of your party is controlled by A.I, but you can give them commands (I.e attack the same monster the player is attacking, etc.) Another great thing is, since it's not turn-based, you can play multiplayer with up to 4 friends.

Tales is also a really difficult RPG. This just motivates the player to level up some, instead of running away all the time. You'll have to gain a few extra levels to fight certain bosses, but in reality, it's hard to get tired of Tales battles. It's especially fun with friends. There are only a few flaws to pick out here, though.

First of all, sometimes when walking around you can press 'Z' to open a skit. A skit is a conversation between characters that has absolutely no voice-acting, so they're pretty long. Most skits don't even tell you what to do next, but they can be skipped by pressing START, so no worries. Another thing that's kind of annoying is when on the world map, basically you see every monster around you, and sometimes you really don't feel like fighting, but the monsters run into you anyway. It's actually not that annoying, it's only annoying if the monster's really easy.


The controls are great. You use the joystick to move, A is confirm, B is cancel, etc, etc. Pretty much like any RPG. All of the controls respond as soon as you push them. A is also used for attacking during battle, while B is used for specials. You can equip multiple specials to be used in battle, and they can be used by pushing B, Up+B, Down+B, etc, etc. A is the same, but it doesn't do specials, just normal attacks.


Buy. Please Buy. This game is certainly worth your while if you like RPGs at ALL.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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