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"Tales Of Encore..The True RPG Story."

~~~A new RPG game is born, released for the Nintendo Gamecube. The game many people was eager for. Waiting and Waiting for the best RPG there is for Gamecube. Finally, The day has come, where all the Tales games fans have been waiting for, Tales Of Symphonia, is officially out. The wait is over, time to play the best RPG game for the Nintendo Gamecube System Or Sony Playstaion 2.~~~


The graphics here are extremely good. There are no square-pixel-graphics involved in it to much. In fact, I don't think I saw any square pixels in the characters design at all. These graphics are just perfect for our Nintendo Gamecube System. It almost makes PS2 look so dull, but then again, Tales Of Symphonia was released for PS2, but, most people would prefer it for the Gamecube.

The items,weapons,armor icons are just perfect. Drawn for perfection. The characters are very "wild" looking. Their hairstyles are perfect. There cloths match their personalities. By the looks of the graphics, you can possibly tell their personalities, how they will act, sound like. Their face designs also tell about their personalities too.
Score For Graphics, 8/10. Possibly the best graphics for the Gamecube system. Way To Go!

o=====Battle Graphics=====o

The battle system is just awesome. The technique's graphics here are just marvelous, fantastic, all the marvelous words I can think of. I got to say, Namco came up with a brilliant idea to make this game. The battles aren't glitchy but there are certain glitches that can be triggered but the pixels do not get harmed. There isn't anything wrong when they walk or fight. The graphics are insainly awesome!
Score For Battle Graphics 9/10. You don't see these kinds of graphics for Gamecube >:o.

o=====Z-Skits And Events=====o(Sounds)

Although, I did not like how they talked. They're voices were unsynchronized. It just didn't go with the mouth movement. The skits mouth movements was the worst to be honest. One took forever, one was shorter when they spoke. They just never went with the lines barely. I didn't mind it, the skits were very funny. Also, in little events like when your camping out, the words just don't go with their mouths. The skits and events are great! This game is very amusing, funny skits, events. You must read all the skits, they are there for entertaining. Be sure to check them out!
Score For Skits 6/10. Skits..Skits..Skits...They could of been better. Thats all I can say.


This is totally awesome! You may heard this with other games but, YOU MUST GET THIS ONE! This game will change you and also, it is addictive. You will never know in till you try it.

The gameplay was good. Controls are excellent, easy to use. All there is to it is Guarding,Attacking,Techniques,Item Box,Change Enemy To Enemy(R Button) and Unision Attack(Z). You will all learn from the boards for Tales Of Symphonia or the FAQS.

What I liked about this game is that it had Ex-Gems,Great Battle System,Fun Characters,GREAT PLOT,T-Type to S-Type and of course, trying to defeat the evil ones, MUHAHA.

Ex-Skills and Ex-Gems are new to this. Same with the T-Type and S-Type Techniques. T Stands For Technical while S Stands For STRIKE.

Moving around,the dungeons, the puzzles,mazes etc, they are all fantastic (and hard). Some dungeons can get very frustrating or just very boring but, hey, you got to do what you got to do, accomplish the dungeon and fight the boss! The part I disliked the most was the...Sewers. Of course, you will learn that place when you play the game :).

Score For Gameplay 9/10! Gameplay is great! Best gameplay for Gamecube and possible can be the best there ever can be for Gamecube! Way To Go!


This plot was fantastique! There are quite alot of twists in the game. Betrayal to friendship first! There is discriminating and brotherly and sisterly love involved too while a, "Gigalo" is trying get every woman to make his day better. There are many things that lead to other things. All the stuff will add up in the end, PLUS, there are ALOT of detours in the game which can be very...frustrating.
Score For Plot 7.5/10. Some people say that the plot is somehow linked to Final Fantasy 10 Plot. It doesn't matter, if you think about it, all the games are linked to each other. All the plots are the same! If you don't believe me, think about it. In every game, you have to save the world, save somebody, defeat bad guys. Final Fantasy is not linked to Tales Of Symphonia at all!

o=====Sidequests and Newgame+=====o

The sidequests here will take you a long time for you new players of ToS(Tales Of Symphonia). All together, the time it will take you is 60-100 hours of gameplay. When I first played it and beat it, It took me 63 Hours! Of course, I did not no about all the sidequests but I tried them. There are plenty of sidequests that will keep you busy through out the game like the Devils Arms Sidequest which you will learn later on and many other sidequests.

Newgame+ Mode is when you beat the game. There are special features or options which you can choose from BUT you must have a certain amount of something. I will not tell you because I will spoil it :). If you want everything to be 100% complete, it will take you 3-5 times of beating the game.

If you ever see this game, come across it or if a friend has it, buy it or borrow it! You will not regret you're actions. By the way, I beat the game 5 times and I'm going onto the 6th time.

Score for sidequests 7/10. Sidequests were too long! They could of added way more just to tell you but im happy how they are made and how many was made.


Of course, I would rate it 9/10. Yes, it is that high but remember, there can be better RPG's but this one, is highly addictive and fun! I bet you would play this all over again until everything is complete!

The characters are made very well. The designs of their cloths,hair,pants and the span of their cloths are made very well. What I mean by span is how the fashion was for their times. If only these character's personalities was on another Tales game.

Everything adds up, this is possibly the best game there is for The Nintendo Gamecube, the best RPG or overall, the best game made for Gamecube. This is a masterpiece and if only games were made just like this.

Overall, 9/10
o=====Thank You=====o

I would like to thank Namco Studios to make this game and make this game become a legend. I would also thank you for making me stay up all night playing this game and making it addictive (which I loved!). Hopefully, you would make a game just like this but in the past.

Thank You.

o=====Other Great Games=====o

Other great games are out there for other systems that are created by Namco. You must try out these games too after you play symphonia.

Baten Kaitos- I never played this game but it does seem like a very interesting game. This is a game released after Tales Of Symphonia which I never got to try. If I see this game anywhere, I shall buy/rent it. 6/10

Tales Of Legendia- This is marvelous! This is a great game with great graphics. It has a pretty neat plot but it is still not as good as Tales Of Symphonia. Other people can think that Legendia is better, but not me. 8/10

Tales Of Destiny- This game is the first game to come out to the U.S in english. This game is for the Sony Playstation(PSX). This is a game what I have to look out for during this week. This game is awesome what a lot of people say but we don't known until we try it 9/10

Tales Of Eternia- This is the sequel to ToD. In Japan, this was known as Tales Of Destiny 2 but changed to Eternia. Again, I never played the game. 8/10

Tales Of Phantasia- The legend has came to our Gameboy Advances! The first Namco game ever published and was made for the SNES(Super Nintendo or Super Famicom). All though, it was released in Japan for the SNES but, the game finally arrived in english to our portable system (GBA). This game is brilliant. This is as good as Symphonia. Even better you ask? I cannot answer that question, only you can. 9.5/10

o=====Upcoming Tales Games=====o

There are two games I heard of that is coming out for the Tales series from Namco. The two games are called Tales Of The Tempest and Tales Of The Abyss.

Tales Of The Tempest is for our trusty Nintendo DS. I am not sure when the release date is but it seems like it shall be a good game.

Tales Of The Abyss is the 10th Year Anniversary. Be sure to watch out for this fine game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/15/06

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