Review by cloud112

Reviewed: 07/19/04

Tales of Symphonia = best rpg on the gamecube

Graphics: 9

This game is cel-shaded which looks very good. All the characters look bright and colorful. And the designs on the characters are excellent. The world map looks crisp and beautiful. Fans of the cel-shaded will really like the game in this area.

Storyline: 8

The storyline is very simple. There is a tree of mana and the tree withers away during a war. And a hero's life was taken in order to save the tree. The goddess of the tree left and and said the you must wake me for the world will be in danger. And then chosen ones are born and must reach up to the heavens to regenerate the world. And you are the chosen one. LUCKY YOU.

Game play:9

This area is what I really like about the game. This game is not like any other RPG like FF. This game puts you in control of your character during battle. While you have 3 other companions controlled by AI. What makes this game really fun is you can work with your companions to come up with some crazy combos. And there is a mode called Unison Attack which when fill you and your companions do moves together to deal massive damage. Also with the unison attack you can come up with fuse attacks which is if you do a move and the other person does a move and that triggers a fuse they both do a unique move together. And there are so many fuses to do.

Rent or Buy?

If you are a fan and have a gamecube this game is a MUST for you. If you are not a fan of RPG or just want to try a RPG out this will make a good rental. And you just may get into RPG if you do rent this game :p

Final score:9

This game has solid graphics great battle system. This just may be the best RPG on the gamecube.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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