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"ToS=Totally Owningest-game-on-the System"

Tales of Symphonia is a superb game. I started out just wanting it for my RPG Collection, but now Im addicted. I daresay its the best Gamecube Game, and one of the best RPGs ever.

The Graphics are beautiful Cel-Shading mixed with a few Anime Movies. I love the colorful feel and cheery tone they give off. The Anime style characters make them very lovable. The only problem is that it gets blurred sometimes, taking slightly away from the beauty. Dont get it wrong, it is hardly noticeable. Another thing is people tend to think there are alot of Anime Cutscenes. Its a myth, there are 3. Dont get the game for Anime Cutscenes.

Meat of the game. The battle system is one of the most fun things I have ever played. Using a slightly 2-D Fighting engine makes it so it is action packed, but strategy can make the game alot easier than button mashing. There are tons of ways to customize your characters, and right off the bat you get new characters to try out in your party. There is also a New Game+ and hard battle mode for hardcore fans. Plus, heres a new one for RPGs, new costumes for characters.

I loved the story. Lots of people say it rips off of FFX, or something like that, but I found it very original. Like a mix of old Cliches turned into a Story Parfait. It wasnt anything mind blowing, but Im still not done with the game. The story is the main attraction of the game, because without the story, the battling would have no reason, and vice versa.

Sound and music in this game is wonderful. When the mood is lighthearted, the music is as well. When they want to get your blood pumping, the music does very well at that. The Voice Acting is also pretty well done, with memorable characters. my biggest gripe, and why its a lower score, is that the voice acting is A:At some key points and not at others and B:Not during the Very frequent "Skit", in which your party talks to each other. These happen so often it grows old reading a grey colored Font on a transparent black box at the bottom of the screen very quickly. Other than that..the musical scores are beautiful.

Replay Value:7/10
A New Game+ Mode, Books to record Monster and Item Status, and multiple ways of doing the game add to some very nice Replay for an RPG. If you dont like that..the battle system is enough to keep -me- crawling back, anyway.

ToS is a great game. it cannot be compared to Skies of Arcadia, or any FF. It is in a dimension all its own, but with its battle system, its one of my highest ranking games ever. I cant stop playing because of how much there is to do. I also forgot to mention the Multiplayer in the battles. Easily make up to 4 people duke it out against the enemies whenever you want.

Rent or Buy:Buy
ToS is not a rental game. If you rent it you will miss so much. plus, you will miss the Battle System and want to buy it just buy it now and save us all some trouble.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/19/04

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