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Reviewed: 07/20/04

Really the best RPG for gamecube

Tales of Symphonia- the newest, and in my opinion, the best RPG that Game Cube has seen so far. This is also Namco's newest in the Tales games, originating back on SNES to today on the Game Cube, if you don’t know what they are this game is a great introduction to the series and after playing it and experiencing this game, you will have agree it is a blast. So without further ado, I’ll get onto the review.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are by far the most important part of this game. The reason? Because if you can’t make out what everything is and the collisions (and other stuff) are of poor quality, then I don’t really think there is a point in playing the game at all. This game has few glitches but you may still be able to find. Sometimes you will find yourself moving through an enemy or small piece of terrain, but such encounters are very rare. But generally these graphics are high end for the being on the Game Cube anyways. They are very appealing and will just about never confuse you in any way. Overall I think I would rate the graphics a 9/10, because the makers have basically done an amazing job.

GAMEPLAY: The second most important part of a game in my opinion is the Gameplay. Generally you will find the controls are simple enough, and for myself (I being someone who never reads instructions,) can pick up on them very easily and quick. So if you can’t figure something out, the instructions are there, and they explain things well. When you start off you may have a bit of difficulty, battling and figuring out what to do, but after a while it picks up. Around the middle it gets easier and seems to be a push over really, (I began to think that I was just too good at the game,) but then a few bosses came around and kept me on my toes, making me keep trying to survive. Overall the difficulty is pretty good, and after you have beaten it once you can set the difficulty to a higher level as well. The battle scheme itself is very fun, kind of like the Legend of Manna (one of my favourite games EVER, but that doesn’t really matter). The battle system kind of leans away from the classic turn based to the more fun & active real time. In this area I will definitely give a 10/10(if I could go higher I would), because it has proven that it definitely rocks!

SOUND: Now onto sound, this is also important because often if you have an annoying sound track you won’t want to play the game anymore, an example of this is in Yeti’s Island with baby Mario. My friend kept losing him and the cries after a while became very annoying. Luckily this game is nothing like that. I have probably listened to the battle theme 100 times, and not once have I gotten annoyed with it. Also, the speaking of the characters helps for those of you who don’t really like reading much. Also just all the grunting and howling when you are in battle is also very entertaining and does that without reaching the point that it annoys the players very much. I could probably just have fun only listening to the sound track, which really needs the game.
So when you have a soundtrack this good, I’d give it a 10/10!

STORY: I don’t really rate story too high because to me if the game is fun it doesn’t really need a good storyline- but it is even better if it does have a good story. This being such a good game already also gets the extra bonus of having a very attractive story line. There are many twists and turns, plus it has many side quests and equipment which everyone loves, although equipment doesn’t really fit into the storyline. There are so many extra things you can do if you are one of those people who try to get absolutely every tiny thing in a game this will probably keep you playing for at least a few days (going by hours not days you sit and play).(<-I’m confused by this part Justin.. lol, -Megan) I honestly don’t really think a story could get much better then this one. Well just because I don’t really think there can be a perfect story I’ll give this a 9/10.

REPLAYS: Now down to the last area, the replays. This could be one of the stronger points of the game- you will take a while to beat it the first time then be asked to save after you have. This gives for another plus game that allows you to raise the difficulty level while bringing over weapons and other items that you had on the beaten game, through using GRADE that was acquired in the first run through. Even without this feature it is enough fun just going through again trying to get even more of everything and doing all the side quests. These replays deserve a major 10/10.

To close up and finish this review I’ll simply say buy it, BUY IT, BUY IT, get it as soon as you can, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!!!
The Tales of Symphonia is an amazing game and great experience!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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