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"more boomerangs than you can shake a stick at"

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a very underrated and underappreciated platformer. I've played the entire game, and I think that it is very good. It's DEFINITELY better than Tak, in my opinion.

This game takes place in the Australian outback and stars a lovable tasmanian tiger named Ty. Most of the characters speak in Australian accents and use Australian words (bonza, ripper, bloke, etc.), and all of the characters are animals that can be found in Australia. You'll see frill lizards, kangaroos, koalas, and many other Australian critters. The only reason I can think of that explains why this game didn't sell very well is that the box art suggested that this was just another generic platformer that starred another generic anthropomorphic animal... but that is most certainly NOT the case.

The graphics in this game are good. The environments are very beautiful and the draw distance is amazing. You'll especially notice the draw distance in the beach levels. After taking a long and fulfilling look at the beautiful and colourful scenery, you'll notice the character models. The character models look almost as if they belong in a Nintendo 64 game... especially when they speak and try to make facial expressions. The characters barely move their mouths, and it looks fake whenever they move their eyes to make a sad face or an angry face. Although the in-game cutscenes are lacking in some areas, the pre-rendered cutscenes are beautiful. There are few moments in the game when you get to enjoy a well-made cutscene, and once the opportunity comes around, you won't want to skip it!

The sound in this game is absolutely flawless. The music for each level fits the mood, is quite catchy, and has an Australian sound to it (complete with didgeridoos!) I found myself humming along with the music for some of the levels and getting most of the tunes stuck in my head. As for the sound effects, they're perfect. The different kinds of boomerangs make different sounds for when they fly though the air and hit things. (I love the sizzling sound that the flamerang makes!) The voiceovers are very good, too. Most of the characters have realistic Australian accents while other characters sound British. Every character is voiced perfectly, and I can't think of anything negative to say about any of the character voices... except that Julius sounds like he's straining to lift a really heavy object while he's speaking. Other than that, every voiceover is flawless from the fully voice-acted cutscenes to the grunts and groans that the enemies make when you hit them with your boomerang.

This game uses the age-old Super Mario 64 formula. In this game, you collect thunder eggs to progress to later areas in the game. Even though this structure is outdated, the game pulls it off quite nicely by introducing some original gameplay elements. Ty can bite with his sharp tiger teeth or he can throw boomerangs which is often the preferred method of doing things. Ty starts off with one boomerang but soon acquires a second boomerang which allows him to throw up to two of them at a time. He can also use his boomerangs as wings and glide through the air. It's fun to pop enemies with your boomerangs, but the fun doesn't stop there! You'll soon acquire more types of boomerangs to add to your collection. You can get elemental boomerangs such as the flamerang and frostyrang, and you can also get some special boomerangs by finding and trading golden cogs hidden throughout the levels. The special boomerangs include but are not limited to the zoomerang which can travel a very long distance, the megarang which can attack multiple enemies in one throw, and the kaboomerang which creates a huge explosion that will destroy anything that dares stand in your way. The only bad thing I can think of about this game is that it's too easy. Checkpoints are everywhere, but you'll never use them because the enemies are very dumb and there are absolutely no bottomless pits in this game. It's impossible to get stuck on a boss fight because if you die while fighting a boss, you'll just reappear in the same boss fight and the boss will still be missing the same amount of health as you took off of him before you died. The only challenge you'll have in this game is trying to find all of the collectibles, but you'll most likely either stop playing or start a new game after you've finished the game.

This is the best third-party platformer I have ever played. You'll have fun tossing your various boomerangs at the cleverly-designed enemies, jumping and gliding through rainforests and snowy mountains, swimming through the great barrier reef, and riding a bull in the open outback.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/02/09

Game Release: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (US, 10/09/02)

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