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Reviewed: 07/21/04

Just what GCN fans wanted a GREAT RPG!

First I would like to say that I am writing this Review because this site has been great to me in providing what I need for all my gaming needs, and so I want to contribute something in return.

As I went to go and buy Tales Of Symphonia I was slightly reluctant but after getting to play the game first hand I was quite satisfied with my purchase of this game. First of all for all those people who are debating of whether to buy this game or rent it, buy it adds as a great part to anyones collection of games not to mention that you will probably have to rent it a few times over.

Tales of Symphonia will provide you with hours of great game play, on the back of the game it will say over 80 hours but depending on your style it can last slightly shorter or quite longer.

The Graphics of TOS is absolutely grand. It is all cell shaded and the surroundings is great only complaint would be the character to landscape ratio, meaning that the characters were big for the world map while walking, but there must be a good reason for it. But I must say great job Kosuke Fujishima, Character Designer, because his cell shaded characters are absolutely fabulous. Fighting during this intricate battle system is absolutely great, the spells and weapons are all unique in their own respectable ways. As you wander through the world you will meet well designed and quite unique creatures. The Summons Spirits and Bosses you will encounter are all unique, the people who made TOS didn't just change the color of creatures to pass them as new ones, instead they made completely unique ones depending on their location. Only that I wanted to see more anime cinematics, but the game isn't about anime cinematics so no big.

...Good usage of sound through out the game through dramatic events and such. but nothing to memorable or make you want to download it. However they do use it to the setting quite well, and battle music really says that you are in a battle.

... The story is gold at first it may seem like its a standard save the world by doing blah blah... BUT there are so many twists without the story going all crooked. it will keep you wanting for more... the story is very intricate and weaves itself within the game. The characters in the game all have their own personality and you will get to know them because throughout the story they develop to very round characters in the story. Each character have their own look and so it allows you to really get a feel for who the characters are. The story starts out as the main character, Lloyd goes on a quest to guard the Chosen of Mana, Collette who is also Lloyds good friend, after Lloyd had been banished from his hometown of Iselia. Through his quest he meets new friends and foes on the way, eventually you will reach plot twists which you would never expect, the game uses in game graphics to show many voice acted cut scenes which are absolutely great and develop the story to a great extent. and there are very few flat characters and if a character has been seen a few times throughout the game it is more than likely that, that character is round or has a personality to it.

Game Play/Battle System...
...The battle system is great it's linear so everything happens according to what you press. It is turn based and also hack and slash with great integration of both worlds. Instead of battle after battle of random battles that pop up from no were you can actually see the monsters you will be fighting and if you want to avoid it is possible but not always. You simply cant escape as you used to but rather you must wait for a few seconds so that you wont be constantly running away from battles. Another way to prevent running is the memory gem, if you want to save in certain dungeons you will need to find a memory gem from one of the monsters in the dungeon which is great so that you will actually have to work to get yourself through the dungeons. so Game Play/Battle System gets a....

Replay Value...
...With New Game Plus this allows for great replay value. During the game you acquire grade points and in New game plus you use your grade points to acquire certain things from your previous run through of the game such as the ex-spheres that you had or ex-skills that you had, or you can receive bonuses such as 2X the experience points or if you want to make it harder 1/2 the experience points. It all depends on your style and how many Grade points you have.

So the end result is a 10 it is truly a great game for any Die Hard RPG fans, Graphic Lovers, Anyone Who Loves a Good Storyline, Great Battle System Crazed, or Something you can play for long hours over and over again in a different style from before this game is perfect for you.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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