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"Namco + GCN = One really great RPG"

Game Cube Nintendo has finally did and manage to make a great role playing game. Tales of Symphonia, a RPG from Namco. Namco has made other Tales game in the past, but I have never played them. The story basically goes that in the world of Sylvarant, mana, the life source of magic and life it self is almost out in the world. The food supplies are almost gone, as it get harder and harder to grow the crops. Evil half elfs, called Denizen, are also killing and enslaving the humans of the world. A young girl goes on a mission to replenish the supply of Mana and help save the world. along her friends help her out, but they soon realizes there more to it then they thought. Can you help them save the world of Sylvarant or is everyone doom. Who knows but you are now in control of there fate.

Controls: 10
As a lot of RPG happen to go, you select moves and then the character will handle it. This game requires more. You can move in close or stay away from the enemy. cast a spell or swing a weapon at them all in real time combat. Normal moving around the cities or dungeons are easy enough. The battle controls are nice. simples moves in battle with the ability. As you advance through the game, and learn new moves you can get some great combo going. Differnt moves can be binded to the control B button and the c Stick to allow quick access to your moves.

Game Play : 10
The game play is very easy to learn, mostly requiring very little time between turning the game on, and knowing how to play it then. The battle flow nice and easy and are very amusing at times, cause when you with the heroes say some funny stuff. Also if your have more controls your friends can play as one of the other battle partner you have. That is always a great thing. Some exploring and some great puzzle await you in this game. The voice over are also great. The game is also great as it remembers the Different quest you do, and also you can tell from this menu, how far in a quest you have got to so that you can go back to it at any time.

Story: 10
Though the story seem like it been done before, is still a great story. You get to learn about the other character personalities to the feeling you will give them. You also start worrying about the world and you know you have to save it. While the story is mostly a step by step thing. they still some skipping around, or other side quest The game also wont let you get around to much at first, so most time u wont walk right into dangerous area to early.

Graphics: 9
The Graphics in the game are very nice to look at. Each character are great to look at. The landscape and the town are made very nicely. Monster that you fight also look pretty cool, and the battles are nicely done. The only shame is while you are in the towns or dungeons, you can't pan the camera around, so you can't see the area better. Still is beautiful to look at. Some of the game also has some nice anime type sense to view, like during the Press Start screen.

Music and Sounds: 10
The music is great to listen to and well and the voice overs. Some area of the games the character will be talking and other they will not, so it not all just chat. Some reading is requires. Music for the different town, battles and situation have been nicely picked. It has been nicely created also.

Overall: 10
This game is great, and a lot of fun to play. I suggest you buy the game as it a long way to the end, and you may end up spending to much on your renting fees. A lot of things to do in the game, a long with being able to play though the game in hard mode again. If you are able to get 1-3 extra player to help control the other battles is becomes a fun game you can play with your buddies.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/21/04

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